• 07.07.1999
    Well, it's been a lovely summer. Either hard work or then no work and no computers at all. Will try to get more updates later. :)

    Updated Partypage with a new party & modified informations & results.

  • 04.06.1999
    Added Pre-Assembly to Partypage

  • 28.05.1999
    Added photos to The Gallery:
    - Finnish scenetrip to The Gathering Norway April 1999
    - Assembly'98 new photos
  • 24.05.1999
    Byterapers 1999 Boy Calendar - June 1999.
    Added DAMAGE's GALLERY from Zoo'98 party to Partypage. Thank you Temp/Damage.
    Updated What (B)Web visitors have said?

  • 02.05.1999
    Byterapers 1999 Boy Calendar - May 1999.
    Help our ByteTarzan! He has found the tree but has trouble showing his monkey...

  • 29.04.1999
    Boozembly Disorganizing has organized themselves this year and have arranged the details for Boozembly'99 party. So, here you go:
    Boozembly'99 invitation

  • 28.04.1999
    Added Absolute'99 party to Partypage. Now somebody tell me their URL or something.

  • 27.03.1999
    First a little hint for using the (B)Web: if you're looking for some material about certain party head directly to the Partylist, or "The definite list of Finnish parties" as it's called in official name. Everything we have on these pages about any parties are linked below the party itself on the list. If you're looking for stories about Byterapers 10 Years party, just jump there, look at the (B) 10 Years party and you see everything we got about it. Simple eh?

    Updated SA Int - ByteXmen in slavery.

    Whole mountain of excellent material!
    Head to Partypage and enjoy!
    Material includes English report, Finnish reports including party feedback, Swimming pool beer relay race report, IRC-logs and especially article "Legendaariset (B) 12-vuotisjuomingit Tampereella 19-21.2.1999" written by Zados / Damones. Also The Gallery has been updated with photos and photo reportage! Enjoy!

  • 26.03.1999
    Added new counter to the front page. Fingers crossed it wont slow down the site, but I want to see better statistics. :-)
    I noticed a review of (B)web in Hugi magazine. Added it to (B)Web visitors feedback.
  • 25.03.1999
    Byterapers 1999 Boy Calendar - April 1999.
    Who's your joyboy this spring?

  • 15.03.1999
    Updated Partypage with 1999 news:
    Added Plutonium'99 & Connection'99. Thanks to Timo Kaminen.
    Updated Proxy'99 info. Thank to Timo Orava.
    Added Fusion party'99.
    Abduction'99 cancelled. Removed it. See Abduction page for more info.
    Updated Links.
    Hugi magazine has a scene dude information gathering sheet on their page. Go and fill it! Oh, and read the mag too. :)

  • 01.03.1999
    Byterapers 1999 Boy Calendar - March 1999. See who's the latest Byteboy to hit your screen!
  • 23.02.1999
    Scene.org is up again. Very busy, will try to update things.
    Updated Partypage with many 1999 parties.
    See Byterapers 1999 Boy Calendar in The Gallery! Awesome (B) men posing only for you for whole 1999!
    Updated Info, help & essential utilities for the C-64 products with CCS64 (C-64 emulator) info.


