Amiga Data Heaven

HEI! T„h„n vois laittaa sen The Apocalypsen originaali-hautakivikuvan!

The ideas and products on AMIGA that were never finished.

During all those years we had planned or dreamed of many projects, that were never finished. Some existed only in few sketches or in imagination, and some were worked on very hard and seriously.

This page is a gravestone to those dreams.

Betas & nonreleased things
The Apocalypse
Worked on but never finished projects
Ideas that never progressed further

Betas & nonreleased things

would-have-been-date: 11/1991
Code: JTP
Graphics: Drifter
no music (would have been Turtle)

The Farewell-demo from JTP, when he was leaving us by falling in love with Finnish army. Never managed to make it. Note that advertisement in the end.
Has Exit.
Works on AGA machines

farewell.lha 57 kb
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Code: Radical
Music: Randor
Music resampled by: Turtle
Graphics: Drifter
Has Exit.

Grendel stored most letters recieved during 87-91, and selected funniest, most stupid, typical contactletters, legendletters etc. Includes both Finnish & English letters. It was planned to be the base for our magazine OFF (see below), but project was finally cancelled due to disagreements how those letter's original writers should be treated. This then led to the sad fact that OFF's magazine-engine was never finished.
letterma.lha 280 kb

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Get it from FTP.FUNET.FI

WDO was a very short-timed member in testtime. He was let go after coming to the conclusion that his personality didn't fit to our group's mentality. He prorammed a small demo/intro which seemingly was never released. The demo would be here to download, but it has a scrolltextfile named "(B)" which is missing and therefore the stupid demo doesn't work.

The Apocalypse

Easily our most ambitious project ever. The Apocalypse was designed to be a ideologic sequel to The Beginning HEI TÄHÄN VOIS LAITTAA LINKIN! -demo (1990). The Beginning was a great demo built around a tale, a story, and more balls than most other demos ever have had. Though, it lacked in the code-department.

The Apocalypse was a story of Doomsday. A story of humanity destroying themselves. A touching tale that was meant to shock and make people think. Just as well it was meant to be a visually and codewise beautiful and BIG product that would be remembered.

It had a clear script, and everything was being designed beforehand. A lot of thought was put into the script itself. We worked a lot on the demo, and much was achieved. We had some of the musics and a large part of graphics, even a few animations ready. The problem was, not surprisingly, on the coding department. JTP was supposed to code the demo, and he never really managed to put much work into it. When this was realized we tried to find someone to create the demo in cooperation, but at the end everything was in vain. The Apocalypse was not to be.

1991 info on The Apocalypse:
Coming some day. Right now we've been thinking it over again, and we need much new graphics. I have ready graphics from the following: Trigon, Cockatrice/Complex, Jonez, Judge. New graphics are coming from Drifter and Judge, and more is needed. Turtle has made at least two tunes, and two more and all musics are then made. The script is fucking good..... Originally JTP was supposed to code it, but I guess we got to find now someone else to put everything together.

Worked on but never finished projects

Some kind of demo

1991: Dr.Dick is training hard Amiga coding, when he's got the time. Dick has good ideas and is already putting the demo together, but unfortunately he is very busy in his homefarm.

By Python, Turtle, Drifter & Grendel. Chasing sunglasses around the galaxy.

From Cannibal. Not much information around, but it was planned to have a lot of great effects and even new ideas. Cannibal stopped coding tho before finishing dmeo.

Muzzax 8

1991: Let's hope it will finally come out. Hell, this was supposed to be released already in spring. Graphics from Drifter, code from Python. Possibly we'll release Muzzax 9 with the same engine, though a bit modified.
A trip into toilet

Demo where one wanders into a strange toilet, and gets whslooshed into the sewers. Partly adventure, as looker can affect the demo a bit. Includes fast vector-sewers, a picture of wc-seat and samples of pissing and whlooshing.

Ideas that never progressed further

Country of wonders
Adventure into land of Byterapers. Demo will guide the looker into many wonders what can be found from the strange country of (B). Could include rooms of some members, corner where Lenin looks at you (lots of red, flags etc) , a "demo nightmare" place where you see lots of filled cubes and all, vectorballs etc...

