Here are scroll-text extractions from some old (B) demos. Very hopefully we will be able to offer more insight into our minds when we really start ripping scrollies from old demos, but hopefully these give you some munching for now...

* MC-Intro *

This is the scrolltext from CSA's MC-Intro, which was released in Triangle & Amigalords party 03/1989.

Once in the world ruled completely by lamers there was only a few of real coolers. some of them used to party, some not. but in all cases, they were just themselves, having really good time. their favourite motto was like svenska flicka vara toppen, ligga sangen suga snoppen. that group was from finland. they had rosen up from deep shit to fame, to the no1 there. they were called as the byterapers, and once again they present, while suffering from serious brain damages and mental problems, something which will make the world thinking again if it all has been worth it. the perfect example of pure.. something.. shortly... byterapers present a new intro credits coding by csa graphix by polo music by speed head greets to all contacts of grendel who are too deep of sudden alcoholism to be remembered now .. no.. greetings to the refreshers, biiira, atari to hell and so on.. speed-head taking off ...over to pollo alias polo tapping on this machine (my lady) , aaaammiga , drm.. dr star is tired !!! he just wants to sleap sliip and slap... he is playing with an old plastic bag, body bag!!!! r.i.p.p - rest in peace at party - azuk kusmax si tesb - tesbin jag har tappat !!! hm! jakk heder bulentz genzz och ar en turjiskt metborgare... this makes no sense , no senzei , allright . clock is now 06.66.66 . over to speed-head. speed-head is mad about thiz because i am writing his name such as spede-hede,spiid-heed,saatanan paska,paasta kirjottaaaa!!! - nuha: speed-head on the line.... i am tired of this party already , i have been here just some hours ! grendel is somewhere with hoffi and 5011/triad...i am getting old . b-coz i can not write so fast as before..time passes end from speed-head...# # # this is a lot of bullshit!!! look at the faces ones moooooore... - # # # i am getting bored to write shit and such a smell!!! it is better to smell theze # # # ... c s a ... is going to release new stuff such as muzzax collection, new demos ,intros etc. etc. byterapers intl. inc. csa. hiv. 71. aik. dxf. javla krage!!! cp cp cp cp det aer en soen jaevla musik - yesterday i could not write schrullen texthzen because i am writing about censouououred things!!! we enjo y e.t , alf , camaro , ulf ... - speed-head cant look ahead in thiz schrull - there is toooo much violence in the end ... ha ha haa haaa haaaaa the laugh is going in the tempo and beat of the intro!!!! fast is here .... yes..saodjd djdj no no grazy ... nobody reads these grazy texts just some lamers .. i hear uggly music from someone in this room ... really cp-music..! time is 2:15 08 of the year 1989 and mars and end of polisen kommer fan nu maste vi sluuuette ! faaan javla snut end of jolly - text
* Star Wars scroll *

This is the scrolltext from the other demo released in Triangle & Amigalords copyparty, the one NOT competing in demokompo.

yo fans ! speed-head bidz ya welcome to this demo ! credits: code by csa - logo by jugi - muzak by speed-head .. some personal heys to: ghostriders (really nice demo) - aze of epsilon/wot (do you like the stickers and the stuff i sent you) - vision 1(pigman nice food , drugs , money, etc etc..) - ddt/crimecrew (thanx for the speed-head logos) thats all from (me) speed-head! pista alkuun in the time of falling... while the red army was running over the civilization. the ultimate lamers decided to rule the world. they called themselves 'x-men', the number one crew in russia. with their relations to the communist leaders, they forced the forces of communism to rush over the borders or western free world in order to rule all! to be the no:1 in the world!!!! their crusade continued, germany falled under the red flag, france falled, europe falled. only in the northern part of europe a small group of coolers had their power high enough to resistance the red army conquering the world.... the byterapers were there, fighting back to the red army under control of the ruskian farters x-men... the charge of x-men continued... months after months.... but the front line was kept! finally, everything was ready for counterattack. the x-men's lines were planned only to attack, not to defend. the battle raged for days and the dust finally falled down. some shadows just moved in the middle of dust. they came nearer.. they came out. and they were: the byterapers inc. presenting their newest intro, after the final battle to save the world from the red, communist ruling. x-men were beaten, their evil plan to rule the world was at the end. no chance anymore, byterapers were still existing - ready to push back all their tries to conquer the world... and... ready to start the final charge to clear the world from the dictatorship of x-men ... here is crazy p o l o of by terapppers ha ha ... dr star did not want to write anything into this scroll text. he had no inspiration at all!!! or what there is one marmor man here at this party... we wanna pa-pa-pa-pa-party!!! spiid-heed says that he is my idol but so it is not not not ! ! ! i am spiid-heeds idol!!! now i get my revenge... allright lets go over to my special greetings. my special greetings to: big mama (hi muumio!!) , marmor (du are mormor!!) , spiid-heed (yello been!!) , mr.z (abzdefghijzklmznopz) , olop si lamerrrr!!! , asc si redoc ydoolb a , rats rd sir-eppa-ws , susej kcuf!!! , perkele schrollie lopppppppuuueh!!!! the end... amiga lords - fuck fuck kcuf kcuf !!!! ahh schoenen feelinghen!! g-r-e-n-d-e-l ho ho ho - when grendel competes with an gremlin in smell the grem dies!!!! thats allmoust all folks... huvaa yotaaa ... nyt ... nyt ... pakko !!!! ...** end text with '*' *****************

* Piece of Muzzax 2 from 1989 - GRENDEL SOUP *

This is one scrolltext by Speed-Head in our Muzzax 2 musicdisk on Amiga.

our heroes'
dc.b ' are being chased by grendel...the one-armed warrior dwarf ! '
dc.b ' grendel wishes to eat lamers ! the eating soup'
dc.b ' roast....welsh lamer...iced lamer...chebues with'
dc.b ' bankers card ... welcome ! that looks nice says grendel!!'
dc.b ' then grendel goes in ..... hallo ..arrgh dem lamers ...'
dc.b ' the eating house owner says - grendel!!! i was worried'
dc.b ' these last six months - but now youre fixing'
dc.b ' supper.....grendel you look so thin...have you not cathed'
dc.b ' lamers... grendel says - not since the amiga lords party'
dc.b ' in sweden/karlstad!! there i got some lamers ! ok. then we'
dc.b ' better start fix these little lamers ! - the lamers talk'
dc.b ' ...times must be hard if theyre eating lamers - ..well..weve'
dc.b ' gotta escape...i vote we use the ring to get us back home'
dc.b ' and forget this whole grummy biznis!!! right im going to'
dc.b ' think about my uncle bimbo-lamer really hard....and if we'
dc.b ' both concentrate strenerussly on uncle bimbo..the ring will'
dc.b ' surely transport us to his cosy dwellings ..right ..go!!!'
dc.b ' -----fsshtkkk!! uncle bimbo !!! uncle bimbo!! eeek..'
dc.b ' - hello uncle bimbo !! stewth! a bit warm in here....'
dc.b ' uncle bimbo was with the lamers in the supper!! - grendel'
dc.b ' screams ! hey ! this needs more salt !! the end !

from muzzak 2 13/6/89

**** * *********** * * ** * * * * * HOOOA *