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The minds behind this piece of the Web are:

Grendel as the webkeeper and webmaster
- Wrote or searched/copied/processed 99% of text in these pages. Over 50% of the non-original material was also originally by Grendel.
- Turned most of these texts into HTML.
- Created the warepages, searched for all the demos, described them and looked a home for them in the Net.
- Updates the pages.
- Creates all the terrible looking styling, puts graphics where they look utterly bad and says "nah" when asked to put some design in.

Hazard as the webmaster
- Does all the hard stuff, like installing graphics, changing page styles and so on.
- Created the original layout, designed and produced the pages.
- Converted all the early texts to HTML by hand, using ASCII-editor on a 1 MB Amiga 500.
- Tries to fix Grendel's senseless "I just put graphics in, it's your job to make them look good" page 'design'.

- Created occasional graphics when needed
- Let Hazard into his computer and spent time putting a real outlook to the pages over the first text-only sketch.

Almost no credits to other (B) members, who haven't managed to send material even to their own pages, apart from few minor corrections.
Instead big thanks and hugs to the fine people of Scene.org who gave (B)Web a final home on the world of three ws.
As you can see, (B)Web is amazing early 1990s hand made web page design. We had a project "(B)Web 2000" to create a new site years ago. Nah. Didn't happen. At least this HTML ain't gonna break and there's nothing for hackers to crack ;-)


Front page

Byterapers 10 Years badge
30+ years now - and still going

  • 1.4.2024
    Delightful news. We WON. We won the PC Demo Competition at Revision 2024 demoparty.
    For real.
    More info here as well some day but head over to (B) Facebook for more: Rainmaker by Byterapers & Doomsday

    There's also updates in the PC Warepage. More to come, if you Want to Believe.

  • 6.3.2023
    Wow, we have something new here!

    HiRMU demoscene mod ringtone collection created by Carebear / Orange has finally been released. Carebear started to make it in 2005 and FINALLY it is ready for your amazing new phones with that fascinating ability to play MP3/WAV sound files as ringtones. No more buying new ringtones from expensive ringtone shops, like Sonera ZED.

    Let it be said that the (B) members page is definitely not current, hasn't been updated for decades and probably never will.

    And let's also welcome the latest chap to join the (B) forces, Nyyrikki, who is one mighty fine MSX programmer. MSX? Yup. Please find our press release about Nyyrikki joining (B) at our Facebook announcement here.

  • 8.1.2022
    Well wouldn't you believe it - Grendel managed to find the login information to (B) web pages!
    Even more weird is that he did some updates to the site!

    Added new section: historical Guru Magazine Archive, Amiga disk magazine from 1992.
    Gurus 1-5 will come out one by one. After those, maybe more Maggy and Scandinavian News!

    Updated Byterapers Movie Productions with information about MakKaiver HD, classic (B) movie in HD.

    Added some Byterapers 25 years party videos to Byterapers Movie Productions .

    Updated Firsts and Highlights with new high scores.
    You can also find Byterapers stuff at Youtube:
    Byterapers demos in high quality 50 FPS captures
    Mod/XM music from demoscene and (B) artists

    Admittably the memberlist in the site hasn't been updated much in recent years... Or decades. So very much respect to some awesome people who have joined us in the past... decade... and worked so hard for our demos:

    • Bera
    • Manu
    • Roz
    Without forgetting awesome chaps like Byproduct and Bracket who have also given their time and talent.

    Oh yea, there's been some new releases too. Shattered Minds, Summoning, My Summer Demo and so on. Check them out at Pouet. Meanwhile Grendel is going FlatOut with the historical stuff, check that out at Byterapers' Facebook page.

  • 10.07.2018
    Updated Firsts and Highlights with new high scores.
    Gotta admit it looks quite unlikely we're ever going to hop into the year 2000 with web design and you know, it would be a maddening task to move our old stuff to a new page. And I truly dislike writing HTML so updating this time is very... unlikely still. But one nice thing is that you can find the more recent Byterapers products nice and easy from Pouet.net these days. So check it out and enjoy!
    Link: Byterapers releases at Pouet

  • 27.10.2008
    Updated Firsts and Highlights with new high scores.

