Pielavesi, near Iisalmi, nowadays Iisalmi.
Member since November 1989.
Hitman, ex-sysop, ex-trader


5. 241171.

6. I can program somehow, and music I make too (can't say if good or not).

7. Before 128, Amiga 500, Amiga 2000, Amiga 500 (now a m-bike!).

8. -

9. First I was 2 months in (B) and did nothing. But I learned that much about business, so in January 90 formed own group called Securitate. June 90 joined back (B). (February 91 went to Frantic as SYSOP with board Drunkland that became in two weeks country's fastest board. May 91 back to (B) ).

10. No, but I know some guys from whom I get cheap things.

11. Joined because got bored to do everything myself. Organization in (B) could be better. (note no trouble now...).

12. Wasn't a mistake to join, because I feel being home in this group. Wouldn't change group, better quit all (note so he SAID!!!!).

13. In future I'll buy an Amiga (after Sa-Int!!!!!), so I can continue coding&composing.

Proton's entry into Byterapers was pretty special one. It actually happened through the local computer shop, who's clerk told how one day some not-seen-before Amiga-guy had visited and asked surprisingly intelligent questions. Grendel asked for the fone-number, called him, and some time later a huge man was standing in his door.

Proton learned his scene-basics from Grendel, and went on forming his own group Securitate, which actually grew into surprisingly fame in short time - not really because its demos, but more coz those wild booze parties.

As cen be seen in memberform, Proton did some wandering between groups and finally ending up to his original home, (B). His career's highlights consisted of many different ways, proving Proton's adaptibility into different environments in computerlife. Proton prorammed small intros (not released), the partygame of 1990 (B) party, composed music and in his most important days had Finland's fastest warezboard.

Proton also wandered into some illegas schemes, some in purpose, some in accident, and left active scenelife in 1992 when he managed to collect enough fees to force him sell the computer.

Today Proton studies and works, has a PC and has dangerously curious mind for testing all kind of new things and software. Unfortunately Proton, our big man, has not been able to participate in parties for years, as especially his Assembly'93 show was very unique. The funnier bit: he'd been so drunk in most earlier parties that Proton promised to be sober in next one. Man, that happened to be Assembly'93, and the promise was broken already in trip to the party when Proton woke up in the car and found everybody but the driver drinking in the gas-station cafe.

Proton's news from 1991:

ISO ja kova-aaninen. Menee inttiin Lokakuussa, ja ajoi pyoransa paskaksi. Eli Drunkland ei enaa nouse uudestaan pystyyn. (Katsotaan viela! T:Proton)

Proton's discography:


Vipuvapu-partygame 1990

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