The basic formula for members goes like this:

"Location, either the living place in Finland or country if elsewhere"
"Time of joining, lenght of membership"
"Description, work, achievements"

Sometime during 1990's we sent a so-called "memberform" to our members with a number of questions. The idea was to put answers to our "memberdisk", which was spread among all (B) followers. Among other (B) information, those memberforms were to give information about other (B) members to those who didn't know each other so well, or lived far away. Filled and returned memberforms are listed both here in EX-MEMBERS and actual memberstatus-area.

* NOTE *

Remember those forms were filled sometime in 1990 and their content has not been touched for historial purposes.

Byterapers Inc. memberform questions:

1. Handle
2. Your real name
3. Address
4. Telephone number(s)
5. Born at (age)
6. What all can you do? Your main job at (B) and all the rest: (how good? poorly/ a bit / good etc)
7. Computer(s) (previous/ now owned)
8. Hardware used? What things can you lend/friend has? (all, from extra drives to CRAY 2)
9. Your brief history. Life, groups you've been at (comments) etc. Just everything!
10. Do you have good personal contacts? Not only swapping contacts but friends that can sell for example cheap hardware? Or guys with special software etc etc etc...
11. What is the reason you're in (B)? Why you joined? What do you expect from group, and what all could be better? Is reorganization needed? Ideas how to inspire members?
12. When did you join, and what did you know about (B)? Has it been a mistake? Was it a honor to get inside, or just an act to get phone silent from joining-offers? Do you prefer BYTERAPERS over others? (yes this is a loyalty test!) Would you jump if offered to join by RED SECTOR, SCOOPEX, PARANOIMIA etc??????
13. Your future plans? Main objectives? Are you going to do something great during next 10 years, or just sleeping? What you hope to happen?