(B) members have visited many parties, and somehow some of these visits were documented.

Our reports in Finnish parties can be read from the Finnish partyreports. Here you can read stories how Byterapers members have enjoyed parties elsewhere.

WEB-exclusive: Silents & Stage 3 -party in Alvesta 1988
At The Silents & Horizon-party Alvesta 1989
A legend comes true: Grendel in party!
Short stories about following parties: Finnish Gold 1987, Silents/Stage 3 party in Alvesta spring '88, DDG Digiparty'88, BYTERAPERS INC. COPYPARTY in August 1988, Silent/Horizons party in Alvesta 1989.
The legend continues II: Grendel again partying abroad, in Triangle/Gang/ Amigalords party in Karlstadt/Sweden 1989.
The legend continues III: Ikari & Zargon -party Denmark 1989. Includes 1996 and 1997 updates!
WEB-exclusive: Tribute'95

WEB-exclusive: Silents & Stage 3 -party in Alvesta 1988
By Grendel

Oh my. That was our first partytrip abroad and man, it was really something pretty cool. Whyzza? Everything went to perfectly you see. The trip was made by Grendel, Growl and MIY-88 of Byterapers and Gryzor & Axa of X-Men. We first travelled to Lahti, and from there on continued in MIY's huge ship-like yankee-mobile. The fun point was that all the travelling expenses were paid by Iisalmi City, as this was a "familiriazing and learning trip" to larger world's computer fairs. Of course, Byterapers was and is an official youth-organization around here.

And that large car... Was actually darn small for five. We were very cramped. And the stupid heater was on for all the time. Finally we manged to enter the party. It was pretty exotic, since oh my, the biggest party in Finland had so far seen about 40-50 people. Here was HUNDREDS!

In the actual party didn't then happen all that much, we made some contacts and pals and had overall some pretty good time.

It changed into very interesting times when we were coming back. Our friends had arranged us a sleeping place at Stockholm, but then started happening. There was two Station-named metro stations, and we were waiting in the wrong one. Then our driver managed to lose the paper where was address to the fella who we were meant to meet, but after a long furious searching the dumass found it from his own pocked. So finally we surprised everyone by finding our way there all by ourselves.

The werry funmp bit was next morning, when our host managed to silence the focken alarm clock and when one of us finally woke up we noticed there was only half an hour (!!!!!) before our ship would leave. We made a world record getting there. We naturally had our computers up there in that real high apartment house, and did a verry fast work dressing up, disassembling the computers, packing everything into the car and zooming into Stockholm's centre from the suburbs. Then we had trouble finding route to the ship's loading area, as all the darn roads forbid turning wehre we wanted to go, at one moment we found ourselves on a freeway leading away from Stockholm so we did fine U-turn, illegal, and did another forced very illegal turn to finally get where we needed to. We were the last car driving into that ship.

The rest was pretty normal. Got home and so on.

It was a good, interesting trip and I think we were the first Finns in a foreign copyparty.

Source: Scandinavian News #6 December 1988
by Grendel

At The Silents & Horizon-party......

Again it was time for a party in Alvesta, this time it was to be arran- ged by TSL and Horizon. Last time it was by TSL and Stage 3, by the way.... Of course Byterapers were about to go there, as we were presented there also last time, in spring '88.

This time the party was expected to be better than last time, as it was quite a lamerparty at spring, only few good groups were presented. Now there was surely coming for example HTL and other cool people.

But what a fuck? I didn't see there any guys from HTL, so again there was empty promises flying around. Instead HTL there was hundreds of LAMERS. Rooms full of lamers. Somewhere, hidden among lamers could be find some cooler groups but they were really hidden. Horizon, Silents, Triad, S451, FLT, The Gang, Defjam, Riffs and propably some more good crews, I just can't remember them (sorry).

There was also more baad things than all those lamers around. Some rules.... 5 of them... Others weren't too bad but then that ugly one: NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED! Can you imagine a copyparty without any alcohol?????? I can't! I was terrible.. Anyway there was much people drunk, lets especially mention 5011/TRIAD, who was really drunk wandering around the place and talking everyone jokes about Silents ( TSL = The Silent Lamers )(Hey 5001 - contact me, ok! Address to be find in this issue somewhere). I can remember well also some guys with some booze of 95% (bet they didn't drink it) walking and showing the bottle to guys there.

This party wasn't too good, I must admit. It could have been really cool, but that idiotic rule NO ALCOHOL ALLOW. spoiled most of the fun around(from me) so... In fact it wasn't a copyparty at all, better say it was a copy-meeting (no booze - no party!).

Anyway I'll be in the next Alvesta meeting (alcohol better to be allowed, otherwize I'll bless Kasper's Curse upon them), so watch our for a crazy Finn there. ....

Source: Scandinavian News #6 December 1988
By Grendel

A legend comes true: Grendel in party!

