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DDG's Digiparty'88
Visiting FIG meeting in 1988
Byterapers Grendelparty in 1988
The Lahti-party katastrofy in 1989
Byterapers Grendelparty II in 1990
Turtle-party in 1991
Society party in Kajaani, Finland in 1991
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Assembly'93 - NEW!
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Assembly 1998
WEB-exclusive: Byterapers 12.5 Years birthday party in 1999 Added 27.03.1999

See also A legend comes true: Grendel in party!. Short stories about following parties: Finnish Gold 1987, Silents/Stage 3 party in Alvesta spring '88, DDG Digiparty'88, BYTERAPERS INC. COPYPARTY in August 1988, Silent/Horizons party in Alvesta 1989.

DDG's Digiparty88

Source: SCANDINAVIAN NEWS 1/88 (04.07.1988)

It was Friday the 20th of May. We were gathered in the HARTOLA city. All the best Finnish teams were present. Such as: STACK, FINNISH GOLD, X-MEN and BYTERAPERS (no special order!!). Also lots of lamers were at the party place but 'No game no PAIN.' All guys were showing their newest productions. And all dudes wanted to see their friends. Friday was quite a hassle but Saturday was a bit quiet, why? (Who knows). Almost all teams released a demo on party. Some groups actually made one in one night. In the morning APRIL7 took some videoclips from dudes sleeping in very funny places (under the table and so on). If you are interested to see the Party-Video, you should contact APRIL7/DDG.
Saturday night was really quiet, only some dudes kept recording others sleeping sessions.
Sunday morning was time to collect all equipments and stuff, it was also the time for goodbyes.
Anyway really nicely arranged party. Digiraunt was a good idea (place you could buy junkfood). All prices were cheap and people waiting all the time in a nice line (sometimes you didn't get what you wanted but who cares...)


A Finnish Gold-meeting

Source: SCANDINAVIAN NEWS 2/88 (RELEASED AT 16.08.1988)

On 29.7 Finnish Gold's members gathered to southern Finland and began their meeting, the place was supplied by E.T. The first persons to arrive il and Xyz-Soft. (and naturally Moku who lives near the place. I visited the gathering as an outsider on Friday evening to Saturday. At the meeting the first day they threatened to throw me out of the window (but they didn't coz they notices it was only the second floor.) The friday was spent mostly watching Texas Chainsaw Massace part II and check- ing games and demos. Luckily There was no chainsaw in the house and an intruder was not slaughtered by any nasty evilings. At least on the first evening there was no actual chatting because so many persons were missing from FIG's southern side. (Actually Moku was the only FIG member from south!) The guest visitor was not even kicked very badly,which would have been expected, but I'm sure that Evil will not like the little thick that accidentaly happened to the Empire disk that they were playing...


Byterapers Grendelparty 1988

Source: Scandinavian News 2/88 16.08.1988


One rainy day dudes did know what to do. They desided to arrange a beer contest. DDT of ACCESSION was challenged by SHOGUN of X-MEN. And of course I was there too to make a live article about the contest.

There's 15 bottles of beer on the floor and they should go into DDT in one hour. If he win, Shogun offers him 15 more and night in restauraunt. If he does not drink he's the one who offers.

First five beers are on their way. It took about 8 minutes to drink first five and then 10 minutes break. Now it is time for next five bottles.

25 minutes after he threw up. That's too bad coz' the rules says "NO BARFING" and that's it.


by Daredevil

Hello this is Daredevil typing in EVIL's fab mag!!!

Right now I'm having a break from the coding..............

This party has been great even though ZIP and I are the only foreigners here right now! There were to other guys from Norway here, but they left two days ago.....

Well I guess I'd better write something with sence here so then I'll start by sending some fuckings to the german lamers but I think that it's allright if I leave them alone because they are just so fuck- ing dummy to play with their computer. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Decent people like PROFILE of DEXION and others had to stop trading because of them! Thank god it hasn't come to that point in Norway yet! The cops are so LAME here! he he he!

I've also heard that the danish and swedish cops are quite energic about catching crackers, so here is a good tip to all big crackers and hackers who are in danger of being caught:


If you are a lamer, then fuck off, coz' Norway has got more than enough of them already!!!! OK! That was the commercial for today. If you are cop I hope you get your stick and put it in your ass along with your batch.Well anyway.............. if you really are a COP I think that best you can do is to get your self a good hiding place and go in there as fast as you can.Anyway LAMER or COP it's the same thing....


Byterapers-party report This is report from Byterapers Inc. party, written by the arranger himself; Grendel. The whole shit started in the New Year 1988, in FIG's party. I got a idea about our own party and started to plan it. So it took 8 months to ar- range it.

Party started in fact on Saturday, not Monday when I got a call that there's some foreignera in the party-place. We guided them to us and later more people started to arrive.

At Monday morning it then started really. We got ourselves to the party and did find that Hoffi from Deathstar and some other guys already were there. Blah... We got the tables and chairs we were missing and it went on ...

At Monday there arrived quite a lot or people. At the best minute there was maybe 70-80 persons... They were impossib- le to count but I at least tried when a reporter from a local newspaper asked how many persons were there...

The first afternoon it wasn't so too cool but it changed at night.. Uh what noise. The Janitor complained 3 times about noise (she lives up- stairs) and I tried to get people not so noisy but guess if they listened...

We also were alarmed about the cops... I and some other (B)-members were catched for buying alcohol from a shop and then carrying it to our car... Some people didn't like us drinking beer in a disco and they threated to call cops to party-place... It was forbidden to have any alcohol in the party and imagine what it looked like... Empty bottles around etc... If cops'd have arrived.... Well, after that we'd have been missing a place for the party.

In one point the party was not success... 98% of foreigners who were coming did not arrive... Just 4 Norwegians. 2 from Zip Cracking Factories (64) and 2 from Spectre Inc. Norway (Amiga). + 1 Yankee..

But in other means party was success. We (or most of us) had fun and a lot did happen.... Uncle-Evil got an idea to throw Jugi Perfect to lake and it also happened. Evil shouted his idea so loud that it was heard in hell... Hell-Angels came and threw Jugi to the lake, with cooperation from Accession..

Also there was a competition in Party Games, between: Bottleboy/RIP, Rockstar/ Byterapers Inc. and Monster. You should havce seen them, waggling the stick, shouting, and trying to rest their hands... Bottleboy got great score in 2nd event and was sure to win. Rockstar got 70 points more and Bottleboy climbed to ceiling.......

Yep. It was fun... There were people from: ZCF, III, Accession, Pure-Byte, (B), 777-team, Spectre, Team-X, Z-Circle, DDG, X-MEN, Stack

See you in our next party next summer in Stockholm.


In our copyparty there were several guys with GGf's, Galactic Gunfighter -infraredguns, and of course we made huge battles around the partyplace and woods. Mainly we did it at night, when it was dark outside and it wasn't too easy to see other guys. Silent moving around the house, from tree to tree, hiding in bushes waiting for signs of other players - being ready to attack them without warning and leaving them and their sensors crying after direct hit(s).

But the wars became really cool when we went into woods. We had rule that after 2 hits you are DEAD. This made us very silent and careful. We sneaked around very silently, listening all the time for possible noises from enemy. You cannot imagine what it was like - you must do it yourself.

Later we made some fighting in city's parks and around our house. Some people looked after us wondering what this was about - big guys chasing and shooting each other nearly in downtown. Who cares, we had fun.


Source: SKANDINAVIAN NEWS 4/88 released on 03.10.1988

As a Dog in a Copyparty
By Roope

The 8th of August

Today I came here with my pet human. He followed me obediently in the other end of the leash, other end of which I had securely around my neck, so that he won't run away.

I ordered him to put his end of leash on this stove since it is a warm place with plenty of food and other pet humans around, which I can take for a walk.

Food is extremely good. It is a kind of dough pasty with minced meat in it. I love it.

The 9th of August

I've had good time. These pet humans are really well trained, though one has to play with them almost all the time. Also, there's this big pet human that speaks somewhat strangely. They call him Yankee. He has to be taken out more often than other pets.

I had another one of those good meat pastries today. Mmm.

The 10th of August

The big pet human needed more walks today. These other pet humans really adore me, though their breath sure smells strange, about the same as the strange liquid somebody had splashed on the floor. I drank it since he obviously gave it to me as a present, and it made me kind of dizzy.

The pet humans of my primary pet human came today. I guess they sensed my telepathic call to come pick me up since there are plenty of other duties I have. I can't party all the time. I also ate yet another one of those terrific meat pastries before I left.

This story is my experience from the Byterapers Inc. megastretched copypar- ty in August, 1988. It sure shows how easy-to-use this Text Editor is, eh?

The Overlord/X-Men/Phalanx/Deathstar Lahti-party katastrofy in 1989

Source: Scandinavian NewS 10 20.5.1989

What really happened in Lahti??
One beautiful weekend there was a party in Lahti. And it started very well. After 2.2 hours of action we heard the headmaster yelling: "You're out at 2100"!!

That was a shit thing to do. It was already going to be the coolest party ever in Finland - there was 200 people around, and all was going so great! But then the shithead came and called cops and finally threw us out.

Reason for this : headmaster had been wandering in rooms of the school for one hour telling: NO BOOZE!!!! When he was leaving a creep broke a bottle in the staircase. After that the shithead started to yell. We tried everything, but he was a lamer and held on his decision. I and Mic Dair tried to explain him things but no.....

And so we were all out.

I went with some other guys to the local radio and were in a broadcast and told about the party and why we were thrown out (afterwards I heard that I should go to politics, they thought I was that good on air).

Next day we got a new place but it wasn't so good anymore. 150 people had left, and just 40-50 were present. But fun it was, anyway. I was very drunk, and proceeded with the tests with Python: How much water can a condom hold before it bursts. And the final answer was: A LOT! When the condom finally bursted there was quite a lot of water on the floor.

The last two days were just fine, but the lame headmaster wasted the party. Those of you who have a 64: Get our 64-demo called: Incest part II-THE SODOMY! That is a very good story about the lamer who threw us out.

But there is one question milling around: WHO THREW THAT BOTTLE?? Who was the son of a bitch who caused the head-master to throw us out?? I bet there is a number of people who want to revenge, including me.


Byterapers Grendelparty II - 1990

This was one excellent party. I hope to get more tales from participants.

Grabbed from Usenet:

Ojala Pasi 'Albert' ( wrote:
: And yes, Jussi Salo showed the demo in the Lahti copy party 1989, but as the party was a total and utterly complete failure, only some people actually saw it.

Just wondering if he was the same guy who protested at Byterapers Party'90 why we didn't arrange competition for VIC20? Anyway, he showed that demo and if I remember right it had atleast some plots and scrollers. Haven't seen any VIC20 demos after that :(

Tatu "Mr.Sex" Blomberg * Byterapers Inc. & HiRMU

Bloodparty 1990

Bloodparty in 1990 by Bloodsuckers.. This party was first supposed to happen in Punkaharju campingarea near Savonlinna, and actual place was to be the Visulahti amusement park with all its arcade games and so on to be free for all participants. Funnily though, the guy who was supposed to arrange all that, NEVER ASKED anything from his DAD who owned the place. Finally the party happened in a very small youth-center in Kuopio. And ended violenty before actual finishing day.


11.5 1991 Helsinki, Finland, Turtle of Frantic held a party for finnish Amiga-freaks, and here is the report of that party.

Well, the partyplace located in Helsinki, Munkkivuori. Place was hard to find, at least for us because the map we used to find the place was too old (printed in year 1977). And the building where party was held was a kind of youthcenter. There were one big hall and 3 smaller rooms for use...and because all rooms were full, we occupied the kitchen... heh heh!!!

