Byterapers is an old group. You believe? No? Please, DO believe.

Because (B) is rather old as a scene-group, as we claim, we have had quite many members since 1986. Here we honor those who were and are no more.

Byterapers was very good platform for a lot of people into scene and greater life. While the group naturally had limits and rules for membership, promising people were given a chance even if they hadn't been in scene before or didn't have previous experience. And believe it, it was a lot of people who got the chance. For quite long time time the memberflow was constand, memberlist changing weekly, and many people were members only for a week or so in their testtime. A lot of people were kicked out, a lot left on their own accord onto greater destinies, and therefore ex-Byterapers exist everywhere.

Actually we have no idea how many ex-members there are. And who they were. Sometimes even our founders are surprised with people claiming to be ex-rapers, without remembering them. Geographically our members are pretty well centered into Scandinavia. While we were once international, even used name Byterapers Inc. Intl., having members in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Holland, our heart has been in Finland and around 1992 we decided to drop out all our foreign members, EXCEPT the first non-Finlander fellas in Stockholm/Sweden who actually are Finns living in Sweden. It was tough decision, and very unfortunate for those unlucky persons who were left groupless, but as a group we're now all (most) in one country, speak same language and have realistic chance meeting each other. It had to be done.

The basic formula for ex-members goes like this:

"location, either the living place in Finland or country if elsewhere"
"time of joining, lenght of membership"
"description, work, achievements"

Sometime during 1990's we sent a so-called "memberform" to our members with a number of questions. The idea was to put answers to our "memberdisk", which was spread among all (B) followers. Among other (B) information, those memberforms were to give information about other (B) members to those who didn't know each other so well, or lived far away. Filled and returned memberforms are listed both here in EX-MEMBERS and actual memberstatus-area.

* NOTE * Remember those forms were filled sometime in 1990 and their content has not been touched for historial purposes.

Byterapers Inc. memberform questions:

1. Handle
2. Your real name
3. Address
4. Telephone number(s)
5. Born at (age)
6. What all can you do? Your main job at (B) and all the rest: (how good? poorly/ a bit / good etc)
7. Computer(s) (previous/ now owned)
8. Hardware used? What things can you lend/friend has? (all, from extra drives to CRAY 2)
9. Your brief history. Life, groups you've been at (comments) etc. Just everything!
10. Do you have good personal contacts? Not only swapping contacts but friends that can sell for example cheap hardware? Or guys with special software etc etc etc...
11. What is the reason you're in (B)? Why you joined? What do you expect from group, and what all could be better? Is reorganization needed? Ideas how to inspire members?
12. When did you join, and what did you know about (B)? Has it been a mistake? Was it a honor to get inside, or just an act to get phone silent from joining-offers? Do you prefer BYTERAPERS over others? (yes this is a loyalty test!) Would you jump if offered to join by RED SECTOR, SCOOPEX, PARANOIMIA etc???????????????????
13. Your future plans? Main objectives? Are you going to do something great during next 10 years, or just sleeping? What you hope to happen?


The fabulour, glorious, famous, EX-MEMBERS OF BYTERAPERS

Extabulator (Amiga)

Member of (B) from 13 June 1991 to about 1992-93.

Memberform answers:

5. 140375
A cool fella, who was mainly a mailswapper. Moved into (B) from some long-gone Amigagroup (Society?), and stayed in group for a year or two before slowly disappearing comptelely from scene. If I'm not completely wrong, he was responsible for the first ever copyparty in Kajaani.

Kannibal & Dark Young (Amiga)

Members of (B) from 11 June 1991 to about 1993.

Memberform answers:
5. 290474
Dark Young
5. 100673

Two megaduuds, who could have been non-identical twins. Kannibal was a coder, while not a shining example of professionalism and skills, very good fellow who knew the art of having fun and had both pretty weirdo and most excellent ideas for demos - which he never finished.

Dark Young was his graphical sidekick, though never really drew anything to (B) demos. Or anywhere else except his own disks or some old pre-(B) demos. Anyway he was very good addition in group, since he wasn't leftovers from coolness/comedy-queue of Creation either.

Both were fanatical Byterapers and were actually often asked to join other, more profilic Amiga-groups of '92, but refusing the offers. When (B) slowly disappeared from Amiga-scene they got the idea of restarting their old group and then disappeared as well, after making intro or two.

Kannibal in 1991:

Future plans: "is not going to make replay routine... Working now with a new demo, developing new vectorroutines."

Kannibal was supposed to make the base for Old Farts Forver -magazine, but never managed it. His only true, released and finished (B) product was the Crazy Weekend Intro (v1 and v2).

UPDATE 09121998:
Vähän lukiessa tietojenkäsittelytiedettä, aika paljon bailatessa. Tosin viimeiset pari vuotta meneet erään kauniin naisen seurassa ja onhan tuohon vasempaan nimettömään ilmestynytkin sellainen kultainen rengas.

No mitä näistä vuosista voisi mainita? Ensinnäkin tietokone touhut on ollut kokoajan taustalla mukana, sekä harrastuksen että töiden merkeissä. Tällä hetkellä kotonta löytyy pari penaa, i100 ja i200 kaikilla mausteilla (ja tietenkin verkossa) toisessa on mm. 21" monitori joka on ohjelmointityön kannalta välttämättömyys, toisessa on "vain" 17", löytyy myös mm. virtuaalikypärä jne.
Muuten olen ollut vähän kaikessa mukana. Tanssinut, ollut valokuva- ja hiusmallina, harrastanut thai-nyrkkeilyä. Opiskelun alkuaikoina tuli tietenkin bailattua sairaasti, mutta nyt on hyvä jos kerran kahdessa kuukaudessa käy ulkona. Työnä teen suurohjelmistoja paperitehtaille Tieto-konsernin tytäryhtiössä. Että tällaista. Nyt itse asiassa juuri tällä nimenomaisella hetkellä rupesi taas Byterapers kiinnostamaan!!!! Pitäisikö pistää hakemus vetämään...heh heh. Kyllä vektorit pyörii PC-maailmassa, kun vain jaksais kaivaa turboassemlerin esille:-)

Kannibal's discography

Crazy Weekend Intro V1
Crazy Weekend Intro V2

E-Mail: Kannibal

Turtle Turtle (Amiga)

Has been in Byterapers actually twice, visiting Frantic and then re-joining in summer 1991.
Member of (B) from June 1990 / 23rd July to about 1993.
Musician, and co-leader for some time

Memberform answers:
5. 15.2.74
6. Musics and really awful graphics. Small swapping can be seen.
7. Amiga 500
8. extra drive/memory, sound digitizer, synthetizer, 1200 half-broken modem
9. loser group Amiga Union's founder-member, then MAC, then Securitate, (where I learnt most of scene) and now Byte...
(note then Frantic and now looking back for (B) )
10. Outlaw Ky I know well.
11. proton talked me over. I expected a "comeback" but no.. To coders all musics and graphics so they could even do something. To coders as reward from a demo 10 disks of stuff from swappers.
12. June of July... Terrible questions. I've thought of changing group but noo.. (2 times asked to Image). I would jump unless this "reorganization" ... No fear, I'm not going.
(note and two months later in Frantic. NO FEAR??? Errr... Well you and Python managed to disaster whole group...)
13. music music more music. I wait more work from coders... hell with this, I won't answer more!