For a long time I've had a strange feeling while travelling in copyparties that there's an unknown force, which affects something surely goes baaaaadly wrong in that trip. This was to be proved in the Alvesta (Lamesta-meeting) because again something went really wrong. But let's have the history to prove the existence of that "POWER":

The first time I went to party was at the New Year '88, at Finnish Gold's party at Jyvaskyla. The crew who went there from Iisalmi / surroundings was Grendel (I), Mr. Arcade (now Sardon,the true junior of the group), Prof. Fate, Kasper, TWS and Lanttu (our very famous mascot). Kasper went there by train, others drove the in Prof. Fate's Lada ( LadaLadaLada.... ). The distance was about 300 kilometers. Do you know what happened? NO? WE GOT LOST! WE DROVE 100 KM TO WRONG DIRECTION!

Yes... We forgot to turn after city (village?) Kuopio, as we visited a gas station and had really fun afterwards when remembered the looks of the staff of gas station when they saw me. I had a true hippie-costum on me, long coat, my 'party-hat'(djupfryst)(yes, the same has I used at Alvesta & all other parties I've been at ) and lots of things all over me . I also carried a Byterapers - flag, and cheered with it while visitors/staff looked at me...... Well, remembering it was so fun we totally forgot we should turn and drove happily laughing past it. After 40 km someone started to wonder are we on the right road.. Others started then claim we're lost but I didn't first believe it. Finally also I believed it and we had decide what to do then. We went to Varkaus and tryed to find right road to Jyvaskyla, which wasn't the easiest task to do. Finally we got to the party but again we were about to get lost twice. I came back by train with Lanttu and others by the 'car'. So I unfort. lost the pleasure of broken car. Not in fact broken, its excaust pipe just got crashed and the ' car ' made some werry terrible noises in the way back home (300km).

Second time I went to a party was, if I can remember it right was Silents/ Stage 3 party in Alvesta, spring '88. In other ways the trip was ok, but we nearly missed our boat back to Finland after the party. Boat was to leave at 8.30 (AM) and we woke up at 8.00 (AM ). We were in the wrong side of Stockholm, computers inside the houses plugged, disks around and everyone quite sleepy. We got again lost twice, first time was easy, but in the 2nd time we had to drive that very wrong road for 2 km before we got a chance to make a u-turn and get back to the ship. Worsest of all was that we already were just in a few hundred meters from the ship, we saw it and then we could't turn where we wanted to. ARGH! Somehow, we made it , we were the last passangers to enter the ship. The ports were closed just after we drove to tull. It was near....

3rd time I went to copyparty there was no bad mistakes etc. It was Digitize Design Group's Digiparty'88. Just Growl was about to wreck my mother's car I got lended. Kasper and Prof. Fate couldn't afford to come with us to the Digiparty made by DDG, so after long talks my mom lended her car to them. I and Growl visited the near village and then in the way back to party he drove TOO FAST in a road worth of only horses. He nearly drove off the road. Afterwards my brother checked the car and said he did find some scratches from the car which weren't there before and told he is sure Kasper/Prof. Fate made them in that trip. No, it was just Growl who nearly destroyed the whole car.

4th party I was at wasn't bad at all, there was no accidents ( for me ) as I didn't need to drive anywhere. It was our very own copyparty, BYTERAPERS INC. COPYPARTY in August 88. It was fun.....

And now: 5th party I'm at. TSL's (The Silent Lamers (haha)) and Horizons party again in Alvesta ( Lamesta ). Shortly the next happened:

-We nearly died once when The Wicked / Bloodsuckers, who drove the car tried to drive under a biig truck.

-He nearly lost the control of the car several times, and was about to leave the road (he seemed to think woods were much nicer place to drive car).

-He turned many times to wrong roads, for example once in Jonkoping he tried to drive to Goteborg instead Helsinborg

-ALCOHOL WAS NOT ALLOWED IN THE 'PARTY' This was very hard to all of us ( I , Wicked and Sky), but especially for me, because I had bought 18 cans of beer (Heineken/Karlsberg) to drink.

-Our car broke down in the party when I and Wicked went out to buy hamburgers

-Again the car broke down, now in the center of Stockholm at Sunday-evening, 16.35. One hour went before we got a contact to someone who could repair the car. We had to wait after that 40 min. for the towing-car, in very cold wind which freezed us. Finally it came, and the guys told us car can't be repaired that night. They got a taxi for us, and so we drove to the Viking - Line's main terminal to wait the ferry to Finland. And now we got the best news of that superior evening:

-OUR SHIP HAD MADE A SHIPWRECK!!!!!!!! We all got a hysterical shock, laughed like crazys ( I think we were - car broken twice and ship on a rock.......) and the officer & other peoples in the terminal looking to us , propably wondering are we perhaps dangerous mads or what.

So we got a free night in a good hotel. Next day was spent in homes of some B yterapers - members located in Stockholm. Finally we got to the ship.