  • 13.12.
    Added Elevator'99 party invitation.
  • 12.12.
    Added Canus*Patrol Classics: Canus*Patrol sanakirja: suppea painos
    Added Canus*Patrol Classics: Hannu & Esko hallujen vallassa
    Added Canus*Patrol Classics: IHMISHAZIIIIII!!!!@@!!#!!
  • 10.12.
    Updated Byterapers' Firsts and highlights.
    Added material about Assembly'98 here and Juhla 2.5 here, both though in More partytales in Finnish.
    Added IRCPARTY report.
    Added Lesser-Known Amiga Models to Misc Byte Fun.
    Updated Assembly'96 report .
    Added stuff to Assembly'98 report.
    Added review of Extremes to Reviews about Byterapers' demos.
    Added photos from Byterapers' pikkujoulu to The Gallery and finally wrote the photo descriptions to Ilosaari'98 trip.
    Updated Byterapers Boozelore.
    Added Proxy'98 arranger's photo gallery to Partylist.
    Lots of minor fixing and tidying up.
  • 09.12.
    Lots of small updates to Ex-members.
    Stuff done at Links.
    Updated all comments and feedback pages at Misc Byte Fun.
    Added URL for Elevator '99 party to Partypage.
    Added review of Hyperventilation into Reviews about Byterapers' demos.
    Added truth about live role playing games to Misc Byte Fun.
    Added story about Grendel's Wreckaparty (1989) to Stories from (B) parties.
    Added results from Zoo'98 party to Competition results.
  • 08.12. Finally added a guest counter and guestbook. Latter can be found from Misc Byte Fun. There's also been other minor updates that haven't been noted in this page.
  • 25.11. Added a story about the Finnish dweebs at the Dreamhack'98 party by Melwyn. Story includes familiar faces like Lemming and Virne in the strange land over the sea.
    Added Zados' Assembly'98/Boozembly report at More partytales in Finnish . Updated Bytenews.
  • 19.11. Updated Bytenews.
  • 18.11. Updated Zoo'98 party information at Partypage.
  • 21.10. Take note: HiRMU busmatka to Denmark The Party: bussi Tanskanmaalle!
    Also minor updates at Partypage and added Gallery link for Scenery'98
  • 03.09. Updated Bytenews. Added new download links for Sexadelic in PC warepage.
  • 29.08. Did little things here and there. Some changes in Misc Byte Fun, and added a (B) boozelink from the Scene & Party page too since some of the excellent booze stories might have left missing. Also split Fan Feedback into english / finnish parts. Added couple almost hidden links to some other pages as well. BTW some people have notified me of poor english on the pages, typos, poor expressions etc. That's because there is always so much to update in the pages, but I am always short of time - therefore I simply want to get the updated and material adding done, quickly, and if I stay to write good clean english it will triple the time required. And for me, time _is money.
  • 28.08. Added correct URL for Scenery'98 party and lots of other things and changes in Partypage. Tried to make it look at bit cleaner.
  • Updated Bytenews, Misc Links,What (B)Web visitors have said?, BYTERAPERS AS PARTYARRANGERS
  • Updated The Gallery with whole load of things. Added photos from Juhla V, Byterapers Spring 1998 celebration party, Byterapers Sivu 20 years birthday party, Byterapers Ilosaarirock 1988 happyhappyjoyjoy trip, Assembly 1998, Scenery 1998 and updated information about some other parties.
  • 26.08. Sexadelic FINAL version has been released. Added download links, information and pictures into the PC warepage.
  • Updated Bytenews. Please see it. Now. Other updates coming in near days, visit us soon again.
  • 15.08. Updated Bytenews with Assembly'98 results and other things.
  • Lots of changes in Partypage: added new parties Connection'98, Porno 2001, Zoo'98, Proxy'99 & Elevator. Added invitations to Connection'98 and Zoo'98. Added link to The Proxy'98 report.
  • Added results from Zoo'97, The Proxy'98, Plutonium'98 and Assembly'98 to Competition Results
  • Added premilinary report from Assembly'98 and IRC-log about Scenery'98 to Partypage.
  • 13.08. Join the IRC party on #suomiscene saturday 15.09.1998 at 2200 FInnish time. Official topic "how mr.sex/(B) pukes". Invitation at ftp://ftp.scene.org/incoming/irkparti.zip.
  • 20.07. Added photos from The Gathering'97 trip into The Gallery.
  • Added new sections into The Gallery: Photos from Byterapers 10 Years Party (more coming), Photos from Assembly'97 and Photos from The Gathering'97 - plus something totally new: Sceneduud of the Month. Also added a new photo from DDG Digiparty'88 into Misc Parties.
  • Updated C-64 Info, Help & Utilities, adding info about .p00-filetype and Lynx-archiving.
  • Updated Partypage adding new short SF-REPORT2 to Finnish Gold party 1987, and DDG Digiparty'88.
  • Updated Byterapers In HiRMU.
  • Updated Partypage with a bit better Assembly'92 results. Still don't have the C-64 results though.
  • 19.07. - We have released a new demo, Hyperventilation! It participated in the swedish party Remedy'98, and came 2nd. See more about it in the PC warepage.
  • Updated the Bytenews.
  • A lot of minor fixing here and there. Updated Members-pages with new email addresses and discographics. Fixed minor errors, corrected that the ex-Action Force/(B) didn't change to Origo but Contex in Ex-members
  • Updated the Byterapers 1sts & Highlights page with Remedy'98 and Motorola Inside'98 party results.
  • Updated Partypage, adding Scenery'98 partyinfo and invitation, Juhla5 report and other material plus fixes.
  • Updated Fan Feedback.
  • 15.06 - The Gallery is open again.
  • 26.05 - Long time no updates. Sorry everyone. I have been extremerely busy lately, and haven't really had extra time combined with motivation to do major work here.
    The Gallery pages are currenly unavailable because a sudden server reorganization & reinstall in the MikroBitti-domain. This has been one reason for not updating the pages, since I have lots of stuff for Gallery but can't put them online. Hope this will be fixed soon, plus lots of other things to do on the pages. A near future project is start transferring rest of the (B) C-64 products to Amiga/PC compatible emulator format. Expect this happen during the summer.

