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CRUSH INTERVIEW Interview was done by D Flash of Frantic with BSchnullerbacke (Scott) of Crush A by phone on for Maggy Flash : Hello ! Scott : Hi ! Flash : Please tell me something about ya and ya group Scott : I am Schnullererbacke (Scott) of Crush and I am 18 years old boy. Crush is a new group, founded by nearly all Zylon members, because in Zylon were many internal problems. So some guys build Crush without wars We got 3 boards in germany called: Chinatown, Slaughter house and one i don't remember, soon coming Jungle (sysop: Massa) Flash : Whatz about future productions ? Scott : Soon (?) we wanna release a mega-demo. I saw gfx and they are cool Flash : What are your hobbies ? Scott : Of course boozing, calling around, fighting sports, eating, visiting friends and especially my girl Flash : Did ya visit any party ? Scott : Yes, I was on nearly every party in germany. (ps visit the Crush party after the amiga-expo in cologne) Than, i also was on some some party'in foreign countries, but I can not remembere all names (many..) Flash : Whatz ya ability in Crush ? Scott : Swapping, doing some gfx (?), soon my grandparents make it possible to open a bbs called Gate to hell Flash : Did ya stay in other group(s) before Crush ?, and how long do ya in scene now ? Scott : First I was in panic, then Magnetic fields, after that Awesome and of course in Zylon. I am about 2 years active now. Flash : Whatz ya favourite meal ? Scott : Rotting corps Flash : Nice meal I newer ate this, anyway now my next question: which kind of girlfriend do ya prefer ? Scott : The girl must have two eyes, legs, ears, one asshole and one pussy thatz it Flash : Whatz the german scene from your sight ? Scott : Really fucken! (there are so many lamers like Dr.mastermind of Digital theres exists no really good groups (except us!) only many average ones) Flash : What harware do ya have ? Scott : One amiga 500, two 3 1/2 extern drives, 5 1/4 drive, extra ram, mouse, joysticks, one 2400 modem, color monitor and some disks Flash : Do ya want to greet someone or give a short message ? Scott : Hi to: Poltergeist/D-mob, Malcom and Slider/Energy, Catweazle, Seuche, Toxic, Alchemie, Lazydoc, Duke, Tomcat, Werner, Og and all in Crush, Warlord/Fairlight (shit that you quit swapping), Pet/Dexion, Technoid and Flexx/Frantic, Jugger/Panic, Funky/Agnostic Front, Ktulu/Symbiosis, Reflex/Zero defects, Broz/Cytax, Tom, Byggyman, Ciliconmaster/Zylon, Bootlegger, Deshay/Extreme an dto Flash/Vanish for this nice interview. Flash : Ok, thanx for interview, really nice chat, cu. Scott : Bye !

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INTERVIEW WITH JHL, AVALON, STORM AND THE MAN This Interview was made on friday 01-24-92... It started at 21:40pm and ended at 23:00pm..(80 minutes!) This was made ON-LINE in ZENLANDIA using a HST-modem with these kool d00ds... JHL/S!P/Trsi Sysop of Zenlandia Avalon/Independent Sysop of Speed Grove Storm/Rebels Sysop of Wasted Time The Man/Independent Sysop of Jokapaikanluuseri And it was ofcoz done by D CATMAN ! (This shit costed me over 40Fmk!) Cat: Introduce yourselves (names, ages, functions etc.)? JHL : 19, functions are good. hmm.. Coding, Tradeing, Sysopping, Tbb'ing. Avalon : 17, Sysop, Tradeing? .. Lopodelivering. Storm : 17, Sysop, Trade, Lobonjuonti. The Man : 21, JHL's Hardware Supplier. Cat: How much time do you spend in front of your Amiga each day? JHL : About 20, some of them sleeping. Avalon : 8. Storm : Too many. The Man : 24h. Cat: When did you bought your computers/modems? JHL : Amiga 4 years, HST 10 months. Avalon : Amiga 5 years, HST 3kk. Storm : Amiga 4 years, HST 6kk. The Man : Amiga 6 years, HST 18kk. Cat: Do you have other hobbies than computers and modems!?!? IF you have.. explain what!?!? JHL : Archery. Avalon : Lopodelivering. Storm : Athletics. The Man : Sure! Kissankiusaus. Cat: What hardware do you use? JHL : Amiga 2000, Amiga 500+, 68020, 68881, GVP II, Golem, 40+40+40+105+105mb quantums, 4 external drives, 2 monitors, teevee, printer, zenthing II, joystick, mouse, another mouse, lots of diskettes, HST, asta 2400, 2 External Powers... Avalon : A3000, 70+80+80mb Winsua, HST DS, Laser, 386 (JHL:Hyi!), Multisync etc. Storm : A2000, 45+105mb winsua, HST DS, Mouse, Printer, 2*Ext. Drive, Asta, Extra mem. Disks, TV etc. JHL : A500 = 4.3MB Mem, A2000 = 7.3MB Mem. The Man : A500*3, Harddrives: 20mb * 11, 40mb * 8, 50mb * 3, 2*80mb, 3*105mb, 1*150mb, Drives total 31!, 2mb mems for A500 * 32, GVP II *1, Controllers for Amiga 6, for PC 10+, 2* Page Streamer, 8 Monitors, 3*2400MNP modems, 7*2400 Modems, HST DS + HST, 2* FAX Modems.. and 9 PeeCee Computers.. and lotsa more.. (Enough??) (Cat: Do you have any else?!?! Are these guys Rich or what? hehe...) Cat: Give the name of your board and ofcoz the number of it? JHL : The Man forgot the Laser and the other Printers.. JHL : ZenLandia - 358 0 Private (hahah!) Avalon : Speed Grove - 358 0 592413 Storm : Wasted Time - 358 0 5053602 Cat: How many users you have in your board? Who is your best uploader? JHL : Zenlandia - About 70 active now when I kicked 50 users. Top Uploader Spock TBB! Avalon : Speed Grove - 30 Active. Top Uploader JHL Tbb & Stormi. (In that order!) Storm : Wasted Time - 60-70 Active. Best Uploader, JHL Tbb! (150mb, hahah) Cat: How big was your last phonebill? JHL : 1360,- (JHL: Last half year total 7000,-) Avalon : 800,- (Avalon: about 2500,-) Storm : 700,- (Storm: about 5000,-) Cat: I WON, I WON.. I had 1911,- .. hehe.. Do you use calling cards or other tricks to save money? JHL : Nono. That's Illegal? hmm.. well, those previous amounts were local calls only... (Cat: Really??) Cat: Have you all got the same opinion?! JHL : Nooh.. yeah! might be.. propably not.. But I am writing. hehheh... yeah.. well, carding is fun but crime, like all the fun? Cat: How long you have been in your current crew? Any groups before it? JHL : TRSI for 5 months. Before that groups like AFL, Anthrox, Sector 4, Tbb.. which is still the best... cracking group in Finland.. Storm : For 6 months. AFL, Anthrox, Sector 4, NOT TBB... Almost the same, strange!? Avalon : Independent for ever.. 'Mista Tbb on lyhennys?'.. (Cat: The Big Boys) Cat: okay.... JHL : okay too.. Cat: How many members there are in your current crew? JHL : Hmm.. if you want the whole memberlist, you have to wait.. there has been lotsa talk about that amount of members would be messy, but that conciders only TRSI, S!P is very well organized, thanks to Reebok. (you'll get the amount later, I have to get the list somewhere.. ) Same from Storm? Cat: Aha... and... Does your crew have a leader, who the hell is he? JHL : Reebok.. Memberlist of S!P (week old, propably no changes.) Adec, Bishop, Corwin, Duz, Dreamer, $Dr. Hex$, Eddie, Eddi++, Jean, Jesus, JHL!, J.O.E., Luke, Pahnther, Peachy, Reebok, Sabadon, Snoopy, Spike, Spock, Trion, TSM, Warhead, Zwullo.. I Know, A LOT, but a lot of them are working on something big like commercial stuff... Cat: How do you rate your crew at this point? JHL : Hmm.. Hard to say, I think our status will rise in the near future, becoz of lotsa new and good coders have joined us in the past month. - Most of the guys you see in that list are coders, and quite active ones too.. I've got already couple of previews of unreleased intros and the german sector is working on something bigger. Cat: Storm.. are you dead... huh?!? Storm : Dont know, becoz he hasn't got the memberlist with him.. But enough, atleast 20 members.. (worldwide.... ofcoz.) Leader of Rebels is M:ET & Nick, not sure... hehe.. Cat: Have you any plans for your crew in the future? JHL : I am making code all the time, I use them in somewhere when I want to release something, but I haven't decided what / when I will. I also do some Utility-Stuff, like DFITF (Yeah, Paid commercial!) and propably will release some improved version of Amiexpress in the future. (Cat: I am waiting for it!) Cat: What about Rebels? Storm : Propably something at our SummerParty '92, come and See! (Cat: Yes I'll, if Meegosh lets me in! hah..) Cat: Now these stupid group questions are over.. and all of you can take part of this questionary... What do you think about the finnish scene? (not about modemscene yet!) JHL : Well, what can I say about the releases of finnish crews during last half year? hmm.. nohthing really good, the Dual Crew's demo is best I've seen.. Well, I could use the words of some glory thinker, Suxx 4ever?... (Cat: Who the hell he might be?) Storm : Getting Better, but nothing like the glory days of Scoopex and the time of Death Star.. and maybe even X-men, but becoz The Man was in X-men no comments.. Cat: The Man and Avalon?!? Avalon : No Comments. The Man : Quite Luuska business.. Cat: What about Finnish modemscene? ²LALL : Getting Better all the time, but the north is getting colder when the Hottest stuff came to south only.. (Cat: As you see.. all these guys live in Helsinki!) Cat: Could you name the 3 best boards in Funland, Europe and Usa? ²LALL : Finland: ZenLandia Wasted Time Speed Grove. (And Who are the Boldy Sysops!? YEAH!) Europe: hmm.. that's quite hard to say, becoz I dont call so much, but my opinion is that the best ones we are in are: East BBS Gotham City Street of Fire. States: Centrum Danse Macabre Ice Station Zebra. Cat: Now very difficult question. Which country has the fastest modemscene? JHL : States. Might be German sometimes, perhaps even Holland, England.. and ofcoz Olari-City. (Cat: YEAH! Olari-City indeed) Cat: You all have the same opinion?? JHL : Yeaps. At least JHL and The Man, who live in Olari-City. Cat: Okay.. What is best pardie you have ever been to? Storm : Riparin pailut. (Cat: That must have been really fun!) Avalon : Last Friday. JHL : The one I dont remember? or I just dont confess that one.. The Man : Lahden Partyt '88 Cat : YEAH! The LAHTI Ultimate-Catastrophe-pardie! NO CARRIER - (My shit Modem wasn't willing to continue the conversation with those d00ds... so I had to call them again! (AARGH!) Cat: Hehe.. a little carrier lost.. makes the life more exciting.. eh? But I were able to save the Capture anyway.. (Thanx to god!) JHL : Yeah.. that's the ultimate dream! Cat: Yes.. back to the interview.. only 9 questions to go.. YEAH!! And to next one.. ONLY one (1) answer from each one... PLEASE? JHL : okey. Cat: What is your favorite? JHL : Computer: AMIGA 500+ Hardware: TURPO Coder: Chaos User: Equ? JOUKKI! Gfx-Arts: Golem Sysop: Zlerba Musician: Monni! Film: hmm.. who nous, I dont watch so much becoz my leffa- suppliers are so deadly slow (Jarnis, Target, Spockki, Tounzena -> Shame on you guys!) DemoG.: Silents Food: Cheeseburger CrackG.: Tbb Drink: Pirate Demo: HardWired Game: Kick off I Country: Olari-City Person: Equ? Joukki! Storm : Computer: Amiga. Hardware: Winsu Coder: Iiks? JHL vaikka.. Kun kerran pakotit. User: Equ? JOUKKI! Gfx-Arts: Golemi Sysop: Uzi? Joukki!. Noh, kun sielt{ saa liitsata. Musician: MeatBeat. Film: Any kood action movii vill do the DemoG.: Kefrens Food: Pizzahat's CheeseLovers-. CrackG.: Crystal Drink: anything 40%+ Demo: HardWired. Game: Shoot'em Up, Ikariwarriors from 64 Country: Grani-City, HYI. (JHL: Olarin takapajula.) Person: Equ? Joukki! Avalon : Computer: Amiga Hardware: Monitor?! Coder: Spock! User: Equ? JOUKKI! Gfx-Arts: Uno Sysop: MadMan. So fucking achious to get a call from me. Musician: Dr. Awesome. Film: Nekromantic DemoG.: Silents. Food: Pizza CrackG.: Nemesis Drink: Blue Lagoon. Demo: HardWired, Odyssey Game: Wild Wheels. Country: L.A. City. Person: Equ? JOUKKI! The Man : Computer: A3000+ Progressive 40 turpo. Hardware: Homemade a500 ram exp. Coder: Spock! User: -- Gfx-Arts: Uno Sysop: Masteri Musician: Masteri.. heeheh. Film: HotShots. Haven't seen. DemoG.: Tbb Food: Pannupizza. CrackG.: QTX Drink: Pirate Demo: HardWired Game: Populous Country: Olari-City! Person: Katti (Cat: Why not CATMAN?) Cat: What's your opinion about EC? Yes or No!? JHL : NO. Storm : NO. Avalon : NO. The Man : NO. ²LALL : BECOZ OF SAMAT SOFTALAIT, HYI! Cat: Do you like animals? JHL : Equ? Joukki! Storm : Jooh. Avalon : 3 (Cat: Nice answer!) The Man : Agnuksen Kanta only. Cat: Your favorite musicstyle? JHL : Heavy Rulez. Storm : Heavy & Simmosta. Avalon : Techno(poppionpaskaa:JHL!) The Man : Pop. (JHL: No huh huh!) Cat: Do you have a sister? JHL : Valitettavasti. Storm : Valitettavasti. Avalon : Nope. The Man : Nope. Cat: JHL and Storm only... Age of your sister? JHL : Huunous, huukkers. Too young & fat anyway. Storm : Arghh. 13. Cat: AARGH.... so no phonenumbers .. thanx... Descripe the hottest girl you have ever seen? JHL : 176. Storm : Ootas, piirran kuvan: (.)(.) Avalon : 177 105 30 The Man : 190-176 Cat: Do you have a girlfriend? Descripe her.. JHL : Nope. Storm : Nope. Avalon : Nope. The Man : Huunous, at least she thinks so. Cat: hhehe... Do you like this mag (Maggy)? What should we change on it? JHL : More numbers? maybe even 2 in same year? too much work? hahah. Storm : Same. Avalon : Same. The Man : Used to be good, haven't seen the new ones. JHL : More finnish stuff, who cares about the rest of the luusers. Cat: hih.. AND FINALALLY THE LAST QUESTION.... but don't write too much.. please.. my phonebill.. AARGH.. its growing and growing all the time.. 52p/min.. Ok, that's enough of bullshit... last words and greets? JHL : 52p/min trough DIANA!?!?!? Should be about 32 p/min? JHL : See you all at Eastern Conference at Norway!.. Greetz to Sorehead, Reebok, Spockki Ja Ekku / Tekno Twittansm und Hydex! Storm : Greez: Miikossu, Jehvi, Ruupeni, Kaljakuski. Avalon : God Pless as all wht!. Greez: None. Not even for equ. To all I know. The Man : Heissans to Jippo / PureByte, Axa / X-Men, Hoffo / B-S-C-R-S, Final word: YES!. Cat: THANX a LOT!!! .... little information about this... This interview was made in 80 minutes... not using DIANA.. becoz IT DOSEN't WORK here.. (FUCK YOU PHP!) and made by Catman.. it will (maybe) published and released through the HYDE & Mic Dair inc. on next week.,... and Ofcoz in a NEW KIND OF MAGGY!!! I hope U can get it from your local- lamer.. who ul's it to here.. (heh) but bye for now.. and best wishes from Catman!!!

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INTERVIEW OF MACK/SCOOPEX DBY CHUCK A/ DSCOOPEX Chuck :Hi MACK, can you give us your real name,your age and describt you. B²GMack :Hi, my real name is AMAR (the bastard ??!?), i was born 18 year ago in a the super town called VILLEPINTE ... I'm tall, brawny, good looking etc... (like CHUCK !). Chuck :Have you a girlfriend ? Mack :Reflex sucks me well so no need for a girlfriend !!! Chuck :What's your hardware ? Mack :A500 + 1084S + A501 + A590 + 2Mo + Extra drive + starLC10 And of course my super AMSTRAD CPC 6128 ! Chuck :Why do you join SCOOPEX (and left QUARTEX) ? Mack :I left because there was not enough work for me (after substance) in this group and SCOOPEX was so cool that i decided to join them with chuck, (A)cid and (K)iki and because i wanted too to become a RANGERist (i never wanna be again CORTOist). Chuck :In which group were you since you're on amiga ??? Mack :A lot !!! Here they are PARADOX (With Chuck) VENOM (Again with Chuck) ART PARTNERS (now silents FR and without Chuck) QUARTEX (again without Chuck) and finally (and definively) -* SCOOPEX *- (with CHUCK !!!) Chuck :How long have you been drawing on amiga ??? Mack :At the same time that chuck started coding ! (at the beginning of 1990) Chuck :Do you like what you're doing on amiga ? Mack :YES !!! But our coders are too lazy so you can't see my work. Chuck :Where do you get your inspiration ? Mack :I get my inspiration from different autors (suidmak, tim white, chuck (of course) ... ) Chuck :How do you start a picture ? In how many time do you finish it ? Mack :Like every SCOOPEX members, I first need the power of RANGER ... In fact, I don't know .It depends on the picture ! A picture can take a lot of time or be finished in two minutes ! My last picture has been started one month ago and is still not finished ... Chuck :What are your project in the near future ? Mack :A demo ... (no comments !) and a slide show with my pictures coded by CHUCK with a (great) tune from UNCLE TOM. Chuck :Who are your favorites ... CODERS : Slayer/SCX, Cid/SCX, Photon/SCX...Azatoth/PHA, Performer/TSL GFX : UNO/SCX, Terminator/TRSI, Walt/TSL, Chuck/SCX MUSIC : UNCLE TOM/SCX (ever heard TUBULAR, my favorite amiga music !) Walkman/CRB, RH-/CRB, Romeo/TRSI, SLL/KEFRENS etc ... DEMO : Mental Hangover, Xenomorph GROUPS : SCOOPEX ... and Complex of course (he he) Chuck :And your hatest ... CODERS : abbas/rebels FR (nice 3D ripped from CORTO !) GFX : labyrinth (no smooth no ... BEUARK ) MUSIC : reflex/rebels FR (BEUARK ... and stop spreading our work !) DEMO : Out Land by rebels FR GROUP : ??? (GUESS WHO ...) Chuck :And what real musics do you listen to ? Mack :Only great french singers like Chantal Goya, Dorothée, Douchka, Bernard Minet, les Musclés ??? No seriously ... Dire Straits, CHUCK ... Chuck :What do you think about the french scene ? Mack :Everybody is weird in france except SCOOPEX. Some are fucking lamers (like Mr Video, Rebels FR ... ) who think they're the best but in fact they're LAMERS. (HEY VIDEO, sleep with your modem and fuck off !) Some are very cool (Alliance Design, Moby, chuck, Traitor, Walt, Cyclone ... ) I think the french scene is one of the strangest scene. An important information for you : WALT the gay and his gayfriend REFLEX/rebels FR will organise the MEGA-HOMO-PARTY. keep your condom ready and send your photo (naked) to TSL FR for an invitation !!! Chuck :So this is the end. Have you any last words ??? Mack :A small message to UNO: YOU ARE THE BEST !!!! send your latest GFX ! GREETINGS to all SCOOPEX members worldwide ! (CHUCK !) you can contact me at: SCOOPEX ------- BP 54 93420 VILLEPINTE FRANCE (only legal stuffs at this adress) you can contact chuck too at the same adress ! Important message from CHUCK : I'm for nothing in mack's madness ! Excuse his bullshit !

