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Demos are demoed in following format:


Release date
Length: Demo lenght in blocks or disks. Mentioned if multi/trackloader.
Code: Whodunit, person or subgroup.
Graphics: Whodunit.
Music: Whodunit or Hazi only knows.
Scrolls: Some or the crazies let to KB.
Compatibility: How compatible the production is in current machines.

Plus MISC information, FTP-links and what it contains.

Most of the smaller picture are actually miniatyres, and can be enlarged for closer peek by clicking on it. For space saving purposes the black borders / part of screen itself have been cut away.

You can copy the files by clicking or shift-clicking on offered link(s) or going directly into the FTP-sites at:
So far Byterapers have released seven demos on the PC platform.

Drill Me, Please Me (PC DOS)

Release: 08061996
Lenght: 2750 kb unpacked / ZIP
Code: Kraku, Sivu, Lanttu
Graphics: Jate, Nico, Micron, Dice, Mazor
Music: Yolk, T.O.B, Legend
Design: Micron
Pmode/W: Tran, Daredevil
Player: The Edge + major changes by Sivu
Compatibility: impossible to run on modern machines. Requires GUS.

a Byterapers inc. dedicated delicatessen
1st PC demo ever, released at Abduction '96
(B) 1986 - 1996, ja stoori vain jatkuu, saatana.

The first step to PC platform, Drill Me, Please Me, was instant success and a continuation step on the road of winning democompos with non-finished and bugging productions. The tale behind Drill is true legend.

Originally (B) wanted to step onto PC platform already in 1991/1992, when we were a Amiga group. Back then guys voted against it. Now we had been planning the demo for a long time and started heavily doing it. Everything happened very smoothly: Micron whipped everyone in the party, no sleep no rest, not even smoke breaks. Sivu managed to steal a moment or two and had a illegal smoke break though. At some moment Kraku appeared and saw guys were doing a demo. It was a miracle, a miracle, you hear it? A MIRACLE! Kraku offered to join, was accepted and brought great demoparts that made DRILL good.

Check the Abduction'96 report for more details about the creation of Drill.

Selected quotes from the press:

- A cool demo. Overall experience is pretty unique. Source: PC Demo Reviews Page


Selected Drill-quotes:

Creating of this demo required:

fizz cider olvi special olvi vuosiolut koff III smashing pumpkins two rats eppu normaali hill street blues dice twisted firestarter moby (not moby/alcatraz) cold makaroonilaatikko cold pizza (saarioinen) no pain, no fear (thank god) kaffe och bulla trojan horse inside protons amiga die krupps pornooo phone coding (no joke, no fear (thank god)) huonoja naisia

We be hirmu. we tell you not. it be sexret. hirmu is rule. rule you must. (Ai spiik längvits okså)

Byterapers kouluttaa nuoria sceneduudeja elämän jaloissa taidoissa.
Tule sinäkin Byterapers-karaistusleirille.
Esimerkki koulutuksemme sisältämästä oppimateriaalista:

* Elämä ja naiset. Kuinka saada suosiota.
- Katsoessasi naisen sieraimeen totea että hänellä roikkuu töhnää sierainkarvoissa. Hän pitää siitä.

* Hopeinen kuu. Kuinka luodaan merelle silta.

complaints to /dev/null
iisalmen poliisilaitos (ask esko pulkkinen) tel nro 977 817083

Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM - File 1/3 readme.txt 0.2 kb
Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM - File 2/3 zip 1400 kb
Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM - File 3/3 zip 660 kb

Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG - File 1/3, readme.txt 0.2 kb
Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG - File 2/3 zip 1400 kb
Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG - File 3/3 zip 660 kb

Get it from FTP.CDROM.COM - One file zip 2058 kb

These screenshots taken with camera from a video bigscreen. Quality varies.

