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This page is utterly hutterly senseless massacre of braincells and a wonderful moment to compile stupid amount of information about Finnish scene. Included articles, collected material from disk-mags and specially written text about scene.

This page is guaranteed NOT to be easy reading. It has both senseless and good bits & pieces of scene, in NO order. All pieces are included because it has SOME connection to SOME piece of scene.

If you recognize names and groups, good for you. If you don't, you can anyway be assured that the people mentioned have played an important role in Finnish demoscene.

Unfortunately Finnish scene has had its story times. There was time when ElItEness was major thing, lamers were disgusting creatures with no human value etc. Some of these texts mirror their times.



News from 1988
News from 1989
News from 1991
Newcomers - article from Maggy

1988 News

Accession's birthmoment!

Source: Scandinavian NEWS 2/88 (RELEASED AT 16.08.1988)

Somethink IMPORTANT !!!

By Evil/Accession

Maybe you heard from team called ACCESSION, if not it's not amazing coz we're only week only. Team was founded by two ex Finnish Gold members called EVIL and MOKU , The DESTROYER TEAM joined us and also one unknown but kool team called AMIGA POWERLINE joined us as well. And also our prog- rammer XYZ-Soft joined us.

And nowon I think there is no Amiga side in Finnish Gold, coz there's only one dude left working on amiga. But we're still good friends with FIG.

Yes, it's no wonder if you haven't heard from us yet but soon we'll be number one in Finland.

Top Lists from 1988

Source: Scandinavian NEWS 3/88 (RELEASED AT 05.09.1988)



Buggy Boy
Future Tank
Bubble Bobble


North Star M.Demo II
OKS I.D. Graffix demo
D.O.C. 'Demons are...'
WEB Safe Sex
OKS I.D. Intro

Source: Scandinavian NEWS 4/88 (RELEASED ON 03.10.1988)

1 Ottifanten Intro By Thrust
2 Magic Sound By Beastie Boys
3 RVB-Demo By Wild Copper
4 Alf Mix by Unicorn
5 Intro #01 by ALC

1 Bionic Commando
2 Alien Syndrome
3 Imp. Mission II
4 Skate of the Art (pre)
5 Starglider II

1 W.Germany
2 France
3 Holland
4 Belgium
5 Sweden
6 U.Kingdom
7 Denmark
8 Finland
9 Austria
10 Norway

2 Ackerlight
3 Megaforce
4 Champs
5 Unit A
7 Red Sector
8 North Star
10 TJC/ANC (best utilities)

Source: Scandinavian NEWS 4/88 (RELEASED ON 03.10.1988)

News and stuff

By Bug

RAZOR 1911 COPY-PARTY in September (the autumn-vacation) - around the 9th I think, can't remember..

Who's the oldest and still a good swapper ???? I vote for Turbo of XXX International (UK), he is 30 years old, swapps like hell and love heavy metal..........

Antrax is making a game and I think it's called 'Wype-Out', it is a shooting game like XR-35, but much much better...

The Blittin' Image of Starline are also making a game, no working title yet. (I shall probably do the audio-parts)

the best in the north-west of norway, are without doubt BUG and STEELER spreadings - best spreading/imports.


HOT Rumour

by Evil/Accession

Accession MIGHT arrange a mega copy-party sometime around x- mas (between x-mas and New year) So be alert. Only people with inventation are welcome. All inventations are numbered with running number. That's because of new technology with marvellous xerox machines. So assholes can't make their own inventations.

Party will propably take place in Helsinki. Or somewhere near Helsinki. If you're interested to come there, make a call to: 358-41-741422/Juha and ask for closer date and some other details.(or inventation)


Source: Scandinavian News 5 RELEASED ON 9.11.1988

Loser list of the month in Finland

When I (TWS) was talking with Hack-man of Deathstar in the telephone about the millions of lamers, who hide their slimy arses in the swamps of Finland. We decided to do a list every month about those who you slould beware when they contact at you.

And if you already swap with one of these hopeless animals I really am sorry for you. Here they are:

1. BloodSuckers (hoffi ja muut lihat)
2. Destiny(ex. Exizus)
3. Axion
4. HTG
5. Northern Mirage
6. Phalanx
7. 777-team(especially fat-ZAN)
8. Immortal Icarus Imperium
9. Action Force/Byterapers Inc.
10. RFW-team

To all in this list: try to get this magazine before year 1991!