Turtle's news from 1992:
Vaantaa musaa, ja sai inhottavan puhelinlaskun...
Istui viikon Pytyn kanssa Pytyn mokilla rietastellen....
Suunnittelivat demon, jos viela alkaisivat tehdakin sita.
Osti isot ja hyvat syntikat. Tekee parempaa musaa kuin koskaan ennemmin, ja valmisti jo yhden biisin Apocalypseen. Entas muuta? Samanlainen pikku konneli kuin aina ennenkin, harmi etta aantansa ei enaa kuule niin usein kuin ennen...

Pytty & Kilpis (Python & Turtle) coin 1992: will make many funny demos, serious demos, pervertic demos, ugly demos.... WHEN they will come, is another question.

Turtle was and is fine person, and did quite a lot of stuff in his Bytetimes. His released musics are many and numerous, and also a great many Bytedemos are blessed with his musical aura. One of the finer moments in Turtleous existence was the Byterapers Muzzax 7 - Turtle Mastertracks, containing disk full of Turtlesoundings.

He was a central and important character in (B) for a long time, actually doing much work and moral support. The disasterous moments were equally bad. When Grendel left for army, Turtle and Python were given the charge of the group - and under two months the work of six years was almost in ruins because loads of personality conflicts. Fortunately the trouble was solved and Turtle's soul wasn't damned for killing Byterapers.

Turtle is still alive and active, though no more in scene. He does actively music, in PC nowadays, and for example made the car sounds to Remedy/Apogee's racing game Death Rally. Turtle has attempted to take part in many other game-projects, but bad luck has made its best in spoiling the chances.

He is seen usually in bigger parties, has grown longer hair and doesn't suffer of hemophilia.

Turtle's Discography

Amiga - music in following productions:
Two Windows, 1991
The Beginning, 1990
Vectorballs, 1990
Dweezil Does Jazz, 1991
Super Cow Mega Demo Intro, 1991
The Official Intro, 1992
Rapiad, 1990
Vipuvapu partygame, 1990
Lettermania, 1992
Muzzax 7 - Turtle's Mastertracks, 1990

See also:
Meteli 2
Meteli 3
Meteli 4


Python (C-64 & Amiga)

Member of (B) from 1988 / 23rd July to about 1993.
Been in group twice :-)
Coder, modemtrader, sysop

Python in 1992: nalka..... eym. Will code a mega-space demo with Turtle and Drifter. Will eat a pizza. Koodaa kovasti pelia Avesoftille, ja jossain valissa pitais vaantaa ensin yksi demo ja sitten toinen suurempi. Teki vallan hyvan intron, ja tekee nyt hiirimenua, ja muuta pienta. Jouluksi pitais kasata viela Muzzax 8...

Python, the lilla brother of our legendary cracker Rockstar. Python was brought into our consciousness by the big boy, telling he's got a lil brother who's developing as coder and stuff. So it was. The immortal twins were soon a mighty piece of Byterapers fame, while R* did some or awful much of crackwork Python did... well, other stuff. He made some demos, some intros, including one of the really better ones ever from (B) and so on. Later he moved to Amiga, became a sysop, ran a fast BBS, traded, had a BBS with taxed lines, frauded, was catched and so on. Python's career on C-64 was rather long and good, and on Amiga same as well - while Pytty never managed to finish any demos, his works contain some good, some bad intros, and LOTS of planned projects. :-)

At one point Python started wandering from one group to another, visited Frantic, visited Complex but was thrown out, and finally returned to home. Then he slowly disappeared from scene, went into politics, went to USA to study and well, that's it....

Python's Discography

42blk intro, 1988
Incest 2 - The Sodomy -demo, 1989

Fatman -demo, 1989
Help on Astrogame -demo, 1990
The Official Intro, 1992
Black/White Official Intro, 1990
Bob-intro, 1990

See also:
Meteli 3
Meteli 4

TMB in typical position TMB (C-64)

Member of (B) during 1989.

Oma kuvaus: Rockstarsin varsinainen swappi-orja etten pahempi sanoisi. :-)
Neener neener!

And freely translated: I was acute swapslave of Rockstar.

Actually it was hard thing to remember if TMB was ever in Byterapers, and seems like many others had same trouble. It wasn't only before R* gave TMB's email and I managed to ask it from himself, TMB confirmed his ex-membership. Strange ain't it?

TMB wanted to say this:
tmb armeijassa:
73 virallista päivää joista 1/2 'sairaana', valittiin AUK:hon -> Ei perkele, sinne en mene! Sivariksi!

Loistokas ura siis.

Which tries to say that TMB was in army for 73 days, half "sick", after which he was selected to go to officer school, NO Way Hell, Wont go, so it's civil service then! A magnificient career.

Right now TMB lives in Germany and tries enjoy sauerkrauts. His reports claim locals can't drink beer well enough. Something the girls, too.

E-Mail: TMB aka Sami Salonen

Judge (Amiga)

Member of (B) from February 91 to about 1993-1994.
Swapping and graphics

Judge in 1992: What am I doing here? erh erh. Trying to make graphs, etc. Sai viimeinkin motunsa toimimaan (sai siihen virtalahteen jostain)... Vois lahetella graffojaan muillekin, esim Krentulle.... Oli sika lopettanut Apocalypsen graffojen tekemisen, kun katsoi ett„ siit„ ei ole mitaan hyotya kun demosta ei kuulu mitaan. Ei kai siita mitaan kuulu, kun ei ole graffaa... Nyt poika on taas tekemassa (toivottavasti) paria kuvaa sita varten.

Judge lived near R* and Python, and did some good swapping for (B). His skills as graphician were less excellent and his graphics were never used in any (B) product. Nowadays Judge is no part of active scene but can be usually seen in Assembly-party's booze-section.

Jugi (Perfect) (C-64 & Amiga)

Lahti (back then, Jyvaskyla now)
Member of (B) from 1988 to 1990
Musician and graphician

This THEN and NOW famous Jugi is noways employed by the mighty Complex-empire, but joined Byterapers around 1988 as graphician. Later in 1989 he started to discover his possible talents as musician, and contributed as firsttimer in Muzzax 6 - where his tunes were the finest pieces of musicial artistry available. During 1989 (I believe) he left Byterapers, in good spirits, to sharpen himself in new environments. Sometime somewhere Jugi lost his perfection, decided to be Jugi-vaan, and finally finished as a hobo in that final destination of 2nd quality veteran sceneduuds, Complex. During his (B) time Jugi P. also lived in near perfect harmory with Louko by living in same house - not in same APARTMENT thank gosh anyway. Jugi is still Perfectly active, locates himself in Jyvaskyla, can be found from bar Vakiopaine and resides in IRC #suomiscene and #coders.