Pandemic (PC DOS)

Release: 07061997
Lenght: kb unpacked / ZIP
Code: Mr. Sex, Sivu, Lanttu
Graphics: Jate, Mike
Music: Mordicus
Breeding: Micron, T.O.B, Mysdee
Compatibility: ?

panda /pændª/, pandas. A panda is a large black and white animal, rather like a bear, which lives in bamboo forests of China.

panda car, panda cars. A panda car is a small police patrol car; used in British English.

pandemic /pændìmìk/, pandemics. A pandemic is something that affects everybody over a very wide area; a formal word. EG ...a universal pandemic of despair... Children are now suffering an epidemic, even a pandemic, of low-grade intoxication.. Pandemic requires Pentium, linear framebuffer and umpteen megs of memory..

pane /peìn/, panes. 1 A pane of glass is a flat sheet of glass in a window or door. EG We'll have to smash a pane in the kitchen window... 2 A pane in your arse is a mispelled (B) slogan.


is the 2nd production from byterapers on the pc computer platform and heavenish cracker only knows the overall serial number. it was glued together during the week before abduction'97 and hurriedly patched to working condition few hours before the deadline. following the set tradition of 'no hurry we got to consume a few beers first' the audience had to wait about two months for the final version that might even work on some computers not using some certain pieces of hardware.

Selected quotes from the press:

- A colorful 2D demo with some very good looking effects and graphics. Source: PC Demo Reviews Page


Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, readme.txt 1 kb
Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, zip 870 kb

Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG, readme.txt 1 kb
Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG, zip 870 kb

Get it from CDROM.COM, zip 870 kb

Some (.jpg) screenshots taken with camera from a video bigscreen.

Ya'dot Klimon (PC DOS)

Release: 27.12.1997
Lenght: 1500 kb
Code: Mr.Sex, Sivu, Suckho, Gurdan.
Graphics: Mike.
3D scenes: Mike, Sivu, Suckho, T.o.B
Music: Carebear / Orange.
Breeding: Micron
Midas sound system: Safara Surfers/Housemarque Inc.
Compatibility: ?

3rd production from the unsounded minds of Byterapers on the PC computer platform.

As a tradition, Ya'dot Klimon was mixed together during 6 days before christmas eve. This time, drinking beer was not a top priority like it has been so far when making productions - at least we tried to make this show enjoyable and entertaining.

This is the party and the final version. No bugfixes coming.. (No bugs? If something strange appears, they're features :)

This demo shows our growing skills in creating good, even totally excellent PC code and effects. Unfortunately, it falls down in one very important poing: design.

Ya'dot clearly shows how we have lacked an important bit of designing. This was coming up when making the demo, but the decision was made after all to put the demo in the competition. As faintly expected, it didn't work out.

Therefore we are have now taken a challenge: create DESIGN. Our C-64 demo Extremes is in our opinion extremerely (forgive the pun) well designed, balanced and technically awesomely extremerely brilliant. Our next demo should show that same quality in design as well as in the code.

Meantime, enjoy the demo! Even while it didn't get to top3, it remains highly enjoyable show. And actually, we might say, Ya'dot Klimon is maybe one of the most underrated Byterapers demos you can find.

Please note that this demo requires UniVBE. If you don't have it, get Scitech Display Doctor. Unless you have fully VESA 2.0 capable graphics card you may suffer horrible problems running the demo.

Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, readme.txt 1 kb
Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, zip 1500 kb

Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG, readme.txt 1 kb
Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG, zip 1500 kb

Get it from CDROM.COM, 1480 kb

These screenshots taken with camera from a video bigscreen. Quality varies.

Hyperventilation (PC DOS & Windows)

Release: eh....??
Lenght: 3900 kb ZIPped
Code: Mr.Sex & Gurdan
Visuals: Mistral & Mike & Jat
Music: Musical: Yolk & Legend / CNCD
Design: Mistral
Compatibility: ?

The 4th demo from Byterapers on the platform of PC demo programming.

This demo was created mainly in a very hectic two week final period before the Swedish party of Remedy'98. Originally it was attempted for Abduction'98, but after winning the Abduction'98 PC demo competition twice in row and getting practically a NIL as prices, it was decided to be delayed for a better opportunity. This came in form of the Remedy, in Stockholm/Sweden. The original design was lavishly improved with the extra time. A bunch of members collected themselves together for brainy finals, and the telecommunication systems burned hot when ideas and new materials were continually exchanged. Special bows must definitely be given to Mistral, who as the youngest (B) member showed mag talent in the design process. He was a whole flood of ideas, and even able to direct his brainies to the coders who in their turn were able to create great results.