Source: Scandinavian News #3/89
by Grendel

The legend continues II Grendel again partying abroad

Oh yea the time finally came, moment I had been waiting for so long: c-party arranged by my old friends from The Gang/Triangle. I visited the local ALKO (place in Finland you buy the booze, it is the same as Swedish Systembolaget), and bought some rhum and vodka for me and the other Byteraper, Hoffi, going to party with me. I got onto the train and soon I was in Kuopio. Where Hoffi was lurking? I was in quite panic with fear that Hoffi wouldn't appear but he finally showed up. From this on it was quite ok, but there was something I had forgotten: to reserve us seats. So we had to move our asses many times when people came and told us that we were sitting on their seats. Once we had to stand for about 100 km.Anyway we got to Turku, and onto the ship. Uhh... It was over. We were on our way.

Ship-trip was fine, except the idiots at tax-free-shop refused to sell us any booze because in Sweden one's to be 20 years to buy even beer (urghhhh!) (but anyway we managed to buy beer next morning). We marched around the ship, and wow was it a lame place.Nothing too interesting (except arcades (most very old ones like Commando, Xevious (and Commando's controls were out of order (grr)). We visited a pub and drunk an I.R.A.'s Special (very good, order it sometimes. It consists of: Sugar, Vodka and hot water (!!)). Well, we got quite bored to all and decided to go to 7th floor to get something to eat. Guess where did we find ourselves? From the 1st floor. I still wonder what happened to the lift... Who cared? There was a disco and we went there. Cool. Sabrina singing boysboysboys big tits flying. Sat down, and looked the girls dancing. Ahh. Then went over to get some drinks, and when came back our places had been taken over.Asked from one guy if we can sit in his table and then he told us good stories for the rest of the night.

Like: there were two other groups of people wanting to sit down in front of us that night and we were the first ones to speak the REAL language. First group talked Swedish, the 2nd talked Swedish, English, German and Dutch. EH? Anyway, fun it was. There was a lady that sat down and gave us a very entertaining night. Hehe, she said I (Grendel) was very much like her ex-man having as long a hair. Unfortunately I couldn't cook like him. She was quite sad that I had a longer hair than she did (krhm).

At disco we also saw some homosexual acts. There was 2 guys (gays) dancing, and then: they started to kiss each other, mouth to mouth. And did that a long time. Echhh. They were Swedish, of course (hehe... Heja Sverige).

Anough about ship. We got to Stockka, (Stockholm) and tried (triad?) to get some Swedish money. And: THERE WAS NO PLACE TO EXCHANGE MONEY AT THE SHIP TERMINAL. We had no crowns = no way to get to the train-station (it was a very long stip by walking). Banks were opening in 2-3 hours and in 2 hours we're about to meet Freedom Force (Whores?) there. Quite a problem. Finally we managed to exchange 50 crowns from 3 Finnish ladies (THANKS!) and asked from a taxi how much it cost to railwaystation.Answer was 55 Crowns, and we only had 50. Anyway, after long thinking, driver agreed to drive us and that problem was solved (but hard it was, 1 1/2 hours trying).Finally we met FF-guys, both Finnish and Danish ones (but much did happen before that), met our members who live at Stockholm and got to the train. Yeehaaa!

Now we were at Karlstadt unloading our things. I, Hoffi & Dr. Star took a taxi to party-place,while others walked there (that's the way it is,lamers walk while cool guys use a taxi). Place was finally found, saw GANG and reserved places for the cool (B) and lamers (??? eh ha?) of FF.Now it was time to unload our booze,and start the drinking. I and Hoffi took a Heineken, and started to walk around. And the worst happened:


Those fucking assholes came immediately complaining that drinking was forbidden and that the beer we were having was to be our 1st and last booze in the party. Can you imagine it?

Ok, we wandered around but then Dr. Star came round and told us something:

AMIGALORDS had been in action TAKING OUR BOOZE AWAY! Imagine, they had been opening our bags taking away all beer/booze they could find. But something they missed: we had lots of 40% 7'UP. With this thing our party was saved somehow.


Later we heard TRIAD had come. Without waiting a single moment we went to see if any of our friends from TRIAD are there. We stepped inside, walked 3m and heard terrible shouting: 'HEY GRENDEL HEY HEY GRENDEL ' etc. What was that? Oh yeah, there was the coolest Swede I had ever met: 5011 of TRIAD who had immediately recognized me. They intro- duced me to their leader.

We sat on table and talked some time and then I even remembered to ask for his nickname.'3D' 'WHAT?''3D' Damn, I was talking with an old legend called '3D' without knowing. Uhh. 3D seemed to be one of the coolest guys around, always something going on, always some- thing funny to do. At that party it was the only one room where always was happening and it was the TRIAD-room!