Next month new rankings list !!!!!!!!!!

Source: Scandinavian News 5 RELEASED ON 9.11.1988

Leading five in Skandinavia !!!

This is based on letters which I have received after last time.


If you aren't happy with this then ya should send postcard or letter and enclose a list of your choice. At the same time you use your cristmas pre- sent, give top games and also add the skandinavian list, too. In case not so many letters will come we'll drop this off, ok.


Source: Scandinavian News 6

World of games: battle between 64/Amiga

By Grendel/Byterapers

Amiga is the best computer at markets at the moment (fuck ST), but old 64 is making still well. But there's not too much GOOD games on 64 coming to markets nowadays. Why???

64 business has been now on for years longer than any machine has done before it. There was times when games released were brand and new, original and worth playing but nowadays all ideas have been used many times. There hasn't been any really GREAT games after Elite.

How on Amiga? On Amiga is released all the time even better games, shoot- em-ups with good sounds, arcade-quality graphics and soft movements. Also some games with more idea is coming, but is the Amig markets s o much different from 64? No, I answer. Much Amiga's games are just same versions from 64's games, just with better graphics and sounds. Games itself aren't much diffe- rent. Of course there are some games which are impossible to make on 64, and are also very good. That's the way it should be all the time : let the 64's market make simply shoot-mjh-ups, but I think Amiga's games should be developed from Shoot -mjh -ups to a higher level, where games are really Games.

But top make fanatical Amiga-owners angry I must say one thing: 64 is much better in one area, and that is role- playing- and strategical games. 64 has got hundreds of them. Some poor tries, many good and many incredible ones. It also gets new ones all the time, there is released weekly new rpg's and str's, I know it because I get all the time new reviewer's copies of all those games. Amiga's this side isn't so good. Old good 64 has got many unbelievable good rpg's, which won't exist on Amiga for a loong time (if ever). To mention some: Wasteland, Mars Saga ( which did capture TWS's attention for days - his Amiga was totally forgotten to its own table when TWS played Mars Saga on 128) and much others. Amiga owners - cry!


Source: Scandinavian News 6


By Grendel/Byterapers

Life on 64-world is still going on hard. Old good commie isn't so dead. The cracker-world is strongly alive and there's much good groups around. Naturally, there does exist 100000 times more lamers than good guys.

The ultimately leading groups at the moment are: Scouse Cracking Group (SCG), Bros, Ikari and Zenith. Other good groups around are for example: 711, Beastie Boys ( Germany's top ), Cosmos, Dominators, Wanderer Group, Sphinx. Old good names Triad and Hotline have gone very down lately: no new demos or cracks. HTL has done some cracks but not so much as in the far past. Triad lost a very important member when the Graphics artist The Sarge moved to Fairlight, which doesn't either make their living too hard nowadays. Their fame is still alive and strong, but they aren't presented very well anymore.

The Finnish computerworld is like it has been now for half a year: Byterapers are still no:1 with all their cracks & some demos they make sometimes. The best season of (B) was when they cracked game Marauder two weeks before anyone else in the whole world.

After the copyparty was a long time of silence and many thought that the whole group was dead but now we are again raising very fast very high because many cracks lately (this week 9 cracks - better than 99,7 % of the groups around and the cracks were also new ones, not 1 year old oldies).

Other Finnish groups aren't making so good. Finnish Gold has been very silent, no new demos or other products. Are they making something brilliant or.....?

The lamergroups HTG, CST and Point-X have joined and formed a new team Axion. Better not to tell what I think about that group, it's too ugly to tell in public.

Z-Circle, a group with good coders but lame swapppers have been very silent last months and I'm afraid about their future. If they continue this, blah.....

Beyond Force has made no new demos, they can't crack because no originals (hahahaha) and the only thing they do is swapping. If they can't make something better, I don't believe their future will be too brilliant. No more news.

Wait if someday we'll release some demos on Amiga, with help from our dear coops X-Men & Stack...

Waiting for better future....

Grendel of Byterapers Inc. in co-op with Stack & X-MEN.

1989 News

Source: Scandinavian News 1/1989

LOSER top 5 in Finland

Because of the many pleas from public we release the loser top 5 in Finland, though only a shortened version. It goes this time like this:

1. Revolution
2. Bloodsuckers
3. MJH
4. Neutral Zone Crackers
5. Finnish Force


Source: Scandinavian News 1/1989

Happy New Year and so...........

by Grendel/Byterapers

Year 1989 came finally, after a long waiting of 365 days. What happened when the year changed? I made some calls to friends and got the result.

