Member since 1991.
Hitman, sysop, trader.

Allu Allu Alun Allu. THe sysop das traderz. Moved on to other groups but actually never remembered to leave Byterapers, which was naturally well used later when Albert started returning to his roots.

(B) was really Albert's step into fame, as he'd been running a looserBBS. The BBS was merged into (B), it was given a new name "Deep Thought". With some serious helping, uploading, downloading and advertising Deep Thought rose quite quickly to high ranking status.

Allu is also known for his actions in the (B)-meetings. He always came late, started boozing like a madman to catch up with the others and 30 minutes l8r he was puking. A few minutes later he passed out and woke in the morning asking what happened...