Jugi's Discography

Graphics on:
Incest 2 - The Sodomy, 1989
Jbb+SCS1 -demo, 1988

Music & graphics in Astrogate, 1990
Graphics in Star Wars Scroll, 1989
Graphics in CSA 5th demo, 1989
Music in Fatman demo, 1989
Music & graphics in Byte Addict demo, 1989
Music & graphics in Colourcycle intro, 1990
Music in Bob-intro, 1990
Some musics & graphics in Muzzax 4, 1989
Some musics in Muzzax 5, 1989
Some musics in Muzzax 6, 1989


SCS (C-64)

1987 or 1988 to 1989
Proton / Complex ex SCS(B)

Later known as Proton of Complex, this Louko-man made a demo or two in his time in Byterapers. While being rather talented and knowing a lot about programming, he managed always to slip from actually doing mucho much. He is still active and can often be found in IRC #suomiscene and #coders.

SCS's Discography

Sword -minidemo
JBB+SCS1 -minidemo
(B) 1988 party invitationdemo


Randor (Amiga)

Tunkkari (Pohojanmaa)
Member of (B) since May 1991

5. 201072

Randor is a quite long-time scener, whose past was shamely brought into daylight when Grendel got a strange 'Rapers Muzax III' musicdisk (nothing to do with (B)), having Randor credited from graphics. The man was mocked badly. What a terrible secret from his past, dated at 12.02.1989.

Ok well. He visited army around 1992, though got thru rather easily. And what was he like as a Byter?

It seems that Randor's musics were never used in (B) products. That was more problem of style than quality. Actually, in our opinion, Randor was/is very talented and original music creator. One proof of that is clearly that especially when we were still pretty active on Amiga, many Byters thought Randor as one of the best composers there was. Unfortuately we stopped on Amiga before Randor had his chance of breakthru. Another problem, and actually the much bigger one, was Randor's regular problems with his A500 which kept on breaking down and often being in non-working condition for months. Plus those damned Amiga-diskviruses. The result was that he never maganed to finish, mush less publish songs he made. Those finished pieces we got weren't then demo-style, so they were reserved for the Muzzax 8 -musicdisk - which never got made.

Randor is still in computers, and has never actually left Byterapers. He is mentioned in ex-members page because he's neither been active for years, but we'll see, we'll see. Randor is now also a father, his firstborn coming out in december 1996.

Randor's Discography

Gathering'91 music competition, , ???
Music in the non-released Lettermania-demo, 1992

Merit (Amiga)

Member of (B) from October 1990 till 22 June 91
Hitman and mailtrader

Merit: partypartyparty. One of the more legendary Byterapers, though no way because his demotalents. But a top class Byteboozer.

Merit did rather lot of mailtrading in the older days, and his greatest single achievent was the arrangement of Byterapers' Gathering 1991 -party in Parikkala Finland summer 1991. In other connections Merit always managed to booze himself completely, doing many awesome stunts. In one (B) meeting he did that fabulous stunt of 'Merit Corleone', claiming to Telecom Finland that he is the Finnish executive of a international computer company Byterapers, Inc. We were trying to connect from a 'order-call-line' to a certain Finnish phone number, and Telecom Finland refused, saying it's not possible. After Merit's awesome stunt, which really sounded very very decisive, big important man not getting what he wants, Telecom Finland actually managed to connect us where we wanted. :-) The only trouble was that the other Byters in background were having trouble of not lauhing too loud.

As a scene-celebrity Merit was also great target of rumours, which once told he had joined Accession. His comment: good to hear afterwards which group I have joined.

Merit later faded away from scene, and when when (B) had stopped on Amiga he moved to Damones, I think, to share his boozing talents with the world. He is very active in his own circles, but is not seen in parties or other scenehappenings. As gift to the younger generation Merit has taugth the ways very well to his younger brother, who has followed Merit's ways more than well: Primon.

Drifter (Amiga)

Member of (B) from July 1991 to maybe late 1992.

Drifter in 1992: will start making a slide-show.. Vastuullinen aika monen tulevan demon grafiikoista, mutta ei paineita. Nyt aikaa alkaa tekeen graffaa koska tappokurssi on ohi, ja KAIKKI vaikemmat aineet/kokeet on ohi, joten graffaa alkaa nyt ilmestyyn! Tekee parhaillaan JTP:lle muutamaa kuvaa, maailmankarttaa ja paria logoa hanen Farewell-demoaan varten.

Drifter was a top-quality graphician whose bad luck was that he joined (B) when group was actually declining on Amiga. He did quite much excellent graphics, which were used in numerous smaller productions but none of those planned major productions, like The Farewell and The Apocalypse materialzed. Very understably Drifter left for a more active group, Frantic I think, and was very respected artist with some international fame as well.

Drifter's Discography


Graphics in:
Crazy Weekend Intro V1 & V2, 1991
Super Cow Megademo Intro, 1991
The Official Intro, 1992
Farewell - nonreleased, 1991
Lettermania - nonreleased, 1992

Mr. DT (Amiga)

From 1988 to 1990.

Mr. DT is one of the older generation Byters, and actually 1st gen Amiga-raper. He was taken in when (B) started on Amiga, and did very good work in spreading the holy message on that holy 16-bit platform. DT was the first active swapper in (B) alongside Grendel, and we can respect him in getting the early and middle -gen Amiga-works around. DT also put togerher the first demo/intro-collection disks we ever made on Amiga.

DT's career was a bit short, but successful. He disappeared from scene by moving elsewhere to study, and never came back.

Eyeball (Amiga)

From 1989-1990.

Eyeball was a pure mailswapper, with a number of contacts. Did good job, and also was a regular contributor to Scandinavian News -magazine. Disappeared from scene.

UPDATE 09121998:
Juu mä hävisin koko skenestä ihan sen takia kun amigani myin ja muutin vähän sinne tänne koko ajan niin ei tullut mistään mitään enää.


Rockstar (C-64)

Cracker, hacker, phreak, trader, swapper

Rockstar, also spoken as R* in these pages. This name is one of those most commonly associated to Byterapers, and not without reason.

Rockstar is the most famous, most talented and most active cracker Finland has ever produced to software houses delight. During Byterapers' dark days he singlehandidly brought (B) into world's cracking group charts top 10.

R* was a beginning hobby-cracker, when he approached (B). He passed the first test, and showed very good promise. He was then given more and more cracking work, making himself very soon the lead-cracker, others being just backups. With the increased workload his talents soon got better and better, so soon R* started making also trainers and fixes, own loader-systems and even making his cracks better than the originals. Meanwhile his younger brother Python was being trained as a hard-core Byteraper, and both were two of the most active and valuable members for a long time.