    26.05 - added Assembly'98 to Partypage.
    24.04 - added Juhla 5 to Partypage.
    11.04 - updated Partypage.
    06.04 - added invitation to Abduction'98 party.
    04.04 - Updated Gurdan's member information.
    27.03 - Updated Links a bit.
    18.03.1998 - Updated Partypage with Abduction'98 info. Much cleaning and fixing here and there by Hazard. Updated the commentary from Gallery. Updated Byterapers in HiRMU.

    17.03.1998 - MAJOR NEWS! We have opened three new major sections on the (B)Web.

    Warepage / C-64 - Byterapers' C-64 releases introduced
    Warepage / PC - Byterapers' PC releases introduced
    Gallery - photos from parties and so on!

    These three sections have been worked on for a long time. The C-64 pages have been under construction for about 1 1/2 years! The work has been very slow since almost nobody else had any interest on them, and I could only work on them when I had any spare time. Thanks to Hazard for the only noticeable help, on creating and designing layout. Hope you enjoy and find these sections useful.

    Also we have changed the text and link colours. These should be now more readable. Maybe you have also noticed we finally got a cleaner digitizing of our old, traditional sticker for the frontpage, as well as of the old poster drawn by Communist Cowboy for the frontfrontpage.

    16.03.1998 - Updated the Newsflash.Updated (B)Web visitors' feedback, updated Partypage. Updated link to Flash Inc. in Misc Links, please check the link for a killer interview about Rob Hubbard, the music guru! Minor updates here and there.
    07.02.1998 - updated Partypage with two new parties for 1998.
    03.02.1998 - added link to CCS64, the excellent C-64 emulator for PC, to Links. Also, we are preparing to lauch the wholly C-64 pages with information about as many our 64 demos and intros as we were able to find out, plus a large photo gallery. Except these to come up during february.
    31.01.1998 - updated Boozelore. Updated more coverage to Byterapers Beachparty'96 miniparty in Byterapers parties. Lots of updating in the Members page. Added pictures, corrected email addresses plus included new member entries for Suckho and Mistral. We have also taken a new member, so check Newsflash.
    27.01.1998 Updated the Partypage with information about Alternative Party.
    17.01.1998 Good news! While the (B)Web had to move once again, after just four months of staying in ratol.fi -domain, it seems this will be the new and staying home for us! See Misc News for closer details about the move.
    11.01.1998 updated Byterapers Movie Productions. Updated the tale from Contex Miniparty'89 with a short english clip. Updated Boozelore. New logo to Byterapers in HiRMU. Updated the History / Histories page with a new brief (B) history. Updated History / Slogans. Updated credits for Ya'dot Klimon, our latest PC demo. Added History of Byterapers Sweden. Did a lot of little fixing here and there, checked links in Amiga Warepage and so on.
    08.01.1998 updated the Newsflash. Reorganized Misc Byte News -page adding a new page filled with komrade Kim Il Sung's wisdom - FINNISH text. Added own page & picture for Jucca in Members-page. Updated a lot of e-mail addresses to current ones. Added totally unrelated Sexuality in Star Wars to MiscByteFun. Reorganized and added few new links to Links.
    02.01.1998 - updated the Members-page with Suckho and Gurdan (finally). Updated Armypage. Updated SCUP talepage. Updated Aggression 2 -party in Partypage.
    20.10 - We're not the NO:1 idols in Finnish youth's minds. Our fame has truly spread out of the traditional boundaries of demoscene activities! Check Newsflash for more info. Added Zoo'97 party & invivation to Partypage and fixed couple bugs there. Added Idolimittari (vote us!) and Assembly'97 Picture Gallery to Misclinks. Added new material to partyreport from Skenery'96, it's in the bottom of the story. Updated the Fantalk page. Added pictures of Alfatech, King Fisher and Tron into ex-members.
    30.09 - Byterapers WWW-pages have changed their address. We are in process of ORGin 'em, www.byterapers.org. Expnalation why this will follow.
    16.09 - added KBS to Links. Updated Albion's entry in Ex-Members. Updated Monster's entry in Ex-Members. Updated the credits for Pandemic PC-demo in various memberpages. Updated JTP's contact information in Memberpages. Added information/invitation from Demolition III -party to Partypage. Added information/invitation from Plutonium '97 -party to Partypage. Added the Usenet press release to What? page. Added new page Our fans talk, just Finnish crap right now though.
