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WEB-EXCLUSIVE: Dreamhack '98 - Party of the Year (no thanks to organizers) by Melwyn added 25111998
E.C.E.S Party-Report 14.6-16.6.-91 By VIBRILLION/?
RAZOR 1911/ABNORMAL/THE CARTEL 1988 By Sector 9/Razor 1911
VENLO MEETING - February 1989 Mystyx/Axenon

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Dreamhack '98
Party of the Year (no thanks to organizers)

by Melwyn 1998


I just had to write this party report. You know (I truly wish you know), there are parties and parties but sometimes a party remains in your memories as something special. I'm keen to believe that I will remember Dreamhack '98 after a long time very well - in a positive way. This report is only my point of view and I've surely already forgotten something because so many things happened during the party. But let's get now into the business...

Going to the party:

I started my party trip early in the thursdaymorning. I had to drive all across Finland 'cause I live quite near Russia in Eastern Finland (and Sweden, where Dreamhack was held is west from Finland - in case you didn't know). My first stop was at Kouvola after 350 km of driving where I was supposed to fetch Virne / COMA. When I arrived there he was still compiling his intro for the party and I was a bit worried about being late for our schedule. After hitting the road again the weather started to get ugly and near Helsinki it was raining so hard that we had to drive almost crawling speed in the motorway.

In Helsinki we were still late and had some fearsome minutes in the railwaystation where we had to catch Duet / Embassy but didn't see the man anywhere. Luckily we found him. We also fetched SolarC / Refinition in western part of Helsinki. After that we drove to Turku and got there actually half an hour before our ferry (m/s Isabella) left the harbour. Lemming / Orange who was the last man coming to our car had already come there by train. In the ferry we did the most reasonable thing that one could do by going to the Tax-Free shop. But at the pay-desk the terrible truth stroke us. One had to be over 20 years old to buy beer! Oh, we were disappointed and angry. I think Virne was not satisfied as well because he was the only one in our car being over 20 and that fact lead to another one: He had to buy everything to us others. Sometimes it's just too mean to be so young.

The others stayed in the cabin when I, Virne and Lemming decided to go to the bar. After drinking a beer or two and watching awful Irish dancers (no offence, you Irish ones) Virne left to cabin as well. One funny thing in that was that I and Lemming were the only one having a driving license and also the only one deciding to continue partying... But after three 58 years old women sit into our table and tried to seduce us we considered leaving the bar as a very good option. :) We headed upstairs into disco inferno. There were loads of under 18 years old sweet teens and some older guys trying to ruin their night. In some point the organizers drove all the people away because there was so many under-aged, I think. A rather good gesture, which got us to go into cabin before we were too drunk (to drive next day).

In the morning we had to wake up definitely too early. The ferry arrived 6.45 am. at Stockholm and we had still 250 km left to drive to Borlänge, where the party was held. You know, Stockholm is quite a big city and I've had my driving license just a year so it wasn't too comfortable to drive there for the first time. We got lost at first and wandered at the wrong direction. After finding the right path and heading back to the centrum it was already rush hour and I think we could have travelled faster by walking through the city than we did in the endless line of cars.

Our next stop was at Uppsala, which is Sweden's most popular student city, I think. It was still quite early and finding a decent place where we could eat wasn't an easy job. (Actually only place opening at 9 am. was McDonalds :) We ended up going to a grocery store and buying some breakfast there. After a rather messy moment with our cheese, pastes and crispy breads we cleared our minds in a local cathedral which is more or less indescribable in many ways. You have to experience it yourself. (Like trying to translate our party slogan into English: It was cool - and we dig everything which is cool).

The very first day:

We arrived Borlänge early in the afternoon. The other Finnish sceners were already there waiting for us. We listened to some 70's porno funk and disco (Saturday Night Fever and Bee Gees) and had our own little party outside the party hall. Nothing special happened but as it was getting darker the temperature of the air lowered quite rapidly. But getting in wasn't an easy job anymore while we all were more or less under influence of alcohol. The organizers weren't too friendly as well, they throwed eg. Duet out to the cold with only t-shirt on. But for some reason they also thought that I was sober and let me in. We did some research with Virne and some secret back door passages and elevators which were not locked. It wasn't too hard to find a way to one of the back doors and open it for all the others. It was just too bad that the alarm went on while our little rescue trip. :) The guys had found some key which perhaps something to do with the alarm, I don't know how we had activated it actually. The last room before the party hall was sleeping hall but just when we came to there a door opened and an organizer also walked in sleeping room. Others pretended sleeping, I just escaped to the party hall and crawled under a table for watching some demos on the screen.