Our old friend Moku/Accession was having booze-time with E.T. & others. He drunk half Vodka-bottle+three beers, then someone offered him whiskey ( half a bottle of it) and after 30 minutes he had to wonder ' Where are my legs? '. Someone carried him to E.T.s and there he was, having a terrible hangover when I called him.

Rockstar/Byterapers was drinking,too. He started it at 18.00 in 1988 and went on drinking to 1989. Then was time to go out and they blew up a mail box in the eyes of cops.

Hazor/Beyond Force did nothing.

Didn't remember to call to Zadoz, Izebreager, Akxa, Pastori Jussi Kyrsot and some other mean - machines but who cares? They were all drunk.

What about me? I was as a driver for Kasper and some other I.R.A. ( Iisalmen Rappio Alkoholistit) members from 21.00 (year 1988) to 5.00 (1989), driving all night around and around and around an around the city and once we made visi to a near village, Lapinlahti, where w blew up a telephone booth with a smal bomb. It was groovy, afterwards.

Hope the cops didn't make the Ne Year's promise to catch all swapper now.

Same to all you there, too...

Source: Scandinavian News 2/1989 #8

We will give SIMO-price of the month
to Mirage/Finland for being to most
stupid group in Finland so far. Also
for trying to get the cooling ones into
the DEEP troubles. ! SO FUCK MIRAGE !

Source: Scandinavian News 2/1989 #8

News from Finland

Scene is much like it has been for a long time now. Nothing new or special has happened. But who knows what will knock on your door next?

The great Finnish Gold has been very silent, too silent for ages now. Just normal swapping has occurred but a new demo should be out soon (it's out now when this issue is released).Without any doubts it will shock the world as all their magnificent demos have done so far. Those FIG-guys have been said to be the best 64-coders in Finland,and that's the very truth. But I don't find it quite that way. Those fucking lamers in Finnish Gold aren't any 'best 64- coders' in Finland, no way.Finnish Gold are the BEST DEMO-MAKERS IN THIS PLANET ON C-64! The Truth, Truth and the only real Truth.

After having released their new demo FIG'll have a long pause in their work Rock, the best composer in Finland (2nd best in Nordic countries, only JCH/DOM is better), will wear the grey uniform of the Finnish army and guard our borders against Russians and Communist Cowboys.Later next summer FCS(no1 coder in SF)will do the same. When this will happen, Finland will lose something valuable.....

Deathstar is making a megademo, which is going to be released (if very bad luck occurres) quite soon. Waterhead is still as waterish as before, but what about Smithson? Noo, Smithson's also OK even if he had quite hard time when I called to him. Ha, he must be thinking I'm really stupid or something. During that call I made something which is in Finland called 'vittuilla',harassed him verbally in such a way that he didn't notice a thing. He really sounded a bit confused. Call him if you want to know more.... Smithson, we will do well with each other later, right??? Maybe I call you later with serious thoughts and clear mind (ehmf).

Accession is, as always.... TWS...... krhm... It would be censored, so better not say a thing. Not to write it at all. Moku is as cool and nice as always. Very good chap he is, really . Others? Adept is ok, nice indeed. Nightblade does some good code and other coders are making a megademo, which is going to be incredible, I bet. Who says Accession people are lamers?

The old chaps X-MEN do their job as always - cool. Icebreaker codes cool intros and demos, Zados, Axa, Kyrsor & others swap and do whatever they use to do. Zados the no.2 drunker in Finland still and forever (but I'm catching you and one day...).

Phalanx like always. Demos & swapping.

Don't know about Freedom Force...

We? To be honest, I don't know too well. On 64 it's going well, cracks are coming out and demos are being coded. Amiga-side expands slowly. But nothing really serious is going on.

Source: Scandinavian News 10 20.5.1989

And now to some events in Finland... Phalanx and Overload have joined their forces and call themselves Complex, or was it Simplex. Who knows, and what's more important, who cares.

We (TWS & Hackman(Deathstar)) made a little joke. We told to quite many losers here in Finland that X-men,Death star and Accession have splitted up and the coolest dudes from these teams have joined to Syntax Terror, which we told to have been restarted. We started asking losers to join(Mokus idea) and I think we have managed to make some damage in certain Finnish groups(hehe).