Later we were having some good time with Hoffi, 5011 and the 2nd best drunk head I've met in Sweden - sorry I can't remember the nickname, group is some- thing like Refrengerers (???)but he was called 'UFFE'. We walked at the city singing a HEIL HITLER song, 5011 kicked one car's door,pissed in many places, bothered some people and overall we had great fun! Then somehow we got back to the party and went down to the big hall (it was a mistake because there were many people sleeping and they became badly disturbed - I'm sorry to all of you, I didn't know there were people sleeping, otherwise I would've kept us out of there. I always try not to harm other people, believe me or not).At the big hall we made noise waking up every- one. 5011 threw a bottle of beer to a big mirror, beer spread everywhere etc. (everyone though I was the one to throw that bottle, just because I was near - strange but I was blamed for everything there happened.)

Now some people again made an action: AMIGALORDS called the police

Those lamers called police to get us to jail (I and Hoffi), just because we were having fun.Maybe also because they thought it was me to threw the bottle. Anyway, police came and took our names up. When they wanted my papers I was in DEEP trouble.

I had my bottle of rhum in the left pants pocket, in the same pocket I usually have my papers. Were I to take the papers they'd also see that bottle. What would follow??Luckily I had papers in a pocket of my coat. It was a near call. Then AMIGALORDS got a big disappointment: cops didn't take us to the jail. We just kept on partying,just more carefully than earlier.


made later another move. Those shit heads called again police to catch the coolest guy at the party:5011 of Triad. Police took him away for a long time and when he finally returned:


threw him away from the party. IT WAS THE WORST OF ALL THEY COULD DO!The soul of the party, the heart,5011 was thrown out. The funniest,best Swede of all had to go home by train in the middle of night. This destroyed most of the fun at the party. From that moment it was mostly boring shit. UNTIL.....

More of our members arrived. The New Age, Sky, Goldenchild and Hero. New Age and Sky were heavy drunkards. So there was again something cool going. We got a group of heavy guys (I,Hoffi,New Age, Sky, a TRIAD guy & someone I can't remember (sorry) and went again to disturb the night-life of the city.

We wandered around the streets, New Age shouting as loud as possible BYTE- RAPERS A PAIN IN YOUR ARSE I WANT TO HAVE SOME PUSSY I WANT TO FUCK etc. We got to the center of city, the big open place with a 4 meter tall statue in the center. We lifted Sky up there and he placed a Byterapers sticker to statue's pussy. He was about to place an ATARI- ticker between her tits when someone said 'cops are coming here'so we helped Sky down and looking very innocent walked away. Cops drove to statue and examined what we had done to it. Meanwhile we walked to the crowd trying to hide.New Age tried to get a pussy to fuck, so he started to follow a woman, speaking something to her... We all followed,shouting 'go on, go on,you can make it' and so on... Cops came again and stopped up. Don't know what was spoken but cops looked quite strange, stood silent, then looked at each other and still silently walked to their car and drove away. Then we tried to find New Age who was still walking with that woman.He was near a hamburger-bar,still trying the woman to get fucked. Now he gave up and we all went inside the bar. Immediately someone came to tell us that we were to leave.

We were not about to leave, they threw us outside (no cops this time). We put some our stickers to several places and got back to party.

In the 3rd day I started to feel that I'd been for too long in Sweden. Why? Because I had started speaking English to Finns without noticing anything. I spoke thus to Hoffi,Freedom Force-guys, our Stockholm members with whom we usually speak Finnish... Everyone... It got too bad... Once I was locked into English, I couldn't remember in any way how to speak Finnish. It was difficult. Maybe it goes over by time.

Freedom Force Finland also did a very cool thing: they brought from Finland dozens of Ataristi-magazine, which is a Finnish commercial Atari-mag. They gave me 20-30 issues of them, and I started to walk around giving those mags to people who I met (not to all, just to my friends and cool-looking strangers - there wasn't endless number of mags existing). For some reason everyone did not want to take a mag, hmm. Why? Then I decided to make TRIAD starve by placing a Atari-mag over 3D's microwave oven. Someone (Triad?) also had brought several hundreds of Atari stickers and put them everywhere. And I mean every here. One went anywhere and saw those stickers. Yak.

Someone (Triad it seems) also brought to the party an old computer called ABC-80! Yea, it's true. Then they spent two days reducing it with other people to small bits.Keyboard was missing many keys, memory sids were hanging on people's necks. It also got very drunk because Goldenchild/(B) gave Triad an idea to serve it beer. It was done and the computer passed out. In Saturday happened something that all had been waiting for: THE EXECUTION OF ABC-80! Yep, 3D marked a target-ring to the ground and they dropped ABC's very monitor into it. Everyone (!) was out- side the house looking when they dropped the monitor. Unfortunately they missed.

About some space-problems we had had. Until Saturday it was ok. Then came 2 more members of ours (New Age & Sky) and they had a 64 with them. There were some unknown lamers at the other edge of our tables, and TGC went over to them and asked:
- Are you from any group? (Swedish)
- No, but we are just thinking to join one.
- Have you got the invitation here?
- No, but we have paid.