Even after all the work put into the demo, it almost never took part in the demo competition. Demo was supposed to be transferred to Mike, the sole (B) member in the party, though Internet but Mike didn't show up in IRC eventhough guys were sitting impatiently with a fresh demo in their hand.... Neither did he answer his mobile, which was either broken or batteries empty. A crash operation was created to contact the (B) members in Stockholm, but by bad luck not one of them was available. The situation was even more dire, since originally it was thought the demo deadline is saturday 2000 - BUT it was saturday 0800. Or something. Finally Mike showed up in IRC though, and explained the damn party had only one computer that had access to the outer world through Internet and he had waited for his turn for 10 hours.

Almost a happy ending. 2nd place it was, but a moral 1st. See Bytenews too.

See what people have thought about Hyperventilation at Fan Feedback.


There is also a Windows version of Hyperventilation available. Check it here. Files below are for DOS-version and may have compability problems on newer machines.

Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, readme.txt 1 kb
Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, zip 3900 kb

Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG, readme.txt 1 kb
Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG, zip 3900 kb

Get it from FTP.CDROM.COM, 3900 kb

Sexadelic (PC DOS)

Release:09.08.1998 (original partyversion) - 26.08.1998 (final version)
Lenght: 5 MB
Code & demoengine: Mr.Sex
Special effects: Mr.Sex & Gurdan
Visuals: Mistral
Music: Legend / CNCD
Design: Mistral
Compatibility: Runs on everything.

Competed in Assembly'98. Came 4th. Sucks. Was the best demo in the competition but had back luck with the voters, who liked repeating 3D scenes and really shitty and lousy humour over a good demo.

Please note that there are now three different versions of Sexadelic around.

So which version should I watch I hear you ask. Either the final or Windows version. Final version is the best in visual quality, as some thingies had to be removed during the Windows conversion. Windows version is the easiest to use though, and even more perfectly on all machines. Your choise.

Recognizing the versions is pretty easy. Just peek at filename. Archives or are partyversions. is the final. is for Windows.

See what people have thought about Sexadelic at Fan Feedback and Feedback in FINNISH/SUOMEKSI.

Different versions of Sexadelic:

Sexadelic for Windows here.

Final v2.0 version (DOS):
Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, readme.txt 1 kb
Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, zip 4900 kb
Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG, readme.txt 1 kb
Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG, zip 4900 kb
Get it from FTP.CDROM.COM, zip 4900 kb

Original partyversion:
Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, zip, 4900 kb
Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, readme.txt 1 kb
Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG, zip, 4900 kb
Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG, readme.txt 1 kb

For you demo reviewers and otherwise interested fans, you can grab screenshots of the demo at any time pressing F12.

These screenshots have been downgraded from 32 bit colour to 256 colour gifs to save space and time. Click on picture to enlarge.

Sexadelic for Windows (PC Windows)

Release: 10.08.2001 (Windows version)
Lenght: 5 MB
Windows version: Sivu
Code & demoengine: Mr.Sex
Special effects: Mr.Sex & Gurdan
Visuals: Mistral
Music: Legend / CNCD
Design: Mistral
Compatibility: requires Windows, runs on everything.

Windows conversion of the demo Sexadelic, that originally competed in Assembly'98.

This is the third version of the demo. It is based on the final (V2.0) version, that is converted to Windows platform from plain DOS product.

The only difference between this and the original version is that the mushroom scene doesn't contain any particles and there may be few clipping bugs in some of the 3d scenes. Also Bilinear filtering is disabled because it crashed too often. (It's a bit hard to debug a three years old code you know)

So which version should I watch I hear you ask. Either the final or this Windows version. Final is the best in visual quality, as some thingies had to be removed during the Windows conversion. Windows version is the easiest to use though, and even more perfectly on all machines. Your choise.

See what people have thought about Sexadelic at Fan Feedback and Feedback in FINNISH/SUOMEKSI.

Windows version released in 2001:
Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, zip, 4900 kb
Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG, 4900 kb

200 Bytes of Party Beer intro (PC Windows)

Release date: 08.08.2001
Length: 3 kb
Compatibility: runs on everything.

Released in the Assembly'2k 4 kb intro competition. Lenght of the intro is whopping 200 bytes two hundred bytes) ! No wonder it got the 10th place, as very few people could understand what was the point from the big screen.

Very nice very compact intro. Check it!

Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, readme.txt 1 kb
Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, zip 3 kb

Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG, zip 3 kb

B-plugin for WinAmp (PC Windows)

Release: 05.08.2001
Lenght: 140 Kb
Code: Suckho
Textures: Wode/Doomsday
Compatibility: needs WinAmp and fast CPU, 3D accelerated display adapter, DirectX8.

First place in WinAmp plugin-competition at Assembly 2001 party.

B-plugin is a standard Winamp visualization plugin released at Assembly 2001 Winamp plugin compo.

Installing: Copy vis_b.dll to your winamp\plugins directory. If Winamp doesnt find plugin, try changing plugin directory even if it looks like correct. I noticed that Winamp sometimes didn't find any plugins even if the path looked correct to me. Changing path fixed the problem. If there is a problem with creating direct3D objects, try to restart your winamp or your computer :) Hehe

Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, zip, 150 kb

Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG /groups/byterapers, zip, 150 kb
Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG /pub/parties, zip, 150 kb

Recycled (PC Windows)

Release: 05.08.2001
Lenght: 9 MB
Demoengine: Mr.Sex
Other code: Sivu
Special effects: Wode & Dice
Visuals: Wode & Dice & Kidlove/Scoopex
Music: Firestorm
Compatibility: Windows - runs on everything.

This demo participated at Assembly 2001 party combined demo competition, and placed 3rd.


It was made in cooperation between Byterapers and Doomsday. Wode / Doomsday was the chief architect putting the demo together, many thanks. He spent the last days before party making the demo round the clock, and process continued during the party itself. We pulled some strings and got him a cozy corner in the partyplace, away from the party chaos, and the guys then made awesome work putting the demo together.

Actually there was a very hard and still classified operation getting the demo to the competition at all. This competition version was submitted only slightly before the competition entries were recorded for showing. Demo changed much during the last 24 hours and many who had seen the earlier "jury version" were positively surprised. Unfortunately all things didn't still didn't fit together. One of the best parts in the demo started crashing just before the final version had to be submitted, so it had to be left out alltogether. Shucks.

And it wasn't quite easy during the last 2 weeks before party either. In total four (4!) musicians failed to produce us a soundtrack. True! First three musicians just failed to show up with a tune, even though they had promised one. One week before the party we were desparate about whole soundtrack issue, and suddenly remembered we got one musician in the group we still haven't asked - and he started working on music right away. That was wednesday. And in the next monday he informed that he had lost inspiration and couldn't continue with the soundtrack, so there we were again. Good thing that we still had Firestorm in the back pocket, and just slammed the tune in so the finishing round could be started.

The competition version doesn't still work completely. It actually crashes during the credits, thats why it ends so suddenly. But no time to fix that bug in the party...

Final version of the demo shoud be available during August. It should be much better still, with new material and real oldskool style scroller ;-)

Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, zip 9 MB

Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG /groups/byterapers, zip 9 MB
Get it from FTP.SCENE.ORG /pub/parties, zip 9 MB

Hyperventilation for Windows (PC Windows)

Release: 22.08.2001
Lenght: kb ZIPped
Code: Mr.Sex & Gurdan
Windows version: Sivu
Visuals: Mistral & Mike & Jat
Music: Musical: Yolk & Legend / CNCD
Design: Mistral
Compatibility: requires Windows, runs on everything

Windows conversion of the DOS demo Hyperventilation, that originally competed in Remedy'98.

The original demo was the 4th release by Byterapers on the PC platform. It was created mainly in a very hectic two week final period before the Swedish party of Remedy'98. To see whole whole story about the creation process please see the story about original Hyperventilation.

Since its release Hyperventilation has been the favourite (B) release on PC, both in the eyes of the creators and the fans. The demo combines great visuals to amazing style and classic, melodic music. But as times change, the PC machines change too. And came a sad day when Hyperventilation just didn't work anymore.

Suddenly the boys started thinking about a demo for Assembly'2001 party. And the old demoengine was fast converted from pure DOS application to Windows. After working very hard with the demo "Recycled" mr. Sivu started wondering along following lines:

And one day in August 2001 there was suddenly "Sexadelic for Windows".

And so fan feedback flooded in requesting conversion of Hyperventilation. But it was not to come, as the source codes of the demo had been lost long ago. Or so we thought. Suddenly Gurdan showed up and shoveled the sources at our faces. "Why you didn't ask from me" he asked - and the others just stared at the code pieces dumbfounded. "Errrrr."