Amount of freaks was a surprising big, about 70 guys were presented. I expected only about 30 guys so it was a suprise atleast for me. Ofcourse half of them were just locals. Some groups who showed up were : Complex (we), Scoopex, Rebels Sf, Alpha Flight Sf, Image, Bloodsuckers, Equinox, Sonic, Owerflow, Mean Machine, Frantic (ofcourse), Vertigo, Accession and some others i can't remember...

Turtle even organized a introcompetition. Ofcourse prices for winning intros couldn't be so high coz it was only a miniparty...but anyway, 7 intros were judged...Results of compo : 1) Rebels Sf, 2) Alpha Flight, 3) Image, 4) Bloodsuckers, 5) Alpha Flight , 6) Equinox, 7)Sonic... Strange that Bloodsuckers were at 4th place because their intro wasn't ready.

Well, I got to say thanks to Turtle who made good work with the party. It was good organized though it was bit boring but it wasn't Turtle's fault... Mic & Reward & Co. got bored and tried to make some fun with shooting lamers with peas...But some of them didn't like the whole idea and they left the party place. Poor fellows...

Society-party in Kajaani Finland, 07-09.06.1991

-=- Heatbeat of Rebels -=-

I'm wondering how successful this party overall was. Kajaani (the party town) is far away from the bigger southern cities where the most freaks live, and I thought that nobody wants to travel so long to just get to a party. But I was wrong; about 220 freaks showed up and that's a lot for a Finnish party!

The competitions were badly arranged. There were of course the usual demo-, music-, and gfx-competitions and also armwrestling, Kick Off and Stunt Car Racer compos. There was no kind of voting at all, the Society-members just chose the winners! (That was ok for me b'coz I won the music compo!)

Some results from the competitions:


1. Complex "Vector Preview" (3000FIM + Hard drive)
2. Vectra trackmo (1000FIM + Hardware)
3. Complex trackmo (500FIM + Hardware)

The winning demo from Complex was rather nice with very fast filled vectors and a cool animated chainsaw (and other animated vector objects). The demo was coded by Tai-Pan. Atmospherical soundtrack and graphics were done by Jugi. This demo was really worth of the first place!

Vectra took the second place in the demo-compo with their trackdemo. It was coded by Smirre the kettu joka jahtaa Peukaloista ja hanhia Peukaloisen Retkissa (cool tv-sarja & sarjakuvalehti!). The demo included a filled vector ship flying around (that didn't impress anyone), and a nice vector landscape. There were also some new kind of keftales in one part. (should I call'em Vectrales?)

The third prize went to Complex for their trackdemo. The coding was done by Dalton(ex. Tom). There was a nice picture in the beginning, painted by Jugi. The soundtrack was composed by Turtle of Frantic.

Music competition:

1. Heatbeat of Rebels "SCUPPING AROUND" (Midi, X-MEM + 40 disks)
2. Dean of no-group (he might join Complex) (100FIM)
3. ??????

Heatbeat's compotune was somekind of Big-Band-Synth-Hip-Hop-Hup-music. Yeah, Heatbeat showed once again how wonderful, exciting and excellent sound he can produce at his private studio with his 65 1/2 bits-DAT recorder and other hi-tech equipment(insider-joke!!!!). The tune wasn't bad at all, but actually the reason why it won, was it's name... (SCUP rules 4ever und aamunkoittoon!) Dean took part in the compo with two excellent tunes. He isn't a member of any group at the moment, b'coz he doesn't take the scene so seriously...

Other competitions...

Golem of Anarchy won the Graffax-compo. Everybody knew that before the compo started... I don't know anything about the other pictures, b'coz I fell asleep during the gfx-competition...

Some unknown lamer called Dwarf of Agony won the Kick Off-compo. I'm not sure if there were any prizes in the compo, but I think it was 10 disks or something like that.

Viimeiset virret...

My opinion is that the party was quite cool. Actually, I think it was the best party I have ever been to... But - it was also the first! (huuumoria)


At Society's party 07-09.06.1991
by Grendel / Byterapers Inc.

At 7-9.6. small Finnish group Society arranged the first Finnish party of year 1991. To many people's surprise, their arrangements seemed fine and good and prices of democompo were really good. First rumours said there won't come too much people, then they changed telling a lot will come. And just before party many Elite groups cancelled their coming... Anyway over 250 people came.

Even before party, some lack of experience was noted... The map guiding to party, by some strange reason, was unreadable around the partyplace. One couldn't read the streets, or even know where north is. What even better, nowhere in invitation was said the name of the school or even street name or number. Seemingly, everyone found the place but it wasn't the easiest job (At Lahti it was REAL hard).

In party... We arrived quite early, just 1 or 2 hours after party's beginning. Already there was some folk, not much though. We, (B), chose to share room with Amaze, as I remembered them as very good fellows from my last party (at their room I had my best time...). And then... Small kids, who had never heard about the Amaze guys I asked if they're already here or if they are coming! Later I and many other old guys discussed about Amaze today, and found the sad truth: today's Amaze is a completely different group than the old GOOD Amaze. We wondered what has happened to the OLD, GOOD guys but with no solution. Those new 12-15 years old kids have taken old good Amaze completely over, and eaten the old guys. During afternoon we then changed room, as the previous room was completely filled with small groups/kids. The new room with Complex, Accession and Frantic was a lot better... And so a ELITE-ROOM was born, with groups Byterapers/Complex/Frantic/Accession. When we moved to that room, also Vectra was there but in 30 minutes they had disappeared.

During afternoon came lots of people in the party. Finally the old record of party-visitors was broken - old record 220+ people was in by previous Byterapers-party, and now 250+. Sounds REAL GOOD! Only real big pity most of them were kids aged 12-15 years, and most of the best chaps didn't come at all. Just small groups around.

The ELITE groups at the party were: Wizzcat, Frantic, Rebels, Byterapers Inc., Vertigo, Accession, Bloodsuckers and Complex. And the most noted members of some of those groups in party were: Zerotrack/Wizzcat, Turtle/Frantic, Grendel/Byterapers, Commonist Cowboy & Hoffi/BS, Monster/Accession, Mic Dair & Jugi Pervert/Complex.

REST of groups present were: Equinox, Alpha Flight (hmm, can't really count on FINNISH Elite), Titanbytes, Black Robes, Chrome, Coma SF, Vectra, Intuition, D-Mob, Shockwave, Dimension 4, Prologic, Disknet, Special Brothers, Gods, Beyond Force (64-Elite), Skeletors, Prime SF, Cave (was Elite, try to rise again my boys!), Nikki Corruptions, Extend, Fantasy Force, Pro, Amaze (FAKE!), Skiw Row (again, cannot really count as FINNISH elite-group), Astrogate Inc. (what's the point on taking name from old Byterapers-demo for a group? Just asking...), Heavy Duty, Offworld, Parallax, Dual Crew, Profex, Agony, Loctite, Shock, Black Light Inc, Sonic, Energy, Vances, Anarchy (Finnish???), Elysion, Exotic Men and Gemini. Most of those groups were so silent, and mostly could be only noted from their posters on walls.

Mostly there was typical party-going... People making beautiful vectors with CUBES and PYRAMIDS and other traditional objects. More people watching in trance how X-COPY copies lots of stuff. Typical, AAARGH!

Some change to lameness was when Bloodsuckers started a fight at schoolyard, and broke a 10000FIM video-camera... They were almost kicked out of party. For some reason ushers didn't like us when we climbed to roof, and watched the sun going down.. Hmm..

BIG FUN was watching the arrangers starting a anti-alcohol campaign. Someone was catched with some booze, and arrangers started examining everyone. HAHAAA!!! It was fun, when they found booze from some guys and forced them to empty bottles to sink... HAHAA! Sorry, Exotic Men! HAHAAA! Real fun... Booze talking, funny was also during both Friday/Saturday nights, when arrangers didn't let in some boozed guys! Right, Society! For example Proton/Byterapers had to wait 1 1/2 hours before getting in! Best of all was when some guys moved Proton's motorcycle from its place, and Proton thought it had been stolen! Proton ran out, found his bike and drove it back to its place. THEN USHER CALLED COPS! And Proton spent his night at jail!!! HAHA! Problem afterwards was, that proton might lose his driving license -> lose his job -> can't pay his bank loan -> WHO KNOWS???? Let's hope the best...

Also we built a classroom on the roof, openeda window and carried chairs and tables outside. Later we took them inside, to avoid trouble with ushers (one didn't have much humour).

Big pity was, that most of the old scene-guys didn't come. In whole party were only SIX (6!) guys who'd been in scene already at 1988!!! YOUNGSTERS EVERYWHERE! We old guys were me, Grendel of (B), Monster of Accession, Mid Dair & Jugi of Complex and Communist Cowboy & Hoffi of BS. All rest didn't come! We missed you, who didn't come! Especially Zebra/Reward/Scoopeksi, Moku/Lennu/Vyvyan/Accession & so on....

Bigger pity was almost everyone in party was so silent... No fun! Silent, copying, coding, sitting.. Doing nothing FUN! Well... Then WE had to make some fun. Following persons were probably the most active at making some ACTION to party: Monster / Accession, Grendel/Randor/Judge / (B), Zerotrack / Wizzcat. Yea! With Monster we attacked many times THE BIG SCREEN where kids were watching new PHENOMENA shit demos, and started to show REAL OLD, GOOD DEMOS! Ahh. MUROMIES RULES! Hoffi-demos, Byterapers Chorus II etc etc etc... COOL! After Frantic came, I just COULDN'T resist making jokes about Frantic... Still when I think Frantic, I have to laugh... First it was small joking with them, then I started making posters and sticking them everywhere in the party... "Frantic - sorry for delays" "Frantic - we rule" (toiletpaper) "Frantic wants lots of new members, take contact to the boss Turtle" "Frantic has joined Zombies" "Turtle of Frantic is now Turtle of Skeletors" "Frantic sold their coder Harri K's sources to Amaze for price of 1 1/2 banana" "Frantic laadusta ei valia" "Silence - Frantic sleeps" "Frantic Finland is now dead, Frantic GERMANY is now only Frantic" and so on and so on. Soon they started to attack back. "Byterapers had to PAY to PRO to get rid of their sources" where I responded "What sources? We haven't done any sources for last year"... "Sorry for delays" was answered "Byterapers - sorry for Grendel". The two toilets were marked "Byterapers HQ Node 1" and "Byterapers FHQ Node 2" (grr, they must have known I absolutely HATE all this HQ shit.. WHY HQ? Why not PQ? Or something else? Or nothing?). "Red Sector Joined also Skeletons". ... Pity, I don't remember everything.

Sure it was funny! I enjoyed it a lot! Then joking about Turtle, dat lil fella... More joking about Frantic! We found a half-eaten pizza, it looked REAL ugly. Then we found it: THAT'S FRANTIC! After it, everytime we saw something half-eaten or ugly or pizza, IT WAS FRANTIC! All food-waste was FRANTIC! Then we found PUMPED FRANTIC (ilmapatja)... Funnies was that almost all in party then though I have something against Frantic, when I was friendly joking with them... Yes, also we moved Frantic FINLAND'S (how come they didn't like me, when I always talked about FRANTIC FINLAND and GERMANY) HQ to a trash-bucket. We also had taped to floor signs and pointers telling where (B) and Frantic are... Well... Later Frantic could be found from several places... Thanks guys! Without you party would've been much dullier.

The gamecompos were good, although there was some problems with getting players to play.