Don't know what happened after that but when I came back those lamers were packing their things away and leaving the party. Funny, eh?

I met a very funny banana there too. Just ask from those guys who I asked to push it. It was soft, very soft. I bet it had been rotting for a week or over when someone found it (echh). But one could have it at hand (in case YOU did not squeeze it too hard). I asked many people to push it and I wonder why all were not liking it (echh etc).

There was also an interviewer from a Swedish women-magazine (you see those magazines who think that women are everywhere as good as men are and even better in fact), who interviewed the girl at the party (more later). They came into Triad room and began to talk there. There were some slimy guys who got an excellent idea, and I wondered what was going on. They connected one monitor to a VCR and started to search their video tapes. Got one and started to play it on videos - then immediately left the room. What was that? A porno- movie going on, while that women-mag's interviewer still was doing her job. Finally she started to wonder those voices coming from monitor, and took a look at it. Just wonder what she looked like when she got the idea what the pic was about. She stopped speaking quite shortly and left the room.

A MURDER was done there too. We were outside at the town, and when we came back we were told that someone had been killed upstairs. We went to watch and on the floor had been painted a sketch of a body. You know all those American movies where they mark the place of a corpse.There was one just like them and a square also marked.

One of those bloody ATARI-stickers was there, too.In a paper slip stood some- thing like 'this happened to an SOS- member who came to our party with an Atari'. Cool. There was more about SOS too. At one toilet stood text 'reserved for SOS' and there was released the best megademo ever, made by SOS.

Finally it was time to leave and we packed our things.The last night we had to be awake all the time, otherwise we wouldd have missed our train. At 5am we began to be very sleepy so we took some kofein pills and it was again fun.Later when the effect of the pills wore away it wasn't that fun.We slept most of the time to Stockholm, and when we got to our ship we hardly could walk around. At least we tried to be at disco, but after we both fell asleep several times there we made our way to the cabin (my feet were on fire). Now follows some- thing funny: I was about to finish the chocolade I had bought.I started to eat it in bed but I fell again asleep while eating it. Guess what it looked like at morning? Bed: brown (like chocolade). My shirt: brown. My face: brown. My right ear: full of choco... My hair: the same.Ask Hoffi if you don't believe (or the poor soul who had to clean the cabin).

At last we made our way back home. A funny trip, even if it was a bit boring sometimes when nothing happened in the party. This could have been my last party-trip to Sweden, because of the lamers in AMIGALORDS, but I've got so many good friends there... I will come again and again, just in order to meet them. But surely not AMIGALORDS...
You'll see me at the following parties at near future:
-Ikari & Zargon party - Denmark. Best 64-party this year.

-X-MEN's Zadosparty at Lahti. Coolest and 1st in Finland this year.

-Horizon & Equinoxe party - Sweden. One of the coolest in Sweden this year.

-Byterapers/X-MEN/Accession boozeparty in Stockholm, Sweden. Coolest even in Sweden ever (except maybe Triad's in the far past).

-Enter these and see me again (the one with THE HAT).

uhh Triangle's party is over and I've slept long enough to get back my energy which was wasted there. Only one thing to say about them:


Those assholes stole our booze (thanks to TRIAD for getting them back), called the cops to jail me and Hoffi cos we were just partying around and overall wasted too much of the fun around. They for example threw 5011 of TRIAD out of the party, after they first called cops to get him away. Those idiotic lamers got everyone to hate themselves, not least us.


Less funny things had been happening round here. Software Cops are activating, TWS/Accession got a call from Finnish Central Crime Police who first acted like being a stupid lamer wanting to swap stuff. After TWS told cops he had stopped swapping they told they are from the police. It seems we are going to have hard times around, but let's hope they won't push their dirty heads into the parties we have around. If this happens, we are in very very deep shit cos we can't even have any fun or party around.

Source: Scandinavian News 3/89

Amigalords - so who's the lamer?

By Grendel If you are ever going to arrange a copyparty, remember not to invite the lamest partygoers that ever existed: amigalords. If you want to have a real uncool party with lots of laming it is then time to make sure they'll be there laming in corners and stinking around.

I've never met anyone like those idiots. They really know how to kill fun from copyparties. They can't even handle a simple democompetition without having the whole thing infected with viruses.Without forgetting their stupid paranoia about Finnish party visitors. Who says we ruin furniture in rooms, break windows etc? We didn't.

Overall they have unbelievable stupid visions about parties. Why should one come only to copy, code, or play games? One can do this at home.Parties are for having fun, meeting friends and being drunk - without destroying everything around. But try to say it to them!!!!!! They don't understand it.

Coolest down there...
By Grendel

Who's the coolest in Sweden? Defjam?? No, it was the coolest? Northstar? FLT? No, the coolest one! SOS? Triangle? The AMIGALORDS? NO! Coolest!

Simple as... TRIAD! The coolest group in Sweden is TRIAD. Not the fastest,not the best demomakers,not the best in any method nowadays.BUT simply the COOLEST.

