Suckho Suckho.
Member since 1997.

Personal informazioon:

Real name: Saku Tiainen
Born: 08-06-78 in kuopio
Size: 194cm / 90kg (yeeh, bigger than you?)
Location: i'm nowadays studying information technology in tampere university of technology living in notorious building called "Mikontalo" like also MrSex, DrDick and Gurdan do (visit us anytime). sometimes i'm spending time at home in kuopio or somewhere else (only god, satan or santa claus knows).
Loves: computers, snowboarding, good music, booze
Hates: ööh?

Scene related information:

Handle: Suckho
Groups: Eufrosyne, Byterapers
job: coder
Releases: (eufrosyne) disco volante (in64), blind (in64), tone (demo), gabba gabba hey (demo), timezone 13:00 (demo) (byterapers) ya'dot klimon (demo)
History: i got my first computer, c-64, somewhere middle eighties or something.. i was interested in demoscene very early because of some scene gods like Hoffi and Wicked of bloodsuckers living near, but i didnt really belong to the scene until 1995 (in fact 1996) when we started our own group, Eufrosyne, and released some productions. many people had asked me to join to their group or code something for their demo but i didnt so i dont really know why i said "yes" when Sivu and Micron asked me to join (B) at Oluset'97 beer party in Iisalmi, propably just because i was so drunk (they were too, heh).

Official discography:


Ya'dot Klimon, coding & 3D Scenes, 1997, not placed in The Party 7
200 Bytes of Party Beer, coding, 2000, 10th place in Assembly'2k

Irc: #byterapers, #suomiscene, #vermu