Rockstar also widened his capabilities by learning to compose, and actually surprised a lot of people making some quite good music.

During late 1989 Rockstar decided to move on, and left Byterapers. His leaving marked the end of one era, and though the rumours went on long time saying Byterapers has died, it was never so. Rockstar's leaving basically meant that (B) stopped cracking overnight. The bigger concequences were that we gave a lot of thought for (B) future, and decided that it was time to call it quits with the C-64. When Rockstar left Byterapers was on all-time high in fame, charts, products and everything, so when we were downscaling, let's end it all when we were on top. With this decision we managed to use Rockstar's leaving to make our name legendary on C-64, and concentrate on Amiga.

Rockstar still exists, and is actually one of the greatest phone phreaks and hackers in Finland. His great stunt was nicking the VISA-card from the chief of Interpol when he was visiting Finland. This was reported as a cover-story in one of the biggest newspapers in Finland as exclusive, and funnily enough, everything was denied next day. It is true, and it happened.

Contact information is not given for natural reasons.

Rockstar's Discography

Raper Pack -utility
Hotripp 16 with Rockstar's tune
Some musics
Hundreds of products better leave unmentioned

Black Belt & Shurigen (C-64)

From 1987 to 1990/1991.
Coding, trading, modemtrading and importing.

The criminal mind, Black Belt, was person a lot didn't like or even hated. While he was always actually a crappy coder with a terrible taste in designing his intros, he was active swapper with lots of contacts, and was great help in building Byterapers from the ground-level to internationally recognized crew. Later he recruited his local friends, a bunch of coders and such, to Byterapers under the name of Shurigen, as Shurigen/Byterapers. The names of Shurigen-members were never actually known in memberlists, and their products were limited to import-intro or two.

Today Black Belt is studying computer sciences, and has left his old scened beyond-the-law life behind.


Sardon (Mr. Arcade) (C-64 & Amiga)


Originally known as Mr. Arcade, he was the youngest Byterapers member ever. 13 years in 1987, he was rudely subjected to rough handling in the first Finnish copyparty, and Euku The Maker of Z-Circle actually threw him out of an open window into snow. In all friendship, of course. :-) Later he wisely changed handle to Sardon, and anybody can see why.

Originally he was taken into Byterapers because he was always-present local guy, whose begging of membership finally broke thru Grendel's nervous system and let him into just for getting the begging stop. Luckily it wasn't that bad situation, since because Mr. Arcade had a good start in swapping by getting his share from Grendel's fast-flowing swappings, he got a fast start and was soon doing his share in building (B) reputation by getting the releases around. His achievement is also the finding of JTP's "freelance demos", which resulted in JTP's quick hiring into Byterapers' ranks. This can be accounted as Sardon's greatest personal single achievement.

Later Sardon tried to learn coding on C-64, and he actually managed to release one short contact-intro. Unfortunately his coding-career never progressed further. During the great years of 'lets go to Amiga-fever' Sardon started swapping on Amiga, and did again his worthy share until he gradually withdrew from scene.

Today Sardon still exists and keep random touch with his ex-colleagues, while studying in Helsinki and attempting to conquer the world with commercial games producing.

Sardon's Discography

Vlooba -intro


Hoffi (Amiga)

Coder, sysop, trader

Hoffi is one of those scene-legends whose name shall not die. Originally Hoffi was in HTG, Hacker Trick Group, and became our friend in the early years around 1988. He was asked to join (B) numerous times, but Hoffi preferred keeping his own way. While Hoffi was somehow skilled coder both on C-64 and later on Amiga, he was known better from his excellent boozing habits which were actually reason for joining (B) - in Rockstar's 18 years birthdayparty in 1989 he decided to join our happy, drunk company in a total booze-out, and we had some totally cool time. His instincts started yelling for freedom under a year, though, and Hoffi decided to run free and wild - returning to the happy bunch of boozers known as Bloodsuckers and later being a remarkable founding member of Damones.

Hoffi's total career consists of numerous habits and achievements. He was both a very active mail- and modemtrader, sysop, phreaker, coder, partyanimal and boozer and so on...

Today Hoffi has turned into legality, and runs a BBS and Internet-ISP company in Kuopio-area. He is still active in demoscene, and while doesn't produce anything, he can often be seen in small and bigger copyparties crawling around completely drunk. He is also active DJ, with healthy interest in hardcore-techno.

You GOT to check this bit about Hoffi!

Hoffi's Discography

Byte Addict -demo, 1989

See also:
Fatman -demo, 1989


TWS (Amiga)

Sonkajarvi, near Iisalmi

TWS was the first Amiga-member. He was one of those really early pioneers of Finnish Amiga-scene, while not actually 'talented' to create demos, had 1st class contacts and trading. That way he sneaked (B) information into the minds of that time's best Amiga-groups, and when we actually started producing on Amiga ourselves we had surprising friends in the highest possible places.

TWS was a great fellow, first class person and Byteraper, able boozer, fast and reckless driver (really demonstrating why working seat-belts are great things to have around) and did many legendary stunts anyone can be envious of. His unfortunate split from (B) came from a short personality clash with Grendel, being actually a misunderstanding, but it didn't hurt the relations with anyone. As long as TWS lived in neighborhood he kept near touch with the local Rapers. In his time in Accession TWS moved on from excellent swapper to editor of the famed Scandinavian News magazine, which in his able leadership changed from a small tho potential hobby-mag into the best scene-magazine there has ever been.

Today TWS has left the scene completely behind, though his old disks from the early Amiga-scenetimes are still safely kept. Oh what treasures there are to be found. He lives in Nokia, is working very hard, has a wife and two children.

Growl (-)

Sonkajarvi, near Iisalmi

While Growl actually didn't do anything concrete in Byterapers, he was good companion and very original person. He also proof-read and co-authored Scandinavian News, which (in form of credits) was his biggest achievement in demoscene.

During his time in (B) Growl's primary function was working as leader of Byterapers Transportation Section. As he said in the Invitation demo to (B) party 1988 "the only good worthwile thing in me is the pink card".

While never really participating a lot, Growl left rather early for 'real life', spent one year in US, and moved away permanently to Helsinki, studying and working. He left (B) in same time with TWS.

Today Growl works as translator in Helsinki, and his works include a lot of computer-related material (game manuals) as well as RPG material, books and Ryhma-X (Finnish version of the American X-men comics).

Own liirumlaarum:

I've always been a user, not a creator. Although I've studied Basic, Pascal, and C, I've never had enough persistence to actually do anything with my budding skills... instead, I've enjoyed hundreds of games with my C64, Grendel's and TWS's Amigas and lately, with my PC systems. However, I've always liked hanging around with Grendel and TWS (especially our trip to Alvesta with a road-cruiser whose heater was always on... and temperature was at around 15 degrees centigrade so we had our own four-wheeled sauna with us).