Why? I speak about the crew overalls. What kind of people are they? Can they have fun? Are they all cool persons? Is there any small dickheads around?

Many crew is cool but as people, pure shit. Triad was a cool group, and the members really knew the meaning of fun. At Karlstadt the coolest one in the party was a Triad-member.Their room was the only one where something happened all the time. With them you didn't get bored,while others just sat in front of monitors coding or copying.

For these reasons I really dig TRIAD. As people they are cool and they know how to have fun.

Source: Scandinavian NewS 10 20.5.1989
by Grendel

The legend continues III Ikari & Zargon -party

It was again time to party, and this time my way led to Denmark,to the copy- party of the year, which party every single 64-freak had been waiting for: Ikari & Zargon.Because of my old career on 64, and lots of old friends around I decided to also go there. Only problem how...

Until the day I was leaving I didn't know if I were able to because travel agencies weren't open before and I had to order tickets on the same day. They were able to make tickets for me and so I left, this time with only one bag. I had learned from previous trips when I had to carry 3-4 bags with me.

A jump to train and I was going. Trip to Sweden was very boring. Traveling alone in the train through Finland and Sweden, one night on board and a nearly endless wait at Stockholm railway station. But finally I made my way to Jonkoping, where New Age/Byterapers was waiting for me. We packed my things and he went back to work, so I was supposed to spend an hour and a half somehow. It was easy after I found a Macdonald's.

Our next target was city called Lund. A home of Fairlight. After some messing around we finally got there, and spent a pleasant afternoon reading Lamer's Corners from SN (I'd several with me).

Next day we all, I, New Age and 3 FLT guys went to Copenhagen to Amiga Expo 89-show. Boring. The only good thing we saw there was the bar and the maiden in the bar. Without doubt, the bar was our favourite place to sit in. Drinking Danish beer and talking. After the show we got lost in the maze of Copenhagen streets when Bacchus (FLT of course) tried to find bus-station and went in a wrong direction (I knew all the time where it was, but Bacchus understood me wrong when I asked if we were going to the same place where we stepped out of the bus and so we just followed him around, around and around...). Finally we got there. That was the first funny mistake during the trip, usually there are many already in Finland but now I had to travel as far as Denmark to have first one...

Then we traveled back to Bacchus' place and spent another night sleeping on the floor (Bacchus can be pleased since for two nights his house was completely safe from thieves because there was a good guard-dog sleeping at his front door, a dog called Grendel).

Next day, the PARTY, yahhohhouy. The squad of two Byteraperers and five Fair lighters started their trip to the party of the year. Maybe two hours of driving and WE WERE THERE!

Stepped inside and had a look around Not a very big place, I thought.At that moment someone started to punch me on back, and what I saw after I turned? Oh no, old asshole Goblin/Agile.One of the coolest guys whom I've ever met in any party.

After signing up Goblin told what's going on around,and who were there. And he told there were some of my friends. Goblin searched them and what a joy, I met old friends like Walter/711, Veda/ Genesis Project & Fire-Eagle. Later I met guys like Hagar / The Supply Team (hey Hagar, where did you go after we talked, I was looking for you later but couldn't find you), Sebastian/711, Zephyr/Mechanix, Epidemic/Online,Cosmo/ Dominators, Tricket/DOM,many old creeps from Horizon and Triad etc.Other groups who were presented were IKARI (Nik is cool),ZARGON (naturally, yep Sentinel), Kefrens (who won the Amiga-competition easily, they were the only ones to take part),DEFJAM, Channel 42, Noise, War- falcons, North Star, Triangle,Transcom, COSMOS, HTL, ANM and Cracker knows who else.

That was in one point a very special party: NO LAMERS. THERE WASN'T A SINGLE LAMER AROUND! Never before been at such a party.

Later the action started to be cool. Unlike in Schwedisch parties the was a bar one could buy BEER, yehhaa. Seems that a lot of my Danish cash was used on beer. Result of first afternoon and night's drinking: about 30 bottles of beer down and black hole in memory.

Seems that I didn't pass out in any moment but a lot happened. There was a moment when I again started to under- stand what I was doing and I remember I was talking with three guys in a small room. I didn't know where I was but I knew the room was too small (1*1.5 m) and I had to get out of there.I found a door and realized I was in an elevator. Then I had to climb up small staircases (2 of them) and I found myself standing in a small hall. And I was completely lost. I didn't know if it was a part of the party-place or if not, where was I, then? (not part of the story: I didn't know there were more rooms than the big one where all the compus were located. In fact there was an awful lot of rooms but that was something I didn't know)

I started to wander around, from room to room, through corridors, without finding anybody. Next day Veda/G*P told me he found me walking there, looking very confused and strange and when I saw him I came to him and asked, "Where am I?". Maybe he then guided me out, to the party.I don't believe I was able to find out myself. But I got into the big hall. Ahh,everything was well again and I went for our stand where my friends were. Another shock:

"Where are all the tables? Where are my bags, friends, everything?"Only free spot existed in the place where our stand with FLT was supposed to be.I was just standing in shock but finally someone guided me to the other side of hall and joy, there they were. I under- stood then what had happened: My sense of direction was gone and I thought our stand was in the other side than it actually was.That empty space was there because KEFRENS used to have their stand there before but later they moved away,leaving a big clearing after them.

