of important old time scene-megastars on C-64 and Amiga

Speaking with Strider of Fairlight

Speaking with... Janitor of TRIAD

Interview with Andy/Amiga Industries

Interwieving: 3D of TRIAD

Visiting Triad

Interviewing Cascade

Interviewing Ackerlight

Source: Scandinavian News 6 December '88

Speaking with Strider of Fairlight....

<1996 note: C-64, Amiga, PC, consoles, mega-demo and cracking group, one of the most legendary ever>

Not all people at the TSL/HZ-meeting were lame. Propably the most famous guy there was: STRIDER of FAIRLIGHT, and I couldn't resist of interviewing him... Here's the result (note that interview is modified a bit, impossible to write up everthing which was said.)

G: Your age?
Strider: 18.

G: How's Fairlight doing lately?
Strider: On 64 we're doing very well, but on Amiga not so good. We have released some good demos but we are getting better all the time. We're still very big on 64, on Amiga not the biggest but...

G: Who're active at FLT?
Strider: Only 6 members are at the group: Gollum (only 64), Excalibur (Amiga), I (Strider-64+Amiga), The Hobbit (Amiga), The Black Shadow(Amiga) and The Sarge (64).

G: How many cracks you've made?
Strider: Well, about 300-400 cracks, this is hard... On Amiga maybe 150..... All made with Gollum.

G: Tell me about your beginning in the computer-career.
Strider: I got first a 64 in christmas 1983 (lots of thinking to get this result - editor's note). The first 2 years I was superlame, then joined the group WASP, after that The Thieves, then West Coast Crackers and then founded Fairlight, at March 1987.. Founders were Gollum, I and Black Shadow. Hobbit joined six months later and Excalibur this summer (also Sarge joined this summer/autumm, Strider did forget to mention it).

G: What made FLT so big?
Strider: Some groups are very fast to swap, others just crack games. We got originals very fast and we also cracked them fast. That made us big. At past I swapped 24hrs/day, school went down etc.

G: What's the most important thing on a group? Is it cracks, musicians,coders or what?
Strider: (a lot of speaking too much too fast to write down but the main theme is:) Cracker is the best thing.

G: Have you had troubles with lamers?
Strider: Before I changed my tel.num. it rang all the time, lamers asking to copy them games and sending me empty disks to fill.

G: Have you got any enemies?
Strider: (again a lot of talking....) I have no enemies.

That was it. One of the most famous persons in cracking-scene ever seen: STRIDER of FAIRLIGHT (in 64-world)..... Propably Sweden's best-known guy of all times (in a Finn's eyes).

Thank you, Strider.

Speaking with... Janitor of TRIAD....

Also in Lamesta: TRIAD. The legendary 64-crew, which ruled the world with P.O.W.E.R., but lately been fading out slowly. Triad is dead, New Triad is now born. Some of the best old names of Triad were in Lamesta-meeting, and my pen couldn't resist to write down what Janitor spoke to me...

G: How old are you?
Janitor: 18.

G: When did you start computing?
Janitor: My father bought me a C64 on 1983 summer, can't remember it well.... Now I've got a 128. I did not anything, swapped with lamers at christmas between 86/87. At spring 87 I joined West Coast Crackers which was 2nd best after Triad. 3 weeks after I was at a copyparty (WCC) and WCC become Relax & Fairlight. In autumm most of Relax joined Triad and after that it has been Triad all the way. I quit swapping and cracking 6 months ago, but I've done some things after that like Bard's Tale III and The Last Ninja II. And I go to copyparties.

G: How has Triad been doing lately?
Strider: I think Triad started to go down at the summer and I think Triad is nearly dead now. There's a group called New Triad.. New Triad is totally diffe- rent that old, I think there's only one from the old Triad. I'm member of Triad but I don't think Triad exist anymore but in copyparties. I don't know about the Amiga Triad, but on the 64 it's all over. New Triad is smaller group than old Triad, and they won't be so good.

G: Have you got something to say to the world?
Janitor: They should not swap programs by modem with Americans, because that makes that everyone tryes to be as fast as possible: they don't care if the game works, they just send it over.

G: Which are your favourite games?
Janitor: M.U.L.E., Impossible Mission, Lords Of Midnight.

G: How many cracks/demos Triad has #move 325,0?
Janitor: About 150 cracks, perhaps 250 demos including Sarge's craphics.

G: Have you got special friends or enemies?
Janitor: No really enemies, but friends I have. The best are Captain Future/Beastie Boys, inside Triad Jeff Smart, Mr. Pinge, Ixion and Mr. Z. Mr. Pinge is propably the best one.

