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Byterapers web pages open! (rel. 1.0)

Byterapers, Inc., one of the oldest groups still in existence in demoscene, has published their web pages to the public. Constructed for over half a year, the pages contain massive amounts of Finnish scenehistory.

The pages are located in:

So, what's this?

The Byterapers pages are twofold: they contain the Byterapers story, spanning from the far days of 1996, and Finnish Scene Museum. Our target is to collect all possible tales and information about the Finnish demoscene, and store them to one fine place where everyone can enjoy!

Also included is the Definite list of Finnish parties of ALL TIME!

What the president of Byterapers-company, Grendel, has to say:

"Byterapers web pages offer invaluable insight into both our group's colourful history, and Finnish demoscene. Especially we're proud of the Definite list of Finnish parties of all time, since there's never been any good collection what's happened and where. We hope to attract a lot of visitors, who come back again and again to enjoy our offerings, since there simply is no human being who's able to absorb everything in one session.

Simply said, our pages contain awesome amounts of material. They've been enourmous job to do, and the project is still far from complete, so you'll find regularly new material fitted.

A very special approach was taken when designing the pages: they're text-heavy, with absolutely no Java or Netscape extensions. You'll be able to check everything with pure text based browsers like Lynx. Pages load really quickly this way, and they don't contain much graphics.

Also we hope people enjoying the pages will take active approach and submit more material. We will accept and include any kind of interesting stories regarding both Byterapers, Inc. and Finnish demoscene.

This is maybe be last chance to record our common scenehistory, before all old time sceners finally disappear and forget what's happened. There's lots completely new things and topics that will be added when the scene history project really starts rolling, and our Finnish Scene History Museum starts REALLY recording the past.


That's is, from the horse's mouth!

Byterapers - the reason for your erection - The Story!

Byterapers' history spans from the year 1986, when four little would-be fellas started using name "Byterapers" on their small releases. In two years group had grown into multi-national and rather famous, starting 1988 on Amiga. In 1989 the group stopped C-64 activities and concentrated on making career on the Amiga, making rather well there as well. Around 1991-1992 group started a long sleep, resting from earlier efforts and doing a lot of own inner stuff, picnics, ByteParties etc but never finishing any products.

From this six year period Byterapers, known in short as (B), had released around 150 demos on C-64, not counting intros or other small stuff, a countless number of cracks and all-time high position as No:6 in world's cracking-group charts (an activity which was later banned and stopped completely), seven musicdisks on Amiga, about 20 Amiga-demos not counting intros and other small stuff, bunch of weird fun-releases an uncontested fame of heavy partydudes always drunk, noisy, doing strange stuff, looking strange, wandering from bar to bar but overall being quite harmless.

(B) made comeback in 1994 by releasing the World of Code -demo in spring'94. This resulted in many scene-awards like:

-comeback of the year
-demogroup of the year
-demo of the year
-coder of the year

Products like the World of Code -series (WOC, WOC 2, WOC 3), Extremes and Follow The Sign III are top notch releases on C-64 -demoscene, and our five latest entries in democompetitions have gained four wins and one second place.

The C-64 sceneawards from 1996 looked like following:
1996 - Awarded "Demogroup of the Year 1996 - Byterapers" of C-64 scene.
1996 - Awarded "Demo of the Year 1996 - Follow The Sign III by Byterapers" of C-64 scene.
1996 - Awarded "Coder of the Year 1996 - Mr.Sex/Byterapers" of C-64 scene.

Today Byterapers works actively on the C-64 and PC-platforms. While not exactly active demomakers, we hop on parties and enjoy our lives to the fullest. 1997 looks good for Byterapers. The Web-project will be taking still time, and new PC/C-64 demos are under construction.

- - -

Questions, anything? Grendel at might answer.