I and Monster tried to make small fool to democompo. Accession had made demo Graveyard Party Blues six months ago, but almost no-one had seen it. We tried to change texts, and release it there as new demo. But Monster had left sources home!Hmpfh. We tried and tried to change texts, and everytime it crashed. FInally we tried to enter democompo with exactly same demo as it was released times ago... Perkele, it was disqualified! Someone had told about it!

Another funny thing with Heatbeat/Rebels (Repeltajat...). For you, who don't know him. Heatbeat is 14 years old, and also looks so. Little kid with round face. But good, nice boy anyway! You'd never guess who he is, if you don't know him beforehand. So....

Heatbeat was wandering around the party, and came to Amaze's room. He spent some time there, looking at Amaze. Finally Amazes fed up with some little "lamer-type" looking at them, and VERY ARROGANTLY asked "who are you?" (arrogantly!). "I'm Heatbeat of Rebels." And now started terrible bootlicking "you're so great, you make so good music, you are best" etc etc etc. HA! They falled in love with him immediately (But Heatbeat is reserved, sorry! (not for me)).

Arrangers had some problems with music/graphics/democompo.... The organization with judging demos was following: Society-members decide the best demos, musics and graphics. No voting.

This led to problems. First they only ranked 4-5 best things per compo. NOTHING ELSE! Of about 16 musics only 4 were ranked, of rest was told nothing! SHIT! THIS DIDN'T WORK! Overall this was very bad decision, and people didn't like it at all. Even more: ALL MUSICDISKS WERE STOLEN, and many graphics-disks too. Someone had given to compo his only workdisk - which was stolen - and his three months work was lost! GREAT! Disks could've been kept safer, right Extabulator & rest?

The SHOW was anyway good. Society had VERY BIG screen to show demos etc, and two TWO meters high speakers! WHAT VOLUME! WOWW! Never seen/heard anything like it! They had already watched graphics, and did then show the winning graphics in order. Then they started to play compo-musics... People had trouble knowing if a> is this already the competition? b> or are they now showing the tunes in winning order c> or are they just playing tunes? It was C. First came Heatbeat's tune, which also won compo. Then some real cool HEAVY tune (which was better than Heatbeat). Then Moonlight Shadow (if remember right). Then another slow tune. Then Speed-Head/Byterapers' Jesus Loves America! WOW! First patterns were USA-national anthem (psychedelic) and Communist Cowboy/BS took attention and gave honor to the song. Merit/BS started use lighter on his ass, and CC turned and started to hit him. Then CC forced Merit on floor, took his chair and started to hit Merit with chair. WHAT A SHOW! WOOOOO!!!! You should've seen it! Just great. Then CC calmed, and sat down... Listened the song to the end and started to shout "that was the best tune of all! I'm shamed to say this, but Byterapers was the best of all we've heard". This was very amazing, as I had big war with CC last year, police & all were included. Then we made peace, and get again on with each other.

But I could never have imagined CC would say something GOOD of (B) ever... HUH! Moment later CC moved a bit to talk something with Monster, and Merit took his chair and gave it to guy behind him. That guy gave chair again back, and within a moment CC's chair was at the back of hall. CC was quite funny when trying to find his chair....

We were naturally sitting at front of screen. Then some demos were shown. Most nothing interesting... Prologic's small demo was real good! All Elite admitted it - it was nice made, not special code but nice small demo. Then came Complex's Vectorpreview! WOW! Imagine the aplouds it got! People calpping like crazy when two more X-Wing-fighter came into screen, and even more when the chainsaw came (probably coz Elite's knew about the saw, and waited its appearance...). And shouting:

Funny was, as Merit sat next to the computer which was used to show demos... There was shown some stupid, usual demo... Merit attacked left-mouse-button. Radical loaded demo again. Merit reseted machine. Radical loaded it again. Now we looked it through.

Plaah. Soon came another stupid demo for compo.. Now Radical was careful "no reseting this time" and Merit plugged Amiga off electricity. HAHA!

Elders talked later about the musiccompo, and we were not satisfied with it.

Today techno-pop is in, and guys who make realistic or otherwise good music are not ranked. For example, when Speed-Head was player at SHOW, it was admitted as the best by many. Even the second HEAVY-tune was better than winner. But because Techno-pop is in, it won. NOT FAIR! If musicians would be ranked how realistic or how good music they can make - the world's Number One musician would be Watchman (Complex).
But because his music is not typical..... phh.

Competition places went like:


1. Complex price harddisk + 3000Fim (vector-preview)
2. Vectra 1000Fim+disks+hardw(Sinking Demand)
3. Complex 500Fim + h-ware (Universal Intensity)
4. Wizzcat
5. Scup


1. Heatbeat/Rebels extramemory + 100 disks
2. Dean/Complex 50 disks
3. Delorean/Vertigo
4. Tyrell/Dual Crew

Graphics compo:

1. Golem/Anarchy 5" drive, disks
2. Open Eyes/Offworld
3. Morrison/Vectra
4. Drifter/Vertigo
5. ?/Accession

Complex did legendy! Won First price in SECOND PARTY IN ROW.
And this time with a REAL demo, not with two years old shit. (still can't understand why people gave to Moonlightning II so much points it won... And best became 3rd... AAARGH) Compos went otherwise with good judgements, but at music-competition tunes shouldn't be judgeg by techno-pop standards. Also later we have heard, that first and second places WERE FIXED! That Heatbeat was before-hand agreed to be the winner! This can really be true, as there was better musics than Heatbeat's one. I don't mean to fuck you, Heatbeat, with this - but this is the truth by many persons.

Turtle/Frantic's comments: Good party, but competitions STINK! Too much small lamers. Radical is shithead. Fun war with (B).

Overall: Not a bad party. Organizations failed, as they did in my previous party. Anyway things went on better than at Iisalmi. The competitions were poorly arranged, and decision-system for compos was SHIT. The alcohol-policy was good, and you efficiently kept all drunks in hand (I'll never forget the sight, as Merit had two escorts for the rest of party!!! WOW!). Most seemed to have good time, at least I and Monster did from time to time (MUROMIES!). Real good work from first-timers! THANKS! I liked it. Thank you, Extabulator (and Radical & rest...).
_Grendel/Byterapers Inc._

Byterapers "Gathering'91", Parikkala, 25-28.7.1991

By Grendel/Byterapers

Released stuff:

Gathering'91 gfx competition entries disk by Python, released 09.08.1991
Gathering'91 music competition entries disks (6) by Python, released 13.08.1991


- Was it all just wasted time?

Source: Assembly Organizing Website, quoted with permission.
By: Abyss / Future Crew.

Organizer's final word:

The original party was held in Kauniainen (a neighbouring city of Helsinki, the capital of Finland). The place was Karakallion koulu (a school that is).

The nick name "Was it all just WASTED TIME?" came from the Rebel's headquarters BBS, called Wasted Time and operated by Storm / Rebels.

Back then, Amigas and C64s ruled the world and Atari ST was still a competent demo machine. But to make demos with a PC? That was still something new and definitely so akward that almost every amiga demoscener laughed their asses off when seeing PC "demos".

ASSEMBLY '92 was the first attempt to create a big scale demoparty in Finland. Big scale means over few hundred visitors were in the plans. And ASM '92 was a hit with over 700 visitors.

To some ASM'92 remains as the raw essence of demoparties. A lot of screw ups, power failures, terrible cafeteria, no air conditioning etc. BUT there was more than a LOT of real spirit. The PC demo compo had four or five entries, among them Unreal from Future Crew, Hysteric Overload from Hysteria and a demo from Sonic PC. Unreal got about 30 votes and Hysteria's demo about 4. BTW, when Unreal was showed to the Amiga people, there were only two parts where people applauded: the wormhole and landscape parts.

As for the Amiga part, the party was a success with good demos featuring completely new effects. But for the Amiga organizer who was supposed to code a voting system... Well, the bloke was too drunk to code anything but pink elephants. So the voting was done (as what become a tradition for a while) with paper.

The main organizer back then was Meegosh / Movement (back then from Rebels), Rebels was the main organizing team and on the PC Future Crew did their best to hold the competitions (which naturally went as smoothly as you can imagine =)). After the party, Meegosh was some exhausted that he promised never to again organize a party. But we did see his return at ASM '93.


- I need a shower

Source: Assembly Organizing Website, quoted with permission.
By: Abyss / Future Crew.

Word started spreading out: there was a great party in Finland during the summer. On the evolving PC scene Future Crew started to get fame and naturally everybody waited for cometition between Future Crew, Silents PC and the rest of rapidly growing PC demo scene.

If ASM'92 attracted more people than was expected then the 1500 dudes at a school in Kerava was certainly something of a great reward to the organizers. For the very first time there was a feeling of an international party as people came from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. So the guys from all the big PC demo scene countries were there. Let's not forget that ASM'93 was the only occasion when Tran and most of the Renaissance crew where there.

In fact Tran, White Shadow / Renaissance and Arjan Brussee (formerly of Ultraforce) started working on PC demo at the party place but unfortunately didn't finish the production.

While ASSEMBLY '93 was a lot more professionally organized than the previous party there was a lot of improve. For example the PA system was high-end Dolby Surround system. Unfortunately the system didn't have nearly as much power as the ghetto blasters some guys from Germany had with them, so we decided to loan theirs for the compos =). Some might remember the toilets =), absolute horror.

As for the compos, PC guys still had to look up at the Amiga scene. I could only cry when I saw the PC graphics compo pictures: most of them looked like they were drawn by 5 year old kids toying around with crayons. PC music compo was though a lot better in quality. With the Scream Tracker and other new trackers the PC musicians were equal to Amiga musicians with 4 channel trackers. So there was still a long way to go.

Speaking of demo music, there was one thing that marked a new age of PC demo music and PC demos in general. The PC demo compo was better than ever before. The people got to see the competition between the top PC demo groups and the productions have been remembered since: Second Reality, Optic Nerve and so on. This year there was no need to feel ashamed in front of the Amiga scene.

Back then there was heavy competition between ASSEMBLY and The Computer Crossroads (in Sweden) for the title of "THE summer party". TCC's pc compos were equally great as ASMs: Triton released their classic Crystal Dreams II there.

This year the credits for organizing go out to Pehu, Moku, Meegosh, Gore and of course all the people from Movement and Future Crew. But a real respect goes out to Pehu and Moku who had to clear after the whole thing was finished. The party place was so filthy that it took them two weeks to get the school back in to order. Some say it would have been better to demolish the whole place =).

_Lasse ja Monster huijasivat jalkapallomatsisysteemissä... etc. _

Aggressive Party, autumm 1993 in Kerava.

Contributed by Then / Brainwash

Aggressive Party was held in Planet Fun Fun Kerava sometimes after Assembly 1993. The party was mostly Atari, Amiga and PC scene. (I think that the party was organized by Accession but I am not sure) There were around 200 people at the place (much less than the organizers expected).

Update: The party was organized by Aggression, an ST group.

In the final competitions there were so few demos going to combo that PC/Atari/Amiga demos all was put to one competition. I joined to Dante at that party and the Dante's first production RAGE (a PC dentro) got the third pace in the competition.

Then / Brainwash

Grendel's note: Yes, now, when reminded I had some very faint memories of this happening. I think it was quite nice event, and quite possibly the first and last one where PC/Atari/Amiga people were together. Aggressive was a ST group I think.


- Coders do it with a routine

Source: Assembly Organizing Website, quoted with permission.
By: Abyss / Future Crew.

2800 "whole weekend" visitors and 600 "short" visitors

Expectations were running high. ASSEMBLY had doubled its attendance each year it had been held. That would have ment that '94 there should have been close to 3000 people to follow the trend.