G: Has Triad enemies?
Janitor: Hotline is not an enemy, but we never had a contact. We just disseparated. Maybe in HTL is some people who don't like us but anyway.... (editor's note: Hotline used to abuse Triad in their cracks, very bad abuses they were. Then it stopped)

TEnd (short version of The End)


Source: Scandinavian News 3/89

Interview with Andy/Amiga Industries

SN:When was your group founded and by whom?
Andy: I don't know the foundation date of AI - but we joined AI only after it had existed for a long time. At first we (Joerg & I) founded in 1987 a team called "Phantom Fighters. It had only three great contacts (WOD,Deadline,AI) and was searching for a bigger team to join. Then I noticed that Dokken of AI lives only 14 km from me, and because of that and the real friendship between Dokken and me we joined AI. After our megademo I got better contacts like The Wizards, AFL, SCF.Then we heard nothing from our hq for 4 months and we decided to join Deadline. Our first intro was released for Deadline. Soon we rejoined AI, however, - because Deadline gave us boot for an unknown reason.We published several demos & intros and got big contacts like THRUST, VF&BJ, Trilogy, Mad Monks, BB, Cascade, BS1 and a lot more. Soon our 2nd megademo will be re- leased.

SN: How would you compare AI with other teams in West Germany?
Andy: It is very difficult to describe our position in West Germany since we are mostly a coding team and don't like swapping very much. I don't think that the scene should should be competitive, all teams must co-operate. Anyway, the competition has largely ended.Many guys have quit swapping because of the police, but still get the newest stuff from their old contacts - because only friendship counts. I quit swapping too, but not because of the police - the army caught me.

SN: Lamers?? Any thoughts??
Andy: I think that the worst lamership is over. Almost every team has one or two big contacts and the differences between the teams have diminished. Many teams also have one or more intros and programmers. Some still buy their demos and intros, though. What's more, some lamers are still alive - the ones that contact you without a well-known name and ask you to swap with them, though their newest stuff is usually older than your grandmother... All in all, lamers are a very funny invention.

SN: What do you like about SN?? Any suggestions for improvements??
Andy: I like it very much -cool musics, gfx and reports. There should also be a place for the latest news before spreading it and I miss a rumor page with facts about them. Perhaps two changeable musics would be cool,because reading this whole magazine with one music gets boring. A page for opinions of great groups about so-called losers (WOW) would also be interesting. Get an editor from each european country and your magazine would be nearly perfect.

Source: Scandinavian News 3/89

Interwieving: 3D of TRIAD

At Triangle's meeting I met a living legend from the far past, named 3D. (By the way, when I was at home and talking with Icebreaker/X-MEN he asked immedia- tely if I was going to see 3D there - you're still in memories, man!). After I was sober enough to ask some silly questions, I finally got him from his tasks and we had a short chat.

G: How long have you been interfering the sphere of Sweden with your smell?
3D: (a moment of silence) Oh yes, 18 years.

G: When did you find your interest to computers?
3D: It started when I bought a Z80 in '85.Then I bought my 64 in December '86 My 1st crack was out in the same month, but it was because I had borrowed a computer before.

G: Which one was the first real group you ever heard about?
3D: ...(thinking)... It was maybe the German Cracking Service.

G: How did your career start?
3D: I joined a small 64-club. There I met lots of interesting people and got stuff. I could almost program so I had not much trouble with getting more contacts. Then I saw Cracker's Revenge and decided that I would also start doing programs like them. Funny thing was that I didn't know anything about the great names like Sodan, so I didn't get any respect at all.I just put those names to the greetings, without knowing who they were.

I learnt to know Mr.Z, was completely in cracking and had a good supplier of originals so we could start to crack. I think Mr.Z joined Triad in August '86 and in September I joined, too.I didn't want to chance my crackername from 3D. When I was programing Cracker's Revenge 2 I didn't care to chance my name because I didn't think it'd be spread at all.After that I couldn't change it, because all the people around wouldn't have know me at all.

G: What was the last thing you did?
3D: Last thing I did on 64 were some trainers. (Editor's note: by the data gained afterwards it looks like that it was Mr.Z/Triad who made 1st trainers ever existed)

G: Which countries have members of Triad, and how many?
3D: Sweden, US, West-Germany...Dutch?? Don't know really.

G: Have you got any special hobbies?
3D: I'm a total electronics freak. I work in a youth organization as a leader on courses.

G: Have you anything special to say?
3D: One important thing is to be your- self. Too many people imitate others... and to get a work you must be friends. G: A hint to the beginners?
3D: I think they should try to do what they want to, what is fun. If you don't like a thing you can't do that. And don't steal other's programs.

There was more, but chat became too interesting for a moment, I forgot to write down what was spoken. Sorry...


Visiting Triad.......

In our way back home, Finland (ahhh), we had to wait 10 hours at Stockholm. We were about to spend this time with 5011/Triad but he wasn't there when our train came. After a call, he promised to show up in 2 hours. And that was done. We visited a record-shop (found 2 LPs I'd been searching for 1 year, lots of thanks 5011 for that). After endless walking 5011 left and we crawled back to railway-station. Some time rolled on and we got the idea to call 3D to have some fun to the day.

Yup he was home, just leaving.I told him where we are and he was shouting us to be there, he will come there soon. It was a deal, we went to underground's entrance to wait for him. He came and kidnapped us with him, where? Only 3D & God know it. We were completely lost after 5 minutes of underground-travel.