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INTERVIEW WITH ICE/VISION FACTORY 1.²G First of all, please, introduce yourself (name, age, function etc.) ? Parkele... My name is Ice and my age is 18... I'm da sysyop at one of Sweden's fastest boards... I'm voted for having da cutest ass in da scene...? (HehhEHHA) 2. How long you have owned your computer/modem ? For about six years ago, I got my first computer, a Vic-20! Later on , when the "breadcan" got too boring, I bought an even bigger pocket- calculator... Commodore 64 ...mmm mm That was da old good days (?!) And after a while, da first "real" computer arrived... Amiga! Yeah, and as time went by, my equipment grew. Now I've been in da modem- scene for 'bout some three years... 3. How do you like your current crew ? I like it very much !.. Cool dudes and so on! 4. How long have you been in VISION FACTORY? Any groups before VF ? I haven't been in Vision Factory that long... maybe 'bout 3 or 4 months. Before that I was with other groups like Cytax and Amaze... 5. How is VISION FACTORY organized? Who is the leader of VF ? The leaders of Vision Factory is FRED and RAKIM, of VF/Germany. 6. Are you able to give us a complete memberlist including country and functions of VF ? Naeh... That's not the kind of lists your readers wanna see... (or?) 7. What's the difference between NEW VF and the OLD one ? The difference ain't that big... most of the old members have re- joined... 8. So you have a board. Give the name and the number of it ! Yeah, SOMEWHERE IN TIME - +46-(0)40-423039 - MAKE SURE TO CALL IT - 9. How many users you have in your board? Who is your best uploader ? I've got about 230 users... and my top uploaders is: 1. Dimenser 280 Megz, 2. Straydog 210 Megz, 3. Ozone/VF 200 Megz 10. What do you think about swedish modemscene? Is it better than others ? Hmm.. The modemscene in Sweden ain't that fast compared to other countries, i.e Holland, Germany and da States... Anyway, I like our modemscene very much! 11. Which country has the fastest modemscene ? I think that USA, Germany and Holland are quite fast countries with fast warez and cool traders... 12. Do you use calling cards or other tricks to save money? How big was your last phonebill ? Some times I do, and sometimes not... My latest phonebill was too fucking big ! 13. Tell us something about your hobbies (sex, booze, drugs...) ? Baking scones, Gardening, Vattna hund, plocka konkelbar, snida en ulk, Paina lappa sisaan ja avaa, Sammakko paska and dust- busting my one and only marsipan-dolk! 14. Your favorite : 1) Demogroups = Silents, Phenomena 2) Crackergroups = Vision Factory (F'coz) 3) Coders = The Spy/TSL, Sim/Razor 4) Crackers = Marco Polo, FFC 5) Musician = Static/Rebels 15. What is best party you have ever been to ? Silents, Quartex, Anarchy - 'The Party' in DK X-mas 91 16. Your favorite musicstyle ? Hardcore-Techno, Rap, Groups like : DeLaSoul, ADL, The Prodigy, Altern8, Ice Cube, N.W.A., Just D... 17. Are you single or married? Or do you have a girlfriend ? hehe, Nope.. I'm not married yet... and for the moment I don't even got a girlfriend... (sigh!) 18. Descripe the sweetest/hottest girl you have ever seen ? Have ya seen Cindy Crawford? , that's my girl! 19. Do you like this magazine (Maggy)? What should we change on it ? I've only seen one issue... but it was in Finnish (bluerrrk!)... But now when ya have started to write in english.. I bet it will be better... 20. Ok, that's enough...Last words, please ? First of all I'd like to greet all my users at SOMEWHERE IN TIME! Hejsan alle sammans. Gottepossar till er! Ha de gytt 8-() - Mina lypsasin yhden etanan. - Mina osaan nida takaperin. Gutten Heute Alle Leute! - Interviewed by D CATMAN !

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DANISH SCENEREPORT Hello, this is D TFG of D Majic 12 . Hyde of Complex asked me to write something for this nice mag.Since I'm a bit lazy at the moment I have decided just to write a short scene-report, because it doesn't take that long. As you proberly already know, the danish scene is quite cool.There are many cool demo-groups and the best cracker-teams have divisions in DK. I will take the crews in alphabetic order, so that no one will be mad. AERO : This group has a lot of members. They are also very productive,but unfortunately their productions lack a bit in the matter of quality. Their latest production was a demo called Mad (I think). ANARCHY : The danish division of this cool group have made some really great productions (the Milkshake-Icronite demo). You can see that the fully have the same standard as the other Anarchy divisions. They will held a cool party with Quartex and Silents just after christmas. ARCANE : This is an old danish team. They are not very productive,but when they release anything, it always have a high standard. Just look at the "Pink Circle" demo which they released at the Prologic-Static Bytes party in spring. BASTARDS : This crew have lately released some very cool introes. They have also released a very nice musicdisk for a short time ago. I think that they have a finnish division,but I'm not sure. BRAINSTORM : I think the danish division of this crew was founded by some ex.Direct members. Lately The Pride(Flash Production) has join them too. I haven't seen any production from the danish division yet. BUDBRAIN : This team is well-known from the two megademos that they have released. They have got some new members and they will proberly release another production soon. CRIONICS : They have been in the scene for a long time. They always release big demos. Unfortunately they haven't released anything in a long period. CRYSTAL : I don't know much about them, but I think that they are modem- traders. DIRECT : They have made some nice productions like "Andemad" and "Vintertid". They released "Vintertid" at the Static Bytes - Light party in Septem- ber. I think they got the 4th place. FLASH PRODUCTION : They have released a lot of nice productions, but it may take a while before they will release anything again, because they are all working on some games. GOONIES : This is a pure modemteam. They have a cool board in Denmark called Danaboard. They have also done a lot of trainers lately. KEFRENS : The returned Kefrens has released two introes and one demo.The demo won the Static Bytes - Light party. They have also got a really cool swapper(Hey Krueger ! ha,ha). It seems that they will be very produc- tive. LIGHT : I don't much about this group. I have seen a couple of their demos and they were very nice. MAJIC 12 : Well finally a team that I know a little about.The danish division haven't been very productive because we needs good coders(So talented danish coders are very much needed.Addy in the advertisement part). In Denmark we have a little 2400 bps board. And at the moment we are 7 Majic 12 members in Dk. I think the most well-known productions from are Top Secret and Ray of Hope II. PALACE : They have released some very nice productions like "Pull the triger", "Fractals generator v1.0" and lately a musicdisk. They also makes trainers. They have a swedish division but I don't think that they are very active, since I haven't seen anything from them. QUARTEX(ALLIANCE DESIGN) : The DK division haven't released anything yet,but it's proberly only a matter of time. They are one of the organizer of the big x-mas party. REBELS : A very old group with a lot of cool productions behind them.The DK division isn't as productive as some of the other divisions. But the always makes nice productions. REDNEX : A very talented crew. Unfortunately I don't think that they are very well-known outside the danish scene. That's because their prod. mainly are related to danish freaks. And that's ofcourse very nice for us. Their newest demo called "Quackbusted"is really cool with some cool effects. SILENTS : After a period of no releases Silents DK have in the past half year made two really cool demos. Both were coded by SunJohn.They are also one of the organizers at the x-mas party. STATIC BYTES : Well,you can't say that they are very productive. But in the past two-three months they have made some productions, all pretty nice. Finally, I will just name some of the danish groups that I didn't knew enough about to mention above; ²LAmaze DK, Bacteria, Balance, Cen- turion, Gnu Design, Mirror, Next, Triangle 3552 and Vixen A. Sorry to the ones that I couldn't remember.....

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FINNISH GROUPS by ORION / STELLAR ACCESSION Really old pure finnish group. Good releases looong time ago. Scenemakers... Famous members: Communist, DDT, Vyvyan T.U.M.B., Starbyte ADDONIC Nearly 10 members in Finland. Little introreleases... Moustly swapping. Famous members: Ukulele ALPHA FLIGHT Still going with one board. Lost most of members. Still active. ALTAIR The reformed one. Famous members: Cannibal AMAZE Again more or less dead. Most of members have left. Only few members in... ARISE Arise was formed with lot of members from ex-Coma SF. They have about more than 10 members and they have released one or two demos and some "not so good" intros. They're planning their diskmag "Scandal". Also some Caves joined lately. BEYOND FORCE Beyond Force is also one of the oldest living groups in Finland. They have released during the yeears some good demos etc. Famous members: Hazor BLACK LIGHT Quite quiet. No releases or anything lately. BLACK ROBES Some beautiful intros. Lot of ex-Dictators members. More then 10 members. They'll also release their diskmag "The Sentinel" sooner or later(!). Good potential... BLOODSUCKERS Also one of the oldest groups in Finland. Released good demos years ago. Right now in deep silence, some prods coming soon (?). Scenemakers... Famous members: SCH, Hoffi BRAINSTORM Formed just a while ago by some Extreme members and several others... BYTERAPERS Again one of the old legends on Finland, one of the builders of finnish scene.. Byterapers has 13 members at the moment. Famous members: Grendel, Merit, Proton, Turtle CANNIBALS (?) New group (?) and no releases. CANNON Also new group with some no-good packreleases... CARILLON No releases yet, new group with 5 good members. Famous members: Heatbeat, Golem, Dweezil CAVE Still alive... (No dead)... One board joined lately. Famous members: Mr. Spiv CHROME After long time of silence they released demo on the start of the summer. Nice productions, but not too much of them. Also (heh, heh) planning an diskmag... Several "not-so-good" packs... COLLISION Brand new little unknown group... COMPLEX They have made probably the best releases in Finland. About 20 members, 1 board and Maggy coming (kunhan nakis). Also packs & intros and some demos lately. Famous members: Jugi, Tai-pan, Mic Dair, Der HM CORAL Coral was found by members from ex-Cave and ex-Prologoc SF. They have released some intros (rather nice one)s. About 15 or more members (?). CRASHEAD Again another brand new group. Up to now they have released 2 little (and bad) intros and packs... CRUSADERS Some members in Finland. Famous member: Fleshbrain, Scumbag D.A.I Some intros and musicdisk. Took several members in while ago. Members somewhere near 10. DAMAGE INC. Again new group with unknown members. Released one intro (nothing special).... DAMONES Partygroup. Lot of old sceneveterans... DARK ANGELS Little, nearly dead group with no productions. DIVINE SF Really new group with really new finnish division.. No releases or anything, about 5 members. DUAL CREW Dual Crew has some members in Finland. Good modemtraders. Someones from Amaze joined just a while ago. (Little birds sing...). Also training... Maybe one of strongest in Finland at the moment. Famous members: Polarbear, Haka ECLIPSE Founded by guys wo were kicked out from D-Mob. No productions yet. Modemtrading... ELECTRON New group with bit more than 10 members. Horrible intro. ELYSION 10-15 members. Good potential, but no productions. Founded about year ago with members from Midnightsun and old-Amaze. Famous members: Galaxy, Zecco & Co. EXOTIC MEN As always, some intros... Someones joined from Sigma summertime. EXTREME An group moustly formed by ex members of Euphoria. Released some intros and packs. Some members left to Brainstorm. FALCONS SF New division ofnew group... Started with releasing on bad intro... Nothing else (yet). FANTASY FORCE They have released one trackmo and some intros... Nothing special, but rather nice. More than 10 members... FRANTIC They have abou 15 members, board (sometimes), working on a demo called 'Prime Time', a diskmagazine (isn't everybody) and on a musicdisk for Captain. Famous members: Captain, Lord Wedge, Harri K, Perro FUTURE GUYS Little and unknown group... Made "Pulttiboys" demo long time ago. GEMINI Dead or reborn? This group is reformed without any ex-member or lisence of any ex-member little time ago. Some members from Zombies joined. Silence... GRACE Quiet group with some packs and intros. About 10 (or something) members. Lot of swappers. HEAVY DUTY Released 3 intros and some packs. Rather quiet lately (what else?). IMAGE One little demo, 2 boards. About 15 members, lost some good members. "Sleepy Sleepers" Famous members: Jarnis, (Un?)Cool J INTUITION Quiet division. They have exist for a long long time. Intro and SFX-ripper around new year... MAJIC 12 1 member in Finland, nothing too special. MASQUERADE Yes, yes. Masquerade has also some members in Finland... Or at least had... No selfmade productions of anything. MEAN MACHINE One board, one good demo and some intros... Members: about 10 or so. I haven't heard too much lately. NIKKI CORRUPTIONS Released some OK intros, demo coming from Sir Arthur (why not Lady Narthur). Some packs and more than 10 members (?)... OFFWORLD Also an little finnish group with some little (and nice) intros. About less than 10 members. OMEGA Omega has released 2 OK demos and one intro (am I right). Quiet lately. Original ideas on their productions. OVERFLOW INC. Some intros, 10 members (or something) and nothing else. PARANOID Little untalent group with about some members and no releases. R.A.F. R.A.F atleast had 1 or 2 members in Finland. I haven't heard noyhing from them lately.. REBELS Lazy (but good) coders. Several demos, intros & packs... Famous members: Jef, Willow PARALLAX Parallax was reformed just a while ago by some old members from Decept... Released one intro (I liked it, mutkun pervo- tarina ei ollu pervo).. PERFECT ILLUSION Moustly little swapping for a long time. No ambitious members. PHILIPS New (joke) group, released little intros... (Hihhulihei) PROBE New group with no releases or further information. QUADEX Probably new group... RAZKELS New group with less than 10 members. One intro... not too good one. SACRED New group, released one slideshow on summertie. It wasn't so bad. Nothing for looong time. SCOOPEX Three un(/in)active members. Famous members: Slayer, Reward, Zebra SCUP SpennoScandianUnitedPlayboys (or something). Some nice intros. Several famous members (as on other codename). Famous members: Spacebar, Borje Svensson, Captain America SHINING Not a lot of unknown members. SKID ROW Only one member in Finland. (hah, there is no Skid Row members in Finland. Raze, who claimed to be a SR member was just a fake. ...-ed) SOCIETY Lost most of members after their party, but still alive. SONIC 15 members. No-so-good chrismasdemo and good new year intro lately. Maybe an diskmag... Famous members: Arse SPACEBALLS New division. Only some members. SPIRIT New division of Spirit. No releases yet. Famous members: Nimrod STELLAR Again, new group. Bit more than 5 members and something coming. We do and then we talk... Famous members: Procyon, Orion THE SPECIAL BROTHERS Released one intro. Afterall quite silence. Famous members: Stargazer TITANBYTES Titanbytes have released 2 "not so good" demos during the summer... No other information. TRSI TRSI in Finland has board and some members. In matter of fact, they are in Surprise! Productions. Famous members: JHL UTOPIA PRODS. Little group. They have released 2 nice demos in year 1991. VECTRA Less than 10 members. One board and nice prods during 1991... Famous members: Smirre, Dr.Jive, Morrison WIZZCAT Wizzcat is also really old group. They have released some of nice demos and intros (& lot of pack centuries ago). About 15 members and no prods after summer. Famous members: Amigaman, Hazy Mind ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- D ORION of D STELLAR - December 1991 ²NThanx to : Meegosh, Rocky, Coroner, Turtle, Sorrow, Phazer, Procyon, Hyde , Murk Sorry for wrong facts, misunderstandings, stuped comments, spelling- problems etc... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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GERMAN SCENEREPORT A Done by D Flash of Frantic Aand DTomcat of Complex A Germany has a very popular scene. Because of many modemtraders and modemgroups to give whole list of all is impossible, but we tried to give ya sum informations about german-groups. So, ya understand that only popular ones could mentioned. Some of the most popular groups in germany are: Pirates A: Their whq lives in Augsburg and they have lot of more or less good boards in many countries. Their divisions in Scandinavia are very productive and released some good demos and intros. Their mags: Slime and Sweet dreams are very good. Com A: Maybe ya know their Mc disk, it's like D-tects Hack-mag, but it have it's own outfit. They have some nice boards and their packs are famous, the really bad message is, that Coma will surely lose their mag to the Silents. So the most members will left to join other groups. Perhaps Coma will die than, who knows ?. The Special Brothers A: Famous group, because their cool boards (25h online!) and their funny bbs-intros. In our opinion they have one of the best musician and very good coders. But they got too much members in recent time, so hope they keep their good work on. Frantic A: Some time ago Frantic got troubles with an other group in Funland with same name. But today the scene don't matter at all about that, 'cos Frantic-SF died (Nope Frantic-SF is not dead... Editor). However, Frantic Germany released some nice stuff like an bbs-intro and soon coming more. Agnostic Front A: Venom died and new group was founded: Agnostic Front some days after that, they released an intro and later some demos too. Here in Germany they were liked because their friendship. which isn't so important today in other groups here. Zylon A: It is pure modemgroup, but they have a lot of great coders like "Die Seuche" and other skilled guys. Zylons "home" was Alpha Flight until they went from Alpha Flight to stay on own feeds. They planned to make a four disk demo, but 'cos many internal problems most qualified members formed Crush, so only some dudes are left in this group, which placed in Gologne. D-Tect A: Ya maybe know their "Hack-mag" which in one of the famous mags made. Their boards are very popular too, but they should do more for their image in the demoscene because only a great mag is too less. Defcon 1 A: Quite cool members, fast and hot mailswappers, famous demo group but a little unproductive in recent time. Awesome A: Most members joined Zylon in accept of learning some- thing more about modemscene and Zylon was not so bad cos of the boards all around the world (24 boards). At this moment Awesome is dead but the old members want to rebuild the old group under same name. Cytax A: Ya may know the world famous I.C.E. magazine. Some boards placed in Germany and some divisions in Scandinavia Shining 8 Well known on the good old c-64, now getting better on the amiga. They have very qualifield members, see their good musician Trashcan. Some good production like technomania'91 of their comeback demo. But do not mix it up with Shining from Sweden. It is very pity that Germany got a modemscene without any frienship and there is no hope that future will change anything. But in case of new demogroups we shouldn't lose our hope. Signing of DFlash of Frantic Aand DTomcat of Complex A