In some point I saw Thor / TPOLM and joined his company but soon the organizers found me and took me to the separate space where almost all the other Finns were already. We were told that we couldn't leave this place until tomorrow or all of us would have been kicked out. Okay, we stayed in our little Funky-Jail for that night and continued partying there. Damaq / Doomsday was throwing up blood but explained that there was nothing to worry about...

I woke up in a terrible nausea, I just wonder why. Well, the others left to the city at the morning and continued against my headache and throwing reactions. In some point I met Beathawk and we basicly hang around all the day together. At 9 am. the 4ch music competition started. It was nothing else but crap. Beathawk's song was played, SolarC's not. He went to the organizers to complain about it directly and I went to bathroom because of my nausea. When coming back I heard that the multichannel music compo had started and they were playing my module. Cool! But what the fuck? Wasn't it playing all wrong? What was that shit coming out of the loudspeakers?!? Then I knew the reason: They were playing the modules with Gravis Ultrasound with hardware mixing. Fucking idiots! They had 2Mb size limit in the compo and they were playing the modules only with 1Mb of RAM. I complained about it and the organizers just said: "Oh, we didn't realize that, we're sorry." Well, my only consolation was that there were some about five other modules which were fucked up as well. :)

Being a bit upset because of the lame music compos we just sat in the cafeteria and waited for the intro compo which started at 1 pm. The competition was late but it finally started - with Bel Wazoo which Psychic Symphony had given to me for to deliver to the party. The intro was accidentally shown under the name of Acid Rain, I hope PS wont kill me because of that.. The second intro was something cool, Bird-cage by Jamm R. But the organizers had fucked up again and the projector had so slim contrast and blurry picture that one couldn't see the intro well. In overall there were only five intros and only Jamm's intro was decent. A really lame compo, again.

Then after a couple of hours it was time for the demo compos. The organizers tried to fix the problem with big screen but the picture didn't get any better. Only three Amiga demos were shown, nothing special in that compo, in PC demo compo the first entry was Keskeytetty Yhdynta by Damones and it was actually quite funny. Then a couple of crap demos and Doomsday's Off. I really liked Doomsday's demo though Damaq didn't like it at all.. A very good fairwell demo at least, it's just a shame they are quitting now the scene.

After the compos we started to get quite wild again spent some time in our funky jail (voluntarily!). There were some Swedish girls having Helloween party. Real cute ones actually.. There were some Jussi Björling show (striptease dancing) in the city, I don't know if someone went there or not, 'cause I got quite tired in some point and had got cold last night. We made few little notes reading "HiRMU will get you!" and "Vote for us or we will kill you!" and wandered in the party hall spreading these notes and trying to make people understand which contributions were worth of voting. It didn't work well, most of the people didn't even have a votekey. Heck, what you can expect from a 1800 people party where 20% tops is going to vote? Well, I got really tired and went to a real sleeping hall this time to get some rest.

Sunday, heading back to home:

In the morning all the people were lost. Some of them were in the funky jail and nothing happened. McGurk / COMA had made several paper birds and had gave some of them to the female organizers. I tried to make one of those myself and succeeded after 20 minutes of hard wrestling with my fingers and brains. I just wonder how boring McGurk and others must have had, if they made tiny paper birds all night long. :)

When the prize ceremony finally began (late as usual) we had gathered all our noisy people near to the stage having all kind of wicked plans. Damaq wasn't feeling very well and had one McDonalds bag in his hands ready to puke in it, but in the plan we thought how neat it would've been if he had puked in the stage while picking the prize. (Well, he didn't puke at all, if I remember right...) It went actually quite well with us. Both Beathawk's tunes weren't in top three, but I got second prize. When Virne left to pick Jamm's prize we all followed him dancing and playing 70's disco funk as loud as we could with our little casette player. When Embassy won the Amiga demo competition, we did the same again. And when Doomsday won the PC demo competition we all jumped to the stage and started to.. striptease! Well, we throwed only our t-shirts off, but the feeling was wild and the audience liked our little show, I think. A rather decent feeling, yes. :)

Damaq was a bit disappointed. He didn't got any money but a P2 computer. So right after the prize ceremonies we got back on the stage and had our own auction. We borrowed organizers microphone so we could play our funk from the big loudspekers and attract people better (Lemming has a real talent as a salesman). Some guys who had won some network stuff sponsored by Cisco Systems tried to get rid of them as well.