Afterwards I heard some things I did while I was drunk. Fairlight told me I wrote text to their demo and it's one thing I can't remember.Later I was told I also wrote to COSMOS' demo, and I was calling everyone in the party a lamer.

In the 2nd day happened a bit more. Strider/FLT arrived and everyone really noticed it (if not, one is blind and deaf).He was already drunk when he came (and he was the driver!), and made the party really live with his action.

Also KARL XII was finally found after being lost for a night. He was sleeping under a table of Triad. His friend made a brutal act by puking on floor AND simultaneously cutting electricity from Horizon.

On the 2nd night happened yet more. I and some other guys (Karl XII+) went on a pub-tour, and walked and walked and still we walked, while the three other guys singed together some rap-music.But finally we got into the 1st pub, and I ordered my favourite: I.R.A.-special. When we were leaving I saw a nice look- ing plant and took it with me.I carried it all the night, in two other pubs and in the disco we found.There we met lots of other people from the party, also that Northstar-guy I interviewed. Only a pity he pressed pause-button,so there was nothing on the tape. We had very good time in the disco but 4:00 A.M. we left it by taxi. I had some problems with the local money because I did not have any left, but someone paid for me and I paid him using Finnish Marks. In the disco I had exchanged 20 Crowns for 20 Marks, but it went immediately. We got back to the party and continued our stuff there. Morning came, and the other Finn, Rockstar, was completely missing somewhere.After hours he showed up and explained he had been sleeping. He & the other people had also been visiting local pubs and had had fun, too.

Came time to leave and after one hour of trying, we also managed to leave the party behind us.Ten km went and I began feeling verry sick.The feeling was just ugly, urrgh. Luckily it soon went away.

After some waiting we got into ferry, and I & Bacchus started again to play 1942 (1943??),trying to beat each other without very big success - but overall I lost the fight. I challenged others to play too, but can't remember who won the match.

An hour and a half went by and we arrived to Sweden. We made a fast visit to Bacchus' and local Macdonald's and started the drive to Jonkoping. It took hours and hours. All three (I, New Age, Rockstar) so tired and sleepy, falling asleep every few minutes.Somehow we got to our destination and it didn't take a long time before we had all fallen asleep.Next morning we showered,watched animated films for three hours (COOL!) from Sky and drove to the railway station. And happy news waited: during the night the time in Sweden had jumped one hour forward so we were only 1 hour late from our train. We got another train, and got to Stockholm.

Somehow we also got to our ferry.But how? ARGH! The bus to terminal didn't go at weekend so we had to walk over one km with our things (one bag). That wasn't nasty at all. But we made it there and boarded. We didn't have a cabin so we tried to get one but...

After one hour's waiting we had a nervous break-down, and we left. Later we found ourselves in the disco, and spent our time there. Rockstar dis- appeared, and I and my company were finally thrown out when the place closed. I looked for Rockstar and found him sleeping.

Next day we arrived to Turku. But what the hell now ? The train was so darned full that we had to stand. After one hour of standing I found out the fact that the children's coach was empty and we could rest our poor feet.

And so on.... It was the best party I have ever visited. There are many more things to tell about it, but I'm short of time. Next day I'll leave for the Horizon party, and these articles must be sent to TWS, so.... See you!

1996 update: This party is still one of the best I (Grendel) have ever been at. It was megafun, a lot happened and by doing stupid things while dead drunk I managed to carve my name into the eternal party-animal list of all times. Or so they claim. I actually don't remember everything they told I'd done, but seems I had been doing awfully lots when black-outed. Also I was very high on coffeine, using coffeine-tablets to stay awake and many people remember me as the tablet-guru who kept on offering them to anyone.

Remember that piece when I told I'd been out in city, and carrying that plant and so on? That had been very eventful night, since next morning I woke my trousers were all wet and dirty and of course I didnt have extra trousers with me so I had to walk out and go around trying to dry them a bit. :-)

1997 update: Spoke with Bacchus/Fairlight in C-64 Mailing List about this partytrip. Everything is here uncensored!

>I'd be very happy if anyone would like to contribute:
>stories, memories, anything that is connected to (B)
>in any way. What you thought of our releases, our members,
>what stories you know etc.

You could write the story where the finnish watchdog slept on my doorstep, right? :-) Expnalation: Grendel slept in Bacchus' doorstep

>coming back from Ikari/Zargon party '89, what was the motto
>in the truck we saw in ferry, and you then managed to put
>it faster to some intro?