WDO (Amiga)


WDO was a very short timed member, who was in Byterapers in test-time. He coded some small intro, which was never released as far as we know, but was removed soon for some reason that is no more located in my active memory-partition. I think it was because overall incompability with Byterapers' mentality.

WDO's Discography

WDOBob - unreleased.

Dweezil (Amiga)


Dweezil was recruited into Byterapers by Heatbeat, and was noted as very good and promising coder. Unfortunately the windy situation in Byterapers 1991, during Grendel's army-visit, finally led to his leaving with certain other members resulting in the end of (B) Amiga-career. Other reason to his absence was that Dweezil silently never approved the planned 'time-table releasing' that tried to make all releases happen in good, planned order.

Dweezil programmed and released a few rather good demos and intros, some of which were actually found only years later - he never mentioned them to others.

Dweezil was and is a happy fella, small in size, big in head, and talented in boozing and pot. His talents in coding have only gotten better during his later years, and nowadays he has found a home in the Complex-family.

Dweezil's Discography

1 Pixel Copper Plasma Intro, 1991
Dweezil Does The Jazz intro, 1991
Rapiad demo, 1990
Disk loader in Muzzax 7, 1990


Heatbeat (Amiga)

Musician & a little bit of coding

Name says it all. For Heatbeat (B) was the first major group, and after visit with us he has risen to a legendary status in musicmaker's league. The tale of Heatbeat's, the little bear's, recruiting is a nice one.

It was some day in 1990 when Turtle phoned Grendel telling there's a musician who should be joined to be _now_. HB had just joined some small crap group, and might be very easy to persuade to join (B) - and he was _good_. Turtle played a tune and two over the phone, and those musics sounded very good even over the foneline. So, maybe it was even the same day when phoneline was targeted into Heatbeat,

It was a bit of surprise when HB was found to be just 14 years, but that didn't matter. During his stay his musics found way to a number of (B) releases, being often the best piece in them - helluwa sign of genius. HB left (B) with Dweezil in the great 1991 mix-up, and after some wandering has been a important and possibly most famous composing member of Carillon & Cyberiad Research Institute.

Not only does HB compose music by computer, but by hand as well. He's equipped with a honorable selection of music instruments, and has infected his composing gifts into his younger brother as well.

Today Heatbeat is a member of CNCD, and is well known for his cyberspherical, wierdo musics unlike anything.

Heatbeat's Discography

Heatbeat's intro, 1990

Amiga - music in:
1 Pixel Copper Plasma Mini Intro, 1991
Heatbeat's intro, 1990
Lamedemo demo, 1991
The Landscape demo, 1991
Black/White Official intro, 1990
Rapiad demo, 1990


Hassan (Amiga)

Pielavesi, near Iisalmi

Hassan was a coder that the Pielavesi-member of (B) recruited. He was already a friend with them, so it was only natural decision to take him into the happy buncha. Hassan was still a developing coder, and actually progressed rather fast, but his productions were deemed to be only two releases, because he soon left for other waters for studying and didn't take his scenelife with him.

Hassan is still alive and seen regularly, but demoscene doesn't matter - and never hardly did.

Hassan's Discography

Vectorballs demo, 1990
Co-Coding on Vipuvapu-partygame, 1990
Muzzax 7 - Turtle's Mastertracks musicdisk

Jay Jay (Amiga)


Jay Jay was a Turtleous-member, found and commanded by Turtle, also leaving to Frantic with Turtle. Anyway he was also a good artist, whose logos are usually still checked when we need a logo for something. The only regret is that we never managed to release those products that were planned to have much Jay Jay's works.

Jay Jay's Discography

Amiga - graphics in:
Heatbeat's intro, 1990
Black/White Official Intro, 1990
Muzzax 7, 1990

Armalyte (C-64)


Armalyte was a interesting case. He was taken into (B) when Beyond Force kicked him out. The reason was more the competition-situation between us and BF, than the need for Armalyte, but he was ok member for his time. As coder he was lousy, and works were limited to one 'new member in (B)' intro, but his swapping was acceptable. His only public appearance happened in the DDG Digiparty'88. Armately soon faded away from scene.

Armalyte's Discography

New Member -intro

Monster 1992 Monster (C-64)

Oulu and stuff
Err, coder, err

Monster is a unique success story in Finnish scene.

He joined (B) for a test-time as a coder, and sent few demos as tests. When the demos arrived Grendel phoned him same day to say 'sorry, goodbye' though in longer words. The sad thing was that while Monster sounded like a good fellow, his coding was something absolutely terrible, worst I'd ever seen.

And what did this culminate to`In 1991 Byterapers released a demo 'Monster, My Nightmare' consisting of just those rejected pieces of crap code. It was recieved pretty well even, as a pretty good joke. And Monster, himself?

Monster had made a terribly good career as party-animal meanwhile. As a noisy and boozed Accession-man with awesome imagination, he stormed all copyparties and made friends to left and right. He always came equipped with new bunch of animal- and crap-pornovideos which people got together to watch. Also Monster took part in many smaller 'invitation only' Byterapers-parties. The picture that should appear nearby should tell everything. Oh yes, and he was also utterly ugly looking.

The most amazing thing in Monster's reputation as that he never really learnt to code, while being an active democoder. His ideas were absolutely wild, though. One of his most famous pieces of utter crap was that Graveyard Party Blues -demo, which bugged differently every single time you run it. Monster was really famous for his coding, since he NEVER debugged.

His most amazing success came in Byterapers 1990 -party, where his demo 'Jesus and the sheep' (which had Jesus located behind a sheep's anal and rest you can imagine) crashed after about 5 seconds - the halleluja -hymn managed to get thru, but just then Jesus dropped his pants and sheep said first 'baaa' it crashed. Oh joy what a fun moment. And that darn piece of code even got ranked higher than many 'working' products. Another stunt happened in Kajaani Society-party 1991, when Grendel and Monster tried to put an old Monster-demo into democompetition - without even changing scrolltexts. The only new thing was the text-screen while loading 'this is a new and improved version'. It got disqualified.

Monster's Discography

Monster, My Nightmare -demo
Incest 2 - The Sodomy -demo

KBS homepage - BEER HERE!

Shogun & co. (Amiga)


Shogun with his 2 pals were the first Byterapers Amiga-coders, and therefore also responsible for our first Amiga-demo, released in spring 1988.

*NOTE* this demo is lost-ware, and we'd be eternally grateful for someone delivering it to us.

Their only public appearance happened in the DDG Digiparty'88, which we all so much enjoyed, and the lost-ware demo was btw released there. The demo is also one of the 10 first Finnish Amiga-demos ever.

Shogun & co. were good fellows, who before summer had tho wandered to their own paths, moving into some another group (name not remembered) and disappearing soon completely. Nothing has been heard of them since.

Shogun Discography

The 1st (B) Amiga demo - lost in time.

SBT (C-64, presumably)


There is no records of SBT, other than name. If you know anything, please help.