    Added new Byterapers demos to PC Warepage, enjoyable in both executable and video formats:
    Renaissance (PC, DOS), 1st place at Assembly.
    Alternative Party 2008 invitation intro (PC), 4th place at Assembly.
    Karat3D+ (PC), double victorious at Alternative Party.

  • 03.08.2008
    Updated Bytenews with post-Assembly 2008 stuff..
    Updated Firsts and Highlights with new stuff to be happy of...

  • 24.06.2008
    Updated Neuvosto-Savo BBS - virallinen historiikki.

  • 16.09.2006
    A new release: Byterapers 20 years birthday party dvd is added into Byterapers Movie Productions section. The dvd includes the partyvideo from the 20 years party, fun stuff, slideshows from 20 and 18,5 years birthday parties, fotos from ancient Finnish parties and a absolute smashing bonustrack.

    Also, a video (DIVX AVI format) version of our Assembly 2006 demo Follow the Sign 4 (for Sony PSP) is also available. Enjoy mates.

  • 15.08.2006
    There's been changes in (B) members and other Bytenews. Please see Byterapers Newsflash for those.

    Our new demo Follow the Sign 4 was released in the Assembly 2006 party. The demo is for Sony PSP handheld and is now available for downloading. A video version of the demo will follow.

    We also did have our 20th birthday! Happy birthday Byterapers :) There's some nice stuff from that event at the Gallery, with more to come.

    See also the Byterapers 20 years mobileblog we had in the 20 Years party.

    Byterapers firsts and highlights has also been updated.

  • 03.08.2006
    Added Pieces of history - scans of historical demoscene documents.
    Another Assembly looming by, let's see if we have any surprises on our sleeve. And the 20th birthday of the group is also very near.

  • 22.01.2006
    And happy new year. As Byterapers approaches its 20th birthday, I managed finally to add the Byterapers 2004 Gentleman Calendar in its full glory to the Byterapers Gallery. Enjoy.

  • 18.09.2005
    Added photos from Stream Mega party 2005 to Gallery.

  • 31.07.2005
    Well, well, well. Gotta say that the activity at Assembly 2005 party was quite surprising. What did happen?

    First, the photos from Assembly/Boozembly 2005 are now out there in the Gallery. Remember that you can comment any photos you want to - so please use the feature.

    Second, well well well and well. We actually managed to put three products to the Short Film competition of Assembly. Got to say that none of them were really serious, which kinda shows, as all were more of personal 'fun side products' of inviduals than real Byterapers releases. But it was really fun to see how our chaps had three entries out of total 12 in the competition.
    Grendel had made two and Sivu one. Sivu had made a nice kaitafilmi movie (narrow film? wtf is that in English? A home movie recorder of some 40 years or so old technology) called "Super 8"of (B) guys enjoying a summer day, really nice and old looking movie with music by Superhoe. Grendel's contributions were a mad and rather horrible air combat movie Dweebs High and a trailer for the beer filled documentary Iisalmi - demojen ja oluen kaupunki.

    The success of those products was amazing. We ruled the bottom of the short film entries ;-)
    Take notice that it was just the trailer of Iisalmi document that participated in the short film competition. The actual movie is 40 minutes.

  • 28.07.2005
    Byterapers Movie Productions presents a dogma documentary: Iisalmi - demojen ja oluen kaupunki.
    Dokumentti juomisesta.

    Tämä dokumenttielokuva kertoo hieman kaupungin demohistoriasta ja mainitsee myös nimeltä joitakin muitakin kaupungissa vaikuttaneita demoryhmiä (tai ainakin yhden), mutta aivan erityisesti se painottuu nimenomaan Byterapersin iloiseen juopotteluhistoriaan. Luvassa on tarinoita iisalmelaisesta demoja ja olvia surutta sekoittaneesta historiasta ja muistelmia joistakin kaupungissa järjestetyistä demopartyistä. 40-minuuttinen elokuva julkaistiin Assembly 2005 -tapahtumassa.