We talked a lot, and there came a station we left the train. 3D nearly runned forward, while I and Hoffi tried to follow him with our poor feet (they were on fire, many days of endless walking and standing behind and now had to run after 3D - terrible). Finally, after too many miles (my foot told so) and many Byterapers-stickers on several windows we were there. At home of the United Crackers/Triad. Nice, finally some resting in a good chair (thanks)..

It was an interesting room. Computers, monitors, and many interesting books like More Basic, Vic-20-games etc. And document about decades old 'computers'. Stereosystem, which was a bit broken, one of the first videos imported to Sweden ever (at least it looked so) and postcars on the wall. United Crackers seemed to be modemfreak,because he had strange compu on table which was linked somewhere by modem. He told about the system, VAX+everything to Hoffi while I was with a great interest taking a look to his books, letters etc (and 3D just laying on bed).

I remembered I had lots of Atari's stickers on my pocket, so I took one and wondered where to place it. 3D saw it and pointed the videos. Sure, that was the exact position, Atari-sticker to a place which really is worth it. It was done, and 3D had some funny time in the bed looking at the sticker. At that moment Hoffi had a look, wondering why 3D is laughing.

Unfortunately, we had to leave. Our master recognized at that time my Atari sticker and wasn't very happy about it. They both guided us to railway-station and wawed us goodbye. Thanks for all! It was great. Simply: cool. I'm one of those who still remember the old times (perhaps because I'm belonging too to the old times myself), and think Triad was/is one of the best ever. So I am very proud of this visit, and of course about my good relations to the old legends from Triad.


Source: Scandinavian News 5 (RELEASED ON 9.11.1988)

Evil interviewed Cascade:

1) When CASCADE was founded ?
CASCADE was founded in April 1988. Before this we had the name "Starlight" and before this we were on C64 under the name "Bruce & Bongo".

2) By who ?
CASCADE was founded by "Bruce & Bongo".

3) How many members, which countries ?
Members are: (Germany)
Bruce (coding, spreading, leader)
Bongo (spreading, imports,exports)
Crackline (spreading, coding)

Skatemaster (grafix, spreading)
The Little Guy (grafix, spreading)
David (originals, spreading, imports)
Aladin (spreading)

Sleepy Sleep (spreading, coding, grafix)

4) What is a lamer ?
I think a lamer is a someone who wants to become great and well known, but he never will be it, because he never knows what is new and what is old. Here in our town are some lamers, too. If they got some- thing new (mostly from us), they wait some days or a week before they send it to their contacts. One time lamer, ever lamer!

5) Your opinion about lamers?
Lamers should be killed and forbiddedn. Message to all lamers: Sell you computer !!!


Interviewing Ackerlight!!

1) How Ackerlight was started, who founded it, when it hap- pened ?
Ackelight started in February of '88 and the old name of this crew was "La Marque Jaune". 'The French light' was founded by two people, Cone from Delta line and the other was an ex-member from CPU: he is Kebra.

2) How many members there are at the moment, and are they all from France ?
There're about 20 members and some others in Switzerland. They're doing an 'Ackernews' (Soon first number) Watch out for it...

3) Do you work on other compu- ters as well ?
Ackerlight is only on Amiga. not C-64 or st atari. (!)

4) How you came to be so famous ?
I think it's cause we have a lots of contacts. (About 140 or more.) and H.Syl is crack- ing and training a lot. (Rere has joined Katakis normal, Katakis trainer,Starwars 2 and Vector ball, all at the same disk.) And we're the best in France (I think that this my "friend" Dr Soft is O.K. with me.No?) We have all the French stuff before all other crews. (For the most part of software ).

5) What is a lamer ??

Dictionary describing: Unable to walk properly, person in difficulties and having to rely on outside support. My describing: A freak who isn't worth to be on Amiga but able to be on atari st.

6) Whaddya think about lamers?
I avoid them but they are everywhere. (We are surrounded by assholes (Says Evil ))

7) Does computing take all of your time.
Most of my time, yes, and coz of this my school work is weak , but I'm trying to reverse the situation.

8) What you say about price of originals ?
They are expensive, exagene- rated but when you see STARRAY or CORRUPTION... It's worth of buying it. But Fireblaster should be Public Domain.

9) Do you get originals easily or do you just buy them ?
No, We get them easily, we have original suppliers into the crew and we have always the latest French stuff.

A) What you call a perfect crack ? I think it's up to H.Syl to answer. Don't you think so ??

Watch out !!!

Don't be surprised if you get interviewing from me. Just answer the questions by your- self or send them to your leader. After finished send them back to me as soon as possible. The team which was on interview can have an free advertisement on next news. In the future the interview- ing will be on disk. Because that's a lot easier to type it in with keyboard than just using pen and paper. Also if you think your team is famous and interesting, and you want an interview. Contact for some questions. (EVIL)