Finally the party was over and we were ready to head back Stockholm. Nothing special happened during the trip back there, we got lost only four times if I recall right. :) When we had got inside the ferry we all were tired, shitty and had our own kind of after-party feelings. We (I, Lemming, Virne and Razorback / Doomsday) decided to go sauna. And what a brilliant choice: Hardly no one else was in the sauna (there's always someone if there are Finns on board), warm bubble bath was there just for us and when we had bought cold ciders and sat in the bath feeling heavenly relaxed and good, I think there couldn't be any better way to be. Afterward, feeling faint and still good, we considered having something to eat a necessity that we couldn't miss. We ate in a Bar-B-Que restaurant chicken and beefs, drank some wine and ordered some cappucino afterwards feeling very different from what we had been a couple of last days. And then there's five guys sitting next to us and talking about Quake!

I was once again too tired and next morning my cold had gotten just worse. Driving back to home through the Finland wasn't an easy job. Especially the last 350 kilometers without any company, feeling tired again, driving in the dark and so on.. Just imagine. But at last, late in the monday evening I was home, having probably the best party of the year behind.


by dHM/Complex, 1991)

We (Stranger/IMG, Merit/Byterapers, Turtle of Frantic and me) left from Helsinki by train to get ourselves in the Viking Line's ship full of partypeople (and other drunk people). Nothing else about the travelling to partie except all the vehicles we travelled in were 100% full... urk.

After 24 hours of exhausting trip, we arrived at Nykoping, which looked like surprisingly small village (well it wasn't very small after all... we found even McDonald's later on). When we drove to the party place, which was a quite big school building, we had to wait until mr.clock was 12.00 when the party started.

After xxx party freax had rushed in and paid 70-100 swedish crowns, the arrangers began to get rooms for us. We got our department in a room full of strange norwegian undergroundgroups (argh)... Blitz and Tribe (what's that?). We set up our hardware (Stranger had his BBS's hard disk with him... everybody was DROOLING when they scanned his filelists) and prepared for the trip around the partyplace. I was pissed because i had taken only 8 disx and waited for a guy who would give 50 more here... but he didn't show up (arsehole)! Luckily No Limits saved the day by selling disx 45 crowns per 10 disx... quite a fair price.

On Saturday, one day after the start, the amount of people was in its maximum (I think)... approximately 400-500 people. There was guys from Scoopex, Classic, Phenomena, Cryptoburners, Razor, Mayhem, Cytax, No Limits, Hypnosis, Rebels, Aurora, WizzCat (including those 2 urpo's from my neighborhood) and many more groups (including ones which I had NEVER heard of). There was also more Finnish guys than before... f.ex. Image, Frantic, Complex, Anarchy SF Section, Bloodsuckers, Dictators Sf, Rebels SF, Accession and SCRAPERS... (yeeeeeeah! megacool)

Although some considered party as a big bore, I think that they were quite GOOD...! There was a pizzeria and a shop quite near the school... the shop ran out of Coke and the pizzeria out of pizza material after a couple of days of partying (cool!). Boozing was not allowed so there was no special trouble at the party about it... although the megamighty Bloodsuckers and Accession didn't care about that... they put up some nice acts like burning Sweden's flag and wiping it to their asses & taking some McDonald's BIG flags with them... the only serious problem during the party was that some guy (who was identified as some Aurora sysop) set some firecrackers on fire inside the school and the fire alarm went on. The fireworx and the police came and the party was going to stop unless the guilty one would show up. Anyway he showed up and the party went on, and I'm not sure whether the Aurora guy got anything to pay...

Party stuff wasn't a problem. I got a total of 7 disx of small execute-file-demos and 10 disx of whole disk prods... The only thing I would have needed was a PHONELINE... luckily Teeze/(A) (I think) supplied some modem wares to the party... at the beginning we got Super Cars 2 as the Company crack (didn't work properly) and everybody was swearing & sweating around it... the Hyperion version came a little after it to the pardie.