MIY-88, Mr.T, Rolex (C-64)


These three fellows were so closely tied that they must be mentioned together. They were three pals from Lahti, the business city, joining (B) in early 1988 after meeting us in The Jezebels Union -party 1987. They never produced anything, though I cannot remember if any of them was skilled in at least SOME form of demoarts.

MIY moved into Finnish Gold in summer'88, and changed his nick as years passed by, MIY-89, MIY-90 etc. He hanged in scene more or less quite a long time, but finally slipped wholly back into real life. Nowadays MIY lives in Tampere and works in PC-Superstore, so he's still in computers.

There is no records of Mr.T's later destinies. If you know anything, please help.

Rolex hanged in scene longest, and his latest note backing far far back in time, tells he was in Freedom Force, a moderately successful early Finnish Amiga-group.

E-Mail: ?
WWW: ?

Motorsyntax and Mr. Hat (C-64)

1987? 1988?

These two fellows are just a passing note in long Byterapers' history. They were taken for a short test-time either in 1987 or 1988, and kicked out in matter of days or weeks, because complete lack of talents.

Kokis (C-64)


Kokis was a hangaround-member, whose secret was in active hanging around Grendel and Kasper. He couldn't be allowed into the actual group, so we created a "Subterranean Byterapers" to let him have good feelings. Subterranean Byterapers is some kind of precedessor for Byterapers Fan Club.

Kokis' real achievements happened as a supplier of el cheapo hardware from questionable sources. He disappeared from our lives when police decided local shops don't like him anymore, and sent him to a youth-prison.

Albion (C-64)

Coders, graphicians, musicians and such.

Albion was a whole small group that was appended into (B) for a short time. They were a bunch of talented coders and so on, but the special interest lied in Albion's musical talents, GLX, Zardax and Mixer - who were undoubtely the finest composers Finnish C-64 scene had. As a result, though, many (B) demos of summer 1989 contain some of the best tracks our products have ever had. And for a chance, not RIPPED from someplace else.

The 10 Albion-members weren't ever happy in (B) and soon splitted to control their own destiny.

Albion exists mostly in its (B)-days form still, though is not really actively producing and is known as Origo. Some Albion-members can usually be found in IRC #c-64.

Origo was formed by some of the Albion guys (BX, CLF, Crony, Destino, Mixer and Zardax), and was very famous demogroup. Thanks to Destino for few minor corrections here.

E-mail Destino or visit his homepage.

The Action Force (C-64 & Amiga)


The Action Force is one of the greatest success-stories that the Byterapers-family has spawn. In time of joining, TAF was a small unknown group with a bunch of potential. They were spoken into (B) by promises of independence and self-government which had magnificient results.

The Action Force worked under Byterapers label about two years, getting much better in art of demoprogramming, and during some lazy times kept up the (B) releases. Finally they grew into 'adulthood', and left in friendship to form their own destiny, becaming the famous and 1st class demogroup Contex. While we naturally cannot take the pride of teaching them everything we knew, bosch, they were always good enough by themselves, living under Byterapers-label gave them early a good reputation and chance to get better foothold in scene than it would have been possible when 'just' some 'Action Force' from Finland.

So Action Force/Contex is a descendant of Byterapers, and guys, your old papa has been proud. :-)

The Action Force released a huge number of stuff under Byterapers. There was this Hotripp-series of ripped tunes, few utilities and mucho demos. TAF also moved onto Amiga, and managed to release a Byterapers Amiga-demo during 1988 - without actually telling anyone about it. Its existence was found in a partytrip in Sweden.

TAF is still alive in its Contex-form, and while they're no more active, they can be found in IRC on #c-64.

Some of the Action Force members were:
Flex, Apollyon.

UPDATE 09121998: News about them by them:

Flex: Sain täs vihdoin ja viimein sähköposti-osoitteen ja tuli täs koulun tunneilla surffailtua tommonen kolmisen tuntia kaikenlaista 64 sälää etsien niin hieman postia sulleki. Uskomaton juttu miten 24-vuotiaasta äijästä tulee pikkupoika taas ku pääsee hieman lukemaan noita nostalgisia juttuja... Mutta hienoa!! Tosi viileet sivut oot tehny (B):lle. Pani vähän naurattaan se kuvagalleria... Pikku-Anttihan se sieltä löyty.. (14 tai 15v..) Joka tapauksessa.. Tampereella asun ja opiskelen rav.alaa nykyään. Iltaisin sitte soitetaan poppia ravintoloissa/discoissa. Oulusta tuli lähtö vasta 2kk sitte. Ite oon täällä DJ:nä Downtown Gardenissa!! Se on semmonen 18-22v. discomesta kävelykadulla. Vetää semmosen ainaki 500-600 kahteen kerrokseen.Joitain mun biisejä se on levittäny nettiinki nimellä Flex. Viimex oon musaa tehny kolme vuotta sitte ku asuin viel himassa ja koneet oli sielä.

Flexin lyhyt historia:
En kyllä ihmettele ettei kukaan tunnista, ku viimeksi oon pyöriny 64-scenessä aktiivisesti vuonna 1990.

Grendelin kans on aina sillon tällön tullu jutskattua.. Se vaa mainitsi (b)-bileistä ja ku olin netistä joskus aikasemmin nähny jonku mainoksen tulevista 64-bileistä, luulin et kysymykses on nyt juuri ne...

Lyhyt historia... 1988 tuli pyörittyä scenessä nimellä Devil/Action Force/(B)... Sitte perustin ryhmän nimeltä Contex vuoden 88 lopulla ja vaihdoin nimeä.. Flex/Contex oli nimi joka tuli itse asiassa erittäin tunnetuksi ympäri maailmaa. Sitte vuoden `89 lopulla perustimme Contexin sisään legalin grafiikka & musa poppoon Artline Designs ja kun Contexin lakkautimme 5/90, siirryin legaliksi, kokonaan Artline Designs nimellä. Oon huomannu et vanhoja (silloin jopa edistyksellisiä ennenkaikkea tyylinsä vuoksi) demojamme löytyy melko paljon netistä sekä yksi Artline Designs musakokoelma (käytin myös lyhennettä A.H).

Musaa tein vielä silloin tällöin jopa vuonna 92, jolloin julkaisin toisen ja viimeisimmän musakokoelman "The return of .A"...

Apollyon (Tero) valmistu nyt kesällä ekonomiksi... Sill on uraputki sitte tiedosa.. Asuu Vaasassa täl hetkel.. The Action Force Discography

Carillo -demo, 1988
In Action -demo, 1988
Some Logis -demo, 1988
Funmuzax!!! -demo, 1988
Hotripp -music series 1-16

The Action Force/(B) demo, 1988

Rex (C-64)

Graphician, trader

Rex was a graphical member during early 1988, but his career was woefully short. His pictures were found in the Rape 1-demo released in that time, butm for reasons no more remembered, he quickly disappeared from scene.