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SCENE REPORT FROM NORWAY Norway has one of the leading scenes in the world og Amiga. It's is a demo scene, because it is very few cracker and trainer groups here. I will here present the leading groups in Norway: Cryptoburners : In manys opinion the leading crew in Norway. They have released great demoes like: Hunt for 7th October, Materialized, Party Time and Third Dimention to mention some of the most famous. They have some very good coders in Heetseeker, Tec and VectorMan, and some exellent musicans: Blackstar, Rhesus Minus, Trixal and Walkman. Crusaders : Another of the leading norwegian groups. They are the authors of the popular EuroChart. With the music of Dr.Awesome and Fleshbrain have they released a lot of music disks. It was a great loss for Crusaders, and the whole scene that Dr.Awsome quitted the scene. On the modem side they have a lot of boards, and were one of the first in Norway to open a board. Razor 1911 : A famous and old crew. They have released some great demoes like Vertical Insanity and Habitual Novelity(I think thats the name). Delicate Sounds is the name on their music disk containing some impressive pieces of music. They are also one of the few norwegian groups who crack. Pure Metal Coders : One of the newcomers in the Norwegian scene. They were founded about one year ago, and has released some nice demoes like Mesmerized and Alpha and Omega. Got some very talented graphicans and coders. Fraxion : One of the oldtimers in Norway. They haven't released any demoes in quite a while, but they have done some cracking. Keo is one the leading musicans in Norway, but I have heard that he has left the scene. Network : One old group who came from the 64. Have released some nice demoes in their time, and are always active. No Limits : This group hasen't released anything in a long time. They recently kicked a lot of members, and I have heard some roumors that they will change name. Utopia : Formed out of the members who got kicked from No Limits + some others. They has only released one intro as far as I know, but they will hopefully be more active. Andromeda : A quite inactive group who only releases a demo in the year. They have some talented coders and graphicans. Spaceballs : A group were all the members are from the same town. Released some not so nice demoes + their nice trackmo called Spasmolytic. This is in MY opinion about the groups in Norway. You can agree or disagree with me about they deserves to be mentioned in a Norwegian Scene Report, but it is a matter of taste. Of course I didn't mention Amonia in this report since I don't think it would have been an objective report. Signed: D TOUGH ONE of AMONIA

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SCENE IN GRAZ RAY JACKSON of FRONT 242 A Well, I don't know if you're interested in reading some stuff about the town where I live. But if you are, lean back and enjoy this short article... I will show you the different types of guys here in Graz . But first of all some information about this town: Graz lies in the south-east of Austri . There are about 250.000 inhabitants. (many students, coz Graz is the biggest town after Vienn here in Austri and here's a good university. But there are many old people too...) The night-live isn't very good, if you compare it with the number of inhabitants... Don't ask me why, but I think that so many girls and boys are boring and Graz isn't a very famous town for tourists. (I think so...) Ok, that was some grap about Graz and now let's talk a bit about the scene... There are many guys which have a flat (If you don't know, what a flat is... They have a head like a Skinhead's head, but there are still some hair pointed to the front) These guys mostly wear Doc Martens, Commandos or Getta Grips. (All shoes with steel-caps) Or they sometimes wear the good old Converse-All Star shoes. And they wear a cool 'n heavy leather jacket or a red-blue-chequed jacket. They call themselve '²EPSYKES ' and the most of them like groups like Depeche Mode. But they are no real Psykes, they're only pseudos... They think they are important for the whole world... There are so many of these guys... OK, forget them!! Another group grows more and more in Graz ... the ²EGRAZER HOOLIGANS ... they are silly and are always horny of a fight... They wear always a flag of britain and love steel-caped shoes,coz it's funny to kick down helpless weak people with these shoes... Let's go on... like in many towns there are some Punks in Graz . They are a bit silly but are ok.(???) And then there are some Skinheads. But only some (I think about 10 - 20). They aren't as dangerous as you think, but don't call them assholes. You can be sure that you're in the next hospital soon... And then we've got ofcoz Heavy Metal freax with hair, which has a lenght of meters... There are also the 'Schicki Mickis'. Uahhh! I hate them. They wear clothes like Polo, Sisley or Jet Set. They are listening to Hip Hop or such stuff like that. Ok, the girlies are beautiful (mostly), but I hate the boys, which think that they are soooo important. They are the mass of our beautiful (?????) town. Finally we have the farmers and the prolos. They come from the outskirts of Graz . They have a different language. We don't understand them very well... They drive Opel and Puch Cobra, Condor, Imola and Monza. They mostly have not much in their brain. And all of them skoke Memphis... They love their farm with chickens, pigs and cows... They have always blond coloured hair. (²FOIDA FUX ... old fox...) That were the most important groups in Graz . I think you've understood nothing about this article, but who cares???? I haven't slept for 36 hours, so... sorry for that... Ahhhh, let me sleep! Go away ! Fuck off and die ! Arghhhhhhh !!!! D Ray Jackson A of D Front 242

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VAASA - SCENE REPORT A -------------------- WRITTEN BY D DR.PEPPER OF D CANNIBALS Vaasa is average city in Finland! It's shiniest City in Finland (That's true) Our Scene is quite regular, like every other city in Finland. But now I'll cut the Bull, and begin telling all groups what I know in here... First of all, let's start with THE BEST (in Vaasa): - FRANTIC SF : Here live two guys from Frantic, Mr.Rozz (Coder!) and Lord 501 (Musician!)... Rozz has stopped swapping activities and now he owns a HST! - OMEGA! : Two guys (Again!) of Omega lives here, Zakka (Swapper!) and Tsunami (GFX-Artist, and he is also well know for his sick pervert-texts!) - CONFLICT : Only one member in Vaasa HTD (Music and Gfx!) - DIMENSION4 : Only one member left in Vaasa, Pifki (Coder) - HEAVY DUTY : Here lives one member, Ruler (Swapper?) I don't know much about him: Only that he makes lots of troubles for him self, at local Message-Boards (heh). - BLOODSUCKERS : TMB (Total Meat Ball?) lives here! He is a swapper, but because I haven't met (meat?)him, I only know that he has got busted many times (Post Office) cos he sended Stuff with too little postages! - IMAGE : I am NOT sure about this, but somebody said that here lives some Swedish talking Swapper? I can't guarantee that RUMOUR! - NIKKI CORRUP. : guy called TONY (well, what would his real name bee, heh!) He tries (Or tried, I think his soon gonna sell his Amy!) to swap with his 15 contacts... - CANNIBALS : 4 members Tokela (Coder,Swapper), Ana (Music-Wizard), Clamdring (Gfx) and, I Dr.Pepper (Swapper). - GRACE SF : Hifi (Swapper, SysOp) owns a Bulletin Board called 'The Last Generation'. Give it a call, if U get the number from somewhere... OK, that was that! This text included also some jokes, so don't get mad if I made fun of you !!

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FINNISH 'MODEMSCENE' When we compair our contry to E.g. Sweden, We only can only say that there is Modemscene from Differentplanet. In sweden: There is MUCH more Famous groups, More traders, More BBS's than we have. If someone Wants to join Some Cool Group You have to be good, But in some cases it also depends WHERE you live! I think that COOL groups take Much likely trader from Sweden or Denmark than from Finland! Why Finnish Modemscene ²NIS SO LAME ? Well, I think That One reason is High modemprices and Quite High Phonecharges. How anyone have afford to buy mo dem which costs over 2000$? Thats the price of U.s.Robotics Dual Standard. There is also Cheaper prices but official Us.Robotics Importer Takes That for One DS. Nowadays there isn't Any good traders left. JHL/TRSI, EDDIE&ICE, Der HM, Polarbear, Hoffi Names which makes This country worth of mention Mostly Guys Of those are living more on their Yesterday-reputation; No more Big Bunch Of Imports, no more MUCH Trading etc. One Quite Strange thing was when Trader called '²LBloodstone ' got A phonebill: After that there wasn't so much wares anymore In BBS's! How the hell can this scene Depends on One guy?! Well It did, cos last days that Guy Uploaded almost ²L60% of all BBS's wares. That gives you something to think about. Now When Modem prices has drop downer young guys have afford to buy'em. funny, In abroads average age of traders Is Something like 20, but Do you have any idea How much it's Here? Its Apr. 16 or less! Those Young kids do not have afford to do any imports or even a good trading inside finish bor ders. Well, All dudes isnt so Young, but mainly they are. Now I can say One thing: More Guys have quitted this scene, Many, many many (Police Academy ..) Put up a BBS and run it without Uploads Etc. simp ly because Finish 'Traders' Cant support ALL BBS evenly. If we want this thing level of foreign countries we need More Traders, not any 14 Kids playing their Daddys Modem. But it will take time ... and then when that happens we can only say that It has Improved little bit from last years. Raze

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ANARCHY'S PARTY '92 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THE WHO?, WHAT?, WHY?, WHERE?, AND WHEN? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ by Judge Drokk of ANARCHY! Who? ^^^^ ANARCHY! , a major Amiga demo group that is currently proving that life definatly does begin at 3! A solid Membership from England Denmark, France, Holland, Germany, and the U.S.A! What? ^^^^^ " Party '92 ", a legal Amiga conference that plans to be bigger and more fun than any party held in England in the past. We'll have the biggest demo competition prize offered at a English party ever, and guarenteed suprise competitions that will make the party one you'll remember for a long time to come! Why? ^^^^ Because there hasnt been a realy GOOD party in England yet. We plan to change this. At every party there's always some guys who'll say, "Ah, there's no action!, What a lame party!". They wont get a chance at this party! Where? ^^^^^^ England! Land of hope and glory! The north of England to be more precise, a town called Barnsley aprox. 230 miles north of London. Or to be Exact.... The Civic Hall Station Rd Royston Barnsley South Yorkshire England When? ^^^^^ Saturday, the 4th of April 1992. The Rest.. ^^^^^^^^^^ Demo, Graphics and Music competition will of course take place, as well as several "alternative" competitions that should be as much fun to watch as they will be to participate in. There will be a bar open all day at the party place and food will be ordered specialy from resteraunts and delivered at ones convenience. The party place has lots of pparking space for your motercycles, cars, & buses!. Also next door is a swimming pool for those who need to cool off! The Prices and Ticket addresses ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Tickets are available now from the 2 addresses below. The price of a ticket and a map is three (3) pounds . There is no charge to persons from outside the United Kingdom. If non UK guys would like a map & tickets then please write to the same adresses. Party '92 Tickets Party '92 Tickets 9 Back Lane West 49 Kirkstall Rd Royston New Lodge Estate Barnsley Barnsley South Yorkshire South Yorkshire S71 4RZ S71 1RS If you have any queries, feel free to call the party hotline on this number:- England 0204 73654 between 2100 and 2230 pm (U.K time). Ask for MIK. Thats all, remember tickets are available now! So avoid the rush and yours without further delay! Until the 4th of April...Adios!

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HOW THE GATHERING'91 PARTY WENT? by Grendel of Byterapers Finally after months of resting I am able to write something about da party at Parikkala, by Byterapers , Scoopex and Bloodsuckers sometime at late-summer. Most important thing of all is that lucky me and all it's over. It was just terrible. We, I and Merit, expected that there would come more people, but just some 230 +- arrived. One possible expnalation is that Merit did quite a showat the previous party by Society , so most the kids didn't come. Yes, one remarkable thing was that almost all those kids at Kajaani didn't show up. The average-age of visitors was quite helluwa bigger, as just some kids were there, most were 15 or 16, and all those veterans were present. The only feeling I got afterwards is 'good its over'. During following 2 weeks I was completely down, as it had been a real big job. Hmmm. I won't give any bigger details. Many people said it was the best Finnish party they had visited, so seemingly many had good time. Good for them, I didn't It was too big job to handle for 2 guys, me and Merit. All people were to be looked after, competitions help etc. But time wasn't enough, and surprisingly many persons refused to cooperate with the arranging - persons who were 'organizers' there. No names. Just big thanks to especially our dear Judge, who spent his valuable time by sitting at the entrance-desk. Alcohol was again a problem. Luckily, we didn't have any real big probs but there really was enough of them. 2 guys sprayed walls of local bank and gas station, but we recognized who they were and gave them to cops, Heard both were to pay 15000 marks (15 000 each, 30000 total) for them. Luck, boys. Other one was from Bloodsuckers , other from ²LExotic Men . Beautiful, guess they won't be allowed anymore to any parties. At one time we had cops coming in and out all the time. First time they came they informed me about the spraying in the city. Also they were in quite appalling mood, other one said "EVEN THE JAIL IS SPRAYED". AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH, that was bad. It was a BS guy I think, or was it Accession ?????? Some funny things happened in looking after booze. One under-aged guy was catched trying to bring booze inside, and naturally we confiscated them. For hours that guy followed me and Merit like small doggie, begging to get his booze back. Finally he gave up, after we threatened to give him to police if he doesn't stop. DDT Accession was also veeerry big help, thank man. He wandered outside at near woods, and confiscated booze from kids. Then he drank them. HAHA, beautiful, good work Lennu! He walked around with big Accession flag around him and had his attendant-stripe under it in his arm. For example one kid saw Lennu (who is naturally much older than 18, unlike that kiddie). Kid was drinking his booze, and then asked Lennu if he would buy him some more drinks. Lennu said 'No', showed his stripe, took the bottle from da kiddie, went away and drank it himself. Big thanks. Also he had good strategy to get more beer, when he saw someone drinking beer ' I will tell about you to arrangers, unless you give me some beer too '. Hmm. Now I understand what Lennu meant by saying 'being a attendant becomes cheaper'. Cheaper for sure. Hmm. Communist (Cowboy) Bloodsuckers , now in Accession Party Division, also had good time. He turned the electricity off at least once from the main-hall (100+ guys there), luckily he didn't die in the process. You see, the electricity-connections weren't QUITE well made, in fact Merit said if some authorities had come and seen those connection party would have stopped immediately. Not quite lawful, njargh. Afterwards I had a real laugh, as I was told that some guy was complaining to some arranger that 'that black coated guy ate my FOOD'. Oh, COmmunist was hungry, I bet. Quite tough thing to do anyway, came to someone and eat his food, half a meter from him. Goodie gosh. What else? Hmm, beautiful to say but at least all those old farts and goodie groups were there. Farts: Zados/ Damones (finally out of army he was, quite strange for him to be a civilian again), Irwin/ Damones (who once again drunk quite helluwa lot but didn't cause probs), Accession guys (Lenny, our usher of best kind; Vyvyan The Ultimate Bastard, who seemingly enjoyed himself in middle of all those younger guys, not bad, he WAS quite a show there; Kiiki, the better side of our-so-dead-Vyvyan-boy, bet she was the inspiration of many scrollies like "and wow that girl here, real gorgeous, shit she was reserved otherwise I'd had her all by myself"-style. Good to see you and Mika again, after this long time! I still remember with pain how you worked at my hair at Byterapers Wrecka-party...; Monster, that always so competent coder; Adept, haha, I heard you was very surprised I came from army so fast), Jugi/Proton/Mic Dair/ Complex (good work Mic Dair, you did quite a job writing all those things around the school, luckily no-one thought the writings were due the party.) and whoever there was. I just can't remember everyone now. Some thieves were too. Merit was released from problems of owning a printer, extra drive, mouse and some stuff. Floyd (???, ex Extreme ) was robbed EVERYTHING! YES, EVERYTHING! He lost his clothes, deodorant, sleeping bag, EVERYTHING! Also some fucker stole the disk containing the info about visitors at the party. Damn thing. Later the file appeared to couple of boards but sysops deleted it immediately. Thanks to everyone for that! But we would like to have that file ourselves too!!!!!!!!!!!!! If someone's got it, please inform me at any board. There were good rumours afterwards. One said that 2 journalists from MikroBITTI magazine (Finland's biggest compumag) were thrown into jail, namely Jori Olkkonen (Yip of Pure Byte ) and Petri Teittinen (Baron Knightlore / 777-Team ). Also was told they had sprayed the jail. Baroni even wasn't at the party! And Jori wasn't thrown into jail. Arf arf. Another rumour told that booze-drinking went completely wild at party, but neither this wasn't true. Following persons had quite funny time too, names Proton Byterapers Q, Reward Scoopex , Ice Action , Python Byterapers . They suffered from hay fever, and it wasn't beautilful when they all were together. I wont care about telling about the compos, they were kept... Some weren't as we hadn't time for them. Conclusion: one big chaos the party was. Never again anything like it. Then, some personal talk. I heard some people thought I've become proud (noussut paahan) that I am the leader of the party. One couldn't be more wrong. I just can't understand people, who talk shit and can't understand what that work was about. Imagine youself, over 200 people to look after, running 25 hours around, no time to rest and all the time someone comes knocking 'hey grendel...!'. My nerves were from time to time almost breaking up. One moment I was ready to give up and go home, forget everything about the whole party. One moment more, and I would have broken - I escaped outside, away from the party, away from the people and stayed there. Lot of talking with Turtle and Proton, and I started to feel better, but still I wouldn't want to return. Well, they forced me back there and slowly I started to get up. Still, for long time I could do nothing and I had to lend a helping hand from friends. Big thanks to Lennu (again!), who kindly kept the graphics compo, as I still couldn't face the people. Time went, and the 64-compo had also to be kept. Then I was in some condition, so I could do something myself, and later I was almost myself. But I got to say in puclicy, that I WASN'T MYSELF there, especially during Saturday. Think about one thing, people came to parties to relax etc? Well, I had my first OWN TIME at SUNDAY MORNING 5.00!!!!! Before it I had to run everywhere, in many places at once, to keep thing up. I've never encountered such stress, not a single party I've been at has EVER been such chaos - and I've already been at over 15 (fifteen) parties. So I want to apologize everyone about my behaviour. Also I must note that I didn't become too proud about arranging tha party, but I HAD BIG JOB DOING THINGS THERE! I was busy all the time, and it really strained me. Next (B) party? No idea. maybe sometimes, but probably a small inner-meeting. Thank you for your cooperation, citizen. Praise The Computer! Grendel-B-ulp-7 , At Your Service.