But it went even better. Over 3300 people came to ASSEMBLY '94 which was this time held in the Helsinki Ice Hall. Some might remember the that at the same time the European Athletic Championships were held in Helsinki, in fact the Olympic stadium was only 750 meters from the Ice Hall. Parking places were really hard to find.

One reason for the enormous success of ASSEMBLY '94 was that The Computer Crossroads (in Sweden) was cancelled. So ASM became finally "THE summer party".

Everything was different this year. The place wasn't a school, there weren't ready tables, the electricity was a problem etc. The tables were made at the Ice Hall from aluminium pipes and wood planes. Unfortunately they didn't always carry the weight of somebody jumping on the tables or loading them with +100 kg of hardware. All in all, they were a cheap solution that did its job pretty well.

The scene was awaiting for a major demo compo. On the Amiga Virtual Dreams and other major Scandinavian groups were promising a lot and on the PC people awaited for the next Future Crew demo (the project was called The Probe). On the amiga the expectations were met but unfortunately Future Crew couldn't finish their demo in time and decided not to release a half-done demo. It was the time for other big Finnish groups to show their stuff and EMF took the first place in PC demo with Verses.

There was plenty of new compos and the one may be with the most success was the PC 4kb intro compo which really let the coders show what they could do with the machine.

Unfortunately for the compos, the PA system sucked. The system was ordered from Sweden and wasn't at all suited to the place. The video system on the other hand was good. There were three different big video screens and eventhough there were some problems with demos with poor contrast most of the stuff was shown correctly.

It was also the first time a party CD-ROM was produced, namely the ASSEMBLY '94 CD-ROM. As with all pilot projects there was a lot of difficulties and it was finally released after 5 months at The Party 4 (in Denmark). Eventhough the CD-ROM was good it didn't sell as much as expected. The people from the scene did buy the CD-ROM, but for somebody with only basic knowledge, demos were too difficult to set up.

The organizing responsibilities lay mainly upon Pehu, Moku and Gore. Future Crew and Sonic PC were the organizing teams on the PC and the Movement was the main Amiga organizing team.

Afterwards, the PC competition organizing got heavy criticism, mostly for things that couldn't be helped. Demo parties always prone to errors, and most people tend to forget that people ain't doing it for the money but for the fun.

Assembly '94 - The Third Phase

- Party Report #1 -
By: someone in Assembly Organizing soon after the party

First of all, we would like to thank all of you who attended Assembly '94 and gave us your precious support. Without you we could never have accomplished all this. Thanks!

This text file was written to give people who weren't able to make it to Assembly some idea of what it was like. We are going to release more information at a later time in the Result Intro and also on the CD-ROM.

Anyway, let's get down to business...

In general Assembly '94 was a big success. We had the total of 2800 whole weekend visitors and 600 short visit visitors, which means that Assembly '94 was the biggest demo party held so far. Around 60% of all visitors were PC owners, the rest were Amiga and C-64 owners.

All the sponsors were satisfied and most of them were present at the party place as well. In the end the sponsor list looked like this:

1. Advanced Gravis
2. Terton / ZyXEL Telecommunations
3. Compaq Computer
4. IBM
5. ATI Technologies
6. Toptronics
7. Epic MegaGames
8. Id Software
9. Sound Solutions
10. Creative Labs
11. Waite Group Press
12. Team 17
13. SSI
14. PC SuperStore
15. Megazone
16. Cute Communications
17. Finnish On-Line Games
18. Foley Hi-Tech & Hyperware
19. Data Fellows
20. Pro Component

There was a lot of people from the media present, for example a news crew from CNN.

The overall quality in the competitions was good. The 4kb intro competition on PC was the most surprising one, but ofcoz all the other competitions were good too.

Here are the complete and ranked lists of all entries which made it to the big screen (the finals):

Click here to see.

We will send the prizes to the winners through mail. Only the winners in the Graphics competition will have to wait a while to get their prizes. This is because we have to at least try to find out which pictures might be direct rip offs (like the picture which originally came in third, made by Louie / Insane, which is tecnhically a good picture but directly drawn from Heavy Metal magazine, and thus disqualified).

But as always, not everything went completely as planned. The biggest thing people complained about was the delays in between and during the competitions. In the end the PC demo competition, which was the last competition, was delayed by around one and a half hours. We were supposed to show only ten of the demos on the big screen, but the jury wasn't able to watch all the demos in time. That's why we had to show twenty demos even though we didn't really have the time for it. And to get the time, we decided to let the audience decide when a demo should be stopped/interrupted. But this only made some groups very angry. To correct this at the next party the finals should consist of only the top 10 demos, which would not be stopped no matter what.

It was not our meaning to offend those groups who felt mistreated, and we would like to apologize.

More news are to follow later!

// Assembly '94 organizers


- Vote for me!

Source: Assembly Organizing Website, quoted with permission.
By: Abyss / Future Crew.

If '94 went so well, what went wrong with ASM '95? Naturally we planned on growth, which did happen. ASSEMBLY '95 attracted more than 4000 visitors which made ASSEMBLY the largest party ever held. Unfortunately ASSEMBLY also attracted some assholes who decided demolish toilets, destroy marble walls by attaching stickers on them etc and then the insurance company decided that they wouldn't pay any damages. So close to 60 000 FIM was lost in damages. Extra expenses amounted for 50 000 FIM (additional cleaning costs, extra salaries etc) and the rest of losses came from Play 1995 which was far from success. To crown this all, some major sponsors decided to withdraw (for example Advanced Gravis which was supposed to be one of the biggest ones).

After ASSEMBLY '94 the financial risks of party organizing became evident. What if the party went wrong, who would be responsible? So ASSEMBLY Organizing was founded and naturally gossips started moving:"The assembly organizing dudes are filthy rich, they got a company!" =) The company didn't pay any salaries and was only formed to manage with the tax people and save the organizers from financial problems. But we know you all understand that. =)

Enough of the financial crap. As a party, ASM '95 went better than any party before. The place was perfect (Helsinki Fair Centre), the tables, electricty, chairs and cafeteria worked like never before. The PA was good (you can't ever get excellent PA =)) and the video screen didn't have any of those contrast problems as before.

The thing people always remember about a party are the demo competitions. On the PC this meant great demos from Nooon and other French and Finnish groups. What was more important to us organizers was that the competitions went smoothly. No demos crashed, no major problems with audio or video. The only competition that suffered from problems was the animation compo that was held for the first time: in some productions the music was out of sync with the video output.

'95 was also the first time the Finnish roleplaying convention (RoPeCon) was also held at the same time. Some didn't like it and some just loved it as they could now attend both the events at the same time. I personally liked the guys (and some girls) wandering about in uniforms and masks. It did add a lot of colour to the party.

So the party itself went perfect and people were generally really satisfied with arrangements. Most complaints came from "hard core" demosceners who didn't like the "commercial feeling". Still those complaints were few and far between.

After the party, when the financial problems finally dawned to us, it was something of absolute shock. Not because we didn't get a single penny from the party but because we couldn't pay the prizes. Our major concern was to pay the prizes, not our own salaries! So we continued with out any pay for the forth coming year. It wasn't easy but we managed to get enough sponsors to pay off last years prizes and organize ASM '96. I think that only a few people really appreciate the fact that we worked our asses off. We could have just said that fuck it, let's quit and nobody would have gotten their prizes. I just wonder how many other party organizers would have worked for a whole year with out pay just to pay off party prizes?

The main organizers were Pehu, Moku, Abyss and Meegosh. A lot of responsibility went with Jake and Henchman and guys from Virtual Dreams.

Juhla'95 3.14

Juhla 3.14 logo

Total number of people inclusing visitors, VIS, organizers and security approximately 250!

Reznor's perspective:

I was one of the Security guys, allthough I didnt do nothing exept being drunk for 2 days. So the only thing that I can remember is micron sitting on JMagicks stomach. Its amazing how JMagick survived, Micron weights as much as the population of China! If you want to know more about Juhla III, ask somebody else...

Short memorandum by Grendel:

I'll try to write more some day, but I truly wish people would contribute more. In my perspective Juhla 3 was one of the best ones, as I worked there as a security man and was truly more drunk than 95% of visitors. It everything was quite funny stuff - the Byte-securitysection regularly went outside to children's playground immediately front of the partyplace, very visible, and then started drinking. We started to invite our friends to drink there too, then wandered back inside to do some more work before again going out for more drinking. Cool!

Especially cool was during the competitions when we had a bench reserved immediately in front of the big screen and always when we went our to drink Micron announced to the audio system "Byterapers has left the building to drink" and when we came back "Byterapers has entered the building even more boozed than before". And so on. Then we started playing with a small poem about Hazi: Elä roskaa maata. Ota pieni hazipallo, purista se kasaan ja heitä se pois. Or something. Cannot remember how it exactly went but it was terribly terribly fun, combined with all the other Hazi-jokes going out in air. Finally Hazard started begging not to joke of him anymore. :-)

The most memoriable thing in this party was the extremerely limited space. I don't think EVER in ANY party has 200 people been crammed into such small space. You know the normal party arrangement - big rows of tables, with chairs and walking way between. Well, it was so tigh that people couldn't really walk between the tables. There was only one main way, if it could be called so, that offered walking space. The party was originally planned to one other place, but they cancelled the reservation in last minute so we had to get another place quick. This Iisalmi Youth House was very good, and perfect location in middle of town, but it wasn't really that spacey. It showed. Actually it was very fun even on the spot, as the feelings were very good, we all had good fun time and the terrible cramming of people felt fun as well. I haven't heard anyone complaining against it.

More later, hopefully.

WEB-exclusive: Abduction'96

by Grendel/Byterapers

This year's Abduction happened for a chance in Oulu. Byterapers entered the party with some expectations, and slight hope of getting our first PC demo out. What happened was quite much more than hoped. While somehow trying to make the darn demo to work, a familiar face was wandering around and saw what was happening. A comment was said, a phonecall made, agreement made - and Kraku/Mass was also a (B) member. His code was very largely reason for our first PC-demo winning the party. I wasn't there so I don't actually know what happened, the Provinssirock'96 rock-festival was very badly timed to same weekend and that year I had absolutely no problem deciding where to go.

Those who were present, had quite hectic time though. Trying to finish the demo was huge job, quite unlike anything we'd ever experienced. Usually when competing in demokompo, the demo was finished in last seconds possible and delivered always late. But anyway, made quite mostly before party. This time we were trying to build the demo in party itself, and add Kraku's parts to our own. Boy, there was problems. They're kinda too numerous to be spoken about, in case some dark gods descent upon me because swearing, but maybe something tells the fact that Sivu sat in practically one place for 12 hours trying to find the darn bugs. He only had very few cigarettes when Micron didn't see. At worst Sivu didn't anymore understand what he was doing, he was just scrolling the code up'n'down, typing something, deleting it, completely hallusinating. It was so tough that T.O.B ended up in hospital after the party, because a coffeine-overdose.

The good stuff. Lanttu and T.O.B wandered around making propaganda. They talked loudly, for example the following stuff: "I heard there's some 64 group making their first demo, i'll vote it for just the support" "heard that byterapers are releasing a really good demo" and so on.

So, when the results were announced and we kinda were surprised since we hardly had hoped to be in top 3, Kraku jumped down from 2nd floor, in the gymnasium hall's balcony. Wohha.

Cannot tell more myself about that happening. That's all I know. Others turn.

These quotes are taken from

After a nice 16 hours of sleep after returning from Oulu yesterday, it still appears nobody has posted anything Abduction-related. It may be that our news-server is just plain slow, but a few words might be in order anyway.