There wasn't any gfx-compo but musiccompo and democompetition.... the democompo was full of quality demos: Phenomena's one disk demo Enigma got 6000 crowns with its filled vecs, fractals etc. The Shining came close second with VERY cool demo also. Cryptoburners came third with its Partytime demo, which was only a party-invitation demo but it contained UNBELIEVABLY cool fractal-animation-zoom with hundreds of frames... D-Mob came fourth with its sheep-fucking animation demo and Rebels was left fifth with SF sections demo, which wasn't also too bad. The musiccompo was also very nice (because WE won it..! heh) ... yes, Image won it with Captain/IMG's 'Space Debris' composition. There was competitors like Tip&Firefox, Bruno etc. Too bad they didn't spread the compositions after the compo...

All in all, the party was quite succesful... almost all of the party people stayed to the end. A nice thing was also, that Razor got its party slideshow ready before the party ended so all got it as a nice memory from pardie.

-dEr Hm-

E.C.E.S Party-Report 14.6-16.6.-91


To be mentioned hereby at the very beginning of this text I would like to emphasize the fact this text is written as a Finnish point of view. So this might sound a bit brutal to people who had a great fun at this party . . . but now let's get to it !

For my part the voyage beginned at thursday 13.6 at Viking-line terminal here in Turku. After one helluva sleepless night at boat we arrived to Stockholm city. From there we continued with train. In train we regonized couple of freaks rushing their heavy bags (Some Rebels and others . . .) We arrived to partyplace one hour before opening. Approx. 100 guys were there before us. Here followed the first dissapointment ; No Finns at all in sight ! Depressed we entered the school at 14:00 and tried to spell our names to the staff . . . (ya can't believe how hard it can be . . . ) We got classroom and took our stuff there. After gathering up our Amiga we went looking around the school . . . It was time 4 second dissapointment ; it wasn't enough that almost all people were Swedes . . most of them were very lame . . . Here's some of those cool groups we can remember : Palace, Dual Crew, Voice, Silents, Defjam, Complex + of coz the staff who organized this pardey (Phenomena, Razor, Rebels and Zike & Conqueror) First day was very hard . . . We had no much to do and that's why we spent our time at city and in school cafeteria. (Where the only nice looking girls were found !)

Saturday was like friday . . . no too much things to do. Swedes just looked as busy as they always look. (Suomeksi: pitivat Kimppakivaa !) Saturday evening was bit better coz we met some FINNISH Complex guys !

(ya can't believe what a release : you can talk your OWN language !) We thought the demo-competition would be held at 24.00 or some hours after that, but no ! The demos were shown 10 hours after deadline ! That fact ment that we had no time to copy any of the demos released at this party ! (at all : we didn't lose much, cause demos were very low qualified !) We just had enough time to look demos at this consert-hall, where they were shown. VERY BAD thing was that during the demo, -music and graphics competition the staff spoke only swedish ! So we had about to guess which demo was winner . . . Finally we came to this result :

No 1. Dual Crew intro (4th dimension)

Rest were impossible to guess so you just have to get 'em somewhere else ! Graphics competition was VERY high-qualified ! The five Best of the pictures were shown at the hall. Winner was some Swede with his neat barbaric picture. Second was Red Baron with his Mountain-King ! Even the rest of the pictures were so cool that it was hard to believe your eyes ! Also the music-competition was cool . . . Anyway, the swedish language was beyond our reach and so you won't get any names of the winners hereby.

In general this party was a good example of 'over swede' party. Swedes chewed Swedish to eachothers and couldn't speak English ! There were many people who hardly could say a word in English ! In future I will thought twice before entering a party in Sweden and if I will - I will do it with atleast 20 Finns ! So, all Swedes . . . Hope you had a good time - coz I didn't !


Source: Scandinavian News 5, 09.11.1988

Copy-Party in Stixrdal/Norway<
BR> ------------------------------

By Sector 9/Razor 1911

The party was originally held 7-9th October. But some people (TTT, Academy, The Quackers and The Gang) arrived already at the evening of 5th October. But most people arrived at Thursday (6th) evening and in the morning of Friday (7th). All in all we were about 140 persons at the copy-place. Not bad,if you think of how far north Stjx- rdal is (Middle of Norway by a city called Trondheim).

