Member since 1987.
Coder in his previous life.


5. 1972.

6. Code comes out somehow, some graphics too (note very slow to code, has always been since 87).

7. had Salora Fellow and SVI-328, now 64 and Amiga.

8. extra memory and drive.

9. Joined in 87. On 64 many demos made (mastermusic 1-N, Follow The Sign I & II, X-Men demo and Introcollection). On Amiga I've made demos Astrogate, The Beginning (note and Two Windows and Landscape = 4 in all. Now working with Apocalypse).

10. Nooo...

11. Jolly fellows, not any too seriously taken business in (B). Group should do more things together. Reorganizaton YES!

12. Fuck the rest of groups. I feel home in (B). I hadn't ever heard about the group before. Joining was not a mistake, because (B) seems to be one of the oldest groups alive. Wouldn't change.

13. Demo will come this months. After that 5 months of inactivity because exams - after that let's look again. What could happen? Seems everyone is bored to everything, but we could really do together something really funny! What about the jokest megademo in the world?

Overall, JTP is one of the most important members (B) has ever had. His career stems from the very early days of 1987, when Sardon (or known as Mr.Arcade by then) found some very promising looking demos by a seemingly freelance-coder. Grendel phoned him immediately, and so JTP was added into (B) ranks.

JTP has safely remained in (B) even through the roughest times. Even at the worst time, when it for some time seemed Byterapers consists of exactly two members - Grendel & JTP - JTP stayed loyally in his old group, and when the storm calmed down it was seen that this ruggedness had assured most others core-members to stay in group.

JTP was always expert in missing deadlines and expectations, but his coding talents didn't leave much to hope for. Always a trusted, good coder though the fine bit of creative genius lacked, JTP created fine demos, many of which are among the most favourite (B) works of all times.

JTP worked both on C-64 and Amiga, and jumped to the latter pretty early. Astrogate, his first Amiga-demo was released already in 1990 and was a fine work of art, that had more code than it first-look simpliness showed. Unfortunately the Finnish army kidnapped JTP, and he never managed to finish even his 'Farewell' demo, that was planned into Nov-1991. After returning JTP had lost his touch on coding, and has not coded anything since.

Today JTP has actually wandered somewhere where we can't reach him. He's got a PC and Amiga, and works actively on both of them while also studying and working. Where and what, is actually the question.

JTP's old news from 1992:

Vaimoke katosi Valtoihin vaihto-oppilaaksi, saapuu takaisin 14.7.1992 Lahtee inttiin lokakuussa. Apocalypse viivastyy JALLEEN kerran, koska tutkittiin mita graffaa tarvitaan, ja niita tarvitaan aika paljon lisaa... Teki intron Iisalmen matkalla ja jonkinnakoinen Farewell tulossa ennen 29. lokakuuta. Apocalypsen tarkasta julkaisusta ei MITAAN tietoa, joskus ensi vuonna luultavasti. Vektorirutiinit tulevat menemaan kaikki viela kokonaan uudelleen kasittelyyn, oikein ajan kanssa.

JTP's discography


Master Music III V2 -demo 1988
Master Music IV -demo 1988
Master Music V -demo 1988
Master Music VI -demo 1988
Master Music VII -demo 1988
Rape 1 -demo 1988
Follow The Sign -demo 1988
Follow The SIgn II -demo 1989
Jopottaa -demo 1989
Intro Collection 1989


Astrogate -demo 1990
The Beginning -demo 1990
Colourcycle -intro 1990
Bob-intro -intro, 1990
Two Windows -demo 1991
The Landscape - A Demo !! -demo, 1991
Super Cow Mega Demo Intro -intro, 1991
The Farewell -non finished demo, 1991

E-Mail: juha.pomppu@myy.helia.fi