And so Hyperventilation for Windows came into existence. It is not based on the absolutely final release version of Hyperventilation, as there is about 10 hours difference between this source and the final version's final source. And as you can imagine - 10 hours is almost like infinity when finishing demo for a competition. But we've done what we could to update the demo and make it run as good as possible.

Enjoy! You are in for a great show!

See what people have thought about Hyperventilation at Fan Feedback.


Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, readme.txt 1 kb
Get it from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, zip 3800 kb

Screenshots here.

Limbo (Pocket PC, PC Windows)

Release: 04.08.2002
Lenght: varies
Pocket PC code: Suckho
PC code: Suckho
Visuals: Wode of Doomsday
Visuals & 3D: Dice of Doomsday
Fractal: Mistral
Music: No-XS of Paradox
Compatibility: Pocket PC for PPC version, Windows for Win32

Byterapers, Inc. & Doomsday proudly present "LIMBO".
First place at the Assembly 2002 Mobile Demo Competition.

This demo was first released in Pocket PC format for the Pocket PC devices at Assembly 2002 demoparty in the Mobile Demo competition. It received mighty 5616 point compared to the 3806 points to the 2nd place and 1529 to 3rd place.

A Win32-version for Windows machines was released soon afterwards.

The demo is nice oldskoolish product which brings the "old good demodays" feeling to the small mobile devices.

See what people have thought about Limbo at Fan Feedback. Check also's chitchat: Limbo for Pocket PC chitchat and Limbo for Win32 talk.

Get Limbo for Pocket PC devices from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, zip, size 1,1 MB
Get Limbo for Pocket PC devices from MBNET, executable, size 1,1 MB
Get Limbo for Pocket PC devices from FTP.SCENE.ORG, zip, size 1,1 MB
Get Limbo for Pocket PC devices from Sonera Medialab, executable, size 1,1 MB

Get Limbo for PC Windows from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, size 1,1 MB

Get Limbo as Divx video from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, size 25 MB
Get Limbo as Divx video from FTP.ASMPARTY.NET, size 25 MB

Get Limbo as Realmedia video from Sonera Medialab (WARNING: POOR QUALITY)

Monotypia (PC Windows)

Release: 07.03.2003
Lenght: 7,5 MB zipped
Code: Mr. Sex Sivu Gurdan
Visuals: Mistral
Music: Legend
Compatibility: Windows for Win32

Byterapers, Inc. - Monotypia.
First place at the Simulaatio party organized at Varkaus 7.3.-9.3.2003

Lonely Administrators Guild REPRESENT - MONOTYPIA BY BYTERAPERS 101%+++

like fuck @ party, thanx to destop, jugi, amj, vention, pähkinä

released after 5 years of waiting

requires directx3 and too much memory

Ok, we need to confess something. This isn't a "real" demo. This is a work in progress. Or work rejected. This was being coded many years ago but the demo was never finished. It was dug out and published as it is.

See what people have thought about Monotypia at's chitchat: Monotypia.

Get Monotypia from FTP.SCENE.ORG, zip, size 7,5 MB
Get Monotypia from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, zip, size 7,5 MB
Get Monotypia from, zip, size 7,5 MB

Follow The Sign 4 (Sony PSP handheld)
Release date: 07.08.2006
Length: 7,2 MB zipped
Code: Xwizard, Memon.
Graphics: Hbt, Rag.
Music: Unroot Pimple
Design: Micron
Scrolls: Micron, Grendel
Helpers: Bera, Mistral, Covex, Dice
Compatibility: Requires a Sony PSP console.

Byterapers, Inc. - Follow The Sign 4.
Third place at the Assembly 2006 mobile demo compo.

This demo had quite a bit unfortunes on it, while in making. In total, the demo was made in five days, starting on the Monday of the Assembly 2006 week. The event started on Thursday and demo was finished on Saturday. Or "finished". Some unlucky stuff happened. Couple scenes, of course the most important ones, were wrecked beyond any repair and had to be kicked out of the demo. Now, we got the demo into a working condition barely before the absolutely final deadlines. It ran nicely, then horribly died in middle of the recording for the competition. Major disaster. It worked no more. So barely one hour before the demo competition a new version bad to be compiled, with yet more removed features and textures reduced to 50% resolution. Finally, the demo ran ok but it was far away from the original plan.