Source: Scandinavian News 10 20.5.1989

Where have all the good demos gone?

The year 1989 has been a year of poor demos. Do you remember these wonderful megademos, like Teck-Teck by Sodan and Magician 42 and Def Jam's megademo? Sure you do, unless you have lived in the woods all your life. The biggest problem seems to be that coders are looking for new ideas from old routines and they are not looking for really new ideas. Also coders are inventing the 'wheel' over and over againg. Ones coder has invented a new idea, all other coders in different teams copy this idea to show that they are not worse than the others.

I must admit that Wild Copper's Exxos demo made me wonder, how anyone in this dark age has so many new ideas. Every- thing were so highly polished. The action never stopped. The best demo of the year. I hope that we will be the best of the year coders, but the future shows can we beat Wild Copper's high quality. Handshakes for them.

Every god damn group has made their own megademos and they have lost some- thing of their glory. To crack is to- day's word and that's partially wrong because it is much more easier to do than to make a mega-demo. Well, you have more stuff to send when you crack but it does not show anything about the quality of the group. If group does a megademo with millions of different intros, it would give more fame if they just publish them separately.What would people say about a group that produces a demo per week and if you do perfectly ordinary megademo, no one spreads it, but if you do single demos they will get on collections and that's how you get more famous.

Some people in the past few years made real games for their megademos and they were the most loved of the megademos. It do not have to be the best game in the world if you do it well enough. Some people are wondering why no one has done Arcade Classics on Amiga, which really is not the hardest job in the world and that would prove something about the quality of coding, not necessarily the creativity but anyway.

Nowadays, all demos have the same basic elements: scroller, equalizers, logo, bouncing bobs and often vector- graphics. Why are they all the same? Why there is not anyone who could re- sist this formal manner. Again Wild Copper's demo is a perfect excample for not beign a normal. Their demo has a plot, which is really rare. I hope that is comes more popular in the near future.

Does everybody remember a great demo called 'Ottifanten' from late Thrust? It did not have great routines, but everything worked and most important, it's idea was original and really humorous. Why are not the organisers giving information to painters, that they should make more animation, with good quality of course. Quite many times I have seen a demo with animation but it lacked polishing. Animation has to be done with same care and love as we are doing logos of our team.

Music is the last thing I am writing about. Progression in the music busi- ness has stopped. Old ST-sounds are still used and sounds makes half of the music. Almost all tunes are somekind of techno-pop and they are very similar to each other. Some demos need special ef- fects instead of music, at least in some parts. I hope that my article rai- ses discussion about the matter and your opinions are very welcome.


World of Wonders

1991 News

Drunk Land is down!

Yoho guys, all fan mail to our HQ.... ok, one important message! Don`t call our board Drunkland anymore, because Proton sold his harddrive due to a phonebill of 4000 FIM. He`ll probably put it up again after the summer when he can affort to buy a new harddrive. It was sad because it really was the best board in finland the short time it was up.. (Jarnis, don`t get mad when I say it was the BEST board, that is my opinion, and many others too. Ofcourse no ranking here, otherwise I will be raped by all other BBS`s sysops. Note: Zebra`s is a very good one too.) Ok, let`s stop here, but one thing more...

DRUNK LAND: Frantic's 2nd HQ and the latest group BBS in Finland...
This is also a good trading place with the inevitable
boozing conferences + other special confs (UnoWaddIMeen!)
This is, like the most before, running with AmiExpress
and 105 MB with Proton/Frantic as a Sysop.

Group: Frantic
Open: 24 hrs/day
Sysop: Proton
No. : +358-XX-XXXXX
HD : 105 MB
Software: AmiExpress

Amiga Scene information from 1991

FINNISH GROUPS!!! (Written by Commie of The Special Brothers!)

As you can see it from the name, you can find some information about finnish groups from this article...

Scoopex - They have 3 members here in Finland: Reward (Gfx) Zebra (Sysop & modemtrader) Slayer (Code)... They have released some intros and cool demos! (Mental Hangover...) I think that everybody knows Scoopex quite well so let's go to the next group!

Vertigo - This group was formed from best members of Image some time ago and they have released some cool demos (Fill 'em All & Vectors for All)!!! I've heard that Crystal asked Vertigo to join 'em, but the guys in Vertigo didn't want to join! They also do some modemtrading and have boards (Pipers Pit in USA and Concealed Dimension in Finland)..