  • 17.07.2005
    A major addition today!
    As a new section at (B)Web we have now HiRMU-lehti Online section. This is the web version of all but one issues of the 9 HiRMU-lehtis (so that makes 8 issues online) ever published. HiRMU-lehti is the paper fanzine published by the various members of the Finnish weirdo demo-organization HiRMU - which consisted of almost all active Finnish demosceners. HiRMU-lehti is one of the funniest publications ever. Ever. And now it is finally here, in more/less readable web format.

    As a matter of fact, we've been talking again about finally getting the (B)web into a modern publishing system. Maybe we'll finally get something done, day or another. If we begin, there will be a (B) site version 2 that will grow up bit by bit, with old content added gradually to the new site. And maybe then, some new stuff too.

  • 16.07.2005
    Added bunch of stuff to the (B) Gallery, like:
  • 14.07.2005
    Added two new productions to the Byterapers Movie Productions page:
  • 16.06.2005
    Sivu/(B), Muumi and Ivy go to an European Tour. The stadiums are booked. Read their online report at reissussa.byterapers.com.

  • 14.06.2005
    Added photos from Simulaatio 3D 2005 party to Gallery.

  • 09.06.2005
    Added some fun irc chatlogs about (B) members/history to Misc Byte Fun section.

  • 02.08.2004
    Added photos from Alternative Party V and Assembly/Boozembly 2004 to Byterapers gallery.

  • 02.08.2004
    Added Jazz / Byterapers marriage pictures to the Byterapers gallery.

  • 17.11.2003
    Now available: Byterapers calendar 2004.
    Limited time extra special super offer.
    For ordering information (in Finnish) see (B) calendar 2004 order page.

  • 19.08.2003
    Can't say we've been too active in the web site :)

    Yet, lots has happened. Peek at Bytenews for some info.
    Website updates:

    Added new (B) demo Monotypia to PC warepage. Monotypia placed 1st at the Simulaatio party.


    We got a African operation going on, too! Check www.byterapers.com/afrikka. Bringing the demoscene to the darkest Africa!

  • 12.08.2002
    Well, these updates are starting to be a habit. Gotta take some more medication.

    Anyways. With our dear friends from Doomsday, Byterapers are happy to present you a new demo and a new conquest in demo making business.

    A new demo called Limbo was released at Assembly 2002 demoparty. It participated in the Mobile Demo competition and won! Woohoo. It is now available in Pocket PC and Win32 (Windows) formats, as well as Divx video. So go to the PC Warepage and begin downloading.

    Another cool news from Assembly 2002 was that Micron won the oldskool trivial competition. His knowledge of oldskool demoscene information is unrivalled until Assembly 2003! Double hurray for Micron! Micron's superb skills can be watched from these AssemblyTV clips: Trivial Compo part 1 and Trivial Compo part 3.

  • 23.08.2001
    Wonderful news! We have just released a new demo: Hyperventilation for Windows. This is the Windows conversion of our old, lovely Abba themed demo, which unfortunately didn't work too well in modern Windows PCs. Click previous link or see PC warepage for more information.

  • 19.08.2001
    Updated Amiga warepage with some new information and whole load of screenshots about our old Amiga demos, intros, musicdisks and noisedisks. Download links will be added soon by Micron, they require quite a work but the ftp.funet.fi -links seem to work. You can of course jump directly to ftp.byterapers.com too.

  • 18.08.2001
    Uups. Had forgotten completely. Byterapers 15 years birthday party pictures available now in Photo Gallery.

    Added screenshots to several old PC productions in the PC warepage: Please Me, Drill Me
    Ya'dot Klimon

    Updated Assembly/Boozembly 2001 photos.
    Added Lobotomia 2002 party to Partypage.

  • 17.08.2001
    Added Assembly/Boozembly 2001 photos to (B)Web Photo Gallery.

  • 15.08.2001
    Added a screenshot to PC releases 200 Bytes of Party Beer and Hyperventilation. We sure would appreciate if someone who has machine capable of running our old products would do a big favour, and grab some screenshots of the old demos. Like Drill Me, Please Me, Pandemic, Ya'dot Klimon and Hyperventilation. See PC warepage.