Back to roots - Muzzax Special
VERY old, famous tunes in Muzzax. Return to old days.

Muzzax Special Speed-Head Special
Musicdisk with only Speedies weird tunes

Muzzax X
Normal musicdisk

A old Byterapers' 64-demo converted into Amiga. Return to old days.

A game about the scene. Includes lots of real people and real groups. One is the leader of some group, and tries to guide it to fame etc. Might not be a hard job to do... Some football-manager style.

Old idea, still not made. Will be perhaps made sometimes?

Bouncy Balls
Old demo-idea, but now with better design and ideas...

Fisherman intro
Just a small intro, but what kind of intro? Man sitting in a boat fishing.. A vector-fish comes, tries the decoy and drags the man into water and eats the man... No music, maybe two channel backgroundmusic and samples with the story-line... A scrollie too. Could possibly then continue to other things...

First big 1986 to the screen, then it fades away. Now the FIRST intro where Byterapers-name was used onto screen (bugs & all). After it comes a 64-TV-screen and it loads Python's old 64 intro (a simple BUT REAL GOOD ONE). After that a modern demo...

Small demo built over Speed-Head's tune FUCKHOUSE. Don't yet know what it should include, but a dark demo anyway...

Follow-up for Apocalypse
Been talking about this with Dark Young. Includes animations etc.

Future Worlds
A view into future, its technologies, culture, spaceships and everything. VERY humorous.


Old Farts Forever (OFF) - magazine.
The official supporter for the Old Men. Weird magazine that consists different, special fun articles. Cannibal will made the first issue, later ones from Python.

This is OLD FARTS FOREVER, almost some kind of magazine. Actually this is no mag, just a collection of different kind of funny or interesting articles, either written for O.F.F., or found elsewhere. It's no matter where...

O.F.F. is not a try to enter the already filled market of diskmagazines. Instead it tries to offer you something different, something to enjoy.

Most magazines are all the same... Partyreports, scenereports, interviews. You won't see them here. Or if you see, they are written funny, tell the strange things at parties etc... But nothing in that regular style. There will be many kinds of articles, but especially about roleplaying and Star Trek, because I am rpg and ST fan. Don't complain, I include what I think is fun and I LOVE rpgs and Star Trek ( = FUN).

Big difference to big mags is, that this also includes novels, stories. Something enjoyable when compared to those cloned scenereports...

You should note that this is done just because it feels a fun things to do. This is not serious, or done seriously. HAVING FUN IS PRIMARY, all else secondary...

wanhojen wirallinen äänenkannattaja

Also O.F.F. is the official playground of Finnish scene Veterans, so you may see their articles if they have sometimes energy to write something. I usually don't.

The language used is no matter. You may write even Viroksi, if you wish. I got to warm all non-Finnish speakers, that A LOT of texts here will be in Finnish. Mostly we do this for Finns, English articles just if they are fun or including them feels fun.

All serious idiots may immediately reset their machines, because O.F.F. is not fot them. Fuck everything else, HAVE FUN! There is absolutely nothing to compare this with, so don't try it.

Many people won't understand the point of this program, I know it. But there's always some with sense of humor, who enjoy reading good stories.

If you think you have some good stories to tell, be free to send them to me. Only texts writted with CED or some else editor, on disk thank you. I won't type your texts from paper. If you want, you can send ads and such stuff too, but no guarantee they will be released. Originality counts.

Please inform us how you like this. If there's people who enjoy these stories, tell it, and you will see more.

Thank you for your cooperation.
The Computer says 'O.F.F. is a funny and different mag. Read it.' Dare you doubt The Computer? Computer is always right. Those who disagree, are traitors and will be vaporized. Isn't it fun to read O.F.F.? The Computer says so.

yours: Grendel/Byterapers

ps. The later versions may be improved. Other guys, mainly Turtle and Python, want OFF to include lots of other things, like ability to load/show Deluxepain pictures (like Maggy) etc etc, so what I am to resist as long as it won't grow too big job (then it's no fun and I won't do it anymore).