published by complex 1989-1991

MAGGY was an excellent Finnish disk magazine that was published around 1989-1991. It was the forum of Finnish Amiga demoscene and featured many of the well known scene personalities as writers. Maggy is a legendary piece of Finnish demo scene folklore and must not be missed.

The fun thing in Maggy was that especially during the earlier finnish language issues it had very tongue-in-cheek attitude. The pages were IFF-pictures so people could write & draw, create the article outlook themselves if they wanted. So authors had a free hand to express themselves.
Result was very amusing and fun magazine that was eagerly waited. Unfortunately the magazine lost its best touch when Complex guys wanted to go international.

  Maggys in finnish

Maggy 3 - autumm 1989
Maggy 4 - 1989
Maggy 5 - 1989/1990
Maggy 6 - january 1990
Maggy 7 - february 1990

  Maggys in english

Maggy 10 - July 1991
Maggy 11 - 1991

And here are some fast examples about the best Maggy had/has to offer:
Zados maitokaupassa Moskva Band Eesti interview
Byterapers Voodoo-party 1989 Finnish groups in 1991

Remember: all articles are old. Many opinions expressed then would not be repeated today.
Maggy magazines converted by Deadbeat/The Sharks. Grendel did the crap HTML.
Needed: Maggy issues 1, 2, 8, 9. Was 12 or later issues released?

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