Member since 1995.
Coder, hitman.

Sivu is one of the more recent addition to Byterapers, but it feels like he's been one of us forever. His mentality and weirdness fits our overall style perfectly, and of course, sometimes Sivu starts finding all the nitpickings on any possible thing.

He's coding on PC for some time, and seems to be developing all the time, or at least when he tries to. A lot of his time is though spent in the common Byteactivities, going around and around and drinkadrunking.

And those stories. They're something special. Sivu has ability to remember awful much completely stupid and time wasting stories that have no clue about anything. And he can make them up as well.

Sivu is usually found on any possible parties and melts into the (B) Black Coated Men club perfectly. His greatest achievement was the successfull delaying of (B) 1st PC demo "Drill Me, Please Me's" release, by 'fixing' it for 2-3 months. And still it was buggy. Cool!

Sivu's discography:

1st place in Juhla 3.14 musiccompetition, 1996.

3rd place in Motorola Inside'98 graphics competition, "Fidel Castro", 1998.


Drill Me, Please Me demo, coding, 1996, 1st place at Abduction'96
Pandemic -demo, coding, 1997, 1st place at Abduction'97

Ya'dot Klimon -demo, coding & 3D Scenes, 1997, not placed in The Party 7