Rex's discography

Graphics in Rape 1 demo, 1988

The Damage Inc. (C-64)

Coder, cracker

The Damage Inc. was one man, who was very valuable during the early times of (B). He did a bit of cracking, though was quickly displaced by Rockstar, and coded a few demos and intros. They weren't that TOP-quality, but pretty good anyway, and were recieved well. Too bad he never participated in parties, so he was never seen in person. After a moderately successfull career Damage unfortunately faded away, though he surely had he potential for developing into a good democoder.

The Damage Inc's Discography

The Judges 1 -demo

Servant (C-64)


Servan't career and entrace into (B) was a stormy one, and widely astonished in Finnish scene.

The tale begun when Servant contacted Grendel, and even a short swapping with fonecall or two developed into successfull fraud between those persons. Next step was Servant abusing Grendel and Byterapers in his next demo, with (B) firing back in full in one of the better early demos Follow The Sign. The distrust and abusing continued mutually, and had all the chances of moving into full-scale scenewar. Then happened something surprising: Servant called Grendel and asked to join (B).

Naturally this was doubted very much at first, but when Servant's honest intentions became clear he was gladly accepted, as he was actually able coder and a good fellow. And a lot of jaws dropped around.

It was easy to drop the hard feelings, and soon Servant was a full-time and efficient Byteraper. He released several intros and demos, was a happy fellow and helped other (B) members in several ways. He was also very important background member in getting Byterapers into the World Top 10.

Servant left Byterapers in good feelings with Rockstar in 1989, and continued his career as one the most important Finnish sceners for a time. Later he changed priorities and is no more actively in scene.

Today Servant's exact location is not known. He worked on a big computer games/hardware importing company and had a long-time running BBS system.

Servant's Discography

First Kiss demo


Somewhere near Jyvaskyla

Very promising democoder, who was developing fast and released his first demo in later part of 1989. Very unfortunately Byterapers C-64 career came to abrupt stop soon after this, and Hotblack never continued his democoding in another group, which is terribly sad thing.

Hotblack's discography

Mega-Mix demo, 1989

Tractor, Weirdo, Sergio

Coder, graphician, musician

These three fellas seem to be very short timed members. If I recall right, they joined into (B) for test-time, and either left or were let go for incompability with (B) mentality pretty soon. Their only release, and actually only documentation in (B)-Files is the Gathering'91 party invitation demo.


Gathering'91 party invitation intro.



Radical was an able coder, who nevertless never managed to release anything in Byterapers. He joined (B) from Society, I think, and spent year or two in (B) ranks making lots of plans and developing routines, but never putting them together. At one time he was developing a game with Grendel, Turtle and Drifter, but because the plans leaked out into general public 'Byterapers are making a game' the project was cancelled. Radical was seen and heard periodically now and then, but finally faded into student's life. His only major project was Lettermania, which never got released for various reasons.

Radical's discography

Lettermania - never released.



He's been in Byterapers, but who he was, where, and why?


1990-1991 (?)

Rodder, at least I think so, was closely related to Jay Jay, and was a very good graphician. His works weren't much used in (B) products though, since his membership time was just when (B) lapsed into final laziness in Amiga-format.

Rodder's discography

Amiga - graphics in:
Black/White Official Intro, 1990
Vipuvapu partygame, 1990
Muzzax 7, 1990

Amazing Amiga Army
Amiga coders

Shortly known as AAA, Amazing Amiga Army was a existing small Amiga-group that was in (B) for a short time sometime around 1988. They did ok coding for the time, and we hoped they would join us permanently to provide (B) with Amiga-demos. Unfortunately they soon continued their own way, and slipped completely out of picture pretty soon.


This guy is a mystery. His existence was found from a old issue of SF Elite BBS

, and that's all. Seemingly a sysop with BBS Byte Alley in 1991, there's no other notes of him. His membership time is quite a record, 1 day.


King Fisher (C-64)

King Fisher Sweden

King Fisher is one of the most showing ex-Byterapers around the world. After joining (B) in 1989, he went on producing few excellent demobits and even showed up in the 1990 Byterapers party. KF was absolutely great fellow, and the most sad bit was that he lived in wrong country - if KF had been located near Byterapers' homegrounds he would have been a very central and proficient pal.

For some unknown reason King Fisher seems to think his time in Byterapers was very good indeed, and the 1990 (B) party in Iisalmi Finland one of the best he's ever been. There's no clue where those ideas have originated, unless the boozing has infected some Bytecells into his brain.

It's most remarkable that KF stayed in (B) even after the 1989 closing of C-64 division. After caming into senses KF went on and found his gold-paven road, finally finding permanent home with the legendary Triad and doing a number of best Triad demos there's ever been.

Today KF is... Hmm.. better ask :-) He also does a hard job in keeping the old scene alive, and restoring old bits of fame into WWW. He can be found in IRC #c-64

King Fisher's Discography

Still Strong / Megademo

Alfatech (C-64)


Alfatech was one of those better Swedish members Byterapers had ever the honor of hosting. He was terribly fine coder, and memory tells he did many fine parts for our demos. Unfortunately our C-64 catalogs are still uncomplete and we are unable to give exact info.

Later Alfatech worked in Norway coding console games, though we quite really wonder if he's there anymore - the company is quite untrustworthy if the stories are to be believed.

He was sometimes seen in Denmark in The Party parties, but exact location and later achievements are unknown. He was in Triad for a long time and created such a wonderful C-64 demos like Red Storm, for example, and worked togerher with Kinf Fisher. Later he joined Censor, and has moved (completely?) into consolescene.

Bacchus/FLT Reminded the AlfaTech was from Eskilstuna and was called "Cracker turken" (The cracker from Turky).

E-Mail: Alfatech

Stage 3 - Cydric,Radius, Trigon, Grapple, Hotshot, Capt. Haddock, Polo, CSA, Qix (C-64 & Amiga)


In autumm 1988 a whole Swedish demogroup, small as it was, called Stage 3 joined Byterapers. They were developing, promising fellows who already had healthy number a productions behind. Most of them stayed in Byterapers almost three years, and the coding guru CSA is still with us.

While only CSA went on creating a career on democoding, and wholly big career it was, the other members were a healthy mix of different talents. They supplied the group specially with needed graphics, a fast BBS and a lot of not-to-be-filled promises. Finally around 1991 most ex-Stage 3 persons left either due Turtle/Python's dismanagement, or were let go in the 1991/1992 removal of foreign divisions.


Radius: verry fast sysop/trader, whose BBS was one of the faster warezboards in Sweden.
Cydric: ?
Trigon: quite talented graphician.
Grapple: mail and videotrader
Hotshot: graphician, whose works were quite well used.
Capt. Haddock: ?
Polo: graphician, whose works were quite much used in CSA's early creations.
CSA: check elsewhere.
Qix: CSA's pal, otherwise not remembered.