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REPORT FROM 'MICRO & CO 91' made by Krom from Delight . with help of Postcard . This expo was held from 18th to 21th of October but I only went there on Saturday 19th, so did most of the french scene guys. Let's start with the beginning. My friend Postcard and me took the train and then underground to the expo place where we arrived at around 12.30 am. It was already crowded, but most of the guys were lamers who came to see the latest Nintendo games. We wlked around and watched some game previews. Then, the fated hour, on which we were supposed to meet all other members of Extreme. (no common point with the finnish neither the old dutch ones. When this crew was created, one year ago, we didn't know about them so...), arrived . They were all there and we had fun (eh, did you know that CLAWZ is gonna be interviewed in ICE ?). Then from 3 pm people from the french elite came. Were present, in order I saw them or they were seen : Silents Fr . (Performer, Audiomonster, Walt, NHP, The Surfer, Conquest) Rebels Fr (Scud, Rhod, DCA, Reflex, Anex) Labyrinth / Ex.Rebels & Quartex Daryl / Red Sector Delight (Nomo, Mr.Mixx) The Company (Foxy, Mr.Video) Skid Row members Alliance design of Quartex (Corto) Traitor / Ex.Alliance design And lots of others for which I have no place left, or I didn't see. As there were no Amiga (atleast no useable one. We found an AMIGA 500 +, on which only a third of the demos we had brought worked, that didn't make any sound. Quite nice.), people could only talk. Most of the guys formed little groups talking one to another. Not much fun as you see, expect when Postcard was surrounded by guys that were 30 cm taller than him. And then, the police fucked all up. Indeed, they had planned to bust every guy belonging to cracker groups. Between 4 and 6 pm, they caught Foxy/Company , Garp , most Skid Row members and even Shean/Extreme Fr . (althought we ain't a cracker group. He was arrested just because he had ²Flots of addresses and phonenumbers of scene guys . Nice from them, eh?). The french police wants to stop all cracking (and illegal trading) activity in France. I was said that the DST (it means Territory secret defense) is in charge of it but it's not sure. As a matter of fact, the french cracking scene is, for sure, gonna slow down. After all this nobody was left, they had all quickly gone. So we did too. At around 6 pm we went back to the subway and got our train with luck (we were just in that doors closed). I think the rest doesn't interest you. THE END !

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SIGMA - MINIPARTY REPORT! A ------------------------- Written by Zakka Aof Spaceballs A The party started on 19th of July. The whole meeting/party was inside thing, so we didn't expect any special guys to show up! It was about 17.00 o'clock when I and King (We both were in Prime ) arrived there, and groups who were already there were: Sigma (Suprise!) Exotic Men and Ex- Prime ! After everybody setled down, we beging checking some stuff, like Prime 's Pervo-Pack #2 (If you are Finnish, you MUST have both already!) what we released there. Nothing special happened in a while, just some chatted about Coding and stuff like that. After some hours, few guys called Snuffle/ Admirals SF and The Bull/? came there. But they left when they had copied all the stuff around (inside JOKE! ), they went to get their own amiga, so copying would be more powerfull. During that, some Cool guys like Ginky of Decept and some leaders of new group called Bacillus came up! They had their own amigas and Decept almost released one intro, but it (what they said)was too bugy at the moment, so they didn't release it there. In the night some guys drunk themselves really good, like Cotrain of Sigm , Ed-209 of Exotic Men (The ultimate gfx-artist!) and all the rest. Some guys were also watching movies, like Predator II ! The 'party-mood' was ok! In the saturday morning, Snuffle & Co. and Jose/ Sigm showed up and Ed-209 found him self sleeping in Toilet while enjoying his cool hangover, heh heh... The meeting ended in saturday night and almost everybody left home. Exotic Men and Prime were the only ones who released something : Exotic Men released their intro called Alcoholica and their new version of famous Virus Checker, and Prime released that Pervo-Pack #2!! At the end I must say, that it was fun to visit that kind of little party, so why don't everybody organize some little party's with their best friends in the scene? Just little ones, so there will be NO problems in organizing!!! : DZAKKA A / DSPACEBALLS A

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TREACL-PARTY-REPORT A ------------------- At 11 o'clock we, that are MIKE D, THYROXIN, DECCA, SIRE, STEARO and I (CRASH) started our journey from Hamburg to the TREACL-PARTY in Bremen-Germany. One hour later we arrived at the Bremer Main Station (Haupt-Bahnhof), after asking around how to get to Bremen-Vegesack we had to wait half an hour for the train to Vegesack, because we passed the train and Vegesack lies in the outskirt of Bremen. 15 minutes later we reached Vegesack, but from there we had to take a bus and so we need again 20 minutes until we arrived at the party place ! The party place was a big sports-hall, so there was enough room for everyone. The entrance fee was a bit high, you had to pay 20 DM at the party-cash, or 15 DM if you had informed TREACL that you would come, or you paid 10 DM in the pre-order-service. At 1 o'clock p.m. there were about 30-40 guys at the party, but during the afternoon the number of people grow up to 100 and in the evening there were about 150 people. Groups I saw were: ²NCOMPLEX, PRECISE, TSB, MEXX, EXORT, ADEPT, MODEL (old POSESSED), PIRATES, PARANOID, SCIENCE, UNIQUE, TIMEZONE and other groups. A guy of ²NPIRATES told me that ²NPIRATES is dead and two new groups were formed. Some guys of TIMEZONE tried to code a Mega-Demo, but they hadn't finish it. All the time TREACL played a lot of cool music ,like ACDC or the new CD of Cristian Huelsbeck with songs from Turrican and some other cool songs. During the morning more and more people went home so at 8 o'clock a.m only about 30-50 people were left !! Later at 10 o'clock 30 people were left and TREACL began with the competions and one and a half hour later they had the results !! The Demo-Competion was won by MEXX, the demo of PRECISE was disqua- lified, because some guys of TRACKERS . Chapman/ Trackers thought that the demo of ²FPRECISE is better than their demo and so they told lies about the demo of PRECISE . The Sound-Competion was won by a newcomer called THYROXIN of ²EPRECISE , LONESTAR of TRACKERS , who told all the time around that he will win the compe- tion made only the third place. The second place was made by a member of TSB. All in all it was a well organized party ! The prices for the competitions were high, the party-place was great, the possibilities to eat and drink something were good and very cheap, only the competitions were too late, they should be late in the evening, when there were many guys and not early in the morning, when all people had gone home !! And like on every German party there were the same problems, many famous groups and guys were missing, the stuff at the party was average, there were no at- traction like mega great screens, and there were to less people !! I will never understand why as example at the Prime-Party in Netherlands are as many or more german people as at a party in Germany ??!! I think if there wouldn't be any changes in the future there won't be any parties more in Ger- many !! Or would you go to a party if you know that there are only unknown groups or much less than 100 people ?? Then you have to go to party in another country and that costs you a lot of money, so think about it !! signed... Crash Aof Precise (E.D./ MD.) I think this party was all in all good party, the one and only thing I have to critisice is, that the entrace free was too high. Well, and there was another fact, why this party wasnt a cool party !! At the same time some groups decided to make another party, and so some guys will go to this, and some guys will go to that party. I think the german palz will never learn. Why dont you arrange a cool party with a lot of groups, and so a lot of people will come. Shame on you, when you arrange a party, only to show the people, that to your party will come more people as to other partys. On german partys are no good releases, I think, only some groups releases some intros or more or less good demos. Why cant we arrange it, that all groups releases a demo at a german party !! Why dont we arrange such partys like in Denmark, so many foreigners will come to this party in Germany. Will you loose a lot of money for a party in foreign countries, cause of the fact that in Germany is no good party !!! Think about it, maybe you can change it with some other cool groups, and so there will be a cool party in Germany ! D MIKE D./COMPLEX

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DEMO REVIEWS BY WORM and DADDY FREDDY of SPIRIT So, if you want your production to be reviewered in next MAGGY, just send it to: WORM/SPIRIT DADDY FREDDY/SPIRIT P.O BOX 25 KUORILANTIE 217 28360 PORI 29310 KAASMARKKU FINLAND FINLAND PS.Don`t kill us if we didn`t like your prod. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LAST DEMO by SILENTS FRANCE Again a new demo from SILENTS FR . Again nice coding,gfx and music? Answer is yes. This is just a nice demo with vectors, beautiful gfx and cool music. I just don`t have anything more to say about this demo(except this is the last demo from TSL FR because they joined ANARCHY !!!) Coding: PERFORMER Gfx:ZOOM,FACET Music:BKH-NHP Code: 75% Gfx: 79% Music: 81% Overall: 76% ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO by SONIC This newest intro by SONIC has nothing special.The main part consists just vector bob stars flying around and a writer.Later you can see some light sourced vectors (yeah!).So, nothing special.The first piccy is quite ugly but other gfx are nice. Coding: DEFLECTOR Gfx:OXYGEN,MURK Music:STARGAZER/TSB Code: 55% Gfx: 53% Music: 68% Overall: 56% ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BLUE HOUSE 2 by REBELS Long time ago ALT released BLUE HOUSE demo for SILENTS .It was nice demo on those days.Later he joined to REBELS and now he release second blue house demo. He try to make this demo enjoyable without vectors!!! First look of this demo is quite nice with smooth graphics and nice music.The main part consists of a picture of BLUE HOUSE (i think) and writer.Some part has quite nice copper effects.This demo has some new and nice routines like the writer in credits part. BLUE HOUSE 2 proovs, that you can make interesting demo without vectors!! Coding: ALTA Gfx: VIC,HANSIE,PUCKO of VOICE,HAVOK Music:TIP and MANTRONIX Code: 70% Gfx: 75% Music: 73% Overall: 72% ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WENTRO by COMPLEX Again new serie of those dentros,quntros,mentros,mintros has born.And it`s called WENTRO (weekend intro).Hmm, let`s see... Yes, quite nice little intro with a big glenz ball(256 surfaces),writer,pretty cool graphics and music(and of course a scroller).So nothing new but quite good job anyway. Coding: GURU Gfx: STRATOS Music: STRATOS Code: 75% Gfx: 77% Music: 74% Overall: 76% ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRACKMO by DUAL CREW Okay, let`s look this new demo by finish guys of DUAL CREW . The main part features a new vector writer.In this demo you see quite many parts. The only bad thing in this demo is, that you have to press mouse button to exit some of parts.They haven`t automatic part-switcher.Usually good cracker and trainer groups can`t make nice demos.But this demo proovs, that DUAL CREW , known of their trainers can also make nice demos. Some dot balls,vectored fractals, glenz vectors, realtime moving fractal landscape and much more in one disk.Some negative things are lack of colours and that non- automatic switcher in some parts but overall this demo is pretty good work. Coding: AXIS Gfx:CROWD,MUTANT Music: TYRELL Code: 73% Gfx: 76% Music: 73% Overall: 75% ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEEING IS BELIEVING by ANARCHY Yeeah, a trackdisk demo again!!! Nice loading picture..Yes, new demo from ANARCHY ! Hmm, coded by DAN , then can we wait something great. Cool graphics, pretty music and good coding. At first a new idea... spacetrip with in a glenz vector.Next routine handle two circles, after that again two circles but now with lightsource. This demo has much vectors, but personally i like them. Also some usual routines like a big lightsourced vector are shown.So, again a nice demo from ANARCHY .If you don`t have this already, get copy of this!! Coding: DAN Gfx:FACET,DAN,IGOR Music: NUKE Code: 80% Gfx: 78% Music: 82% Overall: 80% ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This time best demo was SEEING IS BELIEVING by ANARCHY . Second place went to Ex.SILENTS FR (now ANARCHY FR.) for their last demo. Third was COMPLEX with their WENTRO , fourth was DUAL CREW , fifth REBELS and last SONIC . We did this review at one evening, so we are sorry about language errors and lame reviews, but next time better ones. Signed: WORM and DADDY FREDDY of SPIRIT

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NEWCOMERS: THE ANSWER by Krom/Delight I wrote this article as an answer to ²EGrendel/Byterapers article in the tenth issue of the fantastic MAGGY (and because i had promised articles to Mic Dair) You seem to think that newcomers are lamers (even worse for 12-15 years old ones). So I can tell you that ²FI AM A LAMER !! and proud of it ! isn't my fault if I only was born on 23/06/1976 (so now you know the date on which you have to send presents, guys) I'm still in the 12-15 phase. But what to do ! maybe I should wait a few years, till I'm older, so that I can say I've had my computer for many years and make bad articles of newcomers. How old were you when you got into the 64 scene ?, not much I presume (or you would now be very old). I agree that you you were a "²Fbig , fast swapper ", now try to be a bit less arregant, and try to respect a bit more the ones you think should respect you. Are we a disease !, I don't think so. Of course there are some lamers like the SONIC guy (and me) but i'm sure there were many of them in the "good old days" too, am I wrong ? The question "Where are your demos ?" is for sure some kind of lame, but i'm sure lots of lamers think the same way (not me for this one). If they haven't ever seen any productions from you (and even if they see an old one, they won't find anything special of it), and if you stay unproductive, what do you want them think of you. About the fact that Hoffi didn't get free entrance, I completely agree with the Sonic guys who didn't let him in (except if they did so for other Persons) Who the hell is he to think he could got free entrance just because he wanted to ?, He's been in the scene for longer than me ? yes, and what ? He just had the luck to get his computer before i did, that's just a question of money. He has donr more than I will evr do. Maybe I could have done this if I had got my computer earlier. Id like to say that too, in my point of view, nobody should get free entrance to a party just because of his name, except the president (not the french one, but maybe others deserve that). This article is not especially destinated to ²EGrendel (even less to Hoffi), but to all the old scene guys who claim laudly that today's scene is lame and that it was a lot better few years ago. We newcomers don't have any choise, and have to take it the way it is. I personally think that it isn't that bad (maybe that's because I haven't seen any other). Now back to ²EGrendel , you are the only one who deserves to be leader of ²EByte- rapers , you worked hard for it, but do you think that your group has to sink when you become lazy and then rise again, just like now (I loved the super cow megademo), just because you like it ?, wouldn't you like your group being always at the top ?. Seems that I don't have anything more to say, so now I'll go fishing. What to do !. Krom/Delight ps. If you feel this article as an offence, it was not meant to be one. Maybe you could answer by writing an article to Maggy, or even write to me (my address should be somewhere around this mag) so that you can insult me more directly).

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NEWCOMERS II - THE REVENGE OF OLD FART My article about NEWCOMERS in last Maggy has got a good response, which is real good. Finally a article that makes some discussion about some things, usually articles are just read and then forgotten. I still say, that newcomers are a disease . HA! That got you attention, didn't it? oOOkay, no offense. I didn't mean it. Naturally, if there wouldn't be any newcomers one day our scene would wither and die away, when all other people leave it to other machines or to real life. But HEY, STILL, there are a lot of bad points. Let's look at a few. Surprisingly, most newcomers take the scene dead seriously. They don't understand joking, and even get angry if something doesn't agree with them. Of course, this isn't valid for all - but for many it is. They don't understand their own mistakes, and only complain about others (isi, tuon silmassa on tikku kun omassa on tukki, Raamattu pelaa). Many newcomers also get too proud of themselves. There always is people, who are very talented. Unfortunately, when their talents are discovered they get very, very selfish. Some people learn, and start behaving well. Some never learn. Too many people are taking this whole thing TOO SERIOUSLY ! Take it easy, relax, have fun! That how I take this. I have no intention to start making wars with others, and I don't abuse people for nothing. BUT I talk my mouth clear. I don't hide my opinions, and don't talk shit behind other people's back. Some people can't stand this. There is too much people coming to Amiga scene today. It's growing fast, too fast too big. Already it's impossible to know more than just couple of guys. There's just too much of them. That was one better thing in the OLD SCENE . There wasn't so much people, all knew each other. That's something I would like to get back. Also the public opinions have tightened, with unbelievable way. For example the multi-group-membership has almost completely faded away. Today people say 'no-one has ever done it and we wont either'. WRONG. In the old scene it was usual, many guys were in many groups. For example MIY/ Wizzcat has been a multi-member. At 87-88 he was both a Byterapers/Digitize Design Group member. Later he then was DDG/Finnish Gold member . I personally have been a Byterapers / Zados Fan Group member. And there's much more of them. But today's scene-spirit is like INQUISITION . Many good things have faded away, are forbidden. The old scene Friendship is mostly gone, today it's more 'thanx for the stuff, send soon' style. Also I can't understand this strange opinions about one's productions. They must be so perfect, so beautil, so perfectly shaded. So cloned. Originality is always called, but what's the response? All that originality is only accepted at coding-ideas. Oh cool, it's so cool when Spreadpoint makes faces at cubes. Cool. But that's not what I think as originality. I give another example. You may have seen da small intro by us, so brilliantly called 'Super Cow MegaDemo-intro'. We made because we had those great ascii-cows, and wasted to release them. There was nothing else in it, we just loved those cows. Unfortunately we hadn't enough time to CODE it, JTP was visiting me for a short time before leaving for army, so we couldn't include any vectors etc. If there had been 3 days more, you'd have seen CODE in it too. But as it is, only thing it exists are those cows. And then started coming comments: lot of people only looked at graphs and code = THAT'S LAME! The Byterapers quality has gone REAL LOW! POOR! LAMELAME! Those idiot's couldn't understand what was the important thing in it, and it was: HAVE FUN! There is nothing more important in this damn scene than having fun (and friendship). OOOkkay. So those non-imaginative idiots were unable to cope with that fact, that someone could release something that didn't include any fast vectors or coding. Instead, it included cool ascii-cows. Many people luckily understood what was behind the intro, laughed at the cows and other jokes in the text. So it wasn't wasted effort, but anyway I got very bad feeling for some time. So, how it this world to be? People with no sense of humour? Where are those funny people, that MUST lurk somewhere? Hoohoo, any funny people there? Tell me you are there, ok? Newcomers don't understand what was good in old scene. Why we veterans are talking all the time about it? BECAUSE IT WAS BETTER ! You should have lived it. Veterans are considered people, who are known for being in scene at 88. We are few, but we are PROUD. Of course you can think what you want about me, about us. One thing is certain: ²NWANHA EI VAISTY. WANHA SAA VIELAKIN LAMERIN PIEREMAAN VAALEANPUNAISIA MAKSAPALLEROIT ( (c) Vyvyan T.U.M.B. ) This PROUDNESS does not mean we are putting ourselves to position of Gods. No! If you think us as a bunch of old, stupid senile idiots - you may be right! But that's our problem, at least I am mostly satisfied with myself. I'm not God, never been one. Neither I am perfect, far away from it. The only thing at us is that we just entered scene earlier than most of you, who are reading this. We did quite a job in those early days for Finnish computer scene, and it's nothing that should be ashamed of, is it? It was good time for us, young and fresh. During these years we've seen the scene changing, while we have not. Ok, so we are just a bunch of stone-age clubbers. Thanks, you are right. Anyway we today see those old days as good days. Also we've run quite out of energy, but that should not disturb you. At least it means we aren't rolling at your feet all the time. So, all you people there. Forgive us veterans for being ourselves. We are just a harmless bunch of old-timers, who have long experience in computers and boozing. Nothing serious at that, really. We keep, or try to keep, common sense of belonging, and that's something others can't share. We WERE there, at THAT time, far in past. You weren't, that's the big difference. But really, we are quite kind folk. You may easily find it out, by dialing someone. uff, that doesn't apply to everyone, for example DDT Accession likes to eat beginners as breakfast. Vyvyan might just make some funny things to you, but nothing serious. Hummeli hummeli. I try to throw a small list of existing veterans: Me, naturally (unfortunately, some may think.) Python/Kasper/JTP Byterapers (Python is the YOUNGEST of Finnish veterans, hehe... Yes, Really! He was in (B) at 88 already!) Moku/DDT/Vyvyan/Monster/Communist/TWS Accession Hoffi/Scy Bloodsuckers Zados/Irwin Damones Zebra/Reward Scoopex Digitize Design Group members, though they can't be found today Icebreaker/Gryzor/Axa X-Men Yip/Stubucrash & other Pure-Byte members (first FAMOUS Finnish group ever) Baron Knightlore (yup him, even he isn't in scene anymore) Finnish Gold members (Rock, FCS, Evil, Gallstone) (disappeared at 89 but still there I think) Hazor Beyond Force Jugi/Mic Dair/Proton Complex Amigaman Wizzcat Humm. naturally there is more people, who can prove they were already at scene during 88... But at least one kind of list this is. Ookay. See you in next Maggy . Thank you for your cooperation, citizen. Trust The Computer. Computer is your friend. Grendel-B-Ulp-7 .

