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It's been busy time in the Byterapers lately!

Not that we've created anything, but there's so much other things you can do. Drink, go to sauna, drink and party. You know the stuff.

Other than that, the Byterapers home in the information superspeedfastlanehighway is nowadays located at this following piece of web:

It's the third address (B)Web has been at, and it looks we are going to stay here for a long, long time. Please make sure your bookmarks or brain patterns are correctly updated and saved.

About the (B)Web itself, I am happy and proud to announce major news: We have opened three major sections on the www-site:
C-64 Warepage
PC Warepage
Photo Gallery

C-64 Warepage tells about Byterapers releases on C-64 from 1986 to present day, shows the credits, information, gives you screenshots and sometimes even FTP links for running the demos on emulator or on a real C-64. Utilities are offered for PC and Amiga platforms for emulating and transferring.

PC Warepage tells about Byterapers releases on PC.

Photo Gallery gives you pictures from various Finnish parties from the 80s and 90s, plus a nice amount of puke, beer and happy partygoing!

Other (B)Web current material includes updated Byterapers Movie Productions' page, information about our new movies, The Definite List of Finnish Parties, links, boozelore, and so on. Be sure to click yourself into Webcredits to see the latest changes, but also spend time to enjoy all the offerings we've created for you!

The website is Lynx powered and doesn't require any luxyry gadgets, and is dedicated to offer great stories and material instead bandwith eating graphic orgies and Java-applications.

Here is the standard bit of nonsense senseless crappin'

What is this Byterapers thing anyway?

It's a way of life.

It's a religion.

It's a sense of belonging and being together.

It's something, that you just don't 'get into' instantly. You join the body, you slowly merge into it and become one. You become a Byteraper, Byterapers comes into you.

A wonderful merger, a process taking even years to complete, becoming a Byteraper joins you with other happy fellows doing stupid things together, and sometimes even using computers for demostuff.

We are!

Byterapers is an demogroup, a piece of the wonderful virtual experience called scene or demoscene. The group was founded originally in Finland 1986, and while working both on legal and illegal sides of scene, Byterapers was to become one of the most famous groups on C-64, and started working on Amiga in 1988. Later concentrating completely on Amiga, Byterapers did a good though not magna-qualified career on the 16-bit platform, being anyway 1989-1992 one of those most visible Finnish groups. During 1995 Byterapers entered the PC platform.


Today Byterapers is a still active, though mostly in other areas than democoding. We work actively on C-64 and PC, and have been the no:1 demogroup on C64 since 1994.

This site tells you about the history of Byterapers, our members and releases, but also about the demoscene, its past and its current situation, the people and groups from Finland.


Same told in different words:

"Byterapers web pages offer invaluable insight into both our group's colourful history, and Finnish demoscene. Especially we're proud of the Definite list of Finnish parties of all time, since there's never been any good collection what's happened and where. We hope to attract a lot of visitors, who come back again and again to enjoy our offerings, since there simply is no human being who's able to absorb everything in one session.

Simply said, our pages contain awesome amounts of material. They've been enourmous job to do, and the project is still far from complete, so you'll find regularly new material fitted.

A very special approach was taken when designing the pages: they're text-heavy, with absolutely no Java or Netscape extensions. You'll be able to check everything with pure text based browsers like Lynx. Pages load really quickly this way, and they don't contain much graphics.

Also we hope people enjoying the pages will take active approach and submit more material. We will accept and include any kind of interesting stories regarding both Byterapers, Inc. and Finnish demoscene.

This is maybe be last chance to record our common scenehistory, before all old time sceners finally disappear and forget what's happened. There's lots completely new things and topics that will be added when the scene history project really starts rolling, and our Finnish Scene History Museum starts REALLY recording the past.


Grendel / Byterapers, Inc.