That was "pfingst" (pingst) i.e. May or something like that!

The motto; "Built stronger to last longer"

Of course :-) Say, I don't remember what memory this is, but either it was your or Yip/Pure-Byte's (remember?) apartment where the morning paper fell directly to my head when I was sleeping in the doorstep :-)

Remember this line?
you must stop making pizzas if you want to have pizza

> The motto; "Built stronger to last longer"

Oh yea :-) It was pretty good moment, driving in the ferry and then this lorry parks next to us. The MOTTO!


>> >I'd be very happy if anyone would like to contribute:
>> >stories, memories, anything that is connected to (B)
>> >in any way. What you thought of our releases, our members,
>> >what stories you know etc.

>> You could write the story where the finnish watchdog slept on my doorstep, right? :-)

>Of course :-) Say, I don't remember what memory this is, but either it was your or Yip/Pure-Byte's (remember?) apartment where the morning paper fell directly to my but either it was your or Yip/Pure-Byte's (remember?) apartment where the morning paper fell directly to my head when I was sleeping in the doorstep :-)

I wouldn't know. I also remember that you passed the offer of taking the shower after 7 days on the road. It would only take another two days to get back home :-)

(I broke into the showerrooms so I had a shower every day in Slagelse! :-)

>Remember this line?
>you must stop making pizzas if you want to have pizza

Nope, but I suddenly recall the first sight in the hall. K12 sleeping in a huge yellow pizza (Like peasoup or something!) with his glasses lying in the middle of it. I also think it was Leader who managed to pull out a plug (hence turning the Horizon+FairLight computers and screens all black! ;) as he grabbed for something to hold while puking!

I also recall someone getting lost and in the morning finding himself asleep in the elevator between two floors!) Remer that Grendel?? ;-)

Those were the days! ;-)

>That trip is reported, I robbed old Scandinavian News issues from interesting articles and the Ikari/Zargon party is well covered :-) But got to make 1997 updates :-)

I also recall someone being stopped and body searched in the customs while arriving to Sweden. I assume it had something to do with the hat and 7 day old sweat smell ;-D

>> The motto; "Built stronger to last longer"

>Oh yea :-) It was pretty good moment, driving in the ferry
>and then this lorry parks next to us. The MOTTO!



>> I wouldn't know. I also remember that you passed the offer of taking the shower after 7 days on the road. It would only take another two days to get back home :-)

>> (I broke into the showerrooms so I had a shower every day in Slagelse! :-)

>Oh me, oh me :-) Quite a stink then I guess.

You didn't know, but we had a big argument about who'd go in the same car as you and Jonny :-)

>> >Remember this line?
>> >you must stop making pizzas if you want to have pizza

>> Nope, but I suddenly recall the first sight in the hall. K12 sleeping in a huge yellow pizza (Like peasoup or something!) with his glasses lying in the middle of it. I also think it was Leader who managed to pull out a plug (hence turning the Horizon+FairLight computers and screens all black! ;) as he grabed for somthing to hold while puking!

>Yep, I remember this moment as well. YOU remember how Kark's pal was looking for him all over, and finally found him near their stand sleeping under a table.

Right! Let's say they didn't code a lot :-)

K12 was getting on his legs and on to the drinking amazingly fast after having slept in the pizza!

>That pizza line was btw after we came from Denmark, I was having crap in your toilet and we're going for a Pizza and you yelled that to me so I would hurry. Very funny :-)

You craped in my toilet? THAT I can't remember! I guess it was the smell of deodorant that disgusted you :-D

>> Those were the days! ;-)

>Sure :-) The memories are great :-) I though am lucky as I can still continue partying, though I happily leave the boozing part to others...

I drink a beer or two (or five) but I leave the puking part to others!

>> I also recall someone being stopped and body searched in the customs while arriving to Sweden. I assume it had something to do with the hat and 7 day old sweat smell ;-D

>Eh, What?

You and Jonny were stopped in Limhamn and the customs searched through the car. We passed you while you were standing outside the stinking little yellow car of Jonny's...

WEB-exclusive: Tribute'95
By Grendel

Mr. Sex and Dr. Dick were in Sweden Tribute'95, and that was some kind of trip. While winning democompetition both created havoc and disgust by showing how a Byteraper can be drunk.

Mr. Sex managed to wander around partyplace and puking to helluwa many waste-baskets. Tales tell there was some kind of INTERESTING smell around. Once Mr. Sex was somewhere looking at someone's computer as owners were doing some stuff on it, and those guys were looking at Mr.Sex with no small fear that he'd puke at any moment over their computer. Hah, well, would it be disgusting or a honor, the best damn coder of C-64 demoscene puking on your computer? Once Mr.Sex managed to puke onto some corner or something, and the guys whose place it was told Mr.Sex to clean it up right away but he passed away right away... :-)

No wonder why Mr.Sex is known in (B) circles as Mr. Puke.