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GREETINGS - WHAT'S THEM FOR? A In almost every demo ,intro or other product what can be imagined, you can see so-called ' greetings '. In other words, some person or group is greeting some other person or group. It is nice, because that is one way to improve '²Efriedship '. But, big BUT, the ' greeting '-lists are usually kind of '²Fcool-groups '-lists. If you see what I mean... The guy who are greeting someone, usually just greets the group. And that's what I don't consider very nice or reasonable. Because if you, for example, are swapping with somebody, it is usually a person, not a group. And so it would be nicer to greet the person. One reason to that ' group-greeting²' I see is some kind of status-thing. You have to show other people how " cool " contacts you have. And there are swappers who only get contacts to get more groups to their lists. And, if I am somewhere allowed to use the word ' lame ' (which I hate!), it is here, pointing to that previous '²Fcool-groups '-list. In common, there are also usual misunderstanding about ' being a good swapper '. Some fellows thing that if you are not in famous group, you can't be good swapper or reliable contact. And now there steps out again the ' status '. " Elite " swappers are not allowed to swap with ' not-so-elite ' swappers, because they could lose their reputation in other " elite " team's and guy's minds... Well, I can't change the situation, but if You are enough sensible to notice that, you could do something for 'better tomorrow'... To the end I want to send ²Ngreetings to these pals : Saracen of Ataribusters : Let's keep the 'envelopes' big! ET of DDG : Eipa! 1-Hag of Hardline : Waiting for the Sun...! Juzzi of Perfect Illusion : We'll meet in school... Catman of Whiskeycat : We'll also meet in school... argh! In my mind there's lots of things about this matter, but I try to keep this article short that everybody could read it. Because this is important! - DAX the Alien A\ DProBe A -

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F I N N I S H U P L O A D E R C H A R T A -=================================================================- Released : 16th of Jan '92 -=================================================================- * TOP UPLOADERS * # Name Group Bytes -==============================================================- 1 . ( 1 ) Eddie & Ice Agile 754.318kb 2 . ( 5 ) Target Accession 507.556kb 3 . ( 3 ) Polarbear Dual Crew 460.573kb 4 . ( 2 ) BloodStone Dead 452.817kb 5 . ( 6 ) Catman WizzCat 328.087kb 6 . ( 15 ) Hose Dual Crew 278.152kb 7 . ( 9 ) EQU Anodyne 231.319kb 8 . ( 10 ) Spock TBB / TRSI 230.590kb 9 . ( 16 ) Palex & Axu Accession 207.450kb 10 . ( 7 ) Python Byterapers 201.113kb 11 . ( 8 ) Jarnis/Image Image 187.684kb 12 . ( 12 ) Scum Bag DEAD 186.306kb 13 . ( 13 ) Dope Cave 185.464kb 14 . ( -- ) Repetiar Halogen 162.893kb 15 . ( 18 ) Der HM Complex 160.318kb -==============================================================- * BEST GROUPS * Group Bytes Uploaders -==========================================- 1 . Dual Crew 1035.240kb (6) 2 . Accession 767.423kb (4) 3 . Agile 754.318kb (1) 4 . TRSI 640.789kb (2) 5 . WizzCat 328.087kb (1) -==========================================- * DzEbRa A/ DSCX A& DJHL A/ DTbb-TRSI A *

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JUSTIFYING STOLEN DATA'S "THE SCENE THAT WAS" By Judge Drokk of ANARCHY This is written as an " Open Letter " in reply to the article in issue six of LSD's Grapevine entitled "Was that realy the scene?". Firstly I would like to make it quite clear that I have no less respect for for Parasite for writing the article, or to Grapevine or LSD in general and have no grievencies about the article whatsoever. If I am prepared to write what may appear to some as being "contrevercial matierial" than I should also be prepared to answer any critisisms that may uprise from it. Someone who cannon justify his own words should not make tham in the first place should he? Before I begin I would like to make clear a couple of facts about the Flashback section, firstly the Flashback is made in realtime, this means that I write it when I receive the news, and slowly builds up, snippet by snippet, line by line over a period of 2 to 3 months. Secondly the Flashback is an openly admitted " Tongue in cheek " and "Fun" look back at the scene, these two phrases mean that it is not "Serious". Certain things are made "larger than life" not always by me, but usualy by the people who supply the news items that go together to make the final page. The reason I have made theses two points very clear will become apparent when you read the rest of this article. So without further delay... " The Hulmerist (of Slipstream) joined Equinox too, obviously Slipstream wasn't enough to satisfy him (do they satisfy anyone?)." I received the this news directly from The Hulmerist himself, he told me his reasons for joining another group, which were that Slipstream were inactive and "didnt have its act together". Shortly after joining Equinoxe he left Slipstream, making it his only group. At this time they also lost some other members, and were responsible for an unprovoked attack on Anarchy in their trainer of Zarathrusta, where they made the bold statement " Do you know that Dan resources all Andi's code and that Mediator buy all his source from Andi? " This "out of the blue" slander came shortly after the release and popularity of Madness II and System Violation. During this time Slipstream had released nothing for many months and had nothing on the horizon, so it seemed that they made this accusation to capture some light for themselves during theie low spot, this hardly helps the scene and is just what the U.K scene can do with out. This is all water under the bridge now Slipstream has changed since and as such are a better group for it. "The once respectable Ipec Elite slipped further into oblivion when they went into cooperation with no-hope lamer group "Relay"." I thought this was a valid statement at the time, Ipec Elite used to be a powerful international group that would never have formed a cooperation with a small mostly unheard of group. Ipec Died (for whatever reason) shortly afterwords. This is one instance where I would like to clarify that Flashback is built over a long period of time. At the end of this time (Eg. the release of Stolen Data) some groups my have changed, this is true in this case. Relay has improved, but this does that mean that I should go back through the topics of the prevoius three months and change what were THEN facts. Your right Parasite, Relay are doing some nice stuff but they wern't then, Which is when I wrote wrote what I did. " Dual Crew gained an English member called "Red Devil", he used to be a member of Pendle Europa (English guys will find this funny)." Correct me if I'm wrong but surely Pendle Europa not being able to hold onto someone that is above gutter lever is funny? You seemed to think that this statment was an insult to Red Devil. It wasn't. Its like saying "Azatoth tried to get into Pendle Europa but they wouldnt let him in", then he joined Phenomena and made the current No.1 Mega Demo. People (and Azatoth himself) would look back and laugh and say "What a laugh! And to think I tried to join Pendle Europa!" I'm sure that when Red Devil looks back he laughs too, laughs at the past and what has developed since. Laughs about the fact theat he joined Pendle and that as soon he realised what Pendle was and what he was he escaped them forthwith. Having seen the video made by Eclypse of the Digital I know that Parasite find's Pendle Europa a source of amusment too. " Crack UK had their application to join "Unity" ( the UK friendship movement ) Turned down." It was explained that Unity had no connection with the "Friendship", but this was after this statment had been written, and at that time "the UK friendship movenment" was the easiest way to describe what Unity was, rather than to go into great detail, describing Unity as a "UK Friendship movement" instantly told the reader the type of outfit it was. " Empty was kicked from Anthrox, but told his contacts he had left of his own accord." I wasnt being biased towards one persons story here in case anyone is thinking that. I was asked by a member of Anthrox two weeks before Empty was kicked if I swapped with him, and how often he replied to me. I didnt give these questions any afterthought until a few days later when I spoke to Mystik. He had been talking to Mungo/Anthrox who had told him that they were going to throw out Empty. I then realised why they had been asking questions about him several days earlier. Shortly after this I received a letter from Empty in which he said he had left Anthrox, and was looking for another group. " Birdy (Ex.Ipec Elite) became Bod of Digital, a different name but still as lame." Lameness can take many forms, in this case it comes from spreading a preview of a demo by a coder who at that time had just joined Anarchy (Critical Mass). The preview in question was not for the public eye, and contained many original idea's and effects not to mention many hours of hard coding, totaly shot up shit creek by this guys total stupidity and amazing capability to annoy. Calling this guy "lame" was an extreme injustice. Its the scene that misses out due to people like this. " LSD left UNITY (the UK Friendship Movement)" I read in the scroller of an LSD compact "LSD are no longer mambers of Unity", so I wrote what any normal person would. " Flash Production UK split up, Paradroid and Magic Mushroom tried to get into every group in England and failed, so Flash UK was brought back to life." This was written after Paradroid asked if they could join Anarchy, I mentioned to some guy (who shall remain namless) that they had asked to join us, he gave me the information that they had also tried to join many other groups apart from us but had been turned down. I didnt lie when I wrote this news, if it is incorrect then it is the fault of the guy who supplied it to me. " LSD's Grapevine was released at the beginging of September with a "UK only" chart, which proved to be not a true representation of the Quality of English groups but just how low people can go to get a vote. The chart was originaly set up as a "Unity" chart, (Unity being the now defunct UK Friendship movement) and the entire chart was covered with Unity (when the chart was released ..Ex Unity) members. Best group LSD!, Wow look!!, Were No.1!! But dont they run the chart? Who's was the Best BBS? The Best Musician? and who got into the top three of every other catagory too? Yep LSD! NO!, I'm not claiming "FIX!" all I'm saying is that if you you thought that the Eurochart was irrespective of accending order of talent, you should read this... Its a right pile of fucking shite!!" As I made very clear in the above text I was NOT claiming fix, point I was making was that was that the outcome of the chart was not a representation of the accending order of talent in the UK scene, but more of a "Mirage", caused by the inabilaty of voters to think about what they are being asked rather than just voting for there "mates". The votesheetes were spread by one set of guys and LSD published the chart. Both of which made high entries in all catagories, This is a fact, but it is the fault of the voters not the publishers. So LSD didnt collect the votes or count them but they were the publishers of the chart and were known by every one to be so, so to the voter it made no difference. By they way, how did you feel about including the vote collectors in the chart? Wouldnt excluding these have been the same as excluding yourselves now? Almost everybody puts themselves in their first chart though, we did it, even the Crusaders did it once. Now you dont, for whatever reason, weather your counting the votes of not, neither do we, and the Crusaders stopped too. No problemo! The reason we started to make the Stolen Data chart an Anarchy-only opinionated chart was quite simple (and does not make it a "load of fucking shite"... just different!) There are lots of charts, all voted for by lots of people, all different, and then theres the Eurochart, which is unquestionably the biggest and most voted for. We thought it would be an interesting idea to made the Stolen Data chart OUR opinion. If people want to vote for a chart, then there are plenty to do that in and if they want to see the Stolen Data teams chart then they look in Stolen Data. Variety is the spice of life and in this tradition we thought we'd add a little and make the Stolen Data chart that bit different. This also prevents people from accusing you of fixing a chart, because undoutably it IS! One big fix! We fixed every name on every catagory! (He He!) Anyway, thays my justification of what I wrote in the Flashback section of Stolen Data #7. Wether you think I wrote things I shouldnt have done is up to you, if anyone else has ANY opinion on this (negative or possitive) I would be most happy to hear it. Although I'm afraid I cant promise a reply on this grand scale! By the way, if this had been printed in stolen data it would have only covered 1.86 pages! An interesting fact!..... Judge Drokk!

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HOW TO BE COMPLETELY LEGAL? A Written by Obligator of Admirals Many Amiga users say that they do not have any illegal stuff. And that they are completely legal. When somebody says this to me, I am almost sure that Bit is not true A. Ofcos it can be true but..... Ok. Let me explain to you some facts. Some months ago i decided to be a legal swapper. I stopped swapping games and other illegal softwares. I told to my contacts that they do not send any games to me. I realized that it is really easy to be a legal swapper. But when you try to be completely legal( Bmeans that you do not have any illegal softwares in your home! A), you will soon notice that it is almost impossible. Atleast if you are a swapper. The first step to do is that you will have to erase all your game disks . Easy, you may think. The second step is that you will have to erase your other illegal programs like Lattice C, Amos, Deluxepaint etc ... No problems, or what? If you really need some of these proggys you can by originals, and it is ofcos legal... Then you take your look at your utility collections: and what will you find? Yeah! Ofcourse these utility collections includes much illegal stuff like Asmone 1.2, X copy 3.4 professional, CED 2.0 etc.. At this point you will probably give up. But if you do not give up then you must erase these utility collys. And you will notice that there is illegal stuff in almost all utility collys. Then you check all your disks and erase all your illegal stuff. So... now you are really legal!!! or... Some days past and you again get some utility collys from your contacts. These collys ofcos consist again some illegal crap. So, you only have to inform to your contacts that they send only demos and some other completely legal stuff. You will also have to say to your contacts, that they will not send utility collections to you anymore. Again some weeks passes and you will notice that your contacts do not send any illegal stuff to you any more. And you really do not have any illegal stuff!!! Ok. Now you are really completely legal, or what!? Ofcos you are a very good swapper and you make democollys almost every week. Yeah! And this is ofcos legal, you say! Wrong!!!! This is also illegal! When you make your democollys you must use some Cli-commands like type. And when you use these cli-commands (like type), you must have licence from Commodore ( Bit is true! A). otherwise if you use these commands without licence it is illegal (again)... Now you probably understand why i say that it is almost impossible to be completely legal. I also tried to be legal, but i had to give up. I am still so called '²Nlegal swapper²'. Perhaps you now think that why you must be legal. So. I really want to read your opinition about this topic. And if you wanna swap legal stuff with me, you will find my addy in the advertisement section. DOBLIGATOR / ADMIRALS

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ZADOS IS STILL ALIVE AND NEVER FORGOTTEN Here I am. Alive. I was eleven months in the army and over a month I've been free as a bird. I almost lost my mental stability, but survived, bcos my girlie left me fortunately. I am so glad of it. Freedom is now the most import- ant thing to me. No problems! Back to the business. Not so succeed, but I really tried. I don't care if I am not so welcome anymore, but still I try to hang on. The scene has chang ed as I expected. Lots of guys aged under 15 dominate the scene or try to think they do. There's under 30 old farts left in the scene in Finland and I think it is amazing. I've been in STACK , in X-MEN , in X-BEAT and now in DAMONES . Why do the groups die?! As always when the spirit dies, so do the group. There is only a couple of groups older than 3 years like: Byterapers and Accession . Bloodsuck ers stumbles, but also still alive. The Leader of the group is its heart. Grend el have lead Byterapers for 4 years. The group have had its best and worst mom- ents, but still kicking in the nuts. Hats off to Grendel (Helluva Job). I have met lots of friends during these 4 years and most of them I have lost. The dearest ones are still around me and they are all I need. So helluvas to: Vyvyan and monster of (A) , Grendel of (B) and Mic Dair of (C) .. Serious tra ding?? No way! I wasted two years of my life to it and afterwards I have regret ted, but life is life and I am gonna enjoy of every little moment that comes in the future. More sex and less booze or vice versa. It's my party, or what Irata I heard that Irata has/had something against me while ago. Something ab out RSI -party in DK last summer. I hope it's not so serious that we could not be friends, is it?! (argh! I'm gonna kill that finnish pig) Well, I got go to sleep cos time is 1:25 am and have to wake up 6:00 am. Yo, you only must wait for our ²NDAMONES products and get hard on. Cum on me, freaks! Zados of Damones A in 1991