First and foremost, I think the party was nothing but great! Congratulations to the organizers for an extremely well-organized party. The party place was nice, toilets and shower facilities good and clean (for a demo party at least), the party in general proceeded very smoothly and the atmosphere was very nice. Perhaps my opinion is a bit (?) influenced by the great weather and quite a bit of cider, do not let that bother you.

The only real problem was the big screen - the quality was quite bad, the picture was bent in the middle as the screen was not straight, and it was quite small. However, I have seen much worse screens in many parties, and at least to me the competitions weren't all that important. In addition to this, there were some delays in the demo and intro competitions, but nothing compared to certain big parties lately.

The quality of the productions wasn't too great either. I don't know about the graphics and music compos as I was too busy having a good time during them, but the overall quality in demo and intro competitions wasn't too high. The winning PC demo by Byterapers is very nice (although very unfinished) and several that followed were good as well, including some very funny ones, and probably I'm expecting a bit too much for a small party like this. Likewise, the winning PC intro was pretty good, as far as I remember anything. The Amiga demo compo was a big disappointment though - the winning Jeskola! demo was basically animations of almost (?) tasteless sex-scenes with 3DS objects (imaging chrmface.3ds giving a blow job and you get the idea), and the rest were just plain boring.

However, at least I personally was there to have a good time and meet friends, and there is very little that could have gone better for that.
(the author did not include his nickname so I've not mentioned his true one either>

WEB-exclusive: Assembly'96

by Grendel/Byterapers

For Assembly'96 we were quite well prepared. While travelling was much worse than earlier, people had to go in smaller groups instead of getting a minibus, we all somehow got in there. Too few though, since many had financial trouble and coulndn't afford the trip, ticket and other stuffs.

But some made it: Grendel, Hazard, Reznor, Micron, Sivu, Mr. Sex, Dr.Dick, AMJ, Mysdee, Jazz, Kraku, and the girlfriend section consisting of Tiksu and Hanna the violent one.

Our main exhibits and pieces of glory were our flags. The traditional red-flag, proudly showing communism is not dead. The OLVI-flag, some 2x1 meters big beer flag wiht (B) symbols. And best of all, the Posti-flag, huge 7x3 meters big bright yellow flag, originated from Finnish post, really screaming where we were located.

Bunch of Byters got in during the early hours in morning when staff started coming in. I got in some 2 hours before opening, and most of others entered promptly when doors opened. Mr. Sex though was very very late, as he was struggling with his code and then missed the train. Missed train when left the party, as well. Mr.Sex's lateness was very sad thing, because the C-64 democompetitions were scheduled to be the very first competitions in whole party. But actually that wasn't the big a problem anyway. Somehow, well, Mr.Sex was one of the C-64 organizers himself, another C-64 organizer was a fellow Byteraper as well, and the third one was 'just' a close (B)friend. So when Mr.Sex did final crunching of the demo in the partyplace, with the starting time of C-64 democompo maybe two hours ago, the 'C-64 arrangers are still checking the competition entries.' Hah. Of course, our demo was beautiful and best ever, and we were then free to do some natural Bytehobbying.

A lot of mag stuff happened.

A bunch of us were walking with few other scenefriends, and we happened to slip by a bunch of sceners drinking in a park. Dice/Doomsday attacked them, walked in front of them and asked 'have you ever won in Assembly' and got a lot of attention and favours since he was wearing a stupid Microsoft Word t-shirt. Those guys then stormed around us, gave Jazz a few glances, we chatted with them and then strolled away.

We pulled a practical joke on Jmagic/Complex. He used our machines a lot for coding, so while he was away we DOUBLESPACED his HARD DISK! SO, after the party Jmagic calls in distress 'my hard disk doesnt boot!' and he is suggested to try the disk on another machine. Two hours later he calls back and tells us 'saatana' (a historical Finnish swearword).

Naturally we went on drinking here and there. During friday the boozing happened everywhere, on saturday on a bit more limited but more intense. Earlier saturday we sat peacefully in park and the whole park seemed to be filled with scene since the local shop supplying beer was right next to it. They sold huge amounts of beer that weekend. At some time Grendel, Jazz, Mysdee and Hazard went out to a pub, then next one and then climbed to the big rockarea next to partyplace which is the traditional C-64 scene meetingplace. We drunk some there and Mysdee passed out very beautifully, sleeping nicely and surprisingly waking up very easily and didn't even fall down when we climbed down. Amazing!

Can't remember if it was friday or saturday when we went seriously to the Boozembly. A lot of people claimed there was no Boozembly, but they just didn't know where to look. We met a few ex-Byterapers there, Turtle, Judge, other friends like DDT/Lennu, Exotic Men and so on onono onon.

In saturday morning Mike woke in from the woods, btw.

And at one point Mysdee had broken himself so badly that the Red Cross people had to fix him up. They wanted to know how old Mysdee was, as if they have to report to home, and darn it Mysdee didn't remember howold he was. So those Red Crossers had to look it from his driving licence :-)

Mr.Sex was naturally in his element there. In friday guys had been drinking at one park-bench/table, and in saturday there went there again. Oh my, Sex was so boozed that he didn't even notice the other bench had been moved away and sat directly onto ground - missing the bench by mere 200 meters. Earlier he'd passed out in that very bench, and kept on puking onto himself. The graced souls of (B) turned him into his side so he wouldn't suffocate himself, poor Sexmaniac. And the total finals was that Matti, a local complete boozehead who is millenias over us as a drinker - you wont believe what kind of drinker he really is - carried him in, back to the partyplace. Neither one remembers anything.

One of those high points was when a bunch of Byterapers went back into that shop to buy more beer. There was this young guy in the pay desk and he watched them: a line of men and women all dressed in all black, everyone with a Byterapers-badge. They guy said "I've always been a Byterapers fan". Outside fellas checked their receipts and found out that they got DISCOUNT OF BEER! Join Byterapers - buy beer cheaper!

And so on. It was terribly great fun, we met a lot of friends and did serious drinking everywhere. While some people claim Assembly'96 was too big and noisy, too much people, you only need to go to Boozembly and you'll find everybody who is or was important in Finska scenenski.

10121998 UPDATE:

One thing that came into mind later was Hoffi. Hoffi wasn't very interested at paying so he tried to smuggle himself in for free. Hoffi's tactic wasn't very elegant, though. He simply ran as fast as he could through the gates. Four times. Guards catched him every time. Hoffi's words were something like "juoksin täysillä". Good try, though.

This might have been the same Assembly where Ed / Exotic Men tried another tactic for getting in. He removed all his clothes in front of the main door and walked in fully naked. His nerves failed though when the guards calmly commented "no niin, ja kassien tarkastus". Sorry non-Finns, impossible one to translate. Unfortunately no-one had stolen his clothes meanwhile. Doh!


Source: Assembly Organizing Website, quoted with permission.
By: Abyss / Future Crew.

The financial problems of ASM'95 reflected to '96. For sometime it looked like it would be impossible to organize '96 but fortunately we found sponsors that would ensure that ASM'96 could be organized.

This happened very late considering prizes and reservation of the Helsinki Fair Centre. Because of this we couldn't get the weekend we wanted and the party had to be held after the schools in Finland had already began. This meant a considerable drop in visitors.

A total of 3000 visitors came to ASSEMBLY '96. For very first time, the organizing expertise was at such a level that almost everything went as planned. The party place was same as before but this time the people from the Helsinki Fair Centre knew what a demo party needed and so everything went a lot better than previously.

One could say the ASM '96 was the very first demoparty with close relation to Internet. Telecom Finland provided the equipment to webcast all the competitions from ASSEMBLY and many thousand watched the compos from the net using Xingtech streaming audio and video programs. The Internet link to the party place was 20 megabyte ATM line and the total transfers in and out from the party place were in the size of tens of gigabytes =).

In the competitions it was all about the battle between Finland and the rest of the world. On the Amiga, Virtual Dreams took once again the first place in the demo compo with their magnificient demo called "Sumea". On the PC demo compo the two best were close to a tie: Toasted by Cubic Team & Seen and Machines of Maddness from Dubius were battling for the first place. It was only matter of few votes that Dubius won and it safe to say that both demos were so excellent that they both would deserved the first place.

It is starting sound like a cliché but the competitions run very smoothly. The only problems that were encountered were caused by the VGA - PAL converter that with some particular PC demos and intros slowed their refresh rate.

One thing that has been increasing every year is the amount of noise in the party hall. This year at times that noise level was so high that it almost hurt. Next year there will be noise limits and security guars with decibel meters. And we'll give out free ear plugs =).

So why are this years prizes delayed? There are two reasons: 1) the party was held too late and didn't attract enough people to make profit enough 2) the tax people of Finland decided to take in ticket money with 22% VAT instead of the normal 6% ticket VAT. When asked to return this money (close to 180 000 FIM (from this and previous year)) they replied that it is possible but very very unlikely. What is propable is that they would do a tax inspection and decide that they had the legal right to keep that money or we would have to go to court and we simply don't have the money hire attorneys. So it is back to square one. We are working on getting some money from EU and other sponsors to pay the prizes.

I can repeat the same argument I made before. During the two years that I have been working in order to make ASSEMBLYs happen I have received a total of 2000 US dollars. I could have made more money as a shop clerk =). So we ask of you, stop acting like we are betraying the winners. We are doing the best we can and many party organizers wouldn't do nearly as much as we do.

The main organizers were Moku, Pehu and Abyss. The rest of the organizing team were Ftj, Peppe, Niko, Jake, Jonne, Murk and Elina.

Aggressive 2

Written by: Kristoffer Lawson.

Organizers: Aggression

The Aggressive parties were both organized by Aggression which is an old Atari group) "Aggressive'96" was really called Aggressive Party II. I, with the other members of Aggression and a couple of other groups were the main organizers of this party too. It took place in Helsinki.

About 160-170 ppl attended (this was approx. the amount we expected). This party also had atari, amiga and PC together and the compos were combined. As an organizer, the party was pure hell but I heard the ppl there enjoyed it ;-)

Aggression (among with other ppl) are planning on organizing another party called the "Alternative Party". It's a party for any non-mainstream demo machines (ie. no AGA amigas or >286 PCs). Any other machine is allowed from C64 to Cray supercomputers. I can inform you more when we get some stuff confirmed. If possible we'll organize it at Easter as that would fit our schedule - if not, I hope we'll get something together by summer.

Kristoffer Lawson

Skenery 1996

Organizers: Zymosis, Bombsquad, da Jormas
Rave-organizers: Niitty

Visitors who paid entrance fee: about 140 + ravers: approx. 40
Oraganizers, VIPs, etc: about 40 + 10 (Niitty)
Girls: About 10
Cops: Simultaneously 9 police cars packed with cops. three visits, one traffic accident.


This party, held in Jyvaskyla, was enormously successful. Megafun! It was very free spirited, cops visited in force many times, people were drunk and everybody had great time! I hope to include my own tales some day, but please enjoy these stories grabbed from Usenet meanwhile:

: We (Byterapers Inc.) awarded Exotic Men for their efforts to uphold the scene feeling by giving them a salmon, weight ca. 2kg.

Salamon ... Yeah right on dudes :) Didn't give the mines too ? ...

> The nearest information agency (a Coma dude :) told me that cops visited several times, Coma won both demo and intro compos, HiRMU mag #4 was released and a DA JORMAS member was hit by a car. But how about results and stuff like that?

Update: Addict/K!NkY informed that the guy hit by the car was not from Da Jormas but Lutka!/K!NkY. His leg is not still bad, after half a year after tha party, and has legal stuff going on. Wish him the best.