The competition came, demo did run nicely but well, it was just a shadow. Follow The Sign 4 - The Crippled Code.

The final version was released after the competition. It actually works, with fullres textures.

More Making of FTS4 will follow, with a video and screenshots.

Get Follow The Sign 4 VIDEO from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, DIVX, size 121 MB
Get Follow The Sign 4 (PSP) from FTP.SCENE.ORG, zip, size 7,2 MB
Get Follow The Sign 4 (PSP) from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, zip, size 7,2 MB

Renaissance (PC, DOS)
Release date: 01.08.2008
Length: 3,9 MB zipped
Code: Bera, Visy, Nessie
Graphics: Gekko, Wode, Dice, HBT, Sakamies
Music: PrplMtn
Design: Bera, Micron, Visy
Poetry: Grendel
Helpers: Suckho, H7
Compatibility: DOS or DOSBOX on modern Windows machines.

Byterapers, Inc. - Renaissance
First place at the Assembly 2008 oldskool demo compo.

This demo is remarkable in many ways. It is a pure MS-DOS demo. It is pure 100% distilled olskool. It is a perfect blend of 1991 PC demo design, 1991 demo ideas, on 1991 hardware, with some nifty modern programming tricks. It is not a modern demo on oldskool machine.

Besides, it was also Bera's first demo ever. Not a bad start.

Exact Credits and debits
Bera: Supreme coding, engine, tools, 3D and 2D effects
Visy: Coding, 2D effects, engine tweaks, design
Nessie: Sound engine, tools
Mikron: Supreme project leader, direction, design, prophet
PrplMtn: Soundtrack (featuring mystery female vocalist)

Also starring
Gekko: 3D Objects, mIRC warrior
Wode: Famous, word cloud gfx, design tips
Dice: Famous, new anarchy logo, 3D objects
Manfex: Supreme raster bar designer
Suckho: Ancient 2D effects remaking guru
Hbt: Still & effect overlay graphics
Sakamies: Overlay gfx in water effect with bzm coords
H7: Supreme ANSI artist
Grendel: Scene poetry

Hardware used
CPU: 486DX-50
Memory: 32M 60ns
Cache: 256k 20ns L2 cache
Bus: ISA 16bit 8Mhz
Graphics: ET4000AX (1M. 256k used in demo)
Sound: SoundBlaster v2.0 (8bit mono)

Hardware requirements
CPU: 486DX-33 (maybe even less but don't hold your breath)
Memory: 18.5M
Graphics: Anything with MCGA mode and at least 256k memory.
Sound: Any Soundblaster compatible should work. Running demo

General ... Does NOT work directly under Windows. This is a DOS demo. :) When you run this demo it will ask if you would you like to save the uncompressed audio to the disk. If you hit a key during this 3 second "thinking time" the demo will write the whole song to the disk. That makes following runs much faster. Audio file (raw 8-bit 22050khz mono file) takes 4738k of disk space. If you don't press any key then the demo decompresses audio to the memory and does not write anything to the disk. (That fills compo rules 100%) Soundcard is detected thru BLASTER environment variable.
Emulator ... DosBox was used during developement. DosBox can't handle the horizontal scroller right but other parts are ok. However, default configuration file has 16M of memory which is not enough. So you must change it to bigger number to allow the demo to run. Also, if you want a more realistic fps, change 'cycles' to something like 33000.
FF ... For debug purposes there is fast forward button.. Keep '.' pressed for 6x speed. Of cource this is not perfect :). Scrollers don't scroll any faster, only the timer and so on. This was a useful feature during the developement phase. :)

About the name - title "Renaissance" was chosen by Mikron many months before the actual demomaking. Although demo design changed "a bit" in last few weeks, mostly because there were problems with the 3D system and lack of time to fix it, the message of this demo is not as clear as it was meant to be. Overall, we would like to dedicate this demo to the former American demo group called Renaissance, which was a great inspiration for most of us in the early days, when PC demoscene was taking it's baby steps. Check wikipedia for more info about them.