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THREE GUYS FROM OLDENBURG AND A CAR ON SATURDAYNIGHT A by Rokdacone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (This story is not written to offend anybody (e.g Manta- kadett-drivers, people living in rural areas or smaller villages, ... i just tried to reflect our feelings, we had that particular moment. So, please: D O N O T TAKE IT TOO SERIOUSLY, FOLKS!!!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to a true story that really happened to me (Rokdazone/???), Bomber/ Scoopex and Pinny/Anarchy). As you maybe know OLDENBURG is a mid-seized city in the north of Germany and more important it is our hometown!!! Well, one day when Pinny and me were standing in front of our school (BBS 1) while the break and i was complaining about the poor party-conditions in Oldenburg (I mean : few clubs, discos...) and suddenly he spoke to me (No, not God but Pinny, you fool!) and he said: 'Why dont ya come with us? Bomber and me are going to drive to a disco in Zetel'. 'Well, ' I said (what else should i say?) ' Why not? By the way that will be a good opportunity to meet Bomber at last.' Explanation: We all three were together in a group called Amaze, but I never met Bomber before!!! Strange.. Then on a beautiful (?) saturday-evening ('Samstachahmnd' fuer die Oldenburger unter uns) The magic day had come...We said that they should come to my house at 10 p.m. ... ... ... (wait) ... ... (double wait)...9.50 p.m. : THE TELEPHONE! (really dramatically, eh?). I traired down the steps, phoned to our walk (this is definitly supposed to be funny. Ha ha ha) took it and then.... A V O I C E ! ! ! 'Hi, here is Bomber speaking. We will come at 10 p.m. ' - 'Ah, yes... I started my reply but the only further sound I heard was: >>> CLICK <<<..>>>tuut<<<< >>>tuut<<< >>>tuut<<< and so on... I Started to think about if it maybe was a secret code and what he could have meant but I only found one possible answer : They wanted to come at 10 p.m. And - believe or not - I was RIGHT!!! they came at 10 p.m... I opened the door and guess who it was? My old folk Pinny and an even older folk of mine... BOMBER (who I knew from my former school - without knowing about his pseudo- nym...stupid.) His first words: 'Ooops, I know you. From my former school (as I said before) and from SLIMER. ' (Who is a neightbour and an old friend of mine (today known as JAXX/FLASH PRODUCTIONS)). After this strange 'first meeting' we went intro Pinnys car: a bit fat 'BMW', (The only answer to my question about its need of fuel was: 'Too much'.) and off we go to boldly see what no man ever saw before (Hmm...). And soon we reached our first goal: THE GASOLINE STATION !!! We all spent 5 bucks - Pinny had to borrow money from Bomber - and we started our way to Zetel (a REAL small town in 40 km distance from Oldenburg). The car was really cool, I sat in the back of it between a huge mass of disks that Pinny left inside. He turned on the radio and pumped up the volume to da max. level. i sat there realising Bomber was talking to me without understanding even a single word, because da stereospeaker-system behind me, blasting clouds of noise into my poor little brain. I have to admitt, the radio was very good, because of da music it was playing (?). I wondered why those folx in da front had so much problems with da map and finding the right way ('We have to take the second road on the left. No, stop it! The first on the right...or what?') and then it came like thunder over our heads. It began to rain!!! Well, nothing special you may say, but it was extremely raining - we were not able to see anything!!! And Pinny still drove 120 km/h. I asked him what we had learned about aquaplaning... He grinned!!! Then Bomber supposed, Pinny could open the window and drive with his head out of it, because there was nothing to see but rain through the front window, while I prepared myself for the big CRASH by singing ' AVE MARI ' but finally Pinny heared a voice from above and used the brakes to slow dom to 80 km/h. Finally the weather got better and Bomber found the right way to get to our destiny - Zetel. Real neat town...and what was the first thing we did? Right, we lost our way, drove throught the town, out of it, changed direction back to it and really did not know where to go. After about 10 min. Bomber had the idea (oooh!): 'Why not ask those guys over there?' (Aaah!) We turned our heads and...HE WAS RIGHT, there were some interesting exemplars of the human species living in rural areas - and what a luck. A male and a female one! Bomber decoyed the male one to our car by imitating their rutting cry, therefor he put tho fingers between his lips and created a loud and yelling noise. Then he asked if 'it' could tell us da way to da ' HIGHLIGHT ' (that was da name of da disco we searched for) and 'it' replied: 'Yes, i could.'...wait...Bomber (with a lovely smile): 'And would you tell us da way, please?' 'It' (with a stupid look) :'Yes, i would.' Bomber (loosing his smile) :'Then say it!!!' 'It' (with consternation) :'Eh, left. Eh, right. Right, eh, left, and then there is a sign and it is blinking.' OH LORD!!! After this detailed answer the 'man from the north' went away and Bomber begged that he was a MANTA-FAHRER (I hope you all know about this kinda joke). Pinny started the motor, but before we ere outta sight e were able to see the car 'it' went to. Guess, not a Manta but a... TUNED OPED KADETT WITH SPOILER AND A BIG KENWOOD -BUTTON TO THE BACK WINDOW HUARR HUARR HUARR!!! After some rolling laughters we looked up and guess it... lost our way!!! After 10 further minutes we found a parking place and - surprise, surprise - it was the one behind the HIGHLIGHT . ... But there was something missing. There was none, not a single person, no car -nothing!!! Pinny got outta da car to go to da entrance and look whats up, while me and Bomber still jiggled about our young friend and his KADETT. Few minutes later Pinny came back :'Yo, there are only two things : A sign and a biig angry dog. The sign says, the HIGHLIGHT is closed, because of an event in VECHTA and the dog says '^3KILL^1'...' And because of we do not like dogs that say 'kill', we decided to do something else - but then there was still one problem left: WHAT DA HELL SHALL WE DO IN A TOWN LIE ZETEL 40 KM FROM OLDENBURG, LOST IN A DAMNED LANDSCAPE WITH STUPID KADETT-DRIVERS AND CLOSED DISCOS??? After further 10 minutes I remembered that there was event in OLDENBURG, my old friend and schoolmate Higgie/Kraze told me about... A REGGAE, HIPHOP AND HOUSEPARTY and the best thing... FOR FREE!!! So we arrived at the conclusion that it would be the best to drive back. And of we go boldly see-and so on. Back on the highway the troubles about the direction continued and i demanted to see the map. Bomber gave it to me and some tears appeared to my eyes... The map was release in the year 1978!!! I mean : All those new highway and other streets were missing on that map...Professonality is our destiny!!! Finally we made our way back and arrived the 'Gasthaus zur gruenen linde' - or something like that (well...). After Pinny parked his car in a small parking bay (he only needed 4 tries), we ent into the club... None of us was able to say a single word: The 'Party' took place in a huge room 'filled' with 4 persons and my totally frustrated friend Higgie. From somewhere came italo-house from BLACK BOX out of a terrible mixed soundsystem. Some balloons sere hanging under the ceiling and some old lamps - that looked like workers forgot them here - wehe shining on this sad scenery...Ok, again shit - wrong place, wrong time... We stepped outside and Bomber and me argued about what to do now, while Pinny had a little chat with Higgie. After a while Pinny came over to us and... B >>> S P L A S H <<< ...stepped into a little hole in the ground filled with water. Bomber and me started laughing our heads off while Pinny cried that his shoe is full of water and we shall stop laughing and everything is fucking and and and...After we managed to stop laughing and Pinnys mood got better, we got back to our car. Ten minutes later I suppsed to drive to a club called ' EDE WOLF ' in a few km distance and after 5 further minutes we decided to do so, and drove to... THE GASOLINE STATION ...(What did I say about the waste of fuel?). After several tries Pinny found the right kinda fuel and we all had to pay some more money - Pinny had to borrow it from me - adn while he payed the fuel, we tried to find out who owes what money to whom and why, because of our confusing paying system ('you gave 10 Dm to me and he 2Dm back to you and payed 5 Dm, again : I payed 10 Dm. No, fuck! YOU payed 2 Dm. While me....aaargh!') After solving this real interlectual problem we made our way to da club. We had to drove throught our city and that caused some problems... Just at the moment, we were standing at a big crossing and Pinny to continue our trip, the car broke down. Pinny restarted it, we drove two metres and again it broke down - behind us stood a huge bus and the conductor did now seem to have much patience - Pinny got nervous and restarted again. Break down. Now we were able to see Pinny in panic, he mumbled something like : 'It is the goddamned motor, not me...'. While Bomber made some stupid remarks and tried to hide myself between the back and front seats, because of all da people laughing at us...but finally Pinny was able to convince the car to move on and so we did. (btw: at this moment my watch showed 00.15 a.m.) Finally (after one more break-down of da car) we found the club in a small neighbouring village called METJENDORF, Pinny managed to park his 'tank' without damaging any further cars and just three tries in a small parking bay. As we stood outside the club is seemed to be a little small, but then we went in we found ourselves in a mid-seized disco and - HEY ! Good music, a big variation of different drinks and some real nice girlies...But first of all we decided to take a coool beer (and Pinny a coool COKE , he he) and I have to say JEVER is really the best beew on earth (besides GUINESS and TSING TAO ) and while drinking (Bomber made a joke out of exchanging our beers and then asking me if I like JEVER, while i was drinking his CannaeRememberDaGoddamName -beer and laughing at me when saying 'I really love it. Cannae imagine how you are able to drink such a fucking coloured water!!! (yes, real funny - i know...) Uh, I lost my point...were is it...>>> . <<< Ah, yes. Dats better ...and while drinking, an old 'folk' of mine came across - You know those guys talking to you without saying anything but getting on your nerves, dont you? Well, after some minutes he went away ans I had time to get back to my beer... 'Hi, HENNING (my real name)!!!'...or so I thought. I went around with my most charming smile because it has been a female voice - and got a shock. In front of me stood my absolutly favourite girlie!!! 'Hi, Gaby!!!' I mumbled, managering to lay my arms around her lovely waist and she took me closer to her, smiling like an angel...I was melting ( LOOOVEEE )!!! We chatted a bit and my mood reeall got better and then she told me that her boyfriend was waiting on the other side of the bar, maybe he will see us...and went away! Slowly i turned around to my two friends I really forgot and Bomber told me what a lucky guy I am, cause of knowing such cool guys and nice girls...'Well', I said (what else should I say) and went back to my beer, just to be disturbed again - my ex-girlfriend back from the USA. I had not seen her for more than a year and I have to admit, I did not miss her at all. Are you able to understand my feelings that moment? After a real shit beginning the evening seemed to get funny and then I met two persons I did not want to meet an the only one I wanted to meet has bad new (boyfriend) for me : REALLY COOL !!! And that all in a club I never been to before - STRANGE! After a while we decided to move around but did not find a place to sit and so we moved outside to catch some fresh air, chatted some more and finally went back and found three chairs next to some drunken idiots. Pinny convinced Bomber to borrow him four further DM and finally he got his long awaited beer. I sat there listening to da music and watching the dancefloor (I was not in the mood to dance anymore), Pinny was sucking his beer with a peaceful smile and Bomber... f e l t a s l e e p ! ! ! Our 'little one' - he is about two years younger than Pinny and me (both 18) - was so tired...He!He! So finally we decided to go home (ca. 2 a.m.). After we brought Bomber to his home, we drove to my one, because I was also getting tired. Pinny and me got a little chat abouut the scene and soon wee reached our (or better my) goal. But before I got out of da car, Pinny asked me : ' B WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT ANARCHY SERIOUSLY??? ' ' WELL, ' BI SAID (WHAT ELSE SHOULD I SAY) A Rok aZone P.S PINNY, YOU STILL OWE ME 5 DM. DO NOT 'FORGET' IT (HE!HE!)

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THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT A Hi Techno-freax!!! Here's an article from DRAY JACKSON A of the unknown but cool (?) group FRONT 242. I wanna introduce you to a very good (or should I say one of the pest?) techno-group called... THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT . Maybe you know the good old song called ²NPUSH , a very violent song, isn't it? OK, but not many guys know that this song was written by THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT . The most songs are a bit like Heavy Metal, but there are still the good old synth-samples. If you like pogo- dancing (I hope you know what I mean... For all those who doesn't: You dance pogo mostly to groups like Depeche Mode, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb and all the other groups like these. Either you swing your feet as high you can or you go in your knees, banging your head and walk in a special kind to the rhythm. All in all... pogo-dancing it a funny but a bit violent art of dancing. Got it now??? Hope so...) OK, if you like pogo-dancing, THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT is the right for you. You can get really aggressive by listening to this songs... The voice of the singer fits perfect to the songs. But don't get too aggressive, otherwise it could be that you kick your little broter, sister or even your mother!!! All in all I can only say: If you like such music, rush to your next musicshop and buy it!!!! If you can't afford a CD or can't find it in your shop or just want a little sample then send a tape and a nice letter to this addy: RAY JACKSON POSTLAGERND 8028 GRAZ AUSTRI That's all... See you in another article. But don't forget our slogan... THE MORE I GROW THE MORE YOU DIE!! A handshake from RAY JACKSON of FRONT 242!

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SHITTY DUDE! ------------ This article relates how shitty can some dudes be in scene!!! Times ago my good friend interested in Amiga. So he sold his old 64 and bought Amiga. He interested in scene and set up a group. He was a swapper and decided to get some contacts...well, he was beginner and he didn't know ' anything ' about swapping, so he sent his lists of games, demos etc. to the dude who was a coder in quite unknown group. My friend didn't hear any marks of that dude...until now, when my friend is a talented guy in scene! That shitty guy called ' Kissarobotti ' in English it means ' Catrobot ' had dialed into the board where my friend is registered and that ' Kissarobotti ' had abused my friend...SysOp told everything to my friend and he didn't understand why this shithead was chasing him. Few months later my friend got a threat-letter from ' Kissarobotti '. In that letter there were a text like this: "If you're not a ' freak ', I mean if you're not a classes wearing idiot, you have to join us...I mean you have to join into the criminal force it's like Finnish ' mafi '. We have several members around the Finland and we organisize murders, robberies etc. If ya don't join us then my friends come and kill your parents...b-coz ya have blewed up ya have to pay for your friends gonna come again and cut your head!!! with love... ' Kissarobotti '" I think this was only humor, but maybe showing this threat-letter to the police would stop chasing my friend!!! Why that dude wants war after so long time? Does he have some kind of satisfaction writing those letters? I think he is just a childish boy from Lapland...If you ' Kissarobotti ' sometimes read this article I wanna say, that my friend is a ccccoooolll dude nowadays!!! Don't chase him because of his lameness before and who is lamer in this case!!! What do you think people? I think ' Kissarobotti ' will find out it himself!!! T H E E N D This article was written by D Crux of D ELECTRON !!!

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AMERICAN PSYCHO BY BRET EASTON ELLIS ------------------------------------ When it was published in the States this book provoked a real storm in the public opinion. Many considered it a real menace for the people, a dangerous way to create new hoards of sexual maniacs and assassins. Critics upon it were as usual inthese cases controversial. Someone talked about the geniality of the author, many considered him a real maniac almost as the main character of the book, others were really shocked by its contents. Why? Why all these reactions to what is nothing more than a book? The story is about the double life of Patrick Bateman, a Wall street yuppie, very attractive and rich and his mania of killing women, mendicatns, animals and whatever else lives and can reduce his thirst of blood and evil. The fact that makes the reading somehow shocking is the reality of the descriptions of the gore and sexual scenes, the real knowledge of the personality of Bateman (who speaks in first person), the observation of how a normal people who we can meet in the street can be the worst of the maniacs. The plot is not important, we can say that there is not a real story, it is simply a sort of diary, of description of Bateman's life, what matters is the way this described, the deep study of his personality. The role played by the women in this book could make a feminist really furious, here women are just something to torture and fuck, without anything important in their mind and only a body which must be beautiful for having a minimal sense. There is also a satirical component in the book against a certain yuppies world and some ways of behaving and thinking. A strange thing happened to me while reading ' American Psycho ': I found myself sympathizing with the mad. The author was so well identified with his character that what you read seems really what Bateman thinks and feels and this tends to make you reduce your dondemnation of his acts. You don't notice the sorrow, the pain and the desperation of the victims, you only see them through the eyes of who kills them and this can misleading for our moral judgement. This can be the dangerous thing of the book, you actually think that the acts of Bateman are not so terrible and evil as they in reality are. If you are on the edge of madness this book bould really delete your last scruples about the value of life and transform you in a maniacal killer. Am I exaggerating? Read the book (it is worth to) and have your own opinion. Don't contact me if you become insane . D Macno/Ghostly Spreaders

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TACH LOIDE! Oh Shit! I forgot that this article is in English, not in German... Ofcourse I mean... Hi lads! I'll write something about my holidays... First of all... I visit a commercial academy called HAK. I'm not a good pupil (very very lazy...) but I've no problems in school. On the last school-day I thought... Hm, first you'll work in July and in August you'll travel to Skandinavia ( I LOVE IT !!!) by Interrail. But... next week the school will start again and what I've done???? NOTHING! I worked only two days for some cash and I didn't go anywhere to spend my holydays. I was just hanging around, some boozing, some fucking, some... aehhhh ... much eating, much sleeping, some computing and so on.... I hate that live.... Nearly every day the same... I wake up at 12.00 to 15.00. Mostly my brother comes and wake me up. I hate him. Then I rush in the bath room and after a procedure of some minutes I go into the citchen. Eating. After eating you've to smoke a cigarette or you've to use a girl... (An old translated Austrian short-poem...) Ok, I smoke... It's afternoon and in this time I spend mostly my time with doing NOTHING. Ok, in the evening I had some fun with boozing or girlies.... but the whole holidays the same???? You'll get mad.... believe or not... So I can't say that I enjoyed my holidays... Now you ask 'what does the motherfucker mean with that boring story???' I can only warn you: NEVER DO NOTHING !!! It sounds a bit silly but it's true... I hope that you understand this article! If not, don't care!!! Read the next one. D Ray Jackson - D Front 242

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ALCOHOL A written and translated by DFLASH Aof DFRANTIC A. (took over from the german book "Nachdenken vor dem Einschenken") 1.5 million alcoholics and 20 per cent of them are women ! Isn`t this statistic appalling ? Is alcohol a drug, or is it only a semi-luxury ? I think its a very important question, if you make use of alcohol. But, what is the reason for the younger generation to start drinking ? Sure, most of them are drinking only sometimes, when they visit party or a bar. But anyway, we should distinguish between the " real " alcoholics, and the " sometimes " drinker! 1 litre beer is already the threshold of the peaceableness for a 16 years old human ! But everybody means "1 litre beer ? What is that ? That is nothing.", and that is wrong !!! Already 0,6 o/oo influences your brain 3 times worse, and already 1,5 o/oo influences 16 times worse than normally ! Another bad thing is the always existing rest-alcohol ! It`s very difficult to distinguish between a human, who is sometimes drinking 2 beers, and a human, who is drinking one beer after another one. Because, if those humans got a crash with their cars, how can you discern between the "alcoholic" and the "normal" human ? Both are in the possession of some rest-alcohol, but the only way to confirm it, is the alcoholic-trial. But, who is culpable ? I think you should intensivly deliberate on the consequences, before you start your engine, if you are still in the possession of rest-alcohol ! Your hands are trembling, nerves- and braincells are fucking off, you get a small ( but fine ! hehe ) heartdamage, it makes you impotent (²Nreally !! ) usw. Do you want this all ? No. Of course not ! Finally I want to say, alcohol is NO food !! I cannot answer, if you need it, or not, you should know it ! You alone !!