Well, cops popped in several times but they made only one serious attack with whole police force of Jyväskylä which is ten police officers :)

Coma won compos because they stole some voting sheets so I guess that it is quite obvius in little party if you have 50 extra first places,=20 so I don't care about the results since they don't mean anything anyway.

Didn't see the Hirmumag cause I didn't remember to ask.

Results were... Well, something which you could call result of fake=20 voting but I don't care since I didn't compete (as usual ;)

The stuff was that they sold beer and stuff so I guess that was why=20 the cops popped in.

> > We (Byterapers Inc.) awarded Exotic Men for their efforts
> > to uphold the scene feeling by giving them a salmon, weight
> > ca. 2kg.

> Cool. What kind of things they did this time? Did they put shit into other people's bags again? Did they ran naked again or what? :)

Yes of course and Edi wiped his ass in Coma banner. That was cool.

> Didn't see the Hirmumag cause I didn't remember to ask.

It was as funny as it was supposed to be.. :)

> The stuff was that they sold beer and stuff so I guess that was why the cops popped in.

If I got things right they popped in the first time because somebody had called them.

>> > We (Byterapers Inc.) awarded Exotic Men for their efforts
>> > to uphold the scene feeling by giving them a salmon, weight
>> > ca. 2kg.

>> Cool. What kind of things they did this time? Did they put shit into other people's bags again? Did they ran naked again or what? :)

>Yes of course and Edi wiped his ass in Coma banner. That was cool.

Oh shit. Coma's banner _was_ the most stylish banner I've seen (well, Byterapers' stolen Posti banner does not count :).

>Oh shit. Coma's banner _was_ the most stylish banner I've seen (well, Byterapers' stolen Posti banner does not count :).

Actually, it's a genuine (B) banner with the slogan "Posti" in it!

> > Didn't see the Hirmumag cause I didn't remember to ask.

> It was as funny as it was supposed to be.. :)

I knew that. It was my first Hirmu mag I didn't see.

> If I got things right they popped in the first time because somebody had called them.

I know even who called them :) It was those inspectors who warned about them :)

> >Yes of course and Edi wiped his ass in Coma banner. That was cool.

> Oh shit. Coma's banner _was_ the most stylish banner I've seen (well, Byterapers' stolen Posti banner does not count :).

Well, quite rite, you could say oh shit.

I guess that Byterapers knew that thing since they took their banner of the wall during wild music compo. Edi wiped his ass after Exotic Men hymn.

>>Oh shit. Coma's banner _was_ the most stylish banner I've seen (well, Byterapers' stolen Posti banner does not count :).

>Actually, it's a genuine (B) banner with the slogan "Posti" in it!

Never thought of it that way ;-)

: I guess that Byterapers knew that thing since they took their banner of the wall during wild music compo. Edi wiped his ass after Exotic Men hymn.

All hail Exotic Men!

tmb - da exm groupie

>- before first cops the schollmaster comes and clamis everything is out of control

:) That blue-dressed old dude who was supervising Abd'96 said that everything was out of control when he found an empty beer bottle from a garbage can. He was going to cancel the party after that! I wonder what he would have said about Skenery then. :)

> :) That blue-dressed old dude who was supervising Abd'96 said that everything was out of control when he found an empty beer bottle from a garbage can. He was going to cancel the party after that! I wonder what he would have said about Skenery then. :)

Or Aggressive or Demolition or.... ;)

>- before first cops the schollmaster comes and clamis everything is out of control

:) That blue-dressed old dude who was supervising Abd'96 said that everything was out of control when he found an empty beer bottle from a garbage can. He was going to cancel the party after that! I wonder what he would have said about Skenery then. :)

> :) That blue-dressed old dude who was supervising Abd'96 said that everything was out of control when he found an empty beer bottle from a garbage can. He was going to cancel the party after that! I wonder what he would have said about Skenery then. :)

Or Aggressive or Demolition or.... ;)

: > The stuff was that they sold beer and stuff so I guess that was why the cops popped in.

: If I got things right they popped in the first time because somebody had called them.

Naah, it was just the pricipal who visited the partyplace and thought it was all out of control. Of course, I managed to stroll by them when they were present & wrorrying. :-) Maybe it is a bit weird to see someone walking a bottle in his head?

Anyway, the first 2 cops saw everything was ok but then, i dont know why more cops came later....

NEW 20.10.1997 Rough translation by Grendel of another comment seen somewhere:

I would't speak anything of gays and PC scene after I yesterday heard about what Hoffi, Irwin and Flavor and done. And Grendel and Death as well.
-Come'on, don't keep in in excitement
Well Hoffi, Flavor and Irwin took a bit a speed first, with style, and come on, what a bunch of young males could do after that other than have sex. But what you can do if there's no examples of opponent sex, boys made a classy anal intercourse.

After that Flavor went to have D-mon up, and after he didn't succeed in that, Flavor took his penis out and put it into D-mon's lips. Wakeup was most enjoyable!

Death in other hand didn't wake up at all, even when Grendel pulled his trousers down and stuffed a coke bottle into his arse. After that also a disposable plate and half eaten apple found the same plane. While others were taking pictures.

Grendel continues here:

Oh yeah. When we had strolled into the partyplace we reserved kinda big area for us, and angrily defended it against trespassers. Poor souls had computers and stuff and we were some 2-4 guys but needed lotsa space. Reason was of course that many others were coming. Finally we were a respectable big bunch there but still had absolutely no computers. Some of our friends got a niche piece of one table's end, but we were anyway taking up loadsa space when most others were trying to cramp their stuff into filled up tables. We bad.

This situation mentioned above happened when Death had managed to pass out under our table. Come'on, OUR TABLE! That was NOT acceptable. He didn't wake up, so if was fully his own table. Imagine, pass out in Byterapers' table. Like offering him/herself free in a wholestreet. Actually I pulled Death's trousers down twice, after someone found more material that could be used in him. There was that bottle, a soft disposable plate, definitely the half-eaten apple and hazi knows what else. I cannot remember. I think Dr.Dick has photos, at least one other was was taking pics as well.

Police really did an attack into the party, and actually did it many times. I think there was first 1 cop, then 2, then 4, then 8. Some claim there was more, and someone counted 7 police cars in front of partyplace PLUS 1 police bicycle. :-) The reason for this that the headmaster thought party was out of control and called cops in, and when they finally started closing the party there was nothing wrong, or anything they could FIND being wrong. You should have seen it. 4 cops standing in the main entrance door so no-one could get out, other 4 start checking the main hall and first head into the organizer's room. Ironical eh? A funny point was that the bigscreen was located so that no door-cops neither those inside org's room or near the wall could see into the bigscreen, so someone typed with huge letters "COPS IN, HIDE YOUR BOOZE NOW!!!!". And they stuffed all beer'n'booze away from sight. When cops then started checking actual partyarea they could find nothing than guys sitting in computers, chatting and sleeping. They went away, and boozing continued.

Got to mention about Zados/Damones. Just when he was coming to party, the cop attack was on and they said the party was going to be closed. He peeped inside, didn't really see much as it was quite dark inside, only hearing some singing coming from somewhere "Saalaaaaiset kaaansiiiooooot, salaaaaiiiset kansiiioooooooot, neeee saaaalaisiaaaa ooooon." Then he left. Damn bad luck. He should have just followed the singing and would have found all the HiRMU.

During Friday in think lots of HiRMUs attacked a local bar having karaoke night. They probably never had faced such attendants before. HiRMU went to stage and sung Irwin's "Rentun Ruusu" with some 5-6-7 guys I think. Result? Well, dunno, but for example I was myself all the time about 1 line behind the actual singing, it was so damn fast. When we were going to sing again some time later, they just quite whole karaoke so we made an impression I'm sure.

The salmon: I and Birra/(B) were in shop and boy there was that salmon. Big, something 1-2 kg, had to buy it. Carried it around partyplace asking people it they would like to pat our fish. Most did. Extreme fun. Some time in saturday or maybe sunday it started to smell a bit so had to find a way to get rid of it. Great decision was made to give it as a present in Wild Compo, and since Ed/Exotic Men did such great show he was given it in a very flashy ceremony in main stage with Mysdee/(B) giving a speech. Hope Ed and the salmon had very fruitable relationship afterwards.

Ah, the flag thing. We had the official (B) Posti flag with us there, and periodically took it down when we suspected a police raid was coming, then put it back up.

The going was very cool both in and out, Irwin/Damones commented that he liked the party wery much because the arranged didn't come to fuck him coz drinking beer inside. At one moment Irwin/Hoffi were selling beer in one of the backrooms and totally drove one guy nuts after they first took his money, didn't give him beer, gave the money back, the other guy stole the money back, gave him beer, took the beer back, refused to give either beer or money, and finally when they had had the fun and were ready to give the beer, the guy strolled out yelling face red about the shitheads. Was sitting next to them and man, it was quite like from some bad-ass comedy show.

BTW I personally managed to rip my trousers out there when Mysdee threw me into ground while outside, and for whole rest party I was trying to watch my ass :-) It gave vast possibilities though, like, imagine me in my long coat (down to knees), I just put my hand inside the coat, back, then slip hand into that huge hole in my ass and just announced "btw guys, I'm just grabbling my naked ass here". They were impressed without exception.

Simply great party!

WEB-exclusive: COC/Mooze Democrazy'97

By Grendel/Byterapers

Well, that was the smallest and stupidiest party I've ever attanded and the organizers were morons.

Byterapers 10 Years party

By Grendel/Byterapers

21-23.02.1997 Byterapers finally celebrated their long existence. 10 years had passed in december 1996 since the first intro with name Byterapers was released. The journey had been long and eventful, much friends were made and lost. So it was time to call everybody in one place - and have joy together!

The (B) 10 Years party was invitation only, for all ex and current Byterapers and our good friends from distant past as well as from today. A list was compiled, addresses and phone numbers searched and invitations mailed. Some 40-50 people finally gathered to spend a juicy weekend.

The party happened in two parts: first friday-saturday was the peaceful night, as we had a large but not too comfortable youth-house which wasn't really ideal for party-activities. The second phase when we moved to "Porssikulma" place gave everybody a 'go'. Porssikulma was a sauna-thing, with a large room with telly and lots of comfortable chairs, a sauna, swimming pool and kitchen. Drinking time!

In FCS/Finnish Gold's words:

Mukavaa oli (B)-10 partyillä, sydäntä raastaen jouduin lähtemään jo lauantaina poispäin.

...en muuten olisi lauantaina lähtenytkään ja vastahankoisesti sittenkin). Niin hetkiä joka tapauksessa, ja saisinpa FIGin (elossa:-) olevat memberit kasaan ainakin muodon vuoksi. Ja kasaantuminen tietää aina "juhlallisia" hetkiä.

The full guestlist:

JSA/Digitize Design Group, Lemming Orange, Jukka Kauppinen/HiRMU, Minna, FCS/Finnigh Gold, Primon/Radio, Caveman/Coma, Apatia/Coma, Virne/Coma, The Wicked/Bloodsuckers, Dice/Doomsday, Loki/Stack, Falcon, Al, Did/(B) Fan Club, Sami, Hoffi/Damones, Jmagic/Complex
(B) members in B10Years:
Grendel, Kasper, Professor Fate, The Better half of Pr. Fate, Hazard, Mr.Sex, Micron, Nico, Lasse, Proton, Tuija of Proton, Enema, Lanttu, Sivu, Mike, HC-Anna, Jucca

WEB-exclusive: Abduction'97

by Grendel/Byterapers

The Abduction'97 party was a blessed one. The Elder Ones smiled approvingly upon us, and gave the party the first truly warm and sunny weekend of whole summer. There couldn't be a better situation for a party than this. Except of course those poor bastards who were forced to drive cars to the party. Especially those coming from east. Sun glaring all the time directly into eyes from horizon level.

