Founding member.
C-64 & PC, coder, wizard and hitman.

The brains behind Byterapers, Kasper was a local celebrity around 1985 and 1986, the cool guy with most games and continuingly developing skill in making cool stuff. Oh those first intros, a REAL INTRO, CODE, COOL, by a local guy.

Kasper's genius finally led into inventing Byterapers-name, generating the original booze-fanaticism and giving group the style which has been followed since.

While Kasper coded all the early intros and demos, his wizardry with hardware was also unmatches. Some of those fine inventions were Amiga mouse adapted into C-64, and coding Vic-20 to work as a mouse-driver for C-64. Oh, my. Kasper also developed all his tools, and built own cartridge for his coding/cracking works.

Kasper retired in early 1988, and followed (B) development with increasing alieness till he mostly disappeared around 1992. His old group had changed so much that Kasper was no more familiar with most of the faces, but the Byterapers-ideology is still strong within.

There would be no Byterapers without Kasper.

One interesting thing about Kasper is that he was always a "lone coder". He did things for his own fun. It it was for something else, no way. If it was Byterapers' needs or someone asking something, no way, unless it was especially "self motivating". Not much of surprise then that Kasper had to be bribed if something was wanted out of him.

The big cornerstones, at least as far as Grendel right now remembers, were the Finnish->English conversions of best pre-international-swapping time intros (driving force being here a big chocolade disk from Grendel), and the worst thing when Kasper was slowwwwwwly coding his quite famous "Green background slow vertical scroller" intro. To get this ready to FIG/TJU party in Dec'87, Grendel needed to dig his purse and promise Kasper a bottle of Koskenkorva-booze for making it. Kasper had sudden surge of coding motivation.

Kasper's discography:


kasper intro: judge dredd, 1986
kasper intro: dandy, 1986
kasper intro: ace of aces, 1986
kasper intro: druid, 1986
kasper intro: galvan, 1986
kasper intro: trivia pursuit, 1986
kasper intro: antiriad, 1986
kasper intro: tarzan / the boss, 1986
kasper intro: death or glory, 1986
kasper intro: nemesis the warlock, 1986
kasper intro: delta, 1986
kasper intro: f.g.t.h., 1986
kasper intro: nightshade, 1986
kasper intro: short circuit, 1986
kasper intro: 1942, 1986
kasper raster intro v kokis, 1988
kasper is back, mini 2blk joke, 1989
a bad joke, 1988,
lords of midnight picture editor, 1988

E-Mail: kasper@iki.fi