Rebels - Another cool demogroup in Finland... They have really cool musician called Heatbeat (At least I like his music!) and some cool coders...

Dual Crew - They do some trainers, swapping and modemtrading... They got some new members lately...

Image - They do some cracks, trainers, modemtrading and swapping! I've heard that they are going to release demo soon... They also have 3 boards here in Finland!

Equinox - The finnish division of Equinox was found by some members of Gemini! They have relesed some intros! Their finnish hq is Procyon!

Complex - They are the makers of this nice Maggy... They have released some intros and demos! They also do some modemtrading and have board in the USA! The Special Brothers - The finnish division of TSB was found about 5 months ago when Cruzifix left Energy and joined TSB, few months later cool swapper called Commie joined too and after him Stargazer joined and...

Anarchy - Another cool demogroup... Famous members: Golem, Bruno, Wraith, Psycho and Rubber Boy!

Vectra - They have released 1 demo and 2 quite nice intros... Vectra was found some time go when Smirre left Defjam and wanted to build his own group! Some guys from Gate, Nikki Corruptions and Chrome joined Vectra!

Byterapers - I think they are the oldest group in Finland! They have released some demos and intros!!

Cave - I think they have quite many members. They do some modemtrading (?) demos and intros... But I think they should improve their quality!

Frantic - They released nice demo Cavader some time ago. I've heard that they are going to release really big (3 disx) demo soon... They also have some problems, becoz there are 2 other groups named Frantic!!!

Nikki Corruptions - They have lost some of their members but they are still fighting... Sir Arthur is coding game for Awesoft, so I think that's why they haven't released any demos for a long time!! Famous members: Sir Arthur, Farqu and Rocket... They made the nice game called Lada Race!

Wizzcat - They do some demos, intros and modemtrading.

The Shining - They were found by the best members of Elite Inc. They have released some trainers and a cool demo!

Crusaders - They have atleast one musician (Fleshbrain) in Finland.

Skid Row - I'm not sure but I think they have one coder called Stone in Finland!

Bloodsuckers - The party monsters! They have released some musicdisks, demos, intros... Famous members: Scy, Hoffi, Communist Cowboy, Merit... I think that Merit will arrange party this summer...

Alpha Flight - They are making the famous Diskmag C.J. and they released demo lately! (It didn't work on my Amiga!!!) They also kicked out many members some time ago...

Society - They arrange cool (?) party 7th-9th of June! Sorry, I don't know much about this group!

Gemini - Some of their members left and formed finnish division of Equinox! But I think they are still alive!

Quartex - They have atleast one modemtrader & swapper (Zedy) in Finland! (Bullshit, ED)

Thanx for reading this article and don't blame me if I forgot some cool groups...

Newcomers - old farts are dead

1997 comments by Grendel.

This article was originally released in Finnish scene diskmagazine called Maggy. Maggy was a central forum on creating some sense of community in Finnish scene, and though it was later released in english and spread also abroad, it was always mainly a FINNISH SCENE mag.

This article, Newcomers, was written in a kinda bad mood after some stressing discussions. Without further thinking it was sent forward, and after publishing it caused quite a stir. It was mostly more or less intentionally understood quite wrong. Its meaning was not to tell no new people should get into scene, or abuse those who'd joined it during last year or so, though the article was quite strong worded and aggressive sounding.

But the times back then had changed quite a lot in two years, and while I a bit growling accepted them, the atmosphere for older groups who had gotten lazy was quite hostile specially with newer scenedoods. That was something that I didn't really understand, and I tried to make up some discussion.

Instead, a lot of those new people got angry and didn't try to think what I tried to say. It's naturally easy to take the words and tear them apart, instead thinking what they were trying to say. So with one scenegeneration in Finland I was quite unpopular preacher, but finally people started to understand what I was saying. Scene was no more new, and it has HISTORY, ancient history, and people should know about it. So I'm naturally happy to see that people are nowadays really interested in past.

If this article sounds anything harsh when you read it, remember that is does not mean anything bad. It's wording may not be best possible, but idea is all good - give one some thinking.


by Grendel / Byterapers Inc.