Saying it shortly, the party was very good, very nice, very warm. We stinked really bad afterwards. The place itself was pretty nice, a big gymnastics hall with rising row of benched in both sides, nicely dark and cool, and some good cafe area in immediate vicinity for resting one's legs and a quick coffee. Not that we spent much time inside, though.

We got to pray the Abduction organizers to find such a good place in future parties as well.

Party had simply excellent location. It could have been nearer to the city centre, but it still wasn't a long walk, neither sober nor drunk. There was huge grass fields near, with a children "daddy look i'm driving" driving'n'playing schoolyard with miniatyre traffic signs and roads, you get the picture? Then a lake, big shadowy trees and so on. Just excellent places to sit down, Pop your beer can/bottle and get on with the serious business of drinking.

And the drinking was good.

And the sun was good.

And the grass was soft.

And the people were nicely drunk.

And stuff happened.

Got to admit, I personally missed a lot of the good action during saturday because I was in the Oulu International Airshow, with my Warbirds-squadron mates. Watching heavy metal fill the sky, listening to the beautiful singing on prop engines and afterburners and speaking lots of military technical stuff and so on. It was beautiful. Free entrance for Finnish Warbirds-pilots was a good thing. And the sun was hot, flying beautiful and beer cold. Too bad the best planes, the PROP WW2 planes, were all American. Would have given a lot to hear a truly Daimler-Benz start up under a Messerchmitt-109. Beauty! But back to the party itself, now.

Micron said afterwards: I'm tired.

Yeah, the beach-stuff. It was so nice. Drinking beer'n'booze and trading excoting drinks and shooting each other with a toy-gun. We had a fire there for sausages and stuff, very nice, cops came twice to put it down of course. Then Caveman/Coma had a grill for more sausages and other 'yam this is yammy warm' eatable stufoo. People had gotten into party mood already before coming to the place itself, and bought all kinds of different liquirs and beers and naturally others wanted to have a taste. Mucho booze trading around.

Good poing here was that since there was a lot of locals as well around all around the greens, party arrangers didn't get any trouble from the drinking people since we couldn't be connected to a nearby happening so easily.

It was all warm and hot, and coz there was so much cool people a good fog formed up on the beach :-) Very good vibrations with everyone.

Caveman/Coma was dressed like a scotchman, wearing a kilt and nothing else. You know, the very short skirt-like thing with a ribbon going over wearer's shoulder. It was pretty fun sight, you know. A old-time sceneman Monster came up and thought 'he sure got something under that kilt' and kneeled in front of Caveman, and lifted the kilt. Well, there it was. 15 cm from Monster's face, Caveman's dick. He sure didn't have anything under the kilt. A special feature here, is that Monster was in the late 80s/early 90s easily THE sceneman with weirdest, most dirty imagination and always ready for some prank. Now, Monster was completely wordless. His roommate commented that you don't often see Monster unable to say anything. Many people said that his face should have been photographed, it was something very thunderstruck.

He btw displayed otherwise disgusting heterosexual acts of sex too.

You know, you shouldn't go looking under other people's kilts. :-)

Something connected here was a bunch of red colouring stuff, which people started using on their heads, clothes and everything. Some people had shaved their heads bald to celebrate the summer, so what better than have a bright red colored bald head? Or hair? Or balls? Caveman had messed himself with that red paint and had his genitals and everything around them happily bright red and of course kept on showing them to people. Regarding these, it was terribly funny situation comedy when Cave was leaking on a wall and just then his mobile phone rang. Cave naturally answered it, but I started laughing on the background and it spread to him and he simply couldn't talk at all but kept on laughing like maniac on the phone and I started laughing even harder so Cave got even more frenzied and laughed and kept on leaking on the wall. Gosh the caller must have wondered quite a bit what the heck was going on.

Primon the man with Pipo, Hilfe, Der Kopf, was also naturally present in the party but managed to rave a bit too hard and broke his leg. As he is a medial student, Primon had some strong words to say afterwards. Like the medical side in the party was against all regulations, since no-one knew first-aid and it took 15 mins to find a med-kit from someone's car. Not that many parties ever had any medics. Except Primon. Anyway he had to fix his leg himself, and walked painfully around afterwards.

One pretty good other accident was when HC-Anna/(B) was begging Micron/(B) for a drink of cider and Micron refused. Being member of the (B) Violence Section, HC bit Micron very hard to arm through the shirt and Micron actually started bleeding. The scar was left a week afterwards. WTG.

Jmagic/Complex Holy Brothers had btw shaven his head bald too. His mistake. As said, sun was bright. And Jmagic's head was red. His brains were hot. After partying outside during Friday his head was so hot and sensitive people kept on trying to pat his head and maagi yelled "don't touch it don't touch my head that hurts!" Too bad he had a headache too, this would have been very funny otherwise.

Other cool partystunts were done my Damaq and Dice / Doomsday. These fellas decided to have a haircut during the party, and also BLONDED themselves! Oh my. They looked - laughable. Think about all those potential blonde jokes. Dice said that "I feel my brains have already started shrinking."

Naturally awful much of funny ideas, stories and everything were invented and told. And most forgotten. One very legendary thing was to convert old demo Jeesus to Java. Jeesus is old demo by Monster/Accession, where Jesus loves his sheeps. It's the legendary one which crashed right after sheep made first BAAA when Jesus started working on it. Jesus on Internet, wannabecool!

The brains behind this idea was Monster, ex-Byterapers and long time Accessioner, and it was truly good see him around. Very possibly the last time he'd been in a party was in Society'93, or 1992. Since he'd wandered away from communications. Missed the (B) 10 Years party too. Mysdee/(B) managed to meet him in the Leningrad Cowboys concert, and he was in party during saturday looking for me. I wasn't present, though, but surprisingly many people recognized him, heh. Monster has never been in PC scene, but anyway people knew him and his fame. You know, sick brains are never forgotten.

So what else could be said? I try to add whenever I remember something, but overall, the party was very good. Much good people, very enjoyable main hall where sitting places weren't limited and so on. And a truly quiet sleeping hall. I got to say a small party can't get very much better than this time especially thinking the outdoors. Skenery'96 was the ultimate in modern party entertainment, and all Juhla's have been really good, but Abduction'97 had possible best possible outdoors with that lake, island, greens and trees - and the first really warm, sunny weekend in whole summer. With all these recipes and a good, healthy amount of alcoholic doses feelings were high all over.

The essential pure Byterapers bit:
(B) members in the party were:
Grendel, Hazi, HC-Anna, Mysdee, Micron, Mr. Sex, Mike, Sivu.

The essential scene bit:
other people there were practically everyone who matters and lots of others too.

And what local newspaper said: WARNING LOADS OF CRAP COMING

Computer freaks competed in Abduction party

Vesa and Maija belonging in Gerbil Productions' don't like Bold And The Beautiful but inside jokes. Thats why the computer demo they programmed has computer graphics combined into car ad and talking penguin.

'Outsiders don't see any point in these things' Vesa admits. There's no worry of outsiders this time though, because there's now going on Abduction 97 which has gathered over 300 computer youngs into Oulu sports house, for which's demo competition Vesa is producing the work he describes as a joke.

Abduction is yearly happening, where 15-20 year old computer freaks meet equals. This year's specialty is consistent Internet-connection.

Gerbil's have brought with them a lego-train, small christmas tree and tree candles. It's reasonable to put effort into environment's hominess, because windows are darkened and it's dark inside.

Some have put effort into their costums too. Maija's clothes bring role playing into mind. Vesa on other hand says he would fit into Rave-party. We find that the best costume is rewarded in this year's Abduction.

'Last year we made a video on communications camp and then I got locked into devil-gear" Maija explains the history of her clothes.

Following the traditions, most eager democoders haven't slept during the happening. Unlike traditions, there's more females than before.

'Last year i took part in the graphcis competition. Other drew pictures of women, me not" explains Maija.

Demos must be ready latest saturday evening 1800, so there's some hours time still left. Gerbil doesn't though trust their own chances.

But winning isn't the most important thing, but the spreading of one's fame.

BOLLOCKS! Once again a journalist who's got no clue about what was going on was working here. Of course most of us can easily disagree with many points here. Especially this 15-20 years old line. Come on, practically all Byterapers for example are over 20 and several of us are near our 30s. Oh yeah. I'm 15 years old teenager, come on. I'd also say everyone sleeps at least a bit during a party. It's just the braggning of scene-kids that they don't sleep at all. Bah. A fun bit then was this best costume reward. It was LAST YEAR, NOT this year. Poor bastards.

Byterapers themselves in the party

The trip was very much an attempt in trying to wrestle the demo competition 1st place to (B) again, like last year, though with a better demo of course. Not that we forgot any of the traditional fun having. No, that was plenty.

Our entrance to the party was quiet and etc. Appeared, selected a good place and put our flag into the wall. Took a bit of effort, that, though as our flag is so focken huge and we had to swing rope numerous times before it grappled a lamp on the wall so we could raise the flag up.

The time BEFORE actual entrance was the hectic thing though. Different demoparts were prepared in the beginning of the partyweek when a bunch of Rapers collected themselves to Micron's place and started finishing the demo. Designing, drawing final graphics, putting the parts together and so on. And merciless bug hunting to find out what the fuck is crashing the demo. Whole week was used on very hard coding.

So hard that the demoguys entered party quite late, after driving 200 km in 1 1/2 hours. Speed was usually around 200 km/h, and the trip included a smoking pause. The hurry was of course because guys wanted to get on drinking in the party :-) Not because they wanted to finish the demo. Others had much more leisure driving trip, with Grendel/(B), Hazard/(B) and HC-Anna/(B) with Damaq & Dice & Janne Laitinen / Doomsday taking the trip together in two cars.

On all cars a good amount of boozing took place. On the first two cars everyone though got away nicely and walking, but the third one with the democrew was again one good show. Mr. Sex, our very own Mr. Puke aka the Pukemaster, gave a typical and wonderful show of puking immediately when they arrived to the party.

Their car had been parked/stopped about 1 SECOND when first door opens and Mr. Sex throws a long puke outside. LAAAAATTA! Sloooooooooorth! He manages to get out and it's not 5 seconds when he's leaning to car's trunk and throws another puke to his right. Now here, a world record or something, faster than light , before the first puke has touchdowned, he throws another puke to his other side. No one but Mr. Sex can do that!

The car was afterwards parked very nicely in middle of pukes and I personally parked my car later next to it. Dammit, one of Sex's pukes was so perfectly situated that I had to stand on it every time I dug into car's trunk.

Time went then on. We had one computer with us and finally during the morning hours decided to go to Mysdee/(B) place (he lives nearby) but since no-one was in driving condition due some heavy drinking earlier, we had to walk. It was one funny looking convoy, two guys dragging a monitor, one guy heaving the minitower without covers and other just dragging a bunch of bottles and very dutifully drinking them away. People admired us in the city, and some joker sayd "boys have got a portable computer" (eh heh eh heh), and so on. Went to Mysdee's, everyone got hungry, searched for a pizzaplace that's open in the late/early in the morning, got finally food, went away, watched demos, started sleeping.

There was a darn bug left in the demo, right before the best looking part in the end, and it's squelching took whole saturday. Then guys forgot to put a Website commercial in. I personally think the demo needed a whole bunch of Lenin's heads but it's very good as it is now. :-) Focken guys tried to fool me by claiming they couldn't find the bug and therefore the demo didn't enter competition.

