First, there is NO definite history for Byterapers.

That's practical impossibility. Time has flown and many days have passed since the group saw first daylight. Members have changed almost in as many numbers. While we're happy to still own same coremembers as in beginning, or 1988 or 1991, we've had so huge amounts of members and so many things have happened that even if we had tried to document them we would probably had failed.

So, instead, we offer you interesting pieces of our past. While this page is, I guess, as complete history of (B) as there can be, it's far from complete and never can be.

Contribute! Send your stories, news, partyreports, group histories, craps and anything to Grendel! Help us to portray the Finnish Scene!

Material here is collected from several different sources or written specially for the WEB-pages:

  • Firsts and highlights - updated 10.07.2018
  • Official histories
  • The history of Byterapers Sweden
  • MISC pieces
  • The slogans
  • Sukset, Suosiota ja Lukkosulaa! - Byterapers photo gallery - partypictures and more!
  • All the Byterapers parties! Big and small, public and groupmeetings, drinking and festival-trips! Partytales!
  • Byterapers partying abroad
  • Scrolltexts found in old (B) demos
  • Stupido texts from our old Amiga Patras Muscated - democollection series
  • Byterapers interview in Assembly'2000 ASM-TV (MPEG, 30 minutes, 400 MB. IN FINNISH) and its readme.txt.
  • Fan feedback about (B) in ENGLISH
  • Fan feedback about (B in FINNISH/SUOMEKSI
  • The sources are for example: interviews, newspieces on diskmagazines, extractions from our memberdisks, greetings, old notes and so on. MISC pieces are both in Finnish and English, and we have made an effort to organize them in some kind of order by YEAR.

    Byterapers in 1987
    From left to right:
    Kasper, Mr. Arcade (later Sardon), Professor Fate, MIY-87 (face hidden), Lanttu, Black Belt, Grendel.