Personal memos Bera:
Wow. First big product where I'm involved and victory. Feels great! Greetings goes to my family and frends and specially to my wife.
This demo started from my dream about to do proper demo. About year ago I started collectin old hardware. (And I still need good 1991 motherboards) About 6 months ago me and Nessie started coding and about two months before deadline we had most of the effects and 3D engine. Then Byterapers came along and last two months was almost nonstop coding. :)
7 hours after deadline (Demo was aldready recorded) demo SVN broken down and we couldn't make proper release version. :/ And ofcourse booze was affecting our motivation deeply. But yesterday I finally managed to repair my server and now we are launching our proper release version. No changes in graphic or sound output. Just nicely packed and added some error messages and this info file.
Seriously. There was huge amount code what must be coded for this product. Everything is new code. Four tool programs has to be made and so on. 3D engine uses 32bit integer only and still gives subpixel resolution and full matrix calculations. Too bad that 3D plays so small part in this demo because of format converter problems but there is always next demo. Now we have brand new 486 demo engine.
Ps. Abyss said during proce ceremony that 1992 hardware is ok and even some newspapers said 1992 hardware is the limit, actual rules say 1991. And difference between 1991 and 1992 hardware is HUGE. 1991 there was only 8 bit audio without any hardware mixers and 16bit 8Mhz ISA bus (Well EISA and MCA was available but these are not so fast either). 1992 there was GUS with 16bit stereo sound with hardware mixers and 32bit VLB bus up to 33Mhz. Processor frequency multiplers came 1992 and so on. Personally I think current limit is ok even if PC that time couldn't output 16bit stereo sounds like amiga did but calculation powers goes way up when frequency multiplers and faster BUS technology come along.

Greetings to my son and wife for giving me time to do the hard work that was needed in this demo project. And this one really was my first demo project.
It was like December 2007 when I and Bera got an idea that we should make a DOS demo. And one main thing was to have real music (stream) not a mod. And indeed there were a couple of challenges to get m4a(aac) encoded file to play in 486DX-50 hardware.
And then a couple more words about sound engine. The music in this demo was encoded with aac encoder inside mp4 audio container. 8-bit audio data was used as that was best possible quality with Sound Blaster cards back in '91. There were no ready libraries available that could decode 8-bit audio data so that part had to be developed from scratch. The whole audio data is decoded to memory and it can be played from any position using DMA transfer. Auto-init DMA is being used if available to avoid scraches while playing. All Sound Blaster compatible cards are supported. And remember to set BLASTER environment!

Phew! This has been an interesting few months working on the demo. Great big thanks to bera and mikron for starting the project and getting me on board. I've always been a big fan of classic MS-DOS demos and this was a dream come true for me. Personal greetings to Joni of Rotwalli for supplying me with alcoholic beverages during the production of this demo. Also, shout-outs to my friends in Trilobit, Valmet Children, FEL, aspekt, PWP, Ananasmurska, Jumalauta + Rauhaniemiposse.
some words about the technical side:
We decided early on that this demostration will be released at Assembly. Thus, this demo should work on a 1991-80486 PC with a Sound Blaster-compatible soundcard. The demo uses hardware scrolling, so Dosbox doesn't cut it yet, sorry ;).
Yes, the music is a stream. Not a tracker tune.

Working as a blender slave under the command of Mikron is not certainly the easiest job to do, even though I was just randomly poked to do something small. Anyway, I consider this as my first demoscene entry, even though my role in it was quite small. I hope to continue working with the Byterapers and increase my boozing skills. Maybe one day I can challenge the mighty Mikron. Also, more whiskey.
Greets to Aukio Games and honors to their very very great Game dev entry "Skies" released on Assembly 2005. The game is still worth playing and requires more servers.

Prpl mtn:
Music for the Byterapers Reneissance demo is a mixture of outboard gear and ITB orchestral libraries. One of the outboard gear I used is my all time favourite Studio Electronics ATC-X analogue monosynth which I ran thru either Moogerfooger lowpassfilter, Frostwave Resonator (Low Pass Filter) or Ibanez TS9DX distortion pedal. I also used fully loaded Korg Triton and it was used to the C64-like lead sounds and the electronic drums you hear on the piece. Tritons sounds were again processed thru the filters mentioned. Orchestral libraries I used were mostly Project SAM brass/True Strike and for strings and woods I used Vienna Special Edition Libraries. The rest of the instruments (to double or to use individually) were from the EWQLSO Platinum Library.. I used Protools LE for midi editing and then the tracks were mixed our studio (Protools HD3 + outboard). (Watch out for the StereoVersion!!) Nelli Nyman spoke the text written by Grendel. I think that this also adds a very nice dimension to the demo..
I really wanted to combine the "oldschool" sound with some modern classical elements to respect the old and to add something new. I hope you enjoy the demo. I did :)