The competition version was still a bit buggy, dunno what else was but at least something with sound cards and then gfx cards. I think the compoversion ran only with S3 cards :-) And had something weird with memory usage. Bah, anyways, it was and is cool. A PC Demo Review page had the compo version later and none of the guys got it working btw. :-)

Pretty interesting was that the competition machine had total crap old graphics adapter which was very uncompatible with any kind of tweak and cool gfx modes, so Sivu/(B) donated his S3 graphics card for the organizers to use during competitions.

You can imagine how much pressure the demo competition put to our shoulders. Our debyt PC demo had been released just last year in Abduction'96, and it won, shuish, though we were very nervous about it. Now again... We were again simply hoping for a Top3 position, but very very much hoped for a win. We had such great record of no:1s in competitions, so something else than no:1 would have looked bad :-) So while the competition was on, we were all hoping and keeping thumbs and everything up and erect so the demo wouldn't crash while running.

The competition was pretty good actually. Of course there was crap and joke prods, but enough good ones to make us quite nervous wrecks. Then afterwards just walking around and winking people to vote our demo.

Vote counting was the worst of all. It happened in real time, guys inserting disks into vote computers and vote count scrolling continually in the big screen. We got a good lead almost immediately, but at one moment the runner up got pretty close. Then the gap widened and finally we ended up with a very good margin, though nothing like in Abduction'96 results. I felt very good anyway. Five NO:1s in demo competitions in row. Wooo woooo.

BTW I heard that before and after little sceners visited our stand and kept on asking how that old people still care to do demos. WHAT? I don't really understand the question. Why not, dammit????

Immediately after the compo Sivu/(B) wandered to organizer's booth to ask if he would finally get a badge (=free entrance). He didn't pay last year, he didn't pay this year. Sivu just sneaked inside and no-one asked anything. And again the organizers refused to give him a badge. Sivu complained about it quite a long time: won twice the competition and couldn't get in free either time. Heh. Jauho (=organizer) asked quite intelligent question of "what you're doing here inside" when Sivu climbed there asking for free entrance. Heh V2.

Oh yea, Micron said that Pandemic is a hat trick: third winning demo in row, which works quite randomly, whenever it wants to, most unstabile, works well but in very few computers. You might ask how we do it :-)

One serious thing with the winning was that this time we wanted plain money as prize. You simply cannot imagine what trouble we were having last year. First, there was a lot of suspicions and trouble with money sharing. Best that the details are left untold. But then, the hardware side. We got a focken stupid Miro OfficeConnect something thing, with a modem, SB-compatible sound card with wavetable, with fax/answering machine software and everything. A fuckin PnP combocard which wouldn't let go. We tried and tried and tried to exchange it for money so we could pay rest of the money to Kraku for the code and Yolk for money. Many of us tried to sell it, and only ONCE during some half a year we were near of a sale, and then Sivu didn't bring the damn card back in time. Finally I managed to trade it to 2 16 MB SIMMs, which could then be really sold for money.

Hopefully this time it will be easier. Plain cash, please?

Other views:

Meikä, formerly known as yolk/CNCD

Jep! The party was cool! Although we were at the party place only about three hours or so. And we hopefully managed to destroy a few pair of ears, too.

Assembly 1998

Hmm. And what did WE do there? Quite a lot. This year the Boozembly-part of Assembly was the Biggest and Best ever. It was absolutely amazing. You should peek at the Gallery to see some photos that give a bit of feeling. Maybe the fact that first Friday evening of Boozembly caused way over 100 complaint calls to police, when we were partying in the park.

I give here some single details about the happenings:

- We had released our demo Hyperventilation some time ago in a Swedish party. The demo featured Abba and is definitely one of the most favoured (B) demo releases ever. I heard AFTERWARDS (can't remember this incident, really) that some swedish guys had come and started threatening me. They wanted to beat me because "we had insulted all swedes bloodily and they want to revenge." Well....
- There was a very heated football match. Hell it was sweaty. We tried to play against... someone... Can't anymore remember who the opponent was supposed to be but problem was thay they got reinforcements ;-) They fielded, at worst times, almost double our team. We tried to get reinforcements as well later and this caused some interesting moments when guys thought someone was in the OTHER team when he wasn't ;-) Icemann/(B) played very rough game, a football hooligan as he is, and according to Zados he broke Irwin's bone when tackling!
- Micron/(B) was a real man! His achievement during friday/saturday night is truly a party classic. Micronhad been boozing around till the morning. Ivy was staying in nearby hotel, as his workplace paid it (it was a work trip, after all (grin)). Micron's drunken little brain cells had stuck to that hotel idea and Lo, in 0400 morning he stopped boozing and went to the hotel for the night.
I guess he was quite a show. A huge man in dirty long black coat, which had some bits of puke as well wanting a room. Not surprisingly they wanted the payment in advance. 400 FIM, maybe. Afterwards Micron tried to lend money from practically anyone since that 400 Marks was his budget for food and beer for that weekend. And it was hardly saturday morning ;-)
Well, at least Micron slept well. As long as he could. All.... 6 hours. The room had to be vacant at 1200! Yeah, so he paid his whole budget into couple hours more or less undisturbed sleep! Woahaha! Amazing. At least Micron used the situation in the hotel well. At one moment in the night he woke up, felt bad,opened the drawer and let go - drawer filled with pukeeeee! And more! And more! Without lying Micron puked the whole bed and much of the floor as well! But as he said, "at least the tub was great."
- After that achievement Micron at least had some malicious fun at Ivy. As Micron said later in IRC: "could go to shover. I smell of shit. At least not Enema's shit. Like Ivy."
You see, while others were playing football Enema was guarding all our stuff. And Enema had an urge. The heavier one. He had to shit. But he couldn't go away from all our beer, booze, grill and so on. Therefore Enema made a nice pile of shit on the slope, a bit off the actual camping place. But since there was a lot of people later in the night people HAD to walk farther. All the Byterapers had been warned about Enema's shit, naturally, but Ivy had the excellent luck to walk direcly on it, it was dark of course, and fell on it. Result was Ivy who smelled of Byterapers' shit and was covered with Byterapers' shit. Luvely!

Source: - Abyss / Assembly Organizers

ASSEMBLY '98 is over (10.8.1998)

Pheew! After 56 hours of partying, ASSEMBLY '98 is over. I for one had a great time eventhough I came out througly exhausted. Still, the experience of organizing such a mammoth is absolutely thrilling. All competition entries can be downloaded from (an alias for The ASSEMBLY '98 website is still available at

Here are some highlights that pop into my mind:

Schedule held!

The party schedule has never held this well. All compos (save for the outdoor soccer compo) started EVERY TIME RIGHT ON TIME! That is, precisily on the same minute the schedule said the compo should start it started. Eventhough e.g. our GFX compo organizer's taxi had a car crash and he had to stay behind to be a witness. The reason why the outdoor compo was late was that somebody broke into the car of the one of the outdoor organizers and stole everything including our footballs!

Very cool entries!

I saw some absolutely cool entries. A few that come to my mind were Barry the Orange (the Animation compo winner) and Misu & Kisu (the 2nd in the anim compo), Trauma's PC demo winner, Nerve Axis's Relic (Amiga demo compo winner) Complex's and Digital Nerd's Java compo entries and of course Hannu & Kerttu 2000 (the 2nd in the PC demo compo). I really rolled on the floor laughing when I saw Hannu & Kerttu 2000 for the first time.

Party network rocked!

Besides a few glitches here and there the party network really rocked the place and everything beyond it! The peak rates of our traffic to/from outside of the partyplace were over 56 MBPS! On average the rate was around 14 MBS. During the weekend our website gathered over 2.4 million hits.

Very very loud party

Unfortunately the party has evolved to the point where everybody brings their own stereos and some of the guys bring systems that could easily be fitted to a disco or a small concert hall. And everybody is competiting with everybody else to get his music heard. This has lead to the fact that it is way too noisy in the party hall. Next year we will use decibel meters to restrict the noise levels. Of course we will once again have free earplugs.

Great organizing!

I really have to thank all organizers at the party place. They all really threw everything they got and them some into the work they did and so made the whole event a success. Eventhough I and Pehu might be the ones that are most visible it is really the guys who aren't that make the difference at the party place. The better they do their job, the less you will see them. Our thanks go out to them.


I was very happy to see visitors from such far away countries as Brazil, Japan, Australia and the United States. Eventhough most of the visitors (85%) come from Finland, the atmosphere was quite international. Over all there were approximately 3000 visitors at the party place.

Thank you all for visiting ASSEMBLY '98 and we hope meet you all again at ASSEMBLY '99!

Abyss / Future Crew & ASSEMBLY Organizing

Byterapers 12.5 Years birthday party

By: Grendel / Byterapers

Byterapers celebrated their 12 years of existence 19-21.02.1999 by having invitation-only party in a luxus sauna/conference-apartment. All the important and nice people from current and ex-scene were invited and we very good bunch of them also managed to come. Unfortunately, many and even more were missed, but we still managed to make weekend that all of remember with passion.

Overall, it was mega success. Great fun all weekend. Great people, beer, sauna, swimming pool, eating.

List of participants:

Jaana of Lemming/HiRMU
HC-Anna / (B)
Kati of Micron
Jazz  (B)
Sanna of Professor Fate
Mari of Gurdan
Mari of JSA
Silia of Destino

Reward / Complex
JSA / Digitize Design Group
Zados / Damones
Kakka / Damones
Duncan / Damones
Moku / Accession
Jmagic / Complex
Jugi / Complex
FCS / Finnish Gold
Gallstone / Finnish Gold
Dice / exDoomsday
Sage / Beyond Force
Virne / Coma
Yolk / CNCD
Loki / Stack
Growl / ex(B)
Destino / Albion

Professor Fate
Some of the great highlights.

Feel free to send me more of your fun memories!

  • In sat/sunday night, while TV was showing X-Files marathon, Reward/Complex stumbled into sauna. He seemed totally and completely funniee. Drunk. Made himself comfortable, laid down, seemed like he was falling asleep. We went out for some time and when came back for more sauna we noticed that he HAD started sleeping. In sauna. It was hot. Ow. Dehydrated Rewa. And we couldn't get him out. Reward resisted like only dead drunk "I SLEEP HERE" idiot can. Well, whatdoyoudo?

    So we opened sauna doors and got out. Continued drinking, watched him periodically and he still refused to come out. Finally we WANTED to get back into the sauna so we somehow forced him out. Not sure how. Maybe cold water from the water hose. Huhh. After we came out from sauna we found Reward sleeping on a bench in the washing room. Sitting there nicely, sleeping in upwards position. Later I was sitting near the door in next room and heard snoring. Had to check and YES, Reward was still sitting on the bench, lovely hanging his head between the knees and snoring. Continued that quite long, hours maybe, remember seeing him again and again while travelling to sauna and back.

  • Talking about sauna, it was great. The place was just excellent. Real big swimming pool. I actually got into loop sometime during saturday. Sauna->pool-> sauna->pool->sauna->pool. This continued over one hour, maybe near two hours. I didn't even get to grab new beer. Always when I was in the pool something cool happened in sauna or other guys went there. When I was in sauna good bunch went swimming and I naturally went with them.

    After telling other about my problem Birra/(B) commented how "poor, moneyless but clean" I will be after I've moved to that deluxe sauna and lived there couple years. Sauna->Pool->sauna->.... etc.

  • Mr.Sex, the puking man, didn't fail his audience. First he puked to the floor while sitting in the couch. Later he fell aspeep and drooled over himself. The highlight of his pukings surely was outside, in the smoking place, where he puked over Dr.Dick/(B). Yuck!