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HOW TO GET AN GIRL WITH USING A HELP OF LANGUAGE OF FINLAND ----------------------------------------------------------- As most of you have realised, finnish girls often speak several languages and when your trying to do " The Final Breakout " in bar or disco or somewhere (Middle-Europe for example) the finnish girl (probably) speaks every language you know and some more. Well, well, girls (especially finnish ones ) like that you can say word or two in her own language. So here we have some useful words, which you can use when you are trying to do whatever you want. I love you . = Sinako taalla haiset . Would you like to dance ? = Mita maksa ? Hey you beautiful girl ! = Hei sina epamaarainen naishenkilo ! You look great . = Mene pesemaan hampaasi . Can you feel (it/)this ? = Haistatko sinakin taman ? Let's go walking . = Minulla on sukupuolitautej . Beautiful view, isn't it . = Elama ompi outoa, tottako vaiko eiko tott . I love summertime . = Minulla on epamaaraisia taipumuksi . What's your rooms number ? = Mika on kuppikokosi ? Wanna meet again ? = Tapailemmekome toistamisiinkin ? Until we meet again . = Aidillani on sikotauti . See you . = Riettaisiin jalleennakemisiin . Bit unperfect, but ready anyway... December 1991 - D ORION/STELLAR

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OUR BIG BIG UNIVERSE The Universe is big, everybody says that, after all is the bigest thing we can think about. Maybe is also unimited, here we will only see how big is the 'seen' universe, how distant our telescopes (or better, radio telescopes) have gone. The numbers you will read here are quite approximate and maybe not that updated but they can give us an idea. The language can be irritating for who knows something about astronomy, anyway it is intended to be as clearer and easier as possible. Let's start from our lovely earth. It sems so big, you realize it when you travel to your favorite Amiga-party. In fact its diameter is about 12.750 kilometers. No bad indeed. The diameter of the sun 109 times the earts's one and the average distance between them is about 150.000.000 Km. Pluto, the farthest planet of our solar system is about 40 farther than the Earth (average distance). The lightis the fastest thing we consider, even fastest than your new car, it makes 300.000 Km in a second. The mathematical minded among you have already calculated that the lights travel the earth-sun distance in about 8,3 minutes, the diameter of the earth is crossed in 0.04 seconds and Pluto has to wait 5,5 hours to see a ray of light from the sun. if we consider the earth like a 1 centimeter wide sphere, the sun is a 1 meter sphere distant 125 metres and Pluto is a lame 0.2 cm ball distant 5 km. Quite impressive, eh? That's nothing. The nearer solar system is the Alpha Centauri one. This one is quite far from us: 2 light years, in the example considered before is something distant 15.000 Km! That's the nearest star excluded the sun of course. All the stars we see in the sky belong to our galaxy also called Milky way. Our galaxy is a spiral with the diameter of about 120.000 light years. Compare this distance with the others written before and try to make yourself an idea. The nearest other galaxy, if we don't condider the little and 'satellites' Magellan clouds, is Andromeda. Andromeda is quite similar in dimension and shape to our Milky way. It is 2.000.000 light years distant. If we are lucky enough we can also see it with in the sky with our eyes. The fathest 'things' seen by our telescopes are the quasars. They are really fa: up to light years (this value is very approximate, new 'records' are normal). The quasars can be galaxies at their birth, they are not only far in space, they are also far in time, we 'see' them as they were milliards of years ago (the time the light has take to come until us). So the known universe is 'long' something of before the order of 10- light years. Before going on think again about the sun, Pluto, Alpha Centauri and their dimensions. Ok, so we live in a fucking big universe, I hope you have realized that. Sure? Well, just to confuse a little your ideas here is a little game. Let's take a normal sheet of paper (0,1 cm thick), let's fold it at iths half. We obtain a paper with double thickness and half dimensions. Let's fold it agina, we have a paper with four times the starting thickness and a quarter of the starting dimensions. Let's imagine to make this operation 100 time (of course is impossible but we consider it possible). How long is hte finland thickness? Well, do you remember our big universe and how long is it? Believe it or not (just matter of some not difficul mathematical operations) our 100 folted piece of paper can't stay in the whole known universee. it's longer! Easy demonstration available if requested... D Macno / Ghostly Spreaders

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WHAT DO MONKEYS KNOW? BIt may depends on who`s asking the question A Psychologists have spent decades demonstrating the amazing abilities of animals.We now know, from lab experiments,that chimps can use blue triangles to represent red apples and that dolphins can use general rules to decode sentencelike series of hand gestures.Some experiments help illuminate what it means to be human,by showing where we part company from our cousins. Yet they never yield a full picture of an animal mind at work. As the british zoologist Nicolaas Tinbergen remarked 30 years ago,"One should not use identical experimental techniques to compare two species,because they would almost certainly not be the same to them." BSURVIVAL A: The point has never been lost on Dorothy Cheney and Robert Seyfarth. When the couple started studying vervet monkeys in the late 70s, they reasoned that minds, like other organs, are tailored to the demands of survival in natural invironments.It followed that the best way to assess a creature`s mental abilities was to watch what it does in it`s own habitat. So they hunkered down in the acacia woodlands of Kenya`s Amboseli National Park and,over the span of a decade, gathered data on how the vervets tackled specific survival-related problems. And as the evidence mounted they drew careful inferences about what the monkeys know and how they think. In a new book called " How Monkeys see the world ", the two primatologists tell their story. It`s a fascinating intel- lectual odyssey and a superb summary of where the science stands. Vervets are highly political creatures. How any two of them will interact depends on whether they`re relatives,whether they belong to the same territorial group and if so which one enjoys higher social standing. They`re also famous for having a well-developed system of vocal communication. They give audibly different alarm calls in reponse to their three most common predators-the leopard the eagle and the snake-and each call elicts a specific response from listeners. In addition they make specific grunts to mark various social acts,such as approaching a superiour,approaching a subordinate or spotting members of another group. Intriguing as they are,these phenomena offer only the vaguest clues about how the monkeys` minds work. Do vervets use abstract notions such as rank and kinship to order their experience? Do they form mental hierarchies, or simply learn through condi- tioning to behave differently toward different individuals? And how much deliberation goes into their calls? Bees exchange fairly detailed information about food sources through an in- voluntary reflex known as the waggle dance. Is vervet communi- cation equally reflexive, or do the animals know what their calls mean? Cheney and Seyfarth devised myriad ways to explore such questions. BSTATUS A: To see whether the animals gresp the concept of rank the researchers analyzed grooming interactions. Vervets forge alliances by pairing off to groom one another-and because they all tend to pursue alliances with their superiors, the competi- tion for grooming partners can be stiff. Finding a good back to scratch often requires breaking up a grooming session already in progress. If an intruder outranks one of the two groomers, the outranked monkey typically gives up its place. But suppose the intruder outranks both groomers, as sometimes happens.Who should defer? Lacking the concept of a hierarchy, the two groomers would be equally likely to step aside, for each would perceive the intruder`s rank only in relation to its own. But Cheney and Seyfarth observed 30 such instances and 29 of them the higher- ranking groomer stayed out,leaving the subordinate to defer. `To do this`, the researchers deduce,`she must not only know her own status relative to [the subordinance and the intruder] but also their status relative to each other. In other words,she must recognize a rank hierarchy`. Translated from an magazine-article... Signed off: D Tomcat of COMPLEX

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LILLA LOVESTORY In one rainy autumm friday there was a bus driving usual road and inside the bus was a boy called Jarmo whose mind there was only one thing at the moment.. Jarmo was thinking about this night.. This night will be his first time!! Boy, he was dreamed it many years but never he was brave enought to do what he want but today when his parents was holiday somewhere, it was time to do it. He was bought some new clothes, some new parfym and has visited in barber. He think everything is ok now.. Hundreds of beautiful womens are there waiting for him and just only him.. Boy arrived his home and goes to shower and ofcoz the fucking phone was ringing.. Jarmo answered to the phone and there were his parents calling to him.. After boring talking he finally gots his parents to believe that he wont go nowhere tonight. Clock was 5.00pm and it was time to go on bus. After two hours of sitting he finally arrived to big town..Marko walked the nearest pub and ordered a beer. Do ya have a age;asked the waitress.. Ofcoz i have, Dont ya see it, Jarmo answered. NO, ya look like an fifteen years old kid, show yar ID; waitress said.. Ok, here it is. After checking the id the waitress finally gave him a beer.. While drinking his beer Jarmo looked around the pub.. There were no girls at all, only some fat womens with some poor assholes.. So Jarmo decicaded go to another pub to look if he would have better luck there.. After walking a lot he finally found a new place and he entered in!! And again he ordered a beer and again the waitress didnt believe he was eighteen so he had to show his id again. After drinking his beer he ordered new beer and then he saw it!! It was a girl from his dream. He looked the girl and the girl look him a little smile in his face..Jarmo looked the girl and think things what he have to do???? After two minutes of thinking he decicaded go to talk that girl: Hello, my name is Jarmo. Can I sit there ? Girl looked the boy and smiled to him and say: Please, sit down! Jarmo sit down and asked what is name of the girl. My name is Tellervo Koivisto . Pleased to meet ya.. Jarmo asked from the girl if she want a beer? the girl wanted beer so the Jarmo ordered one.. After some time of talking and drinking Jarmo asked if tellervo liked to go dance and tellervo wanted to go dance.. Jarmo starts to think if girl might like him. Jarmo and Tellervo danced and danced.. Jarmo kissed Tellervo and said to girl that he love him.. Tellervo kiss Jarmo and asked from Jarmo if he have a place where they can go. They left the pub and went to hotel where Jarmo ordered a room.. In the room Jarmo couldnt stop himself and started to kiss tellervo and very soon he took all clothes off from Tellervo and also took clothes off from himself. Jarmo and Tellervo moved in bed and they started to do their act and in the moment when Jarmo started to go in Tellervo, Tellervo asked if Jarmo have any condoms becoz if he will get child his husband will kill him so Jarmo have to use condoms with her and if Jarmo have no condoms with him, then he simply must go get one.. Jarmos' brains got overheated and becoz that woman stop him just in final second and Jarmo get crazy and shouted: Ya fucking hooker, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha do ya think i will use condom to women like ya. HAHAHAHAH, It is shame to me if ya get a child and if yar husband kills ya. Only important thing to me is that ya give me a good fuck without condom, Jarmo shouted.. I wont give anything to ya becoz you are just a little fart who dont care anything else in women except that, shouted Tellervo back to Jarmo.. And started to wear her clothes on.. Jarmo gets more and more crazyer and only thing in his brains is that, if that woman doesn't give a fuck now, she had to find another girl and it is not so sure will he get another in this night so it might better rape tellervo and be happy so he hits Tellervo in her face and took those clothes off. Ya fucking ugly old hooker, do ya think i will let ya out here without a good fuck. I dont care do ya like it or not. Only important thing is that i will enjoy it so do yar best, ya fucking pisshead.. Jarmo put tellervo on the bed and started to fuck her. After five minutes Jarmo gets his orgasm but it wasn't so good so he though it was Tellervos fault.. Jarmo went to bar an drunk one bottle of koskenkorva in five minutes and went back to bed. Then Jarmo started to hit Tellervo on her face and kicking Tellervo everywhere in the body. He noticed that Tellervos head was full of blood but he didnt find any places where it could come, so he thought Tellervo is ok, but he was wrong.. Jarmo looked his clock and he noticed it is about to time go somewhere other place becoz Tellervo could wake soon but one thing was sure on his mind and it was that nothing will win raped women, so Jarmo wants get new one in this night becoz he has plenty of time before morning. So he went to new pub near the hotel and again he ordered beer and agin he have prove his age with id. Pub was full of girls but everyone has a man already except one blond one. Immedialy Jarmo went his table and introduced himself and asked girl name and it was Riitta Vaisanen . And just like usual everything went as fine as last time. Jarmo ordered a beer, they go dancing and girl has nothing agains kisses from Jarmo. Finally they left pub to go another hotel. After entering the hotelroom and drinking couple whiskys Jarmo start thinking if this girl also demand condom so it might be just better rape her and left. So Jarmo jump over Riitta and started to take off riitta clothes. Riitta tried to shout help but Jarmo stopped it by couple hard hit on Riittas face. Jarmo took Riitta to bed and started to fuck her. After couple minutes Jarmo gets his orgasm and wear his clothes on and then when he was leaving the room he hear a quiet whisper from Riitta. Suffer ya fucking asshole because i have an ²NAIDS . Ofcoz Jarmo didnt believe Riitta and becoz Marko thought that Riitta was a liar he got angry and killed Riitta. After that he quietly left the place. Next morning Jarmo awakes happy as always. Clock was a 6.00am and first thing what jarmo noticed was that, he had got his first hangover and he couldnt remember anything about last night. Jarmo opened tv and there were a special new for two mysterious murder in last night. The news reporter was talking something like the president wife Tellervo Koivisto and quite good looking girl called Riitta Vaisanen were raped and killed last night. Police hasn't get any ideas yet who was the murder, but searching for it is still on. The president is promised a reward for a man ,who will help police to find a murder. After that Jarmo remembers everything from last night. How could he do something like that? Then he remembers what Riitta was talking about AIDS. Jarmo went to hospital immedialy and went to ²NHIV -virus test. Two days later Jarmo gets the result and it was ²NPOSITIVE . After that Jarmo didnt see any reason to live so he hanged himself. Two days later Jarmo parent came back from their holiday and found their son. Nobody cant even think why Jarmo done suicide. And the murder of Tellervo Koivisto and Riitta Vaisanen were never found and the reward is still on.. D Casanova

Page 41
RECORD 'REVIEW': METALLICA The waiting time of Metallica's latest record was long and bitter, but finally it came to stores. I happened to got it on same day when it appeared in Finland. I had heard the ' demo ' single, which was published a little time before than the LP/MC/CD. So I already knew, what the record could sound. The first impression is usually important, and so it was also now. ' Unforgiven ' and ' Nothing Else Matters ' differed most from the rest of pieces. ' Enter Sandman ' I recognized from the demo. After few listening times I started to learn the names of the pieces. And finally then, when I typed all words of pieces to a file, I knew them quite well. The record differs quite from the earlier records, but not so much as ' Justice ' differed from ' Puppets '. The tempo is slowed down a bit. James Hetfield has studied to sing differently in different pieces. I had been almost fanatic Metallica fan , and so am still I. I think this record is the best record of this decade, unless they publish another record in the next 9 years... So, if you haven't already owned this fine record, go and get it! If you didn't already like the music of Metallica, it's now good time to start liking it... Every time when I hear the ' Unforgiven ', it is almost impossible to resist not to sing with J. Hetfield . "never me, never free, so I dub thee unforgiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen" Or what do you think? Written by D AX the Alien / ProBe

Page 42
BAD ENGLISH (?) A The manager Y.M.C.A.-Hotel London Roma 28 sept. 1981 Dear Signore Direttore . Now I am tella you story wot I was a-treated at your hotella. I am a-comma from Roma as tourist to London and stay as a-younga christian man at your hotella. When I comma in my room I see there is noshit in my bed - how can I sleep with no shit in my bed ???. So I calla down to receptione and tella : "I wanta shit". They tella me: "go to toilet". I say:"No, no I wanta, shit in my bed". They say: "You'd betternot shit in in your bed, you sonna-wa-bitch ". What is sonna-wa-bitch ? I go down for breakfast into restorante. I order bacon and egga and two piss is of toast. I tella waitress, and point at toast "I wanta piss ". She tella me: "Go to toilet". I say: "No, I wanta piss on my plate". She then say to me: "you'd bloody wella not piss on the plate, you sonna-wa-bitch ". That is the second person who do not even know me calla me " sonna-wa-bitch ", and why is your staff replaying "Go to toilet", is that a modern tella ?. I do no understand, please tella me !. Later I go for dinner in your restorante. Spoon and knife is laid out, but no fock . I tella waitress: "I wanta fock ". And she tella me: "sure, everyone want to fock ". I tella her: "No, you don't understand me. I wanta fock on the table". She tella me "So you sonna-wa-bitch wanta fock on the table ?. Get your ass out of here !. How comma this christian hotell the quest in such bed manner ?. So I go to receptione and ask for bill. I no wanta stay in this hotall no more. When I havepaid the bill, the portier say to me: "Thank you, and piss on you". I say: " Piss on you too, you sonna-wa-bitch . I now go back to Italy". Sincerely Dicci Elgre. From DEzex Aof DTriangle 3532 A (Don't take this personal)

Page 43
CAT STORY Once upon a time ago there was a cat called TOMMY !! Tommy was wery happy and his life went well. He was got a good family and he has enought food so he have no neseccary to hunt mouses. Tommy has a beutufull girl-cat called DIAN and some times TOMMY and DIAN had very long sex-acts. But Tommy didn`t no that soon his life is going to change. One day Tommy was in sunday-walk and Tommy went to highway and suddenly a car run over of TOMMY A and TOMMY went to meet his god. And still in these days Tommy is just a little carpet in highway. D Casanova ========