There has been strange comments by newcomers about us, the OLD ELITE-groups. "what's so good at you", "what makes you better than we are", "where are your demos?" has a SONIC-lamer said to Hoffi/BS. No respect at all. Even Bloodsuckers is always better than some Sonic, even without making anything. BS is old group, and HAS MADE more than it's part for scene. Most groups come and go, live just for half-year, or year. BS's been around since 88 or 89, and has released more demos & all than some SONIC can never dream about.

It doesn't matter they haven't released anything for some time. THEY DON'T NEED TO. Bloodsuckers are famous already, because what THEY HAVE ALREADY DONE. What's the most important, they have all the abililities to continue making good products, if they want to. But same sickness has struck them, that sticks into each old group that exists long enough. LAZYNESS. When one has done enough work, they need rest. And scene is sometimes stressing thing, I have noticed it personally. Once I was a big, fast swapper on 64. I started on 85 by tape, 86 by drive and 88 was the fastest Finnish swapper. Why? I had 150 (yes it's true) contacts at once (at once, repeat), and you can imagine what work it was. I even quitted school to swap (true!). I got money b writing to magazines, and that money was used to swapping. 30 sendings a day o 64, for a long time. Finally the stress came. I had to drop contacts, and finally quit swapping. Pause, swapped then on Amiga, but had to stop. BURN-OUT had happened. Until this date, ANY swapping has been a nightmare to me, TWO YEARS AFTER THE BURN-OUT.

Each old group sometimes reaches the point when they get lazy. Some groups just die. Some continue to exist but do nothing. Some exist, and try do something and VERY FEW manage to rise again. Finnish examples:

Bloodsuckers exist but do nothing.
Complex is again rising up, after long time of invisibility.
Accession exist but does nothing.
Byterapers tried to rise, fell, were almost dead 3 months and try to rise once again.
Wizzcat was silent for a long time, but has risen again.
Digitize Design Group exists but does nothing.
Finnish Gold has practically died.
X-Men has practically died. Beyond Force was almost disappeared, then rose again, and have currently sunk a bit as they're converting from 64 to Amiga.

SO WHAT'S THE FUCKING POINT IN SAYING "WHAT'S SO DIFFERENT AT YOU" or "WHERE ARE YOUR DEMOS?". Fuck, we have already done our part, and if we continue to exist all you newcomers should be glad of it, not asking where are our products.

We, the old groups and the OLD ELITE GUYS, have developed the scene for you. If you don't have any respect for us, you better sell you computer and go fishing.

Hoffi didn't get free entrance to Sonic's party, which then didn't even exist. Hoffi deserves his free entrance, if he wishes so. I've never begged for free in (mostly I've arranged the parties), but Hoffi has his principle on free entrance - DON'T NEWCOMERS GO ON FUCKING TO HIM - HE'S BEEN IN SCENE FAR LONGER THAN YOU, and done more than you will never do. He wouldn't be that famous, if he was some dickhead as some others.

I heard I personally have gotten some strange critism from newcomers too. "What that Grendel thinks he is?". Trying to be the boss of (B), telling guys what to do and throwing guys out of Byterapers while he does nothing. And is the only one in world who thinks Byterapers is alive, when all know it's fucking dead.

HAHAA what fuck that is.. I am me, Grendel. I boss (B) because I am the founder & leader. I've always bossed the group, and it's all my own creation. I made Byterapers big on 64, I found & guided the guys who made it possible, I worked hard for it - I THOUGHT IT AS A JOB, WORK, not as hobby. I succeeded in it, but it was hard work for 2 years. On Amiga we have never been so big, but the 64 memories live, and I AM FUCKING PROUD OF IT. Go on asking any 64-guy. I made Byterapers the 9th best cracking crew in the world at 89. It has always been my group, my creation and has always lived with me. When I'm down the group is down but when I'm inspired group starts rising again. And I bet I know my group better than anyone else in the world, better than any newcomer who never had 64 and has been in the scene for one year. I think I know better if it's alive or not - from February to April group was practically dead, but I've now worked to get it on its feet again, and now Byterapers is going to rise again. Guys are working and products are coming, but this time MY group works more on different basis than NEVER BEFORE. So stop speaking shit.

Newcomers are a disease in the scene. They don't know anything about the past, give a strange look if you say Pure Byte, Warriors Of Darkness, Megaforce, Fusion, Ikari or Ackerlight. They don't respect the old guys or old groups. But....The Scene would also wither without them.

What to do?