At Friday we had a couple of break- downs for the power-supply but we manag ed to fix the whole shit later on. There was a demo competition on both C64 and Amiga. Rawhead took the 1st price on C64 with a mind-blasting demo. On the Amiga The Arcadia Team won with their cool demo-disk. On the Amiga there were 8 participating demos and on the C64 there were 11.

There weren't really much 'burning hot' stuff on the party but some few -> new games and a lot of new demos of course. At Saturday the police arrived and asked if we did some illegal copy- ing and of course no-one were copying one single game.The cops said that they would come back later the same evening and if they saw some illegal copied stuff then they would confiscate the disk-owners computer equipment. They also told us that they had insiders on the party. (Who? Where?) but I think that they told us this only to scare us a bit. Some guys ( 10 - 15 ) left immediately after the cop had arrived. In the evening one (!) police constable arrived but he didn't even think of confiscating any computers. He was just briefing on some pictures and looked at our nice demos.He also admitted that he had copied some stuff himself when he had a C64. So all in all we can say that this guy was a quite nice guy.

There were almost no people coming from outside Norway and Sweden (As a matter of fact I can't remember one single one) but that didn't make the party boring. Some of the people on the party were The Gang, Route 66, TSF,TNT, The Link, The Arcadia Team, Sphinx, Rawhead, SCT, Network, Academy, Crypto- burners, Force10, Raw Deal, Shape (ex. ZCF ), The Techincal Trio, Equinoxe and lots of other guys. There were a lot of people from the press at the party so if you wanna read about the party then look out for Aftenposten (A-Magasinet), Dator (Norway and maybe Sweden) and the new Norwegian mag called 'Norsk data tidene' ( Or something like that). Now and then we were showing videofilms, mostly hard violence like Evil Dead II and Friday the 13th part 155. I think we can say that the party was a success even if only 2/3 of the people who said they would come did so.

(Sector 9/Razor 1911)

Source: Scandinavian News 5, RELEASED ON 09.11.1988


By MYSTYX/Axenon

Well, here comes a report from the Copy-Party that was mainly organized (?) by Thrust. It happened in a town in Germany, that one calls Nuernberg. I arrived at the train station, then entered the underground and finally I had to drive by bus. I jumped off at a certain station, that was mentioned in the invitation, but where was party ?? I had to walk another 500m and re- cognized another bus station in front of the party place. Well done, THRUST! I was late, so most of the people were already there. There was some neat stuff and, for example, people from World of Wonders, Sunriders and Mega- force on Amiga. Some demos were spread and so, the party was lame,but not the No.1 lame party ever happened.

It started on 22.10.88 on 9.00 AM and should end on 12.00 PM. I arrived on 1.00 PM. At about 5-6 PM, one guy did a fine joke. He shouted that the cops were coming and so, half of the people decided to flee with there computers.

Everybody who stayed knew it : This party was such a lame party, even the cops didn't come.

I was informed that THRUST wanted to organize a Demo-Competition, a Crack- Competition and show VIDEO films. But this all didn't come true. The guys sat in somewhat corner and tested a lot of music track. Nice music, well, but they did it at a high volume. The music was cool, but THRUST exaggerated a bit much. TNT of Genisis * Project drawed a poster from the party,but as he did it before the party took place the people on the poster weren't on party and the other way round. Again I was informed that it was planned to let him draw the poster on the party. He did a nice and intelligent job. For example the poster included a drawing from Finnish Gold and Byterapers. Did he really expect these guys to come?? At 8.00 PM there were just some few guys left and as I left at about 9.00 PM, I dunno if there was anybody left at 12 PM. I don't think so.


Source: Scandinavian News 3/89


by Mystyx/Axenon

We in Axenon wanted to join the Venlo meeting as (nearly) usual this Feb. Since January, there was a new room, but in my opinion, there was just more room for more people, but less tables for computers.

When we (1/3 of AXN) arrived, the room was already overcrowded and it took us several minutes to find our other members (another third of Axenon). Although there were so many people, they hadn't enough to copy. There was a real problem with the stuff that day and another problem was that there were not so many well-known and famous groups. The most prominent one was Vision Factory & Beyonders,but if I am not wrong, they just joined the party for a very short while and then left as result of frustration (?).

As mentioned before, there was nearly no stuff and masses of Dutch loosers. Therefore,it was no success in any way but I hope, the next one is going to be better.