Pielavesi, near Iisalmi.
Member since 1994 or 1995.
Hitman, King Fart.
Byterapers specialism: fart king

While Enema could theorically be called a musician, few have ever heard anything he has made and those musics aren't exactly mainstream anyway. His main job in (B) is to fart everywhere. With great talent of throwing ultra dry jokes and megacrap stories he is always wanted company in (B) drinking evenings. Also he has the unique ability of controlling gas production, and can almost speak with his arsehole.

Email: pasireinikainen@email.com
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Enema's discography:

? place with co-tune with Hazard in CompuCamp'94 music competition.

2nd place in Motorola Inside'98 party music competition with tune "Interco 2".