The Zaints (C-64)


The Zaints was a wholly group that was assimilated into Byterapers around summer 1989. The interesting point is, that we wanted just a few members but thad to take whole 25 persons because they didn't want to be split. That resulted soon in interesting visit to a Swedish party, where Byterapers were originally the biggest group present, but got thinner by whoopy 23 kicked-out members - in the largest kick-out fest we've ever had.

Zaints-member's names are unfortunately anymore documented anywere so we'd be pleased for help.

Currently known Zaints' memberlist:
Foxy. Maybe Tron?

This is Tron, who knows where and when... Zaints' (B) time was stormy in other ways as well. They worked under name Zaints/Byterapers in our traditional self-government style, and released a small number of intros and demos, which were of good quality. The relations between them Swedes and the (B) Central were never good, though. After the massed kick-out the most important member, a coder, left claiming he had never had but just one logo, that had to be used in every possible place. Trouble was, he never asked for logos or graphics, which Grendel had by loads ready and unused.

Looks like most of Zaints-members went on to their own routes, some formed new groups and some joined existing ones. Most seem to have disappeared to the mists of history. More information is gladly accepted.

The Zaints Discography

Byterapers Chorus II, 1989


Jonez (Amiga)


Jonez's membership tale is interesting one. Around 1990 I heard of some Swedish guy calling himself a Byterapers' member, which was no way true. After getting address he was sent a threatening letter, and after short exchange he was now given a chance to prove himself. And joy, he was a pretty good graphician so he was finally taken into the group. He drew misc graphics from logos to fonts, some were used, and started working on our major project of that time, The Apocalypse, but our discharge of all foreign members outside Finland did him the unfortunate favour. Jonez's kicking was very unfortunate. He continued sceneing later, but we have had no sightings for years anymore.

Jonez's Discography

Amiga - graphics in:
Crazy Weekend Intro V1 & V2, 1991
Super Cow Mega Demo Intro, 1991

New Age (C-64 & Amiga)


New Age is one of those most remembered foreign members. He was readily a computer professional and wrote to the Swedish computermagazine Datormagazin, which made him very on par with Grendel. Besides, New Age was totally cool fellow. While he never actually did anything, excepting maybe a bit of swapping, his coolness made parties always a greater place to be. The friendship between New Age and (B) actually begun already in the first foreign party we'd ever participated, the Silents party 1988 in Alvesta, where New Age's heavy boozing habits made him natural friend of Finnish visitors. The bond was strenghtened in many later parties, and finally culminated in the happy accepting of New Age into (B) ranks. The cornerstone of all memorandums was the happy trip in 1989 to Denmark, done in New Age's terrible car which seemed to break down at any moment - and actually broke down soon after getting back. Oh that boozing. It looks like New Age never left (B), he just faded away.

The exact conditions of New Age today are not known yet, though he as far as we know still lives in J”nk”ping and works among computer industry.

UPDATE While Bacchus of Fairlight seems to have some trouble finding information, he gave a new bit of info about New Age. Bacchus claimed New Age was not mentioned here, though I think he is as you can read here . So what Bacchus had to say?
He was for sure a distinguished member at one time! He's currently RC in FidoNet for the Region20, which is to say he's the head of the entire swedish FidoNet!

Cool we say.

Taken in Ikari/Dom/Zargon-party Denmark 1989,
we see here (left->right) the famous hacker/coder Karl XII, New Age/(B) and Sky(B) Sky (C-64)


Sky's historical job is a hard one. The thing is, he is remembered as a great fella and a real Byteraper, but what he did in the group other than drunk beer and booze? Actually he'd fit into nowadays (B) very good :-)

He was a friend of New Age, and did a lot of partying with Byterapers both before his (B)-times and during them. Like New Age, he faded away from scene.

The Goldenchild


TGC was a happy, small fellow who is the only oriental-rooted (B) member ever. During time when (B) was sometimes charged as a rascist group TGC was quite a living proof that it wasn't true because he left the party unscratched where the Finnish members saw him live for 1st time :-)

TGC was one of the most active Swedish (B) members, and did a lot of good for (B). He can sometimes be seen in IRC #c-64.

Block (C-64)

1988 or 1989

Block was a result of large expanding in Byterapers, when we attempted to get members in any country possible. Not much thought was given to closeness and organization, but the coverage of (B) was more important. While that naturally helped spreading our products, Block is the first and only Dutch Byteraper and his (B) career was rather short for natural reasons. There's no clue what he did in Dutch scene, other than at least limited swapping, but it is hoped that he visited some Dutch parties wearing the Byterapers t-shirt he was delivered :-)

Byterapers Australian Division - The Control, Mogwai & Birdzone (Amiga)

1990 winter

Memberform answers:

The Control
5. born 2nd July 1969
6. coder - good, music - a bit, graphics - a bit, eating - excellent
7. Sys-80 *, C-64 *, Amiga 500, Amiga 2000, IBM XT Clone * not used anymore
8. (amiga 2000) - 2 MB fast ram, 1 MB chip ram, 4 3.5" driver, sound digitizer, printer etc etc etc
9. 1. Hitch Hikers - Australian group - released little - groups biggest success XXX slide show. 2. Attrium - A couple of demos - but a go nowhere group. Group disbanded due to lack of interest.
3. Force - Did a good disk magazine (may continue it for (B) ) - A few good demos - left Force to go solo with Mogwai + Birdzone. 4. Zem - Did one or two demos and almost straight away joined (B).
10. Maybe??? (my main purpose is a coder)
11. Reason - because! : expectations - spread anything we do, get some nice music for productions.
12. No comment
13. Speeping is good! Maybe we will release a few demos. I might send some music to be on a music disk (if it sounds good). As you can see I can't keep serious fod long, I'm just a fun guy - now I put my straight-jacket back on...

The Australian members of Byterapers were the result of interesting mix of time and happenings. They contacted Grendel, and sounded like a good bunch of knowledgeable guys. Unfortunately, whatever the coding level was in Australia, it was sub-par in Europe. Their single demo was barely ok, and was usually watched 'oh my, Byterapers have gone really low' until people noted that it was done by Australian guys. The demo was released during a bit stormy and silent time, as a sign (B) was still up, as a messenger - it had a longish text file attached telling about things, but unfortunately most stupido collection-makers omitted it. Originally it was decided that the demo wouldn't be released at all.

The sad thing is that those Australian fellows were very mature and 'civilized' persons. They were older than a normal scenedude, were in university and so on, very good sounding people, but the scene-conditions requires their dismissal. Luckily both sides were thinking along same sides, as they were getting too busy with studies and managed to inform they want to withdraw from scene before Grendel managed to send a dismissal-letter.

Australian's Discography

Lamedemo, 1991



Walkman was a Norwegian musician, whose destiny was to become one of the most respected musicians in whole Amiga scene ever - Walkman of IT. His only appearance in (B) happened in Action Force's Amiga demo.

Walkman's Discography

Music in Action Force's demo, 1988