Page 44
ROCK IS DEAD! - PUNK IS BACK! A Nowadays I've been wondering if there is still life after a coitus. But I usually use a condom, so maybe ... Yes sir! I can boogie.. Sex, drugs and Rock'n'Roll is all I need. ²NPunk is not DEAD! Ten years ago the punkwave blew hardest, but today you donnot even notice it. Zados is a PUNK rocker! I also dig FOLK! RAP is a disease which kills the young ones of the world. No life without drugs! ACID-PARTY rules! Kill yup- pies! One of my friends murdered a yuppy and got a medal for it! I agree... I hate the world! I'm fat! the weight is 112 kg and height is 145 cm, so I am a BYGMY! If your sister does not like to give some PUSSY, then just ask your mother - SHE will. INCEST is not a crime in here FINLAND , but it is not my hob- by either. Mastubate, pig, masturbate!! Jesus loves you, so be active. Now you have realized there's no sense in my text, but it's more inter esting than writing about fuckin' booring scene. For example, The ENO got bust ed by the homos of police. The K.L.F (GALWOX) fucked her sister. The PARAS is the best in trading. The Best are assholes. So that's all folks! Here comes NO SENSE. For two months I've tried to get layed, but not succeeded. But some day I will start a real rapping (rape till ass bleeds) The Pussy is now a wow to me (World Of Wonders) Last time when I had a girl I was so jealous that I had to kill her (but I used to love her) I prefer beer to girls, bcos Girls are the worst drug in the World. Fuck the Dead cold! Cum on her month! What a greasy pussy! Blood, shit and menstruation in her sloggies . What I'd say? Delicious!! Ah! Fuck me - suck me - whip me... New stuff - I really miss this clishee! Do you wanna swap HOTTEST games with me??!! Send your gamelist, please?! aeh, I send them my genitals... hehe! The best way to contact me is: Hi! I'm cool. Are you? Bye! Then I always have to send him/her my answer: Hi! No, I'm nice. Are you experienced? Bye! Then it just goes on and on.. Boring? I hated when some cancers sent a picture of them when they were babies.. (They still are!) I have heard unbelievable stories ab- out their girlfriends. They sent the list of the days of their girlies periods. Disguisting! I fucked Maggie one day, interesting?! Have you ever been in bed with Madonna?! Yes, many times! uuh! She's HOT STUFF! (Another clishee!) Joopa joo! This I call BULLSHIT! Friends - Dog's best man! Never trust your friends! Never fuck your dad dy! Don't touch this (what?) Atari is my friend, and also Irata. Mic Dair is my freud! Long Live Federation Against Business! I love to booze with my friends. When there's women and booze - don't trust me! Make friends with homos! I am in love!! I hate SKID ROW and GUNS&ROSES (Yak!) They ain't my friends. PUNK macht dir schwanger! I don't remember how to write german to my freunde. It's hard to write about friends, bcos I have lost them all. Dick - your babybrother! Well, my dick is dead, but it used to be dyna- mite. I am a boy and can piss! Sometimes it's herreguda when you get an honour to stick it into a pussy and then up and down and up... Dick also can puke! I donnot know much about a dick cos I don't piss so often. I shit all the time. Ass - who dares farts?!! The place I borned from. You can kiss it, take it as it comes, squeeze it and be proud of it. I got a nice ass and hairy, so hello Sweden! Some girls have faces like their asses. Such an ass I am! Well, this RID-PIB story is coming to its end. The end is the happiest thing in the World. No fuck without love. I'm old, depressed, exploited, care- less, homeless and fucking crazy animalboy. If I'm a human, then The globe is an apple full of worms (mums!) I can't fly anymore cos the army broke my wings. By smashing your balls you can live in peace. I just been wondering if there is life after reborning... DZADOS Aof The Impervert DAMONES Ps. Don't you fuckhead take this so seriously! okey! Or I will TAKE your dear mother...

Page 45
GIANN A by DMacho Aaof DGhosly spreaders. A Gianna looked at the mirror. The same known image. The same sorrow, desperation, resignation in seeing her face. The same sensatations everyday, she was used to them. She washed her face, brushed her teeth and, as usual, din't use any kind of cosmetics. How can I change this face, neither a mask can modify it, there will be always something that can show it, she thought. The day began as usual at school, and the begin wasn't the worst part of her day, after the school only sad hours at home awaited her, every day, every week, every month, without signs of changes, without hope. She walked to her classroom as usual, looking down to avoid the sights of disgust of the other boys, thinking that every wicked smile of observation was related to her . She hadn't many friends, there was Lara, very nice and attractive, they were in the same table in the classroom and they talked especially about boys, Lara's boys. Gianna used to listen and say yes at the right moments, the rest was a flood of word, observatioons, secrects, revelations of Lara. No boy went to ask her something, she just greeted her schoolmates when tey greeted her first. When she ws with Lara many boys came closer but all their sights , all their words were for her friend. One day a boy, never seen before, asked her what was the time . His voice was warm and soft, gentle and calm. She answered a little surprised and he said something about the fact that it was too late to go into his classroom. To pass his time he started to talk with her, asking and smiling, she was quite astonished of it. She answered with a confused mind, she had never met a boy so kind with her. When she thought again at the discussion had with him she couldn't remember much of what was said, only a sensation of warmth and friendship remained to her. The day after she looked around at the school to see again that boy (she didn't know his name), she didn't find him, neither that day nor the day after nor the whole week. And she passed the whole week thinking about him, about the joy of listening his speech, about his kindly and friendly manners, during the lessons, at home, in the night and while eating that face was impressed in her mind, beautiful and perfect. She said Lara something about him, about what he said her in those few minutes, Lara listened for a while then started to say how nice looking was that boy who approached her before. A week later she saw him . He was walking with two his friends, she went towards him with her herat bumping frantic and when she was close enough she said hallo with a feeble high pitch voice. He looked at her with a strange face, such as he couldn't know what that girl wanted from him, then he moved alittle his head to greet her without stopping his walk. She saw him going away without any sign of reaction, without thinking something particular, only with a strange sensation of disappointment and disillusion. She listed the voice of one of his friend asking: -²NDo you know that one? - That heap of ugly meat? Yes, I asked her the way once. Answered him in a laugh. She went home with many tears in her soul. DMacno A/ DGhostly Spreaders A

Page 46
DEPECHE MODE A BHi outta thea! A Yes... another boring article from DRAY JACKSON Aof DFRONT 242!!! A If you're a fan of DEPECHE MODE and don't have the text of the songs... here I have the text from ²N BBEHIND THE WHEEL A for you... Sing with me!!! Yeah.... My little girl Drive anywhere Do what you want I don't care Tonight I'm in the hands of fate I hand myself Over on a plate Now Oh little girl There are times when I feel I'd rather not be The one behind the wheel Come Pull my strings Watch me more I do anything Please Sweet little girl I prefer You behind the wheel And me the passenger Drive I'm yours to keep Do what you want I'm going cheap Tonight You're behind the wheel tonight Yop... I hope you like the song from DEPECHE MODE called ²N BENJOY THE SILENCE A... I think one of the most popular sound from DM... I'll write the text down for ya... But don't kill me if the text is a bit wrong... I'm a bit drunken ya know... Words like violence Break the silence Come crashing in Into my little world Painful to me Pierce right through me Can't you understand Oh my little girl All I've ever wanted All I've ever needed Is here in my arms Words are very unnecessary They can only do harm... Vows are spoken To be broken Feelings are intense Words are trivial Pleasures remain So does the pain Words are meaning less And forgetable All I've ever wanted ... If you can imagine I'm listening to Depeche Mode. It's SOMEBODY, my favourite song... first because i's like heartbreaking and second coz I fucked my first girl while listening to this great song... What a feeling... I think I must stop now... ahhhhhh what a horny feeling while listening to this...... Till the next time... If you wanna swap musics like DEPECHE MODE , NITZER EBB , THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT or FRONT 242 then write to me!! It would be nice when you would swap hot amiga stuff AND tapes... That's it fans!

Page 47
FREEDOM A by DMacho Aaof DGhosly spreaders. A They said I was dangerous . They said I was grazy . They putted me in this cell. They were afraid. Frightened. They pissed on their shoes. They can't stop me now. Wait the seconds, wait the minutes, the hours and the days. Wait and count. Count and wait. And a day becomes a week and a week becomes a month and a month becomes year and a year becomes freedom. No more shit smelling air, no more darkness, no more wet walls, no more hard bed, no more ' yes sirs '. Open that door, mister policeman, open it, I see the fear in your face, you fear me, my grin, my eyes, open it and continue to work in this fucking place. My holidays ended, 20 years are enought, nice food thanks, I won't come back soon anyway. Yes, my dear door, my limit, my bound for 7093 days. 7093. I counted you, one by one, one after one. 7089. 7090. 7091. 7092. 7093. And then (20 years have got behind me, no one told me how much they were, I counted and waited. C'mon Frank, it's time to see the sun again. Sun, why no one dares to look at you straight in the eyes? Look at me, I'm watching you. Look, burn my eyes, leave hot tears in my face. Burn, yes, fire, yes, fire my eyes, I can't see anymore , I looked at you straight in your eye. Light,light my eyes, bur my fire. Freedom . they call that freedom. you are free now, be good and act like a civil citizen. I'm free now. I need time to see agian something. The black becomes white, the white is all colours. Colours, yes colours. The colour of that paper on the wall, the color of your dress you fucking bitch, the color of these cars. How much do they cost? The freedom is ²Nc o l o r . My favorite color is red. Blood red. Anybody out there wants to show me some nice ownmade blood red? Anybody there? Do me a favour. Let me plug a knife in your face. Don't be silly, it's not so bad. Lend me some of your time, I'm fast enough, I avoid every mistake. Don't worry. A fast one. Touch and go. Well, you know, I go, you stay there. You can't move. Your body is dying. How can you move with that face, don't you see that you're loosing an eye, it seems an egg, wanna eat it? Just a moment, it's a pleasure. Open your mouthie, open c'mon. I will help you. Here it is, my lovely blood red. You got it in your mouth and you didn't show it? Bad boy . You were a bad boy. How much! How much color from your mouth. I can use it to write my name on the street. I will be famous like in the old golden days. Wanna another egg? Just a moment, it's a pleasure. Here it is. Just like the other. This one is even better, it isn't splattered and broken. I like intact eyes, they are so round. Now we have two more holes. Time to do something with them. Stop! Stay calm. You are just dying. Don't move so frantic. It's so nice. All right, it's so easy. let me take something with my hands. Quite dirty fingers, by the way, I ought to wash them. Do you know that I like also the gray. Brain gray. Let me see how gray have you got inside that egg pots. It's so difficult, I'm not so skilled like in youth, you know, you need a soft and caregul touch. Otherwise you can't crab it. I mean the brain. It can splatter in your hands. It's so delicate. Ah, Fuck, I have lost the old touch. You call this a nice piece of gray brain? NO, it's just a sort of cream pie in a face. yes, you just seem like that. After all this is only a joke, you know, you seem to have a cram pie spreaded on your face. With eggs and tomato juice. Strange tastes you have. What an intelligent boy. You don't move anymore. Well thought. I knew it, with so much brain, look how much, you had to be that intellligent. It's a pity to leave all that cream in that skull. Let me suck it a little. Should I use the left or the right hole? Wanna choose you for me? No? Ok, the left one should be fine. Wait a moment...nothing personal...hope you won't believe I am one of those gays. Quite embarassing eh? It almost seems that I am kissing your eye. But there is no eye here so you have not to worry. Quite tasty, i have to say. I knew you had a good brain. A little less cold and it was perfect. Maybe with all that braincells I will get more intelligent, you know, they said i was grazy and dull. Strange, I always thought that the grazy were the others .

Page 48
******************************************************************************** * * * If you want your advertisement published in this diskmag you have to send * * them to : * * * * Hyde: or Mic Dair: * * Harri Hytonen Aki Sihvonen * * Rakentajantie 4 B 21 Hirsimetsantie 103 as. 5 * * 15870 Hollola 15150 Lahti * * Finland Finland * * * * Prices: 1 add (80 * 12) = 10 Fmk * * 5 Dmk * * 2 Gbp * * 3 Usd * * 14 Nok, Sek, Dkk * * * * FREE advert for article ! * * * ******************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************** ² C O M P L E X A W e p i s s o n y o u -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mic Dair: Hyde: Aki Sihvonen Harri Hytonen Hirsimetsantie 105 as 5 Rakentajantie 4 B 21 15150 Lahti 15870 Hollola Finland Finland Mike D: Tomcat: Fade One: Postfach 900847 Manfred Mayer Plk 110081 C 2100 Hamburg 90 Hugo-Eckenerstr 38 4200 Oberhausen 1 Germany 7630 Lahr Germany Germany ******************************************************************************** t h e _______________ _____ /\ /\ \ \ \\\_____ _____/// / / \____\_ \ \ / / _______ ____ _ _ | | ____ _ __ _ \ \ \ \ /\ / //\\__ __// __ \| | | || | / __ \ /\ /\ /\| |__|| |_/ / \ \/ /\/ // /\ | | / / \/| |-| || |/ / \ \\ \/ /\/ /| |_ | |\_/_ \ \/\/ // /\ \| | \ \__/\| |-| || |\ \__/ / \ \/\ \/ | |__ | | \ \ \/ \/ \/ \/|_| \____/|_| |_|| | \____/ \/ \/ |_|__||_| / / \ / \/ V --=> A COMPLEX HEADQUARTERS <=-- - 105 mb - good ratios to foreign users - VHS conf - MAGGY headquarters - sy$op -²Nder HM - Bullshitting support: Mic Dair - Hyde - Jugi _ _ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ _ _ \\\\ _)|__ (__) _ /|(__) _ (__)/ /\|__ (__)/|/ /\ //// //// __) __)(__) |(__) (__)\/_/ __) / |\/_/ \\\\ HST access 24h/day For trading VHS & wares from the WT by MAIL, write to: -dHM-, Salpakt 18 A 4, 15870 Hollola, Finland ******************************************************************************** * - O M E G - * * <---------------------------> * * AND HEAD IS ALWAYS EMPTY * * < --- A D M I R A L S --- > * * * * <-----------------------> * * OMEGA HQ * * ADMIRALS IS SEARCHING FOR MORE * * HAIMILANTIE 7 * * FRIENDS & CONTACTS! * * SF-54800 SAVITAIPALE * *=============================================* * FINLAND * * FOR SWAPPING OR MEMBERSHIP JUST CONTACT: * * * *---------------------------------------------* * ALSO FOR MAILTRADING: * * OBLIGATOR OF ADMIRALS * * * POSTE RESTANTE * * OMEGA * * SF-14300 RENKO * * P.O.BOX 32 * * FINLAND * * SF-65201 VAASA * *---------------------------------------------* * FINLAND * * TAI SOITA 917-769714/MARKUS * ******************************************************************************* ******************************* *********************************************** *- W - I - Z - Z - C - A - T - * * >> ANARCHY << * * * * * * P.O. 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C O M P L E X ! ******************************************************************************** 4 ELITE-trading: Contact ______ ___ _________ _________ ________ ______ _______ / __ /\ / /\ / ____ /\ / ____ /\/__ __/\ / ____/\/ ____/\ / /_// // / // /___/ / / / /___/ / /\_/ /\_\// /____\/ /____\/ / ___/ // / // _ __/ / / ___ / / / / / / __/\ /_____ /\ / /\__\// / // / \ \_\/ / / // / / / / / / /___\/_\____/ / / /__/ / /__/ //__/ / \__\ \/__/ //__/ / /__/ / /_____/\/_______/ / \__\/ \__\/ \__\/ \__\/\__\/ \__\/ \__\/ \_____\/\_______\/ SAIEKUJA 11 , SF-78500 VARKAUS __ _ _ /_ / /\ // /_\ /\ // \ / / / \//__ / \/ \//__/ ******************************************************************************** ******************************************** *********************************** *------------------------------------------* * AX the Alien * * 4 ELITE-SWAPPING * * of * * * * ProBe * * PIRATES * * * * Saiekuja 11 * * J.K. * * SF-78500 Varkaus * * Soittajankatu 1a * * >FIN(e)LAND< * * 15810 Lahti * *------------------------------------------* * Finland * ******************************************** *********************************** *************************************** **************************************** *-------------------------------------* * * *------> S T E L L A R <------* * The Prisoner/LSD * *-------------------------------------* * * *------> Orion available on: <------* * is searching for: * *------> --------------------- <------* * * *------> P.O.BOX 125 <------* * - more elite-contacts * *------> 02770 ESPOO <------* * - qualified graphicians * *------> FINLAND <------* * - special friends * *------> --------------------- <------* * * *------> We are worlds <------* * Contact LSD Germany * *------> number 79 !!! <------* * for joining or swapping * *-------------------------------------* * * *------> S T E L L A R <------* * Lamers won't get an answer! * *-------------------------------------* * * *************************************** **************************************** ******************************************************************************** * * * Contact LSD Germany PLK 014804 B No Lamers, * * for swapping 3500 Kassel fakers, * * the absolutely latest Germany losers! * * * ******************************************************************************** ________ ________ _________ ______ / __ /\/\ /\|\ __ \/\ ___ \ / __ \ / /\/ / / \ / \ \ \_\ \ \__\_/\ \/\ \/\ \ / /_/ / / \/ \ \ \_\ \/__/ \/ /\ \ \/ / / __ / / /\ /\ \ \ __ \ / / \ \ __/ / / / / / / /\ / /\ \ \ \_\ \ / /____\ \ \/__/\ /__/ /__/ /__/ / \/ / \__\ \__\ \ \/\_______\\ \______\ \__\/\__\/\__\/ \/ \__|\|_|\/__/\/_______/ \/______/ CONTACT US FOR ULTIMATE SWAPPING AND REMEMBER NO STUFF OLDER THAN MAXIMUM 3 DAYS! 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L S D (GHQ) Have a nice day, PLK 014 804 B 3500 Kassel Germany The PRISONER / LSD **************************************** *************************************** * * * * * I have still some room for a new * * CONTACT FANATIC FOR BANANAS * * contacts so write to CASANOVA for * * * * swapping some stuff. Write to: * *-------------------------------------* * * * * * Kari Piirila * * Postbox 18 * * Retuperankuja 5-7 * * 1782 Belfaux * * 14200 Turenki * * Switzerland * * Finland * * * * * *-------------------------------------* * Ps: Hey beginners and lamers, * * * * please don't waste my time!! * * send booze'n'girls * * * * * **************************************** *************************************** *--------------- PALACE ---------------* * * **************************************** * For ELITE swapping,contact * * CONTACT PALACE UNDER * * * * TYRANT * * - Pennywise of Eon - * * POSTLAGERND * * Fagertunv. 19 * * 8720 SCHWEINFURT 1 * * 3010 Drammen * * W GERMANY * * -Norway- * * * * No disk = No answer * **************************************** *************************************** ******************************************************************************** * * * If you want your advertisement published in this diskmag you have to send * * them to : * * * * Hyde: or Mic Dair: * * Harri Hytonen Aki Sihvonen * * Rakentajantie 4 B 21 Hirsimetsantie 103 as. 5 * * 15870 Hollola 15150 Lahti * * Finland Finland * * * * Prices: 1 add (80 * 12) = 10 Fmk * * 5 Dmk * * 2 Gbp * * 3 Usd * * 14 Nok, Sek, Dkk * * * * FREE advert for article ! * * * ********************************************************************************