Interestingly the first time I saw Reneissance was at Assembly, just before Real Wild Demo compo. The boys have done excellent work - the demo has true oldtime feeling and style. Which is always nice.
The funny thing is that this demo runs on older machine than we have ever worked on PC scene. The first (B) PC demo Drill Me, Please Me was released on 1996 and ran on a Pentium, so this is actually a fun step backwards. Going forward by going backward. Think of it - this demo runs on 1990 hardware and Future Crew's Unreal ´came out at 1992, Second Reality 1993. But let's admit it - those boys had style and skill.
Funny thing, this party. (B) chaps found an unusual boost of energy, pushing out two demos. Doesn't happen every party or even every year.

Thanks for everbody giving 120% effort for these productions. Thank's for Mysdee-B for opportunity to brand Alternative Party 2008 invitation under (B) label. Thanks all the organizers and visitors at ASM Summer 2008 for creating great party atmosphere, I enjoyed that as much as i did when working with this production and these guys. Hopefully we didn't plan & build this new DOS B-engine for one time purpose only, and we still find the energy and productivity to make something nice with it for the parties yet to come. At the moment all fuel cells are empty...
Disregards for bad boozembly spot, EPIC travel between that and ASM arena, at least with almost-broken-hurting-like-hell ancle, and also special STFU's for those who feel so fucking neccessary to advertise how they are NOT going to Assembly, bragging about how the event has been sucking after the 90's and blaa blaa blaa. Heard you 1st time, change the tape finally perkele.

Get Renaissance (PC) VIDEO high bitrate from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, DIVX, size 200 MB
Get Renaissance (PC) VIDEO low bitrate from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, DIVX, size 53 MB
Get Renaissance (PC) from FTP.SCENE.ORG, zip, size 4 MB
Get Renaissance (PC) from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, zip, size 4 MB

Alternative Party 2008 invitation intro (PC)
Release date: 01.08.2008
Length: 10 MB, zipped
Code: Nullkey, Visy
Graphics: Legend, Nullkey
Music: Legend
Producer: Mysdee
Ascii: H7/Accession
Byterapers, Inc. - Alternative Party 2008 invitation intro
Fourth place on Real Wild Demo competition at Assembly 2008 - "Alternative Party 2008 Invitation" by Byterapers

Runs on: Windows XP, Vista or Linux.

Take notice: this is a dynamic demo and will run different every time.
Also, it will never end running until you quit it.

Demo may work if you have:

  • OpenGL 2.1 -capable GPU with non-crappy drivers.
  • Non-prehistoric CPU with MMX and SSE extensions.
  • Windows XP, Vista or Linux.
  • SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, OpenGL ES 2.0 -libraries, zlib and Lua.
  • Requires OpenGL ES 2.0 emulator. (PowerVR SGX emulator provided)
  • Windows users need .NET 3.5
Demo is targeted at coming mobile hardware, and requires OpenGL ES 2.0 capable hardware like ARM Mali and Imagination SGX. Windows version uses SGX emulator for OpenGL ES API, which works best with nVidia GPU's. Competition version captured from emulator software.

Get AltParty08 invivation intro VIDEO from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, MKV format, size 260 MB
Get AltParty08 invivation intro (PC) from FTP.SCENE.ORG, zip, size 10 MB
Get AltParty08 invivation intro (PC) from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, zip, size 10 MB

Karat3D+ (PC)
Release date: 26.10.2008
Length: 10 MB zipped
Code: Suckho
Graphics: Dice
Music: Firestorm
Design: Dice, Suckho

Byterapers, Inc. - Karat3D+
First place at Alternative Party 2008 dynamic demo compo.
First place at Alternative Party 2008 alternative demo compo.

A tribute to IK+ and C64.

Get Karat3D+ VIDEO lowres from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, H264 format, size 86 MB
Get Karat3D+ VIDEO highres from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, H264 format, size 215 MB
Get Karat3D+ (PC) from FTP.BYTERAPERS.COM, zip, size 10 MB

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