    29.08 - added guestlist to Byterapers 10 Years Party English report.
    23.08 - added great report from Byterapers 10 Years Party by Zados/Damones to SF-Reports.
    09.07 - updated the Misc/News Ilosaari'97 trip.
    30.06 - fixed the stupid error in Misc/News claiming Olutset'97 happening in 2nd weekend of July. It's the 1st dammit.
    29.06 - updated the results from Abduction'96. Updated the results from Aggressive'93. Updated the results from Assembly'92. Updated the results and report from Skenery'96. Changed the layout of Definite List... a bit and updated it. Added report from Assembly'92. Added report from Assembly'93. Added two reports from Assembly'94. Added report from Assembly'95. Added report from Assembly'96.Updated Bytenews & Coming Attractions.
    25.06 - updated Definite List... Managed to find Amiga-results to Assembly'93 demo competition results and all the other results from Assembly'94 making its results file 100% complete. Updated Juhla'95 results. Updated Juhla'96 3.14 Results making if 100% complete.
    22.06 - made invisible modifications to Definite List... to make What's New stuff easier. Added Web Exclusive Report from Abduction'97 to Definite List.... Added Results from Society Summer Party 1991. 20.06 - verified and added links to Some kewl links.
    19.06 - added lots and lots of competition results to Competition Results.
    18.06 - opened the Links-section at Some kewl links.
    17.06 - added new stuff to Boozelore. Added new tales to Byterapers Meetings. Fixed links, minor corrections and updates here and there.
    16.06 - lots of little updating. Added pictures. Added competition results to Competition Results. Added parties, links and fixed the Definite List of Finnish Parties page.
    12.06 - Minor fixing with links. Added much graphics and pictures into members'/ex-members' pages. Updated the Top Uploaders lists with two new issues. Updated Grendel's memberpage a bit. Updated the Weirdo stories of the Finnish scene page. Installed wholly new article Rave Partyt Allun Luolassa into Misc Byte Fun page. Added new after-release-comments textfile to Super Cow Mega Demo in Amiga Warepage.
    20.04 - updated Kasper's memberpage with few new memories. Added SCUP presentation, HiRMUing in the early 90s.
    08.06 - updated the Firsts & Highlights page.
    19.04 - continued adding pictures to member pags and ex-members, as well as did minor updating here and there. Added new pieces to the Origin of Demoscene discussion.
    18.04 - added pictures to several member pages, and modified the page itself a bit.
    17.04 - updated Partylist and added invitations to Invasion'97 and Abduction'97. Started building C-64 Warepage. Added visitor counter.
    09.04 - updated Members/Ex-members/New Age & TMB & AlfaTech, updated Partylist/1989/Voodooparty, added Lemming/Orange's tale from Demolition'96 to Partylist, updated Members/T.o.B, updated Members/Grendel, added Aggressive Party 1993 to Partylist, updated Skenery'96 report on Partylist, added Sam/Beyond Force's contribution to Contex miniparty 1989 on Partylist,added Sam/Beyond Force's memorybit to Grendelparty'88, added Zados' short comment about (B) 10 Years party to Partylist.
    08.04 - updated ware/amiga-links from FTP.FM.ORG to reflect new subdir organization. FTP works again.
    01.04 - Preparing for the first public release. Minor fixes, checking around, adding few pictures.
    27.03.1997 - before release - lisatty sceneen uusi sftopit/uppaajalistat, lisatty partyreportteja, lisatty sceneen uusi partyresults, tehty linkkeja sinne tanne, lisatty historyyn/misciin uusi purkkimaininta, pikkudetaljointia membereihin etc.
    23.03.1997 - sekalaista pikku updeittausta: ware-c64heaveniin, speed-headin jasensivulle, historiaan
    20.02.1997 - paljon uutta tekstia saatana ja vahan grafiikkaa ja uusi etusivu

  • Things to come

    Coming soon or something like that:

    - C-64 products listing - in immediate future
    - Jazz Fan Club
    - Guestbook and everything related
    - More pictures, ByteGallery
    - Lots more text
    - Pictures to be added to Ware-area, screenshots of demos etc, better descriptions of the demos
    - Links' colour should be changed so links can be seen easier.

    Extremerely long range targets:

    - Presentations of any and all Finnish groups ever, on any platform.
    - Scenedude directory - presentations of Finnish demoscene personalities, who they are, why and where.
    - Deeper insight into Finnish scene spirit.

    A Byterapers logo here - drawn by Mike