  • 10.08.2001
    Updated Bytenews and Firsts and Highlights.

    Added new products to and updated PC warepage:
    Added Windows version of demo Sexadelic
    Updated 200 Bytes of Party Beer intro
    Added B-Plugin for WinAmp, 1st place plugin compo at Assembly 2001
    Added Recycled demo, (B)+Doomsday demo at Assembly 2001 demo competition, 3rd place

  • 06.05.2001
    Updated Partypage with three new parties of 2001.

  • 28.01.2001
    Well, long time no updates. And still we haven't got the (B)Web 2.0 layout from Hazard. Damn. Lots of material waiting and the pile is increasing steadily.

    Well, we can hope.

    I've been doing now some work on the FTP archives. I went through the C-64 releases and checked all C-64 software download links. I also added links to Byterapers.com's FTP. Scene.org had lost a lot of demos for some reason. So I also updated all the releases to b.com, and will hopefully one day get through the other files I've saved from the C-64 disks but never put to net. Dr. Dick has been assigned to go through the Amiga and PC releases and FTP links. But right now, all C-64 releases are ok.

  • 17.09.2000
    Big, large and enermous news. A new section has been added! And it is....
    The humourous Finnish scene music collection! A mad and fantastic collection of music from Finnish scene artists - but not any normal modules. But whole bunch of humorous and fun music. It is either the style or the lyrics - or in some cases both - that make these songs very special. Do not miss this musical riot.

  • 06.09.2000
    Assembly'2000 ASM-TV Oldskool-interview added to ftp.byterapers.com. 20 minutes long interview (in Finnish) of six oldskool scene veterans from Byterapers, Finnish Gold, Pure Byte and Damones - guys who were building the Finnish demoscene in the 80s. Download interview (MPEG, 200 MB, 20 minutes) and the readme. The original tape was supplied kindly by Grazer, and Suckho/(B) then proceeded to digitize/convert it to MPEG.

    Added readme to the Byterapers interview as well.

  • 04.09.2000
    The full version of Byterapers Movie Production's movie Makkaiver is released! See Byterapers Movie Productions for more information or download it directly here, 285 MB.

  • 27.08.2000
    Added a few badges to badge collection.

  • 24.08.2000
    Added new section to Scene Museum: Finnish demoscene badge collection. It includes my collection of different scene related badges from the 90s mainly.

  • 15.08.2000
    Added our Assembly'2k 4 kb intro 200 Bytes of Party Beer to Bytewarez - PC.
    Updated Suckho's memberpage with 200 Bytes' info.
    Updated Nico's memberpage.

  • 13.08.2000
    Updated Byterapers Movie Productions with new information and screenshots of Makkaiver.

  • 11.08.2000
    Plenty good things. I have updated the Assembly'2k photo gallery with whole bunch of new pictures. Find them in the Gallery.
    THEN: we finally got the FTP SERVER UP! It is in rather logical place, ftp.byterapers.com/pub/.
    First two great new things you will find there are:
    MAKKAIVER TRAILER - the trailer for forthcoming Byterapers Movie Productions movie Makkaiver. See it! 18 MB, MPEG.
    Second is equally fantastic thing: we were kindly supplied by AsmTV Live Crew and Wiba with MPEG movie of the Byterapers interview in Assembly 2000 TV! Check also its readme.txt. It is a biggie, 382 MB, but very very interesting. It lacks a bit from the end though, we hope to get the last bits (which includes the showing of Hyperventilation) some day. More of these movies in day or two in the (B)Web. Running out of time now.

  • 10.08.2000
    One piece of bigger news. I have now moved the Gallery to our own domain. You will find it from www.byterapers.com/gallery. First step towards the new (B) site.
    And from Gallery you can now find photos from Assembly'2000. The page will be updated with more photos and descriptions shortly.

  • 09.08.2000
    Partypage has been updated.

