Member since 1992.
Musician and Hitman.

Tobbana is das cool man who is Byterapers' house-musician, but unfortunately his musical tastes are quite far from demostyle so we much usually look elsewhere for music in our demos. Being both computer- and real musician, playing bass, guitar, keyboard and doing singing too, he does gigs and sometimes has a Byterapers-crowd shoting "TOBBANA! TOBBANA! TOBBANA! TOBBANA!". Once we didn't even know the band's name, and it was raining heavier than ever during that summer, but there we were, throwing out T.o.B FunClub -flags!

ToBbAnA and own words: "Holy smoke, gimme smoke. As you can read ahead, I really am a father of quite pretty girl, and I'm proud of it, who wouldn't. So that's all about girl.
Next case is my band(s). At the moment I have just one band called WANDA, and we're going to release our first single or EP. It'll be out later march, and we hope you like and buy it."

Another T.o.B introduction: T.o.B is the house-musician of Byterapers, though his musical style is unfortunately rather less demostylish and therefore he isn't used much in (B) demoproduction.

He is the second Byteraper who started continuing his family with the birth of his daughter Niina-Maaria in spring 1996. Actually very unexpected family-happening, since T.o.B heard of the birthing just 2 weeks before - and since child was born a week early, he had just one week pre-warning of fatherhood. Her birth was celebrated with very boozy evening and night with Grendel, who was asked to be the godfather.

T.o.B is a real-life musician as well, and has played on numerous bands and tries very hard to create a professional career. So far his true career is unfounded, and he continues the seeking of good band-fellows who are really interested in music and can do some serious playing. While being primarily a bass-player, he can do some pretty good magic over keyboards, few bits with guitar and a lot of good, rough-voiced singing.

As a member of Byterapers Boozers Club, T.o.B has been invaluable. His abilities in boozing are top quality, like a real Byteraper should have.

T.O.B also carries the official Black Coated Raper -label, dressing in long black coat, as well as having a long hair, striking terror into old people's hearts while strolling around the streets.

He has been a (B) member since summer 1992 and started making computer music on a Amiga 500. During 1995 he upgraded into a PC, and nowadays is equipped with a SB AWE32 with Korg-midi-synthetizers. His computer musics are primarily differently styled rock'n'roll-stuff, with a number of pieces easily classified as folk-songs, humorous lallallaas and wierdos.

T.O.B is known in limited circles, and probably not abroad. His musicstyle is not 'popular' which would win awards and votes, and perhaps his limited fame is gained as well from boozing in parties as from actual music.

Official discography of music-competition entries:

Microyazz.mod - not qualified at CompuCamp '94 music compo.
Tititaatiti.mod - not qualified at Assembly '93 music compo.
Werewolf.xm - 2nd place in Juhla 1 music compo.
1stech.xm - 17th place in Abduction '95 music compo.
Sfpoppis.xm - 1st place at Juhla 2,5 music compo.
Whocares.xm - not qualified at Assembly '95 music compo.
Jeefinal.xm - 3rd place at Juhla 3.14 music compo.
Minus(B).xm - not qualified at Abduction '96 music compo.
Fast.xm - 3rd place at Abduction '96 fast music compo.


Meteli - Epailyttavia aania, 1992
Meteli 2, 22.06.1992
Meteli 3, 13.09.1992
Meteli 4 - Jumala Special, 07/1992
Meteli 5 - Kepu Speshiaali, 10/1992


Pandemic demo, Designing, 1997, 1st place in Abduction'97 democompetition
Ya'dot Klimon demo, 3D Scenes, 1997, not placed in The Party 7

E-Mail: tob@susi@ysakk.fi
Homepage: -

Few of the congratulating e-mails T.o.B recieved after finding himself as father.

From: David Van Dromme
Subject: Re: Happy (B) happening

At 14:02 15/03/96 +0200, you wrote:

>T.O.B/Byterapers, the wonderful amiga/pc-musician with so many classical and famous tunes known all over Finland, is now a father. This less-than-happy occasion happened 1 1/2 weeks ago, father knowing of the coming happening only 1 week before. 3090 kilograms, healthy girl. Grendel/(B) has been nominated as her godfather :-)

My congratulations to both the parents and the godfather ;-) If hope the girl will have a good health and grows up to be like one of those -famous- Finnish beauties, which Finland is very well known for... (atleast in the postoffice I work etc. , after my collegues saw a picture of Jazz ;-) )May she inherited some of her dads talents aswell 8-)

>So one more scened00d to rock on computers in 15 years from this.

Erm Dood? Shouldn't that be GIRL?

>> 1 1/2 weeks ago, father knowing of the coming happening only 1 week before. 3090 kilograms, healthy girl. Grendel/(B) has been nominated as her godfather :-)

>> So one more scened00d to rock on computers in 15 years from this.

>Allrightie.. Let us just hope she doesnt become a sysop... (:

>/JUCKE ex-GENESIS*PROJECT (hey, did you get that joke?)

Congratulations.... had the same luck just 3 Years ago...

It's not that easy to keep an eye on my little whirlwind 8^)))