  • 02.08.2000
    Updated Byterapers Movie Productions page while preparing for the Assembly 2000 party.

  • 28.07.2000
    Added Ilosaarirock 2000 photos to Gallery.

  • Performance'2k, 10.-12.03.2000, Lohja. Someone is early :-) Added Performance2001/P2K1in year 2001 to Partypage.

  • 17.05.2000
    Added Zoo / 00 and Lobotomia parties to Partypage.
    Also, after repeated requests by my fair lady Valtiatar, check her web page here.

  • 12.05.2000
    Added 2 Alternative Party to Partypage.

  • 11.04.2000
    Added 2 new parties to Partypage.

  • 03.01.2000
    Changed (B)Web front page picture at and moved the old to Misc Byte Fun. Few other minor updates.

  • 15.02.2000
    Ladies and gentlemen, I ask your help.
    I am trying to find and conserve old mods/xms/etc by Finnish scene musicians, that include _singing_ with _attitude_. Please see Bytenews for more information. Grendel.

  • 26.01.2000
    Updated Byterapers Movie Productions. Added Performance'2k party to Partypage.

  • 22.01.2000
    Fixed download lins on PC warepage. All downloads now work. Also changed all broken links at C-64 warepage, the Utopia ftp-site had for whatever stupid reason repackaged everything to GZIP. Didn't bother to fix the links, just made them point to Utopia's (B) directory.

  • 20.01.2000
    Updated Rendezvous party URL at Partypage.

  • 17.12.1999
    Finally got the last calendar pictures for 1999:
    Byterapers 1999 Boy Calendar - November & December 1999.

  • 25.11.1999
    Major new section added:
    Maggy Archive to Scene Museum. Maggy was a finnish/english language Amiga scene magazine, published by Complex 1989-1991. It was one of the cornerstones of Finnish scene. These are NOT downloadable files but complete magazines in crude WWW format. Enjoy!

  • 09.11.1999
    Added new party to Partypage.
    There's been pretty quiet lately on (B)Web. Reason is mostly that, in addition to laziness, we're preparing to move into new domain and working on redesign of the site.

  • 25.10.1999
    Byterapers 1999 Boy Calendar - November 1999.

  • 03.09.1999
    Byterapers 1999 Boy Calendar - September 1999.

  • 26.08.1999
    Added Boozembly MPEG-movie to Partypage. Unfortunately it is from the fake Boozembly organized by whoever lameheads, and not the real one organized by the classic Boozembly Disorganizing. Thank YOU, Bitnik/kilobite^body hammer from http://kilobite.cjb.net.

  • 25.08.1999
    Added Boozembly'99 report (FINNISH).
    Added Byterapers Juhannus/Midsummer and Assembly/Boozembly'99 photos to Gallery.

    And well, people, dear people, I would be really happy if you would care to View our Guestbook and then Write something to it. . You don't need to be hardcore scenefreak or even understand what this site really is about ;-) Liked something, loved the Gallery, drooled on our calendar? ;-) Tell about it! You know, it's nicer and motivating to hear from users.

  • 17.08.1999
    Byterapers 1999 Boy Calendar - August 1999.
    Finncon'99 photos. Totally unrelated but cool. A science fiction & fantasy con in Turku 14-15.08.1999.

  • 03.08.1999
    Updated Boozembly'99 invitation. Boozembly'99 invitation

  • 20.07.1999
    Byterapers 1999 Boy Calendar - July 1999.

    Old news archived here.

  • Things to come

    Coming soon or something like that:

    - C-64 products listing - in immediate future
    - Jazz Fan Club
    - Guestbook and everything related
    - More pictures, ByteGallery
    - Lots more text
    - Pictures to be added to Ware-area, screenshots of demos etc, better descriptions of the demos
    - Links' colour should be changed so links can be seen easier.

    Extremerely long range targets:

    - Presentations of any and all Finnish groups ever, on any platform.
    - Scenedude directory - presentations of Finnish demoscene personalities, who they are, why and where.
    - Deeper insight into Finnish scene spirit.

    A Byterapers logo here - drawn by Mike